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The #COVID19 is the the global transformational reset button for the fourth industrial revolution sought by those World Economic Forum et al. We witness a global consolidation of power, inclusive of UN & WHO as the 4IR rolls out. Data & nature: the post2020 coveted class assets.
#WEF: "We partner w/ governments, leading companies, civil society, & experts from around the world to co-design & pilot innovative new approaches to policy & governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

#2020Reset #IoT #5G #Blockchain #AI

#WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Founding Partners:

MESS Turkey
Motsepe Foundation
Reliance Industries
Kaiser Permanente
Koç Holding
Latham & Watkins
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"Microsoft Commits $3 Million to {Jesuit}Seattle University Campaign", SeattleU-Newsroom,(January 11th 2019) #JesuitMilitaryOrganization

source : […](…)
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‘ID2020’ is an alliance of Jesuit public-private partners including the Jesuit UN creating an electronic Roman ID program that uses generalized vaccination (Catholic baptism and conversion) as a platform for digital identity.👇👇👇
ID2020 Summit UN Hq: ‘UN Wants a [Catholic] Universal Digital ID for Your Data’ (2017)…
Mark of the Beast to Buy and Sell

Alliance Partners – Jesuit, Knight of Malta, Opus Dei Controlled; ‘Rockefeller Foundation,’ ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance,’ Microsoft, etc.:
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Being apart papal bloodlines that descended from the ruling Holy Roman Emperor families: (KOMalta)Rockefellers were/are involved in aspects of the fake UFO phenomenon: the public disclosure part. In pitting disclosure demanding citizens against secrecy-maintaining governments,
“The Elite” are creating a conflict that will find resolution when the New World Order and Disclosure are publicly unveiled.

Good propaganda effort

Don’t Forget the Vatican

Of course, the globalist-directed Disclosure Movement isn’t run solely by the Rockefellers; the Vatican is involved too. In an entry titled The Vatican is preparing to introduce us (Demons) (take)Aliens. the Jesuits are working to prepare the public for
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Cathy O’Brien: Planned Fake Alien Invasion & using Mind Control: The use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential. This capability could allow agents to be deeply planted with no conscious knowledge of their programming. In movie terms, the Manchurian Candidate lives,
And does not even require a telephone call. What the CIA's mind-control were looking for was a way to create a "Manchurian Candidate" by -

erasing (brainwashing") the "candidate's" mind of all "tell-tale" threads which might be traced back to the "candidate's" "controllers,"
‘Other mind-to-mind induction techniques are being considered. If perfected this capability could allow the direct transference of thought via telepathy from one mind or group of minds to a select target audience. The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that
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Esoteric Perspective on Epidemics From the Alice Bailey writings The general staff of the(Lucifer) christ is already active in the form of the New Group of World Servers. The planet’s power to absorb the negative forces that result from humanity’s psychological condition often
The “planets” power to absorb the negative forces that result from humanity’s psychological condition often breaks down in the aftermath of wars. #ORDOABCHAO #Riseofthephoenix #ComingofLhcifer #ProjectBlueBeam
They want U to be in peace with yourself and calm so when project bluebeam occurs they’ll think U won’t question and comply thinking it’s “Jesus” when really it’s into Lucifer’s New World Order.
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Marina Abramovic 'Count on Us'' (Polegaj na nas) In Count on Us (2004), a children’s choir sings the hymn of the United Nations, and then surrounds Abramović in a five-pointed star. Count on Us' includes five videos: 'Star', 'Boy', 'Girl', 'Chorus' and 'Tesla Electricity',
In Count On Us (Tesla) Marina Abramovic holds what looks like an office-grade fluorescent light-stick to a sci-f Tesla coil,an image that is part Planetarium laser light show and part 1930’s Frankenstein. In a work pregnant with political imagery, Count On Us (Tesla) is suddenly
giving us something else—science and technology, displayed as art, the former almost 'charging up' the latter. Nicola Tesla, 'Master of Lightning,'
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RFID Microchip Conditioning in 007 (Spectre) Mark of the beast NanoTechnology Conditioning the masses to receive it when it gets mandated world wide during the New World Order.This scene is from 007 James Bond movie "Spectre" when Bond gets implanted with the microchip by "Q"
#Qanon 🐇🕳🕳🕳🕳
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The National Security Agency @NSAGov website admits that the silver key in its logo represents the Pope's temporal power

