Playing FFXV for the first time on PC and found Avatara - but now it feels like I'm playing the Sims - help I've gotten sucked into character creation! 🤣
I'm really enjoying this so far - the roadtrip nature and the friendly banter is really so chill and relaxing, and the idle animations are so detailed! Of course, I know s*** is about to go down and that makes me sad :(
I've already seen the Kingsglaive movie and the Brotherhood anime, and saw an lp of the very very beginning of the game up to THE cutscene, so I know what is about to happen, but I'm still T_T
Oh man, the voice acting- that break in Noctis' voice when he asked what is going on to Cor, my heart D:
Where is the wound on Luna's arm from the movie?? I thought she would be stumbling in looking worse for the wear after what she went through? Did they or not want us to watch the movie first? Also, when did the movie come out? Before, during, or after the game?
I guess she found time to heal up maybe? Anyway, that's all for tonight, but I'll probably post when I get a chance to play again - also there's a heavy storm coming and my lights are flickering, so probably a good place to stop for now (also it is almost 3am, so that too...😂)
I'm back with more! Last I left off, I was totally NOT taking rear pics of the boys...
I regret nothing
(Which was very difficult to do so with Iggy,'s like he KNEW and would turn around as soon as I tried to take a pic)
However, Ignis is like a natural model - he would pose as soon as I pulled out the cam which was awesome
First dungeon, and nearly jumped out of my chair when the enemies showed up - are they always going to just suddenly appear like that? Because I dunno if my poor heart can take these psuedo jump scares >_<
Interesting feature of dungeons - party will auto walk slowly in areas of the dungeon you havent visited yet, so that helps with figuring out where you have/'nt been, so that's cool to learn
Ah, Noctis on his own without his bros - feels weird!
Who the heck is Loqi - well I got my bros back so I feel better now
Ahhh boss fight with dramatic mc dramarson
And, that was quick work of him
Poor Noct :( Also, end of chapter!!
Wait chapter 3? I thought I was still on chapter 1
How is Ravus alive? Like, didnt he die in the movie from trying on the ring? Or just his arm burned? How much of the movie is canon??
Ohh the radio says Ravus sustained grievous injuries, sooo I guess his arms just burned and he didnt quite die
Oh man, I'm at the chocobo farm, and it is raining, and is it just me or is everyone's hair actually visibly drooping??
Omg actually reacting to the rain and weather is awesome - gladiolus just sneezed - but now I feel bad for making them run around in the rain...
Oh they're actually drenched! That is pretty neat (again, still makes me feel bad for having them stand in the rain, but look, I'm always in awe of game graphics - I grew up with the NES so seeing how graphics have advanced over the years is really neat to me)
I beat the Behemoth dog thing for a dog tag quest and almost got my ass handed to me - but, I'm starting to get A's/ A+ for finesse, so yay?
Now it is Chocobo time!!
We can pet them omg that was adorable
I just want a photo op Imperials pls stop following me >_<
Roadtrip adventures: it isn't a trip until someone let's out a stinky one in the car xD Noctis like punching Gladio is so relatable ahahaha
Oh no I wasn't prepared for a battle, and now my car is being stomped on by this mech
The car miraculously survived being stomped on, and so did we - onwards! (I'm doing the Pilgrimage quest btw)
Or not? I was on the Pilgrimage quest, then it disappeared, and now I'm on the main quest Burden of Expectation-guess it is required first?
Are there sweat graphics? Or are their clothes just extra shiny??
Wait they are actually like getting dirty like dirt is collecting on them whoa
Omg I'm trying to leave this area and like a billion MT engines are dropping troops on us so I can't drive away
Oh man, Noctis' white shirt is wrecked
Hm I just had the option to greet someone in Lestallum, and Noct did a lil wave - that's adorbs
My desi self wants to buy this for them to eat, but I don't have enough gills, sad
Aww Prompto is precious- he said even if no one buys snapshots of Noct, he would still have the memories
Prom just said eveyone is so stylish while we are stuck wearing black...but I've got them dressed in their casual wear lolol I guess Gladio has on a black tanktop, but everybody else nope
I guess they don't notice or comment on clothing changes
Poor Iris is probably waiting for us while I'm over here examining every single stall in Lestallum...also pun?
Oh snap what up with Noct - is this a new power that comes with becoming king? Seeing the future or something else?
Iris: It's even more beautiful out here at night.
