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two years have now passed since taehyung and jeongguk have said their vows. and for their anniversary, jeongguk takes taehyung to italy, glad to shower him in the love he knows his husband deserves.

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ceo jeongguk x assistant taehyung
— ☆ 3.9k
— ☆ married taekook!
— ☆ nsfw ♡
— ☆ the way taekook are still in the honeymoon phase even after two years are we surprised
— 🌊

It’s the little things Jeongguk does that make Taehyung’s heart flutter—even after all this time. Like sending him a smile from the other side of his office; like casually starting a game of footsie under the table during a meeting,
despite being at the head as the CEO and Taehyung sitting to his left as his assistant. Like when Jeongguk would grasp his hand to keep him from leaving the office, managing to continue typing and ignoring Taehyung’s complaints of needing to finish his work.
Only to let him go whole minutes later—but not before pressing a gentle kiss to his knuckles.

Like now, with Jeongguk’s arms wrapped around his waist, his face buried into the crook of his neck and shoulder, trying to get the sleep he'd lost from staying awake during the flight.
Jeongguk’s dark locks, a little too long in the most dashing way, tickle at his cheek, and he smiles as he looks down at the other’s hand. At the ring that wraps around his third finger, a matching one on Taehyung’s own.
It’s been almost two years since Taehyung and Jeongguk shared their vows, dressed in ivory suits and sealing their words with a kiss, the audience’s claps and cheers filling the room as tears trailed down Taehyung’s cheeks.
Been even longer since Jeongguk proposed right in the corporate building’s lobby—a planned event, made obvious by how the employees lingering about suddenly shot confetti into the air when Taehyung threw himself into Jeongguk’s awaiting arms,
‘yes’ breathed over and over against his pink lips.

(It still makes Taehyung laugh, the memory of the employees recounting the meeting he had organized. All of them were so sure they were about to be fired from the seriousness Jeongguk had exuded. But after everyone was seated,
the CEO had taken a deep breath before looking at everyone with shining eyes, a little fear mixed deep in his irises.

“/I want to propose to Taehyung/.”

The room had spiraled into ecstatic chaos with those six words, and the rest was history.)
Jeongguk shifts against him, a quiet groan rumbling from his throat as he tries to get more comfortable. Taehyung’s smile grows wider, nuzzling his cheek into his husband’s hair.
“We’re almost there, I think,” Taehyung murmurs softly, glancing past the space between the two front seats to eye the GPS the driver is following. They’ve left the pretty browns of the streets of Palermo,
green shrubbery filling the view as the car climbs the roads toward the cliff-side villa Jeongguk had rented (without telling Taehyung beforehand, not until they had landed on the island).
Jeongguk murmurs something into the skin of Taehyung’s neck, making the other hum a confused sound, asking him to say it again.

“Good,” Jeongguk says, still muffled but louder and more coherent than before. “I can sleep in an /actual bed/.”
Taehyung sighs, shaking his head. “We're going to spend the whole first day of this vacation just sleeping, huh?”

Jeongguk looks up at him, just barely peeling a sleepy eye open to send him a lopsided grin. “Sleeping,” he repeats, wiggling his eyebrows for effect,
and Taehyung flicks his forehead with a laugh, making the other sputter and duck back into Taehyung's shoulder for protection.
“You should‘ve slept on the plane, stupid.” Not that Taehyung wouldn't enjoy sleeping in the entire day with Jeongguk’s arms around him, but he would lie if said he wouldn't rather explore the villa with the other’s hand in his.
“You know I can never sleep on planes,” Jeongguk sighs, and Taehyung involuntarily shudders when he feels his husband's lips press at his neck. He fights the urge to angle his neck back to give him more access, knowing the driver could probably see them in the rearview mirror.
“Your loss. First-class seats on a fourteen-hour flight and not sleeping at any point through it? Couldn't be me.”

“Glad it couldn’t be you, since your head was on my shoulder the whole time.”
Taehyung smiles softly at the memory of Jeongguk pressing slow kisses into his mouth after the initial takeoff, soothing out the fast, panicked breaths and clenched-shut eyes Taehyung would always get at the dizzying pressure takeoff came with.
Jeongguk always knows what Taehyung needs and vice versa—it's a dynamic that had grown so natural within the years they've worked side by side.
A dynamic Taehyung cherishes in his heart, especially so when, even in his sleepiest state, Jeongguk grasped his hand tightly when the plane had begun to land.
Jeongguk nuzzles into his neck some more when Taehyung’s silence stretches for long moments, assuming he wouldn’t respond.
But the older presses a kiss into his husband’s hair, murmuring a soft, “I love you,” and can feel Jeongguk’s lips widen into a smile against his skin in response.

