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Rewatching Riverdale episode 1..

Kinda sad that Betty mentions meeting Toni Morrison in her summer internship and now Toni Morrison is dead
I hate that Val and Mel were written out of this show
I really liked them
"Betty and Archie are endgame" -episode 1 quote by our own Kevin Keller
It makes so much more sense why Cheryl was unimpressed with their kiss now that we know she's a lesbian 5/
How much different would the last 3 seasons have been if she had just said “go to the dance with ME” instead of “both of us” 6/
think I missed this the first time around. The song Josie and the Pussycats are playing at the dance was chosen by Cheryl because Cliff and Penelope told her it was the song that was playing when she and Jason were conceived 7/
It's nice for me to enjoy Veronica and Archie's first kiss. I hated it the first time I watched it since I used to ship Barchie 8/
It's so ridiculous to me that Archie grew up next door to Betty for 15 years without realizing she liked him 9/
Wow I forgot Archie kissed Betty when they were 7 and asked her to marry him 10/
Lol Archie and Reggie get into an actual fistfight and break the vending machine 11/
Dude the Riverdale soundtrack was so good in season 1 12/
Can an autopsy really reveal exact date of death over 2 months later? 13/
Veronica and Chuck 14/
Why was Betty calling Jughead Juggy before they were even dating? 15/
"nothing is off the table, except for my body" 17/
I hate Ethel so much now even though her introduction in episode 3 is supposed to make her likable 18/
In Season 1 because she's new to town, the writers used Veronica as an audience proxy to ask questions that the audience needs answers to to understand the town, but would sound stupid coming out of anyone's mouth who has lived there their whole lives. E.g. what is a Serpent 19/
It’s so disgusting to me that they use this super-romantic music with Archie/Grundy scenes 20/
I wish Betty still wrote in her diary in season 3 21/
Betty went on a date with Trev. I forgot Trev existed 22/
This whole beef Coach Clayton sets up between Reggie and Archie in episode 5 to win captain is stupid bc after Reggie wins it at the end of the episode, there have been a grand total of ZERO football games in the 52 episodes since then 23/
Archie and Val was the original Varchie 24/
Lmaoooo at Veronica showing up for Cheryl's sleepover and she's the only girl "I thought there'd be other girls" 25/
Seeing Jason get buried at this part- he stayed so until the penultimate episode that’s aired so far 26/
This Fermione kiss is so hot 28/
Lol when Val quits the Pussycats, Mayor McCoy says "Josie, replace her with a woman of color. Remember our branding" 29/
Veronica calls Archie a Ginger Judas. Was this #CAOS foreshadowing? 30/
The debut of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. Little did I know how much this horrible place would play a role over the whole 3 seasons 31/
So messed up that Alice and Hal never told Polly Jason was dead and Betty has to do that right here right now 32/
Riverdale season 1 was the best. They should have made all of them 13 episodes 33/
I hated the beginning of episode 7 that made them all dress up like it was the 50s 34/
glamazon . com 35/
"my best celebrity gal pal, my fave gay, and some dimwitted disposable arm candy" is still one of the best lines in the show

Veronica goes to the club with Josie, Kevin, and Reggie 37/
The moment when Alice Cooper reveals Polly's pregnant is when Cheryl went from villain to hero 38/
"Jason's baby is a game changer. We're all on the same team now" What an epic line in the history of the show 39/
Baxter High gets a mention 40/
Fred so clutch bailing Jughead out of jail 41/
"So your parents want Polly and not the baby, and the Blossoms want the baby and not Polly" 42/
Polly's baby shower and the confrontation between the Blossoms and the Coopers is maybe the best scene in the history of the show 43/
Lol I totally forgot that Joaquín is the one who gets Archie and Moose into the Whyte Wyrm to beat up the Serpents who wrecked the Andrews construction site 44/
The epic war between the aunts to get to see who becomes godmother. Good thing there ended up being two babies in the end. And on top of everything else the aunts are third cousins. Lol 45/
Nana Rose is the first to successfully predict that it's twins 46/
Archie interrupting Polly's baby shower to confront Jughead about his dad being a Serpent is so horrible 47/
Pregnant Polly returning to school is such a power move 48/
I hate that everyone calls Polly "Jason's girlfriend" instead of "Jason's fiancée". 49/
"You did to Polly exactly what you did to me" 50/
Hiram stole from Ethel’s dad 51/
Dude if somebody as hot as Madelaine Petsch kept inviting me as her date to everything, plus she's rich too, how would the thought of saying no even cross Archie's mind 52/
Dude watching this back is so frustrating to me. Archie could have gotten an in with the Blossoms and elevated his status so much if he had just not freaked out when she kissed him