Noctis: Meh
Omg Noct is so awkward and barely trying to be interested with Iris xD
Oh Iris, you sweet summer child. But on this last choice I only got 2 AP instead of exp, so I'm guessing I chose wrong lol
Oh there was one more after that, I said I had fun with Iris
Which seemed to be the right response bc u got 500 exp
I love how Noct avoids running into Iris, but with the bros he's always just plowing through them and shoving them out of the way
Poor Prompto just goes flying
Ignis just told Noct hisshirt button is coming loose and he must mend it and Noct is just yes mooom
Ignis just asked me if I had fixed my shirt yet...uh, it's been like a few minutes, and we haven't even left the area yet to go to a camp lol I love Iggy he is my fave
Also we better get a scene of him fixing my shirt at camp or I'll rebel
Omg this coeurl is going to kill me - ahh I can't even run away fast enough
All I did was stay at a motel what??
Did I like unlock this cutscene bc I achieved some level somewhere??? Why am j crying???
Prompto you precious bean you're amazing
I'm still so shook like that cutscene came out of nowhere, I was just in the middle of a quest to get rid of animal traps and then I went to sleep at a motel and then bam feelings everywhere
Is this because I've already taken 185 out of 200 photos
That scene threw me completely off track, so now I'm trying to figure out what quest I was doing also it is 2 am what are emotions and sleep
Back now with Ardyn in tow, and I'm looking at this exp tally scene, and Prompto is totally unnerved by Ardyn getting all in his face,he is like leaning away and I don't blame Prompto at all poor Prom
The expressions and body language are so well done, you can just see how creeped out Prompto is, and how Iggy is not letting his guard down
Lolol the boys teasing Noctis is so presh
I'm just going to drive away to complete some quests - Ardyn can wait!
Why is Takka always surprised sounding when we talk to him?
I feel like Dino's quests are a trap, because everytime we go, we get attacked by a billion magitek troops
Oh man I wish I could have screen capped it - Prompto was glitching out standing on Glado's head lol
Omg now they're both glitching
They're stuck what omg I walked away and they're still glitching out
Why are there so many MT troops????? I just wanna find this gem
Aw Gladio keeping Noctis grounded and humble is great
Ok that was a pretty epic battle with Titan - I really liked the cinematic of it, but it made me anxious too when there are QTEs that you can potentially miss
Oh boy, and the car's gone.
Awww Noct is so relieved that Luna is safe
These childhood flashbacks are so cute they look so cute
I've spoiled myself a lot for this game, but there is still a lot I don't know,so I need to stop accidentally spoiling myself more gahh
So with this Naga fight, she apparently says something to you, but I have my subtitles off - I think that is weird though, like I thought it was like Titan where you arent supposed to know what he is saying (unless he had subtitles too that I didn't know about?? )
But apparently there were subtitles that tell you what Naga says..but I dont really want to turn my subs on
Not that I'll be playing Ep Ardyn for quite a while since I haven't even finished FFXV, but it sure is taking forever to install
Ugh why isn't anyone hugging anyone?? I need more hugs - Talcott and Iris needs hugs
Chapter 6 - man I'm too into the story now, so I don't feel like doing any quests
Ahh one of those you cant return for a while...hmmm might have to do some side quests after all
The only reason I'm paying attn to this now is bc I saw a post about this, but before they were getting up at 6 am, but now they're getting up at 8am - it is a neat detail
That they get up later as their journey gets more difficult and dark
Ohh a FF14 collab quest! I've never played 14 before - lol the interactions are adorable though - the bros are so confused
I love the radio in this game - like while you're out you can hear the news and see what's happening in places you're not
I know people have talked about this before, but since I'm playing for the first time, I see Noct really does have a limp in his walk cycle
And if there were any issues like with weird walking, it seems to be ok or fixed on the PC version, at least on mine so far?
It is a subtle thing, but it is just a really beautiful detail, assumed to be a product of his accident as a child (I don't think they ever confirm this in the game, but yeah)
Ahh I am terrible at these sneak and infiltrate missions - also Ignis keeps disappearing and I need him to follow to know where I'm going
Where is Ignis omg I cant with this mission I'm totally confused I keep getting caught lol
Well I made it, and new character Aranea appears!