A silent ‘/I love you, too/.’
— 🌊

Jeongguk stumbles out of the car once they arrive, bumbling around as he struggles to keep his eyes open. Taehyung has to press his lips together tightly to keep from laughing; his husband looks adorable, all messy hair and wrinkled denim button-down,
eyes hardly able to stay open after the twenty minute nap he’d taken snuggled into Taehyung. Taehyung gets out of the car just as the driver opens the trunk, and he sets to work getting out their luggage.
The wind is soothing as it flows by, tousling his brown locks as he grabs the nearest luggage from the trunk. The view of the Tyrrhenian Sea is what he’s most excited about, can see it behind the house’s form—
he can’t wait to head up to the balcony he knows the villa has to drink in the view.

“Here, let me,” Jeongguk mumbles as he walks over to him, rubbing at one of his eyes.
Taehyung smiles at him as he sets down a red suitcase, lifting a hand to smooth out the other’s furrowed brows. Jeongguk pauses, lets him as he struggles to stop squinting at everything.

“It’s fine baby, I can do it. Go inside?”
Jeongguk frowns at this. “I can’t just let my husband do all the work.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow. “I’m your assistant, I’m /supposed/ to do this kind of thing.”

“You’re my husband before you’re my assistant, babe,” Jeongguk scoffs, taking a step closer.
Taehyung presses a hand to Jeongguk’s shoulder, gentle but stopping him from coming any closer. “As your husband and your assistant, I know what’s best for you. You’re literally half-asleep, Gukkie, you’ll hurt yourself.”
“/You’ll/ hurt yourself trying to take three luggages into the villa—”

“Sirs, would you like me to help?”

Both of them turn to the driver who had stepped out of the car, watching them with amusement. The two smile at him.
“No, that won’t be necessary,” Jeongguk says, at the same time Taehyung answers with, “Please help this buffoon.”

Jeongguk turns back to Taehyung in surprise, an offended pout already settled on his lips. “You called me a buffoon.” :(

He’s so cute when he’s tired.
“That’s what you are,” Taehyung huffs, poking the sleepy CEO’s cheek, before smiling hopefully at the driver. “If you could?”

Jeongguk, to Taehyung’s annoyance, manages to grab at one of the suitcases before he can stop him,
triumphantly sticking his tongue out and chuckling when he skillfully moves away so Taehyung can’t snatch it back. The driver offers taking the one Taehyung’s determined to hold, but he shakes his head at him, nodding in thanks before heading up to the villa’s entrance.
It’s beautiful, built with a modern style of architecture with white and blue walls and vintage furniture. Taehyung’s mouth is open in awe as he ventures inside, toeing off his shoes and immediately heading up the dark stairs to the master bedroom,
the sounds of his husband and the driver talking turning muffled as he goes upstairs.

He promptly drops the suitcase when he gets there, rushing to the balcony. And an excited gasp leaves his lips at the view he’s graced with.
The Tyrrhenian Sea looks like it stretches forever, decorated by the rocks and cliffs of Sicily. The water reflects the sky in shimmering waves of silver and blue, clouds decorating the horizon and the sun shining brightly,
bathing the outside world in the warmth that comes with June. Taehyung takes in a deep breath, lungs filling with the sea breeze, smelling so good and soothing that he’s already brimming with the notion of never wanting to leave.
When arms wrap around him from behind, pulling him back from the railing he’d been leaning on, Taehyung melts into the warmth of Jeongguk’s chest.
“Have you all to myself for a whole week,” Jeongguk mumbles, Taehyung sighing when he presses his lips to his neck. A chuckle resounds in the CEO’s chest. “How many bedrooms does this place have?”
“Four,” Taehyung answers easily, too lost in the sight in front of him and Jeongguk’s lips trailing up to his jaw to point out that the other was the one who had rented it, not him.
“Think we should christen all of them?” Jeongguk whispers low into his ear, and Taehyung knows there’s a smirk on his lips.