The entire last 3 seasons could have gone differently

"Dr. Patel confirmed it this morning. Polly IS having twins" 54/
"Mr. Andrews! Nice haircut. Looking extremely dilfy today" 55/
Alice breaks the front door of The Riverdale Register like a psycho 56/
"My parents are unbelievable Jug. Polly is locked up in that house like a character from a Jane Eyre novel, and what are they doing? Changing each other's login accounts and throwing bricks through windows" 57/
My lipstick's maple red by the way, in case you were wondering why it tastes so sweet #charchie 58/
The Jughead’s birthday episode 59/
Oh i think this is the episode that has the Veronica Cheryl Dance-off for head of the vixens 60/
I wonder whether Mary is going to play a much larger role in Season 4 considering that Luke Perry sadly died :( 61/
Betty is a bad girlfriend for not knowing when Jughead’s birthday is 62/
Apparently Jughead’s comics-canon birthday is October 2 which makes it weird that it’s been snowing for multiple episodes lol. I mean, I expected late October/early November. 63/
Since Christmas of sophomore year doesn’t happen till season 2, these were definitely fall snows in season 1 (plus football season is still going on in season 2), but I didn’t expect *that* early in fall 64/
Cheryl teams up with Chuck 65/
“Did you really think you could have a party without inviting moi?”
“Archie where do you want the kegs” 66/
Moose cheats on Midge by making out with Cheryl 67/
“And now here we are, in the middle of a Seth Rogen movie” 68/
Omg. Alice Cooper is in Betty’s bedroom with binoculars looking into Archie’s bedroom while FP and Joaquín are talking there 69/
Val pours her drink in Archie’s face because she found out about the Cheryl kiss, and the whole party laughs at Archie 70/
Lol why is some random chick’s bra hanging on the banister 71/
Jughead and Chuck throw hands! I totally forgot about this! 72/
Not sure why Smithers says Hermione is good. In seasons 2 and 3, she’s essentially just as much of a villain as Hiram 73/
Uncool that Jughead tells Archie that his songs make people want to slit their wrists 74/
I totally forgot Penelope poisons Polly before homecoming 75/
Back-to-School dance episode 1: Archie goes to the dance with both Betty and Veronica

Homecoming episode 11: Fred goes to the dance with both Mary and Hermione 76/
“Polly, you are carrying precious cargo, but if you think those babies guarantee your safety for one moment, you are sadly mistaken” 77/
I don’t get why Cheryl puts the mirror up to Polly’s face 78/
I think Episode 12 is the best episode in the history of the show 79/
Cheryl beats up Jughead in the cafeteria 80/
I think Ross Butler was a better Reggie than Charles Melton 81/
Penelope being excited that Polly is also a Blossom and how purely Blossom her kids are going to be makes a lot more sense now after The Midnight Club episode in season 3 82/
lol, when Alice takes Polly back from the Blossoms, she calls it “enough of this experimentation and breeding and eugenics” 😂 83/
“I’m not talking to you as your boyfriend; I’m talking to you as the sheriff’s son” 84/
Joaquín leaves town and doesn’t show up again until season 3 when he stabs Archie 85/
The way that it’s revealed to the audience who Jason’s killer is is by whom Betty is speaking to on the phone after watching the video when she says “you have to get out of that house”: Cheryl 86/
“It was the ultimate cliffhanger- Clifford Blossom had killed himself” 87/
Watching Betty’s finale speech now knowing that it’s what caused Hal to turn Black Hood is a very different way to view this speech 88/
Penelope’s concern is that Cliff didn’t have a funeral befitting of his status 🤦🏾‍♂️ 89/
“at the risk of us failing the Bechdel test....” 90/
Oh shit, Fred had a DUI that is the only reason he can’t adopt Jughead 91/
Just now in the episode I’m watching:

“Sure, I’ll just sexually manipulate Archie into doing my bidding”

“Well, as long as you’re in control”

“Oh my god mom I was kidding” 92/
lol when Archie, Betty, and Veronica go to SSH to “rescue” Jug, Veronica says, where should we start looking for him, and Archie says “cafeteria” 93/
Archie can’t play at the jubilee because he broke his hand 94/
“My dad texted me wanting to meet at Pop’s for breakfast, which is what we do when he wants to talk to me about something serious”