Wow. The chocobo rental period ended right as Iris mentioned one smh
She has a red chocobo aww
Also I love how Iris is included in the party menu screen and during scenes when you eat at the diner
Wait she has a menu for herself, but it is locked...does that mea she will get to fight with us?
And so she does! Also, Ignis making these gourmet meals at camp never fails to amuse me
Aww the boys are sensitive to Iris' sadness that they'll have to go separate ways and pick up on it right away, that's sweet
By "closer look" I'm sure Iris didn't mean "jump off the bridge" but there you go - also there were stairs all along woops
How did Talcott get to Caem before we did?? We both were in Lestallum together- also didn't Iris say she was going to take Talcott with her? Like how did he get here?
Ohh but this music!
Chapter 7, camped and now waking at 9 am
Wow with Ardyn and I am able to shop from this Imperial guy which is really weird
Everything about this is like a trap handing ourselves to the Imperials, but it is so blatant that you actually end up trusting that Ardyn WON'T do that even though he is super shady
And now Aranea is with us and NOt trying to kill us, which is nice. Also lol Biggs and Wedge are like dimension travelers in the FF universe
I'm sort of confused why we're on ok terms with Aranea considering the first time we met she tried to kill - like I know Ardyn has helped us so far, but he is super shady so like why should we not only trust him, but her?
I mean, they called her commodore, and also she is a mercenary, so I guess she really isn't in a particular side??
One thing I love though about this game, is that the characters seem real, like human and relatable. Aranea looks very fantasy, but she is also fascinated by the underwater dungeon
Also I love how there is a space left in the menu where Gladio stands
Also the dialogue is very human and aligned with present day trends ("hashtag", "famous last words") it is just cute
I'm really confused now - like why is Aranea just freely giving out this info? Like I don't think it was specifically stated, but are we to just assume Ardyn has gone rogue and doesn't serve the empire? Did I miss something?
I mean I know we are for sure going to find out what Ardyn's intentions are later in the game, but like he has Imperials with him who are willing to look the other way for us when we are on the run from them
Ok, well Aranea is saying she might leave the empire - so something is up that even Imperials are starting to doubt the empire's intentions
Oh so Ieodolus and Ravus plus Ardyn are not inspiring confidence in the masses
Oops so I guess I missed little things I could do while Iris and Aranea were in my party, like a side quest for Iris and a photo op with Aranea
Whoa Gladio actually has new scars on him
Aww Iris got us a moogle plush not only cute but actually serves a purpose during battle? Neat!
Aww, so I got flowers for Iris! But Gladio wants me to give them to her lol like is he trying to set Noct up with Iris, or just like, he knows she would be more happy with them from Noct?
Awww we gave Iris flowers lol Noct is so awkward it's amazing
Aww the scenes in Caem are so cute like Talcott showing you the new place
FFXV really reminds me a lot of Xenoblade Chronicles and FFX - like Iris staying in Caem much like setting up Colony 6 in XC, and the Astralsphere is like the Sphere Grid in FFX
And if I remember correctly, you can bump into other characters in XC too like they'll grunt if you accidentally run into them..or was that another game I played?? I can't remember for sure
Doing a bunch of tours in the game, and I messed up the Prompto one where he wants your pic with the giant monster thing, and Noct and Prompto legit get mad at each other - I still got the points plus a camera filter, but I felt bad not getting the good shot lol
But like how are you supposed to know when to pose? I thought he would do a count down like in the other one
On the other hand, my tour with Ignis was great - he wanted to cook with Noct and Noct was like why, and Ignis basically was like I want to spend more time with you
I decided to do the FFXIV crossover quest, but it is...the literal worst. Like it feels like a beta version of the gameplay bc suddenly it is like I can't control Noct at all
Like, after jumping, he like slides forward by himself, so you keep falling off of things
I get that they were trying for like a platforming thing, but yeah, it was unnecessarily difficult - like, why is he handling completely different than the rest of the game?
Well at least the fighting is the same so that's good
Wow that was a difficult battle geez
Also I just talked to the chocobo and now I have credits? Oops I wanted to check out the shop thingie
I mean it said this sequence cannot be skipped, but I didn't think it would end and give me credits - i hope it lets me check the shop thing out at least
It is a nice short little quest, and a cute intro to FFXIV (I've never played 14 before)
Oh good I do get to come back lol
Also it is pretty cool you get a new summon from this quest plus new outfits and items!