“Jeongguk!” Taehyung slaps one of the hands that’s resting on his stomach as he laughs, the other one immediately finding its way under his shirt.
Taehyung lets out another soft gasp at the press of his husband’s rough fingers against the soft skin of his belly.

“What? Sounds like a great idea to me—call it a way of welcoming ourselves to the villa.”
“What happened to being tired,” Taehyung breathes, Jeongguk sucking his earlobe into his mouth, tonguing at the silver hoops, a little too distracting.

“One round?” Jeongguk asks, just as breathlessly.
Taehyung answers by turning more in his hold, fitting their mouths together. Slow and purposeful as they breathe in each other's presence, all in front of the most beautiful view of the sea.
— 🌊

Their anniversary is on a Thursday this year, and the three days that pass until the day arrives are blissful to Taehyung.
Waking up in another country with the most beautiful view will never be something he can get used to, but Jeongguk's sleeping face, Jeongguk kissing him awake, /Jeongguk/—Jeongguk is a constant that makes all of it a multitude of times better.
Most of the days consist of cuddling in bed or on the couch situated on the terrace outside, cooking dinner together after shopping in Cefalù. Morning sex right after waking up, consisting of soft, slow kisses and trailing fingers that leave pleasant goosebumps in their wake.
It’s so nice, not having the stress of work weighing them down, having time to themselves, time to love and live and press happiness into each other’s mouths. Jeongguk’s head resting on Taehyung’s thighs as they watch a movie on the big screen TV,
Jeongguk sighing pleasantly to the feeling of Taehyung carding his fingers through his hair. Taehyung wearing Jeongguk’s shirts around the villa, leading to Jeongguk picking him up, settling him on the counter to kiss him silly, their hands always roaming, roaming,
constantly yearning for the familiarity they have in each other.

And, of course, the private beach at the bottom of the cliffs.

Thursday comes around too quickly, yet not quickly enough—it starts off like any other,
except Taehyung wakes up with Jeongguk’s lips on his, ‘/happy two years, baby/’ being whispered into his mouth.

“Two years of having you, of wearing this ring.” Jeongguk clasps their hands together, smiling at the shine in Taehyung’s eyes, face still puffy from just waking up.
“And so many more to come,” Taehyung whispers in reply. Jeongguk nods, eyes sparkling just as much as he presses a kiss to the ring on Taehyung’s finger. Presses kiss after kiss to his sleepy lips, fingers intertwined just as tightly as their beating hearts.
Hours later, Taehyung finds himself clambering across the beach with a blindfold over his eyes. There’s a smile on his face even as he struggles to walk, every step hesitant as he keeps his hands hovering in the air to keep his balance,
reassured only by the press of Jeongguk’s bare chest against his back, his hands on his waist maneuvering him about.

“Careful,” Jeongguk murmurs in his ear, helping him step over a loose branch.
The sand is so warm under his bare feet, the wind cool on his skin, the sound of the waves’ lulling crashes filling his ear as they step closer to the shore.

Taehyung lets out a sound of confusion when the sand under his feet disappears, stepping on what feels like wood instead.
“Keep going, Tae,” Jeongguk assures, so Taehyung does, trusting him in making sure he doesn’t fall into the water.
He takes a good dozen steps before Jeongguk tells him to stop, and Taehyung holds his breath as he feels Jeongguk pull away. Hears him move around him, the sea’s gentle murmurs calming him as he waits.
Only a few seconds pass before Jeongguk’s fingers come around, untying the blindfold and letting it fall away. When Taehyung opens his eyes, his face lights up in a smile as he looks around.
He had assumed right—Jeongguk had led him to the dock that stretches over the water, and the sight is so beautiful. Seeing the water moving around him, Taehyung loves it.
And he loves the sight of Jeongguk in front of him, too. Wearing only red swim trunks, his husband's hair is messy and wind-tousled, his bare chest, biceps, and glorious abdominals a sight Taehyung will never fail to appreciate.
Jeongguk grins knowingly at the way Taehyung’s eyes trail downward, snapping his fingers in front of his face to get his attention again.
“Do you remember,” Jeongguk murmurs, one of his hands taking Taehyung’s own, the other digging into a pocket of his trunks, “what I told you in my vows?”
Taehyung looks down at their clasped hands softly, squeezing his husband’s warm fingers. “Of course I do.” They’re something he could never forget. “‘/Many compare you to the sun, and I agree. But you’re also my moon, and I—I am the tides that will always rise to greet you/.’”
Taehyung always loves the way the corners of Jeongguk’s eyes crease and crinkle whenever his smile reaches them. “Cheesy.”