I still have no idea why Fred texted Archie 96/

What a season 97/
Watching Season 2 back while already knowing that Hal is the Black Hood is going to be very interesting. I’m going to see whether everything holds up or whether some of it was clearly made up on the fly 98/
jj gets introduced this season 99/
a rewatch has helped me answer the question of why Fred wanted to have breakfast with Archie - he had to tell him that Hermione had fired the serpents who were working on their crew, and he wanted Archie to hear it from the horse’s mouth rather than from Veronica or Jughead 100/
How is Hal at the hospital so quickly? 101/
Little Archie reference 102/
.@CherylBombshell rolls in with her mother’s burned body being rolled in on a stretcher 103/
“It was like the Angel of Death had rolled into Riverdale” already getting Hal’s sin metaphors in the season premiere 104/
“Betty, I’m not a Serpent” 😂 105/
Season 2 gets so much better than season 1 was when you consider what the introduction of Hiram does for the show 106/
The Miss Grundy death scene #AKissBeforeDying 107/
This is the episode where Cheryl and the Pussycats sing My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard on top of Pop’s to save Pop’s 108/
I forgot that Jughead’s first interaction with Penny is because she’s a lawyer who busts FP out of jail 109/
What do we do now that Cheryl’s gone full Poison Ivy? 110/
best performance ever of this song 111/
The Matchelorette 112/
I don’t understand why there are random gay high schoolers cruising in Fox Forest anyway 113/
Lol I forgot that the Red Circle was sponsored by Weatherbee 115/
I still don’t know whether it was a ghoulie or Sweetpea who beat up Jug 116/
Lol Archie tagging red circles 🔴 all over southside 117/
It’s so stupid that the Bulldogs and Serpents just decide to fight in the rain 118/
Let the Lollipop ringtones begin 119/
Nick St. Clair! 120/
I love how Archie was the only person Betty told about the Black Hood calls. It made me ship Barchie so hard in the first half of season 2 121/
Nick St. Clair reminds me of Nicholas Scratch 122/
I forgot a rattlesnake bites Jug 123/
“ten o’ clock you said? I’ll be there at eleven” 124/
It sucks that Betty had to break up with Jug right before he has to go through the gauntlet 125/
I love the dress Alice is in when she walks into the open house 126/
Veronica should have reported Nick now rather than letting him scot free which allowed him to attempt to rape Cheryl later in the season 127/
It’s inconsistent that Betty’s phone only rings with the Lollipop ringtone sometimes 128/
I like Cheryl’s musical cues 129/
Hilarious - Betty and Veronica are tracking a jj dealer, and Archie and Jughead are challenging the ghoulies to a drag race, all four end up in the same location and ask each other what they’re doing there 130/
Love Betty souping up Reggie’s car for the drag race 131/
Archie was an idiot to call the cops on the ghoulies at the drag race 132/
Now the creepy episode 133/
“You don’t want to be in Greendale after midnight, trust me” 134/
Lol some radiovangelist in the dude’s truck is super-pro Black Hood 135/
lol Veronica has a sleepover at Kevin’s place to investigate Sheriff Keller’s cheating with Mayor McCoy 136/
“and if you roll a 6, you can take over the Kingdom of Theodore” some early G&G foreshadowing? 137/
LOL Sheriff Keller thought Veronica’s hitting on him when she asks him how he copes with his wife overseas 138/
Such an epic episode that ends with both Varchie and Bughead breaking up- which leads into the Barchie kiss in the next episode which is the winter finale and Christmas special

Varchie breaks up bc Archie says ily and Ronnie can’t take it

Bughead breaks up bc Jughead is pissed
“How many times are we going to push each other away?”