the supposed first Pope of Rome, is referenced on the official NSA website as whom the silver key on the NSA logo is referring too.
The @NSAGov has taken down this article, but it has been archived off of the 2004 National Security Agency website. This proves that the NSA is acting as the Inquisition and confessional did** in the middle ages by spying/trafficking on all citizens and heretics without consent.
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#5G from space: The role of satellites in 5G

"5G has arrived, and new equipment is currently being installed in densely populated cities across the globe."

#COVID19 #MagicTricks…
"In many cases, the demand for 5G capacity is exceeding #infrastructure improvements, especially in sparsely populated areas that are difficult to access."
"With the next generation of satellites – built from #5G architecture – they will integrate with networks to manage connectivity to cars, vessels, airplanes and other #IoT devices in remote and rural areas."
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Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the whole world but did you know he is also an Lucis(Lucifer) Trust Donor? – Documentation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) (as Lucis trust has a Consultative Status with the Economic and social council of the United Nations) +(WHO)
This first screenshot (taken March 4, 2019) shows the “New Group of World Servers” as a subsidiary/menu item for the Lucis Trust and its website:
This next screenshot (taken Sept 19, 2009) shows “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” listed third for the “Financial Groups” supporting the New Group of World Servers. This information no longer exists on the site.👇🏽👇🏽
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Californian software developer Landing AI has created a video tool that can be used to ascertain whether people are following social distancing rules. “Landing AI has developed an AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that can detect if people are keeping a safe distance
from each other by analyzing real-time video streams from the camera,” They also have biometrics one that they place outside of your homes to tell if you’re “sick” or not. Coming to a city near you #OrwellianPoliceState #ANTINWO
It goes along with the 5G towers/ Nanotechnology facial recognition patent for the United States #SmartCities #Nowheretohide #Radiation #MedicalMartialLaw #COVID19
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rule throughout the world."*

The Society of the Elect maintained an *"outer core"* referred to as the Association of Helpers. In 1909, the Association of Helpers was reorganized as **the Round Table** by Lord Alfred Milner, a high-ranking colonial official in South Africa and
and one of Rhodes' closest associates.

The Round Table formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1920 and the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921.
While Rhodes *claimed* that he wanted to *"extend British rule,"* that isn't all he did. The following is an excerpt of an article in *America*, a national Catholic weekly, written by Irish Jesuit Fr. Brendan Carmody, S.J.: 👇🏽…
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Now The Cabal wanna reopen America to fool the masses that the New World Order/aerosol spraying/ 5G Cell Towers rollout/ Sustainable Development Agenda 21/2030 Is gonna go away like magic think again! U have been fooled😉 #ID2020 #NanoTechnoology #5GKills #BabylonianBlackmagick
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“It’s a Decision for the Jesuit coadjutor of the United States”
No matter what, do NOT get the RFID CHIP MARK OF THE BEAST or ANY VACCINES. You have been warned. #Kushner666 #Qanon #Wakeup #MAGA #FordhamJesuitUniversity #JesuitTrained #Smartcities #Agenda212030 #NWO
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It's the JESUITS NOT the Jews. Nazis Created by the JESUIT Order of the Roman Catholic Church

Learn the truth and quit falling for the classic Jesuit Scapegoat: Blame the Jews. All Jews in control of anything are not true jews and are SUBSERVIENT to the Papacy of Rome.
Watch "VATICAN RATLINES" and study the Reich Concordat or how Hitler was himself trained by Jesuits.
Vatican Operation Ratlines 1/2/3 Link:…