Wait I was going through my dossiers and Gladio was updated- his father is Clarus??? Uhh also this update makes no sense
Well it does, since he leaves the party to do a hunting mission at the power plant, but like, (and bc I looked this up) you need to play his DLC to see wha he was doing behind the scenes
Like Ardyn makes it seems like Gladio's leaving the party was a "touchy subject" for the rest, but like, everyone was like ok see ya later - like everyone was fine like it was normal for ppl to do their own independent activities
This update on Gladio's dossier is sort of a spoiler now at least for the DLC in terms of really figuring out what his reasons for leaving the party were.
Also I thought we beat the crap out of Ravus, but he magically cutscene-d away to safety
I've been playing on Average graphical settings, and the game runs fine and still looks gorgeous to me, but I decided to try the Highest preset just to see - let's find out
Honestly I'm just doing it to see if their faces look even more realistic or not - I think they look crisper in the menu screen, like their faces pop out a little more clearly now, but otherwise like this is a good looking game even on Average settings
So now that I'm on Highest, it turns out Prompto has been wearing leopard print pants this whole time, akin to Ignis' cheetah print shirt
Ignis: Gladio's as hard as a rock!
Noctis: What the hell you talkin' 'bout?
Me: ...
And now I'm a frog
Oh and Ignis is too - well I sure didn't prepare before coming to this dungeon did I
Woaaaah laggy - yeah I was wondering how the highest graphics would affect gameplay during battle, since even in Average sometimes the battles can be pretty taxing on the system
I probably will turn off highest and go back to average - it adds just a little in terms of facial graphics which I like, but I'd rather not risk my -although very nice and capable gaming - laptop
Oh thank goodness the summon icon showed up bc I was having trouble with this battle (I'm doing the Crestholm Channels quest for Cindy)
Yeah I'm gonna change back to avg settings - it couldn't handle the summoning
Thank goodness for Prompto's gravisphere move
Is in the middle of a dungeon the best time to be bringing up hygiene, Ignis? While we're traipsing around in the sewers no less.
Using a summon in a dungeon on normal enemies seems like overkill, but I just wanna get out of here already
Wow ok I'm returning to the entrance and saving bc this dungeon too much for me at 1 am
I made the mistake of starting a dungeon so late when I knew I couldn't save in there - o well
Take 2!
Ahhh I don't know but i somehow stumbled upon where I'm supposed to go. I'm sure i walked by there 100 times already without seeing it -_-
Wait that's a dead end, but Ignis just said there it is - but what I dunno where I'm supposed to go???
I swear this gate wasn't openbefore, but it is a dead end and only a red choker is in here
I'm glad I don't do LP's or streams because people would probably be screaming at me by now that I already passed where I need to go
Also I'm pretty sure I already defeated the boss in here like as soon as I started- but it never updated until when Ignis just said here they are and the quest updated to day find the headlights?
So I guess it just never registered that I already had defeated the boss until I stood in that one particular spot?
I paused again, but I just remembered I tweeted a while back about Clarus being Gladio's dad and being like o no, but then I just remembered that's not the name of the guy who betrayed Regis so nvm on that my bad
But yeah, I am now watching a YouTube video to find the last switch in this dungeon bc I am DONE
Well, I made it to the ACTUAL boss, sooo oh man am I even going to survive this
Oh ok flare and insta death my party that's nice
Oh a summon! My lucky day
Oh but that didnt kill him completely welp
Omg I just had 3 dramatic slow mo deaths for the other 3 and while very sad, also quite hilarious
All right! Beat the boss finally and done with this dungeon
Wow the boys look a right mess - like dirt caked on their faces and clothes
Lolol noct also comments on it like dont get in the car it's gonna get dirty
Cindy is so good
I'm finally going back to the main quest Brave New World - and this little cutscene with Cor and Cid was so sweet - I really wanted another closer shot of the photo of Regis - hopefully Prom took a pic
Wooow Altissia is gorgeous - FF worlds never fail to amaze me
Nothing like a romantic gondola ride at night with my friends
I guess they based Altissia off of Venice? It is so pretty!
Revisit past memories? So instead of actually being able to go back to do side quests, we will just go back in time and do them? Or something?