“Until it sticks!” 140/
I wish Cheryl Marjorie Blossom were spelled Cheryl Margaery Blossom then it could combine two of the hottest characters into one name 141/
The lollipop ringtone shows up a lot less frequently than I remembered 142/
The SOQM are way too involved in this show 143/
Wow! Didn't realize the Glamergé egg which turns out to be so important in season 3 showed up this early 144/
Veronica uses her mom's AmEx Black to pay off Fred's hospital bills 145/
I forgot Nana Rose was part of the murderers who killed Conway's killer! 146/
Hiram has no right to claim that he gave Veronica a larger role in the company when he is lying to her face about buying Pop's 147/
Watching this back after the fact, it doesn't even turn out to be a false lead after all this whole Svenson thing. I forgot Nana Rose mentions that Hal's dad was one of the vigilantes as well. This explains his indoctrinating Hal with this same ideology 148/
Rewatching these Agent Adams episodes knowing he’s working for Hiram the whole time is so epic 149/
LOL the music and slow motion walking of Cheryl and Reggie down the stairs to reject SSHers from RHS is like a Tamil movie 150/
Lol Cheryl blackmails Archie to join her side in the RHS-SSH war just based on her knowledge of the Barchie kiss 151/
Jughead goes all in on being a serpent so quickly for no good reason. While Sweetpea and Toni are totally cool with not wearing Serpent jackets to school, Jughead thinks it’s a conspiracy theory 152/
Lol Archie randomly needs to borrow Jason’s blazer from Cheryl to go beat up Nick 153/
Swords and Serpents is more G&G foreshadowing 154/
It doesn't make sense that basketball tryouts are going on in January instead of November 155/
I forgot about this whole thing about the General Pickens statue 156/
Barnabus B. Blossom! 157/
Toni is anti-reparations! 158/
This show got so much better once Archie vs Hiram became a thing 159/
Betty: “I know it’s not my place to ask whether anything happened between you and Toni, but I’m gonna ask anyway”. Starting off a sentence with “I know it’s not my place to ask” is just like “no offense” 160/
I forgot that Tallboy cut off the Pickens statue head 161/
The poker game at Pop’s with Papa Poutine! 162/
“10 Hail Marys. 5 Our Fathers” 163/
It’s jarring and shocking how casually all of Veronica’s extended family talk about their crimes 164/
It was crazy that this episode made me like Hiram 165/
If there’s one thing Riverdale always gets right it’s the lyrical music they get the rights to 166/
Veronica’s confirmation reminds me a lot of Sabrina’s signing her name in the book of the beast. I wonder whether they’ll ever appear in the same episode 167/
So epic when “the boss” is revealed, and it’s Hermione 168/
The LAKEHOUSE episode 169/
Just now I watched “Just wanted you to know that Archie and Betty kissed in front of my house right before Christmas, and it seemed pretty serious. Like, “tongue” serious. That’s all! Enjoy your couples weekend! Kisses to all bye now!” 170/
And Toni walks in the bathroom and overhears Cheryl on the phone, and thus a relationship is born 171/
So much sex happens in this Lodge lodge 172/
This stupid Vughead kiss in the hot tub 173/
Dark Betty says “I might have to punish you for kissing Veronica” 174/
“Mom’s risking her life every day, and you’re here running around with your boss” 175/
Veronica has a hotel on Park Place - Betty owes her $1500 176/
I just realized that Cheryl’s middle school ex-gf was named Heather, and the musical episode in season 3 was HEATHERS 177/
The will reading where Claudius Blossom becomes a thing 178/
All this Chic stuff really starts to seem like a horror show at this point of the season 179/
Polly drives to San Francisco like the comics 180/
In the same episode in which multiple people call Cliff’s will blood money, Archie and Hiram make a blood pact 182/
Lol Andy Cohen camels and endorses Hermione 183/
Ethel throws the pink milkshake all over Veronica’s face 184/
Kevin starts hooking up with fake-Chic. Honestly this was the episode I really started disliking Kevin