From Darwin to Hitler (Audio Archives)
by Richard Weikart
2004 Link:…
: relating to the creation of nazism by the Society Of Jesus ! (jesuits)
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[Agenda 21/2030 Land Grab Sustainable Living New World Order] The “Wildlands Project” is alive and well, in Montana, and Colorado many other states for a fact. Turning accessable public lands , parks into closed off limits “wilderness areas” Due to the Planndemic Corona Virus
“reserves” which are interconnected by wilderness "corridors" and all surrounded by "buffer zones" that would permit very limited human activity. It was to-be patterned after the "'Wildlands Project' in the United States."
With sustainable development, no longer do property owners in the United States have unalienable property rights, as penned in the Declaration of Independence and protected in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Instead, government imposes on property owners what are termed
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George Hunt Earth Summit 1992/ Club of Rome Papers/Aldous Huxley "The Ultimate Revolution"-The Final Revolution (Agenda 21/2030) (Brave New World) (Big Brother 1984 Orwellian Police State) (the 4th World AKA New World Order) (New Economic Order) Commentary Video
The leaders of this movement advocate tyrannical World Government and mass depopulation. This is illustrated by a chilling document written by the UN magnate Maurice Strong, an agent of Edmund de Rothschild, that was taken from the conference Hunt attended.
From a report in the 1976 UN’s “HABITAT 1” conference, “Land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures of the inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration
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(UN AGENDA 21/2030 New World Order) How Sustainable Development Policies Will Force Citizens Off of the Rural Lands.
They Really Expect us to accept this shit.

Evidence that the goal of the United Nations is to eliminate private property around the world in order to use it for
the “common good”. The only thing different today, than 40 years ago, is the rate at which land is being taken from the American citizen and the number of ways this is made to happen.
Through many venues, including but not limited to local, state and federal regulations and programs, private property rights
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1/12 Thread on our new report: 'Becoming more open: the view from four European cities'🏙️… #opencities #smartcities

@bsnaith_ from the 'open #cities' team is going to take you through some of the key points from the report...
2/12 All four of these cities – #Amsterdam, #Gdańsk, #Hamburg and #Helsinki – have made significant progress in the move towards becoming open cities. The report shares how they're developing data infrastructure, training staff, engaging with citizens and fostering innovation.
3/12 The report talks about some of the challenges of using #data and #technology, but also how being open and being trustworthy with data can produce better services for citizens, businesses and communities.
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Donald Trump & The deployment of 5G, or fifth generation cellular technology, constitutes a massive experiment on the health of all species… Because MMWs are weaker than microwaves, they are predominantly absorbed by the skin, meaning their distribution is quite focused there.
Since skin contains capillaries and nerve endings, MMW bio-effects may be transmitted through molecular mechanisms by the skin or through the nervous system.
Earlier cellular generations use between 1 GHz to 6 GHz frequency (anything over 1 GHz frequency is considered “microwave radiation”. A typical microwave oven cooks food using the 2.4 GHz frequency). 5G will use between 24 GHz to 90 GHz frequencies.
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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HEGELIAN DIALECTIC :PROVIDE THE SOLUTION Bingo!✔️ The RFID Chip in the Corona Virus vaccine will be able to remotely influence your behavior, feelings, and decisions. Listen to what Anthony Patch says about The Sinister Agenda Behind Bioweapons and Vaccines (RHID) #Transhuman
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Donald Trump Approves of Vaccinated RFID Chip Implant and Will Become a Standard in the New World Order Era.

The RFID chip will not be hated People all around the world will be desperate to have one It will be trendy, cool, in must-have and be forced into civilians
On the RFID chip is your virtual wallet. (In the NWO there is One World Virtual Currency) On the RFID chip is your personal identification. The RFID chip has GPS built-in and will be used to track your location and activities. #Smartcities #DEADLYVACCINES #Sayno #MARKOFTHEBEAST
New Corona virus #Vaccine ready for the #NWO #Genocide #Depopulation #Agenda2030 😉 💉
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