I think it is just a way to go back and do side quests
Well since I've been sort of spoiling/not spoiling myself, and since the game is hinting it, Ch 9 indicates the end of the open world...but I can use Umbra to go back and do side quests
Now I'm just nervous to continue playing bc I know things are gonna get dark fast even if I don't know how exactly
I'm sort of a completionist but not exactly, so having incomplete side quests that I technically can't go back to unless I use Umbra bothers me lol
I mean I know I can go back and do them with Umbra, it just feels weird now bc the story wants you to move forward now
Well I decided bc I wanna stall the story a little longer, I'm going to use Umbra to go back and quest and level some more
OMG you can shake paw with Umbra that is adorable
Uhh what is going on over here Dino the adamantoise is level 99...I'm level 54. Hmmmm
Wait I'm confused it says flee from it, so I ran out of the battle area, but I just got a D report card so that wasn't what I'm supposed to do? Also there is a timer?
Whaaat is this music? The turtle went away, it said go see Takka, and then suddenly it said quest accepted and now I'm on a different timer with new music and I have to hunt something?? What?
So I triggered a timed quest somehow i am so confused right now
Well I quit without saving bc I didnt want to mess with all that esp whe I'm not leveled enough
I think I'll try another side quest instead that is within my level range for now
(Basically when I warped back with Umbra I got a call from Cindy right away about this adamantoise quest, so I thought I'd check it out) but it didn't show a level on it so I didn't realize it would be a 99
Oh man I just got the regalia type D and I'm manually driving ng and it is hilarious - Prompto is like having a heart attack bc I'm driving like a maniac and he punches Noct in the arm lolol
The windshield is completely shattered and Gladio and Ignis are holding on for dear life in the back seats ahahahaa
And then Noct Luke actually laughs bc he is enjoying it
I'm trying to watch their animations and drive at the same time woch is making Noct run off the road even more so Prompto is like augh quit it!!!
I'm having too much fun with this
(Yeah I just recorded that and edited it on my phone lol so excuse the bad editing and quality)
That little grin Noct has in like halfway through though xD he is def enjoying this I know I am
Ignis is SO mad in the back xD
LOL somehow Prompto managed to take a picture during that drive Gladio's like gods take me now and Ignis has lost his will to live
I just downloaded some clothes mods for FFXV on the Steam workshop - well by accident bc I was just browsing and it said subscribe to download so I was trying to see what that meant and I guess I just did it so yeah, if it works, then I have new clothes for Ignis!
Going through and cleaning up some auto snaps since I already maxed out 200 pics, and found this???
Costlemark Tower time! I'm already at the blue elevator thing, but yeah I've gotten so lost lol
Game over - all that experience, lost.
Ok, Take 1 million
I did it
Back to FFXV after being out of town - did some side questing, still avoiding Altissia lol and I've decided to do Ep Gladio DLC since I'm in Ch9
Or maybe I'll wait til the end of the game- I dont want any spoilers
I ended up doing fishing side quests
Finally doing the main quest the Summit - glad I changed Noctis into his royal garment so it fits the scene lolol
Well I'd say that went well!
FINALLY get to see Luna good gravy last we really saw her was in the anime and the movie and the one cutscene in the game - of course I know crazy stuff about to happen bc it always does when these big events happen in games
Am I ready? Prob not
Ok I love Luna
She just gets up and casually shoves the gun out of her face
Oh no these events make me nervous I bet it is a quick time event
He cri
Their head nods at each other ahh now I cri
OMG what was that hand animation noctis just did that was hilariously out of place asking the Leviathan for power o my gosh
Maybe it is because I requested instead of demanded her power but man that was hilarious Noxtis looked like he completely glitched out
Hold on it felt like a scene was cut out or censored bc we just cut to Luna and she falls forward coughing as if she has just been choked and Ardyn is suddenly nex to her
I mean I know she was coughing before when Levi attacked her but this was a little diff it just sort of cut to this
So did I mess up the battle, or was it supposed to be 2 seconds long???? But there's a whole cutscene happening so I guess this is wha supposed to hapoen
This girl is bleeding out and she is still over here trying to protect and heal me omg
Omg baby Noctis that face is is so heartbreaking I cant
O_O wait what omg too much is going on right now Ignis ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ;_;!!!!