He also sells out for the Lodges just to meet Andy Cohen, and takes videos for Instagram of Ethel’s protest at Veronica’s campaign rally, and Archie’s shoving Jughead 185/
I love that Mary flies in to be Fred’s lawyer 186/
Agent Adams is basically a triple Agent lol 187/
It’s actually a pretty shocking moment that Hiram has no idea what to do at all, and is ready to accept his fate, and the DARK CIRCLE comes to the rescue 188/
I love that Cheryl and Toni’s first kiss is directly in front of the gay conversion therapy movie 189/
I just realized that the pig's heart Cheryl gives Josie is just an elaborate foreshadowing to the pig's blood in Carrie 191/
Josie forgives Cheryl too easily 192/
Watching this back now, it’s so obvious Fangs is gay, but the first time through I didn’t realize it until The Farm arc in season 3 193/
@cwlkr20 you watch #Riverdale?
Rubbing the Firebird in Fred’s face was the biggest mistake Hiram ever made. Up until that point he had Archie in his pocket 194/
These last few episodes of season 2 are so incredible. The show got back up to its season 1 level. It hasn’t gotten back there since 195/
What was going on between Fangs and Midge in her dressing room right before she died? Was that ever answered or explained? 196/
So Moose says “out of my way” because he’s pissed at Fangs about Midge, right? This whole thing is still so confusing to me more than a year later. All these little moments right before Midge’s death 197/
“What a to-do to die today, at a minute or two to two;. a thing distinctly hard to say, but harder still to do.” is what they are saying a minute or two before Midge dies 198/
I still say the musical episode, despite my thinking most of it is a waste, had the best ending of any episode of this show 199/
The Vixens are out for blood! 200/
Jughead’s Chic theory is a season too early. He’s not the Black Hood. He’s..... THE GARGOYLE KING 201/
“Now if you’ll excuse me, Boris and Natasha...” 😂 202/
The return of Nick St. Clair! 203/
Whose blood even got slashed by the knife? 204/
Some of the violence in this show is so fake that I find myself laughing 205/
Just realized that the H.L. bag that was found under Mustang’s bed in season one makes a reappearance here 206/
We’ve now reached the point of my one viral tweet 207/
“Was that your mom?” “No, that was my dad” 208/
I need to rewatch the season 3 finale to understand why exactly Hal lets Chic live at this part 209/
Betty still has Grundy’s gun? I forgot about all this 210/
Who was the deputy mayor who fired Sheriff Keller? 211/
Such a power move by Archie to be waiting in Hiram’s own study for Hiram 212/
I’m only now realizing the significance of so many of the new characters who were introduced in the late stages of season 2.. I didn’t even realize until now how well they set up Season 3.. Michael Minnetta.. Helio.... 213/
It’s so ridiculous that Cheryl’s emotion-charged op-ed is the reason Michael Minnetta impacts so much of season 3. Also, looking back, Hermione was the one who asked Cheryl to write that piece specifically so that she could sleep with Michael. 214/
It’s so ridiculous that the 3-way war among ghoulies, serpents, and Bulldogs suddenly becomes the major storyline in the last 3 episodes of season 2 after taking a backseat for 15 episodes lol 215/
I forgot how complicated this final phase of season 2 becomes: Dark Circle v Serpents v ghoulies v Hiram/Minnetta v Black Hood v Small Fry (Papa Poutine’s son) 216/
I have no idea who this dead body is 217/
It’s not an internal inconsistency, because the Dark and Red Circles get mentioned in the same episode as two different entities 218/
This whole Helio arc is unnecessary to have been included in the last 3 episodes of this season 219/
The book Cheryl is reading immediately before the Black Hood knocks on her door is THE BOOKS OF BLOOD by @RealCliveBarker 220/
“Sweetpea, two hours ago your war was with Reggie Mantle” 😂 221/
After watching so many episodes consecutively in such a short time, I can better compare episodes since I remember all of them, and I truly think the penultimate episode of season 2, featuring the riot night and the unmasking of the Hood, is the best episode of the show 222/
You've heard of elf on the shelf, what about Cheryl in a barrel? 223/
I forgot that Tallboy was the second Black Hood 224/
#ExpelMe 225/
Betty is such a liar when she says she's done seeing Hal forever ugh 226/
The crowning of Jughead and the handing out of the RED jacket 227/
The best part of season 3 is Jughead as serpent king assigning Cheryl the archer as his top lieutenant 228/
I was so excited about this Archie "make my bones" speech against Hiram, until it backfires on Archie by getting him arrested. I don’t think he was going to arrest Archie until this moment happened 229/
Wow it's worse than I thought. Archie literally reminds Hiram of Cassidy's name during this speech. He might have even planted the idea in Hiram's brain 230/