“Very cheesy,” Taehyung agrees with a fond laugh.
“But I wasn’t wrong.” And Taehyung watches him pull out a box—it’s familiar, so familiar, the same one Jeongguk had pulled out of his pocket over two years ago.
“These tides around you—let them be me. Let them keep being me. Let me always surround you like this; let me keep being someone who can envelop you when you need it, for however many more years to come.”
The box opens, and the rings are revealed. The ring Jeongguk had asked earlier to give to him and refused to explain why. And here it is, here Jeongguk is, lifting Taehyung’s hand, shoving the box under his arm to slip the ring back where it belongs on his finger.
“Let me stay in your life for as many more years you’ll have me.”

Taehyung hates how his eyes are watering as he looks up at him. “Are you proposing to me again?”
Those doe-eyes. They're shining, shimmering like the water around them as he lifts the box for Taehyung to take the other ring. “I'd gladly propose to you over and over again. Marry you again and again.”
Taehyung lets out a breath of a laugh at that, eyes threatening to spill over at the memories that come to mind as he takes the ring from the box. Takes Jeongguk’s hand and slips it onto his third finger, the band resting there looking so familiar, so natural.
Jeongguk pockets the box before closing the space between them, pulling Taehyung into his arms, the older easily wrapping his arms around his neck. Their foreheads meet naturally, closing their eyes to breathe each other in, relishing the warmth that radiates from each other.
Relishing the mingling sounds of their breaths and the tides that quietly crash about them.

“My sun and moon and stars,” Jeongguk whispers into the space between them, so close—not close enough, Taehyung concludes, so he easily slots their lips together,
sighing into his mouth as Jeongguk reciprocates, lips moving in tandem, gentle sucks that are quieter than the sea around them. He tastes of the caramel chocolates Taehyung had fed him an hour ago, so sweet.
“My tides,” Taehyung whispers against his mouth between long kisses. “My rivers, seas, oceans of love. I love you.”

Jeongguk chuckles, brushing their noses together in Eskimo kisses. “You made it even cheesier.”
Taehyung blinks his eyes open, looking into his husband’s fond ones. He frowns, purses his lips, “You didn’t say it back?”

Jeongguk only smiles wider, eyes flitting about as if memorizing Taehyung’s face for the thousandth time, and an idea strikes Taehyung at that moment.
“Now that I think about it—since you’re the tides, maybe you should go where you belong.”

And before his husband can say something stupid like ‘/I am where I belong—with you/,’ Taehyung pushes him.

Right off of the dock.
The yelp Jeongguk lets out as he falls into the water is enough to send Taehyung doubling over in laughter, uncaring of the splash that gets water on him.
Jeongguk resurfaces quickly after, rubbing water out of his eyes as he gasps for air, shaking his hair out, all before latching his eyes onto Taehyung’s still giggling form.
And the moment Taehyung sees the dangerous sparkle in his dark eyes, he’s running down the dock, laughing as he races back onto the sand, hoping to get back to the villa before Jeongguk can reach him.

Really, he already knew it’d be a lost cause; Taehyung is fast, but Jeongguk—
Before he knows it, arms wrap around him from behind and lift him into the air, a squeal leaving his lips as he kicks out, trying to wrestle free from his husband’s arms. He really can’t stop laughing even as Jeongguk turns around, carrying him back toward the water.
“Guk, please!” Taehyung shouts, pleading, wiggling about desperately but to no avail as they near the shore. “Please, this—this is one of my favorite shirts!”

It’s just a plain white button-down. One of Jeongguk’s, actually.
“Tae, you wore that to sleep.”

“Still one of my favorites.”

Jeongguk laughs in response, all-knowing of his lie as he squeezes the arms around his waist tighter.
“Karma’s a bitch, sweetheart,” he murmurs, and has the audacity to press a kiss to the back of Taehyung’s neck before he flings him right into the sea, Taehyung’s yell filling the air as he crashes into the water.
The water is a little warm, more on the cooler side as it envelops him, and even as he rises back to the surface, he can’t help but smile at the thought of Jeongguk wanting, vowing to envelop him just like this.
The moment he breaks back up to the surface, ears no longer muffled and getting water out of his eyes, he can hear Jeongguk laughing, sees him standing at the edge of the water in his own wet hair and glistening-skin glory.
Taehyung pouts at him from where he floats, his shirt turning transparent as it and the ringer shorts he’s wearing cling to his body. Huffing, he lifts his arms out to his husband.