That hitch in his voice oh my gosh this is just D:D:D:
The train scene ended before I finished looking around booo
Ahhh choices take ignis along or not?? Of course I want him but like I dont want him to get hurt either
It says several weeks later, but Ignis can already manage a bit like he found me himself - I mean I understand why Gladio got mad at Noctis bc Luna and Ignis also suffered, and Ignis probably didn't complain once
I mean I'm sure he is scared bc like who wouldn't be if you suddenly couldn't see anymore :( but he just acts like normal, and I'm sure in order to let Noct grieve he never complained in the elapsed time
I think it helps to get Noctis perspective straight - his duty sucks and bad things happen, but he has to be strong for the people around him, as they are for him
Ok this imagery has to be symbolic - the pause and paired with the sad music, now it feels like they're trapped in this tragic destiny
Omg Ignis just fell and Prompto helped him up noooo I'm sad
Nooo I'm so sad - Ignis is trying to fight still ahhh
I keep walking with the camera facing backward so I can keep watch on Ignis and I'm like anxious in real life lol over the game bc like I dont want him to get hurt :( I wish there were choice cutscenes with like a Hug option
Oh man I don't want to have to take him through water, but I don't see another path to the mine - I'm like legitimately pushing the controller slowly and panning the camera to find the best path for him
D: Prompto's sad face when you camp, and this sad camp music, and the fact that Gladio and Noctis still aren't really talking to each other after their fight and it makes it so heartbreaking when you see Prompto's sad face and him desperately trying to keep everyone together
Oh nooooo Prompto trying to engage in convo saying he took photos but Noct doesn't want to see oh man my heart is so sad
Uhh most of these photos are of Ignis fallen over - I don't exactly want to save those :/
And the voice acting-so good - so subtle, but you now hear the strain and irritation, and even Ignis, which has sounded relatively normal so far sounds irritated after waking up from camping :(
Poor Prompto is exactly the type of character who wants to keep everyone together, but probably ends up getting yelled at by someone who can't stand their attempt at positivity, and it makes me so sad bc they're all trying so hard but falling apart :(
Oh I'M taking the photos instead of Prompto this time, that's new
Oh man everyone is super cranky - Noct and Gladio are just fed up with each other
What makes this so much more sad is that it is pouring rain in the game, and they have to trudge through swampy water which I'm sure does nothing for their moods
I chose "Show resolve" although frustration makes more sense at this point, but I wanted them to not fight with each other more :/ I went to YouTube to see the other option, and it was too sad so I'm glad I chose this even though I'm sure Noct doesn't really feel it
Ignis saved us yayayay - how exactly?? I guess he just realized fire would hurt it and then had a general idea of where the monster was
But he gained a new technique which is like an alternate ver of his scan technique
Lol nvm gladio and Noct still want to punch the living daylights out of each other - they need a good sparring session honestly
Yesss I was waiting for Ignis to snap - I knew he'd be the one to make them listen to reason
Also it is interesting how Gladio and Ignis have swapped positions- in the anime Ignis was pressuring Noctis and Gladio was the one to understand Noct's frustrations. Now it is Gladio pressuring Noct and Ignis to remind them
I know Gladio means well but damn lay the f off geez Noctis knows well his position but he needs a chance to breathe and try to understand and accept what's going on
That battle was like super easy - and probably is because I'm extremely overleved. It was a level 38 and I'm level 64 lol
Ardyn get out of here
Whoaa I know what's going on - because Ardyn doesn't talk like this - Noctis is actually attacking Prompto isn't he
Like Ardyn doesn't say "Dude"
Oops I game over'd
But this train stuff is really confusing like where am I supposed to hit??
I knew it - Ardyn was pretending to be Prompto - and we just shoved him off the train
That was a short chapter
Awww oh man the voice acting is so good - Noctis' is just like omg omg omg Prompto ;_;!! The panic and desperation in his voice is so real and ahhhh D: also Ignis' slight pause before answering when Noct asks if they're ok at least makes me worried
Sooo Ravus...not as bad of a guy as I initially thought? It makes me happy that Luna might have had at least one person to vent to who would understand her burden
I suppose we will find out later why Ravus try to attack Regis and use the ring in the movie
Man Luna needs a hug. Ignis needs a hug. THERE NEEDS TO BE A HUG EVERYONE OPTION
I'm glad the boys have become friends again, but now we have lost Prompto :( Aranea is back and helping so that is nice!