Archie should have just killed Hiram on the spot. Hiram was defenseless in that scene 231/
Jughead living is such a Deus ex machina 232/
The courtroom scene serves as a good recap of the first two seasons 233/
Fred punches Hiram 234/
"No more Circles. Red, Dark, or otherwise" 235/
The first mention of THE GARGOYLE KING, a season-long mystery that does not end until episode 22 236/
I forgot that Archie isn’t convicted by the jury but instead confesses 237/
Watching season 2 episode 22 and season 3 episode 1 back-to-back makes me realize more than I did before that Hiram is lying to Veronica when he says he did it to punish her not because Archie threatened him 238/
I remember seeing the end of this premiere with the babies floating in the air and thinking the farm has actual powers. 239/
“I’m trying to see if Dr. Kurdl can get us into the coroner’s office.” “Have more romantic words ever been spoken?” 240/
Poor writing for them not to show Joaquín’s arrest on riot night. He was in F.P.’s trailer the whole episode 241/
The guys Archie locked up at the drag race are in juvie with him and jump him 242/
The debut of EVELYN EVERNEVER 243/
Kevin decides to join ROTC to be with Moose lol 244/
Veronica bans Cheryl from Pop’s! I forgot! 245/
Wow there’s literally a character named Benjamin Button. And his piano teacher used to be Miss Grundy 246/
Ethel is reading Ship It by @brittashipsit, a real book by one of the @RiverdaleWriter s 247/
Veggie come to visit Archie at juvie 248/
Veronica’s disguise is hilarious 249/
“President Blossom, First Lady Topaz, I’m offering you no cover and free drinks all night” 250/
LOL Ethel’s whole strategy is just to kiss Jughead 251/
I forgot that jj was even in season 3. I thought the only drug was fizzle rocks 252/
Why does Veronica always have to dress up in this catsuit to do investigations? 253/
How does Evelyn even know about Betty’s camming? I thought literally only Betty and Chic knew 254/
The Midnight Club! 255/
High school aged Penelope says “Haven’t you seen Heathers?” only for that to end up being the musical episode later this season 256/
Fred and Alice kiss 257/
Damn I forgot that Fred’s dad also died on ascension night 258/
I still don’t understand how/why Jughead’s quest perfectly mirrors Archie’s escape 259/
Joaquín makes out with and then proceeds to SHIV Archie! 261/
Penelope is making up this nonsense about Darrel Doiley bc she knows Hiram did it and she’s working with Hiram as evidenced in the Wyrm scene in the season 2 finale 262/
It doesn’t make any sense that Joaquín was killed because at what point in time was he left alone? 263/
Archie is so stupid for making out with this girl 264/
Veronica accusing her mom of murdering Michael Minetta is funny since she does it later in the season 265/
Johnny Goldwater! 266/
The giant seizure of everyone! 267/
So awkward when Jellybean decides to flirt with Archie 268/
LOL Gladys thinks Archie and Jughead are together 269/
That's one of the infected! 270/
LOL at Cheryl just laughing when Penelope has her seizure 272/
I forgot about Penny even showing up at Gladys's 273/
I love that Betty physically overpowers Sister Woodhouse 274/
I forgot G&G was created at SOQM 275/
I love that Cheryl and Veronica mapleboard Penelope 276/
"Can I get a dad?" 277/
La Bonne Nuit is basically prohibition lol 279/
A lot less of this episode takes place over "Archie's vision quest" than I remember 280/
I don't understand why everyone in the fandom takes Cheryl and Toni's side of things when they're literally stealing 281/
This whole Glámergé egg arc makes no sense tbh 282/
I don’t understand what on Earth happened to Cheryl and Toni's characterization between season 3 episode 8 and season 3 episode 9 283/
Second time in this show a girl's mother has caused the girl's card to get declined 284/
I like how @bumble literally sponsored #Riverdale lol 285/
I forgot that Archie and Josie's relationship started from her saving him from being kicked out the club 287/
I like the noir theme of this episode. One thing #Riverdale does well is having an episode focused on a theme outside of the main framework of the show, but still continue all the main plotlines during that episode, in a way that makes sense in that episode's theme 288/
The RED DAHLIA! 289/
The fact that Penelope knew about Chic here should have been our first sign that the three of them were working together 290/
Oh! The fake water inspector Claudius hired was Hiram's mistress!! It all comes together! 291/
Quite incredible how easily Archie slips into that logical lie regarding the reason he came to the hospital 292/
LOL! "If there's no wedding reception the gargoyle King has won" 293/
"Just remember this moment though, when you're accepting your Best New Artist Grammy ok?" 295/
I want Reggie's dad to become a bigger character in season 4 296/
Notice that Penelope is the one who convinces them to finish the game 297/
Operation 50 shades of blackmail is underway 298/
These kids treat getting shot so casually 299/