Jeongguk raises a brow at him but smiles, already stepping into the water and wading toward him.
He crosses the distance between them easily, pulling Taehyung into his arms, bringing him closer to the bank so they can stand easily on the sand resting at the bottom of the sea.
Jeongguk's arms are so, so warm. Warmer than the cool water around him, warmer than the humid air of sunshine and sea mist, his chest pressing against his soaked shirt bleeding warmth into his skin.
Taehyung buries his face into the wet skin of Jeongguk's neck, breathing in his dampened scent, breathing in the taste of the sea that clings to his husband.

“Enveloped,” Taehyung whispers. /Enveloped in you./
Jeongguk squeezes him, pulling him even closer, as close as they can be, pressing a gentle kiss to his ear.

A bit later, Jeongguk uses his sheer strength to sit Taehyung back onto the dock before lifting himself right out of the water to do the same.
And Taehyung wraps his arms around his neck, pulls him down to lie on top of him. The wood of the dock is warm, but never warmer than the feeling of Jeongguk so close, than the feeling of Jeongguk kissing him deeply,
of his tongue caressing his own and exploring the crevices of his mouth that have all grown familiar in the past few years.
Taehyung rakes his fingers over the muscles of his back, trailing them over his shoulders, feeling at his pectorals, at the little hills of his abs as Jeongguk unbuttons his soaked shirt.
Taehyung shivers every time his fingers brush his chest, his cheeks flushed as he looks up at the sight of Jeongguk's form and the blue of the sky above them.

Every kiss they share makes him feel light, heady and dizzy as Jeongguk is slow, so slow in making love to him.
Trails his fingers and kisses his body, nipping and suckling at his nipples until Taehyung's back arches with a moan—he can feel Jeongguk smiling against his skin at the sound.
Taehyung laughs when Jeongguk produces a small bottle of lube from the pocket of his trunks, but becomes thankful for it when Jeongguk presses his fingers deep inside him, rubbing at his prostate so that electric shocks of white heat shoot through his body, pooling in his belly,
pulling Jeongguk down to kiss him, kiss him, kiss him, over and over, even as Jeongguk presses his cock into his hole.

It's euphoric as Jeongguk clasps their hands together, keeping them on either side of his head as he thrusts languidly into him,
slow, not fast enough, but Taehyung doesn't complain—he loves it, loves how his husband whispers sweet nothings into his neck and mouth as he moves his hips, chuckling at the sounds that escape Taehyung's mouth, groaning whenever Taehyung clenches around him.
It all feels so, so good, warmth cocooning him as pleasure rakes down his form. Jeongguk's skin tastes of salt from the sea when he kisses his neck, his body so tantalizing with the sea mist that makes his skin glisten under the sun, his haie sticking to his forehead, dashing.
When Taehyung comes, he does with a loud cry, his body shuddering and arching off the wood as Jeongguk breathes an 'I love you' into his ear. He spurts come all over his belly and chest, some getting on Jeongguk's stomach as well.
And after a few more quick thrusts into the tight heat of Taehyung's hole, Jeongguk finishes inside of him. It's all so warm, so warm as he falls on top of the older, sweat and come and salt water mixing between them.
The sea murmurs softly around them, bathing them in the lulling sound of its gentle waves. Taehyung squeezes their intertwined fingers, a spent smile on his face when Jeongguk laughs softly, and he kisses his cheek, watching the crinkles return to the corners of his doe eyes.
His tides. With so much love to give, Taehyung knows that he'll stay with his husband, truly, for all the years that will come, willing to saying yes to every proposal Jeongguk sends his way, joking or not.
As Jeongguk kisses him again, the sea whispers around them, hushed, letting them bask in each other as the sun shines down warmth in glistening rays.
And Taehyung—Taehyung will love him for infinity. For as long as the moon rises to greet the tides every night.
— fin. 🌊
i'm not saying tae pushing guk into the water was my favorite part but thats exactly what im saying

i literally breathe in married taekook fhdjfk. tell me what you thought of this, i really enjoyed writing it <3 happy taekook week!!!
fun fact: this is the villa theyre at and one of the pics in the moodboard is the actual view from the terrace 😌✨
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