Oh my God Gentiana thank goodness and the way she shut Ardyn up ahahaha
Gentiana was Shiva all along??? I knew she was a divine being, but yo yay
I'm gonna cry ;_; Gentiana and Luna this is such a beautiful moment
Does it look like I remember how to drive?????? Ahhhh I'm crashing into everything
Did I make it??? It was an abrupt end so I can't tell if i failed or made it through
Oh no choices ahhh what to choose
Hmmmm I'm at the Keep - I smell the makings of a shady ShinRa Corp here...and these rogue MTs definitely seem like one of their experiments
The fact that Ardyn is literally watching us flail around in the Keep is hilarious - I mean, I've been in here for hours - he literally has nothing better to do - I suppose that boredom comes with immortality
This is basically ShinRa 2.0 and I'm not pleased :( I supposed Iedolas is akin to Hojo here, huh?
So all the MTs are basically little Sephiroths?
Ardyn I get it pls - the hints were clear enough for me, but now you're just laying it on thick :(
Ok now I'm getting an Obduction vibe in this room of...boxes. Except that room's purpose was ok. This room's purpose...I'm going to guess those are all MT storage containers :/
Haha I was right
HUG them all please like we finally reunited except Prompto- liek if I was Noctis I'd glom Gladio and Ignis at this point
;_; again, why isn't there a hug option? We have Prompto back, and he is bruised and bloodied and who knows what he just went through D:
I assume they explain in his DLC, ( I do have all the dlc) but I dunno how I'm feeling about breaking off pertinent character development into DLCs instead of in the main game - but I'm happy it is there anyhow
Also, I'm really enjoying this game - there are flaws for sure, transitions that could be cleaner, but still great for something that went through dev hell
And seeing this, I'm like, FF7R is going to be a hell of a game
G: Try not to get lost.
N: You get lost.

Noct is so relieved that everyone's together that he's back to his childish banter with G
Prompto T_T ilove u
Soooo wait did he always have that wrist bracelet? Also I have many questions...namely, how he knew? Also he was a kid un the anime living in a furnished house, but presumably alone...sooo?? I'm sure it will be explained
I was thinking it was the shoulder ribbon actually
Ardyn is just letting us do all of this. I mean, he basically is leading us on here, he wants this to happen for some reason
Dude I just used the cam to zoom in on Prom, and his bracelets hide it, that is such a neat detail (albeit very sad)
Oops I've been running around everywhere with Noct, and Prompto has to tell me to slow down for Ignis my bad Ig
Oh wow, now that all 4 here, sleeping at the dorm gives this nice scene, where P is basically explaining everything to them - like he even gestures to his shoulder ribbon and his wrists - such a nice detail
Ohh, so Iedolas tuned into a daemon Faros
Nooo oh no what did you do to Ravus
Oh I this Ravus jsut said "Ardyn... curse you" same fam
Oh no, go alone again???? With the pace we are going, this is going to be end game isn't it? D:D:D: i'm not ready!!!!
Oh no this is sad!!! Everything is in ruins ;_;
Talcott???? Oh man....we were out a looooong time - also in this atmosphere why would he stop for someone on the road randomly???? And recognize right away after so many years? But I'm grateful of course
Explore this area, then I have a choice to use Umbra ro go back to the past or go on to the finale..but ot would be too jarring for me to go back to the past at this point story wise
Oh wow I just realized Ignis doesn't even need to use a cane anymore
Not ready to end the game tonight, so I've saved for now - this is why i out off Ch9 for so long, cuz i knew it would be go go go from then on
Talking with my friend about XV - we both agreed Leviathan is the literal dumbest and worst of the gods - like the gods have been blessing kings for ages, why is she acting like she is not in the know?
This came up bc I went back and watched the leviathan scene with Luna, and I got so mad at how actually dumb her reasoning is
Like...test the guy before giving him your powers sure, but Levi is like I WON'T BELIEVE YOU'RE WORTHY UNLESS YOU KILL, do you WANT to die? CHILL yo
And Luna regularly communes with the gods and stuff, so why is Levia like who are you, I dunno any oracles
The other gods got the memo except her -
My friend: Like wtf girl are you not in the final fantasy gods group chat?
Vesper Gaaaaaar finally caught it
OK, that's cute! ^_^
The Final Campsite...I'm gonna cry T_T
The music is the title music with lyrics ;_;
N: Are you with me?
I: Of course!
P: You bet!
G: Until the very end.