Pop's has an insane menu. Literally everything is on it 300/
He says "LET'S GET AFTER IT" @ChrisCuomo style 301/
I wonder where this bunker initially came from 302/
Penelope definitely set up that skull and the GOT YOU 303/
Why does everything come back to the SOQM? 304/
"We keep taking down gargoyle Kings, and they keep popping up again, it's like playing whackamole" 305/
Finally the return of THE FARM 306/
I thought Hiram still has control of the ghoulies via Malachi? What even happened to him? 307/
23 Hour Fitness lol 308/
What are the Pretty Poyzinz preparing for? War? 309/
Really? Why do they need to start a gang war between the Serpents between the Poyzinz now? 310/
Cheryl and Toni honestly went way out of character and ruined everything in the second half of season 3 311/
LOL! “Josie, I’m an ex-con who walked out of the SATs, remember?” 312/
Alright so Verne just mentioned losing Malachi 313/
#AndStill 314/
The Farm is like the Iron Islands #WhatIsDeadMayNeverDie 315/
Lol at Betty’s attempts to sabotage the sale 316/
I like how they’re just casually discussing their gangs with the principal of their school 317/
Cheryl’s blackmailing Toni 318/
If Hiram abandoned the Wyrm and the ghoulies don’t exist anymore, why can’t the Serpents take it back over? 319/
The fact that “Someone printed out many Kill the Red Paladin cards and put them out into the world” is supposed to be a dramatic sentence makes me laugh so hard 320/
We never found out what a “1023” was 321/
If Archie ever actually becomes a professional boxer he should make his nickname Archie “The Red Paladin” Andrews 322/
Why isn’t Josie, Archie’s girlfriend, a part of this Kill the Red Paladin Iron Mountain quest? 323/
I didn’t think that sex scene was gonna end with Choni breaking up 324/
Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl as the 3 Heathers is iconic 325/
How can Betty say Kevin always directs the musical by himself? Fangs was his co-Director last year 326/
I actually totally forgot that Veronica’s parents separate 327/
Evelyn Evernever is just the pot-stirrer 328/
Even though Hermione tells Veronica one reason, what if Hiram found out about her affair with Michael? 329/
I like that Chad Michael Murray’s age had an actual plot purpose 330/
I like Archie and Jughead being neighbors 331/
Labor Day gets mentioned for the first time since the season premiere which was called Labor Day 332/
So many people in this show are obsessed with shivving each other 333/
Chad Michael Murray! 334/
The sauna scene is so ridiculous 335/
That guy looks like something from out of Sabrina 336/
It’s interesting that the Farmies don’t think they’re talking to the dead - which would be more logical than what they actually think - which is that those people never died at all. It’s like their entire memories/framework and fundamental understanding of the world changes 337/
“where’d you get the g?” 😂😂😂 338/
LOL! This guy says with a straight face “I put some g in your water” 339/
Why does everybody in this show accept playing G&G as the only acceptable negotiation tactic? 340/
Considering that F.P. is the sheriff, can’t he just get Archie out? 341/
Alice actually likes Archie’s being slapped. Disgusting 342/
Forgot The Farm are anti-vaxxers as well 343/
What is the timeline of all this? How are the Jones family still playing one game that has only lasted for less than a night, while at the same time, for the other characters, multiple daytime and nighttime scenes have happened? 344/
I just noticed that the Jones family replaced Alice’s kitchen table with a pool table, probably from the Wyrm 345/
This guy who looks like Fangs always confuses me 346/
Why would Cheryl say co-monarchs instead of co-queens 347/
How did Mary’s opinion change so quickly from the beginning of the episode to now? 348/
How did Fangs box Archie while he had just had his kidney taken out? Does this show forget that some characters are involved in multiple storylines at once? 350/
“There’s nothing soft about me” 351/
How many people are in on the scam? Why is Polly doing this to Betty? 352/
What in the name of Lord of the Flies is going on? 353/
I knew Reggie had to reappear this season 354/
This Ethel and the Lost Boys nonsense being introduced in the penultimate episode is a bit ridiculous 355/
Why did Jughead keep letting Ethel of all people attempt to open the door multiple times? 356/
It’s incredible how easy it was for the FBI to catch Hiram, after all the nonsense Agent Adams put Archie through for the very same in season 2 357/
It’s so ridiculous that Molly Ringwald just said the word Endgame on my TV lol 358/
Why did Cheryl let her mom continue to collect mail at Thistle House after she forced her out? 359/
What on earth are they doing? Was Edgar about to take out Betty’s brain?! 360/
The chalices contained The Long Farewell 361/
Lol at Hiram chilling at his own jail 362/
Where has Sweetpea been these last few episodes? 363/363
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