Their uniforms!!!! T_T And finally making it full circle back to Insomnia, where we first started this journey
N: You and I need to come up with a plan
I: Heh heh, if it pleases Your Highness
Nothing has changed even after 10 years apart!! ;_;
Oh wow there are a LOT of rest spots here
I rested just bc I wanted to see the little cutscene, not bc I really needed to
The fact that we can still summon gods in battle here is sort of ironic since they haven't helped the situation otherwise
Also uh oh I'm level 60-something, but this level 49 enemy was difficult
Also...Noctis is soooo beautiful like wow he aged up well
I think ;_; is all I'll be able to say about this game at this point bc ugh my heart
And the homage to Nyx Ulric yessss
Elevator guy is supposed to be Tabata isn't he? Clever
Get out get out get out I'm trying to side quest
Ah prompto was going to say something but then he said never mind what is it now is not the time to hold back
The way Noct keeps putting his hand on his chest like he's got heartburn - I don't blame him after everything he's been through
Wow first time having Leviathan show up as a summon, what did you gain some sense in the 10 years?
Are we supposed to know who this Glaive is?
Oh seems like something to do with the Comrades doc which I haven't played
Ahh dang it I think I keep triggering the main quest while I'm trying to complete what might be the last side quests of the game - like wait I'm not trying to get to Ardyn just yet!!!
Oh man I think this is the pre boss boss nooo I was just trying to take pictures for the glaives
I'd be sad, but I'm more mad the the gods are helping now as opposed to, I dunno, 10 years ago when they could have prevented this??? Also, I thought the crystal was like odd thr gods, why did it take so much of their effort to destroy the wall?
I feel like I'm missing something, and I'm sure it will be more clear when we learn more of Ardyn's nature - like why can't even the gods stop him, or they can but don't want to?
Ok I guess I do still have a chance to finish these side quests - I know it is sort of stalling at this point, but idc
Reading thr cosmogony datalogs... the gods knew of the darkness that would plague Eos...and made a crystal that would choose someone to stop the darkness
like, why couldn't the gods have stopped it - where did the darkness come from that gods couldn't (or wouldn't) do anything about it
Wait, rereading this, this mortal divine guy cleared the star of darkness BEFORE he had a crystal, then the gods gave him a crystal bc some other bad stuff was gonna go down (which is what is happening to us in present day)
Well I'm confused. Why would the gods need to fight side by side with mankind? Qhy was there anything to fight in the beginning of time anyhow that the gods couldn't deal with?
And of course the answer is probably their EGOS bc the gods are dumb (sorry I'm mad the characters have to suffer so)
I mean, although i dont know ardyn full story yet, he was apparently a kind man who healed people and the gods were like yeah no, we like our kings to be more...edgy
Did that really say what I think it said? LEVEL 119???????
Yup avoiding that - I'm level 67
O yeah so I think Ardyn dlc is prob going to try to make us feel sorry for him...but like from what I know from the game thus far, he got mad bc although he did good deeds (healing ppl) he didnt get to be king. Like havent u heard of give not receive
I mean if he was only healing people and doing good things only so he would get good points to get to be crowned king I dont think that's very good
Now I havent played the DLC of course since I am still playing the game, but I could be totally wrong and my POV of him might change we shall see! Honestly tho, I'm more mad at the gods than him
Also I thought it was Ifrit eho loved mankind and convinced Shiva to do the same??? Why he hate us now (I prob missed something again in the story but omg I'm on fire
Beautiful Shiva save ussss
Noctis' kingly clothes are actually ripped up like his cape is gone
<3 Gladio <3 Prompto I guess one more old king will be an Ignis centric fight? I love the bros man they love Noct so much
Ignis battle with the Mystic awww and Ignis is like I'll do anything for Noct ;_;
All right I think this is it....the battle with Ardyn awaits...
I'm tearing up choosing a photo ;_;
I chose one of the early shots of the 4 with the Regalia as a memento of the start of their journey and how far they've come since ;_; but there were so many to pick that were good ;_;
Ohh...yeah, this game...could have very easily been a horror game if they had upped the rating...that's disturbing to see
Did he just insta kill my boys???? I don't...think so...????
The guys are ok
"Walk tall, my friends.

I love you all. Luna. Guys. Dad.

Stand by me."
The final campsite dialogue....omgomgomg
"What can I guys... are the best."
And my menu screen is now beautiful and positive and my heart and the music
What a lovely and heartwarming game. #FFXV #FFXVWindowsEdition #FinalFantasyXV
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