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.@BrownPhDGirl, Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, @frasureyokley, @Prof_Masuoka, @realMABarreto, @USCDornsife, Todd Shaw, @CEBejarano, Ricardo Ramirez, Bradford Jones, Michael C. Dawson, @ProfCandis, & Gabriel Sanchez are here together at #APSA2019! What a lineup... #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis These scholars (and @PGI_WPSA editors/guest editors/contributors) have gathered to mark the 25th anniversary of Prof. Dawson's groundbreaking book Behind the Mule. Todd Shaw kicks off the discussion with a look at place identity and neighborhood effects on political behavior.
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA Prof. Shaw describes his co-authored PGI article, which draws on the 2016 CMPS to analyze political participation in Black and Latinx neighborhoods. Findings conclude that face-to-face neighborhood interactions positively promote political participation in these groups.
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA Some of the theoretical insight about African American political behavior does not apply in the same way to Latinx communities, says @Prof_Masuoka, comparing the 2016 CMPS data to data gathered in 2006. Also important: how far data collection has come in the past decade!
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA Jane Junn highlights the contributions of black feminist scholars to linked-fate research and theory - contributions that were often overlooked in the past. Urges audience to approach these concepts intersectionally.
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA 2016: White women largely voted for Donald Trump, while Black women largely voted for Hillary Clinton. These two demographics report very similar levels of group consciousness, yet behave very differently on a partisan level. (Junn and Campi) #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA Looking at 17 (!) different data sets to analyze political behavior over time, @ProfCandis & co-authors found that among African Americans, linked fate is strongest in baby boomers. Will linked fate extend to and increase in younger generations of other marginalized groups?
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @CEBejarano & @montoya_celeste discuss their intersectional research on linked fate - and how the sometimes-decried intersectional approach can yield new insights and connections that might be missed otherwise.
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste Ricardo Ramírez (of @ArtsLettersND) and co-author Wayde Z. C. Marsh focused on linked fate among Latinx and white voters. For whites, they found, the driver is less 'linked fate' than 'linked anxiety' - perceived loss of status or perceived threat of losing status in near future
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND Linked fate seems to work similarly for Asian Americans and Latinx communities, Prof. Ramirez notes. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND Michael C. Dawson describes his inspiration for Behind the Mule: his strong reaction - 'Hell no,' as he puts it today - to the arguments of fellow scholar William Julius Wilson. (Note: they stayed friends!) #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND Prof. Dawson notes pervasive perceptions that (1) 'Black people can't do math' and (2) 'Black people can't do political theory.' Turns out, those ideas don't hold up. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND Re: intersectionality, Prof. Dawson acknowledges that he didn't know much about #blackfeminism at the time of writing Behind the Mule. He's learned & embraced these concerns since then and has addressed gender as well as race in subsequent books and articles. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND Valeria Sinclair-Chapman reminds us that 'linked fate didn't work the way Michael [Dawson] thought it would...but that doesn't mean that it's not important and relevant!' A reminder that many researchers & theorists can relate to & be inspired by. #PGILinkedFate25 @PGI_WPSA
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND S/o to PGI senior editorial assistant Kristen Smole (of @purduepolsci)and social media curator Zein Murib (of @FordhamNYC), fantastic and crucial members of the @PGI_WPSA team! 👏 #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC Q&A: Prof. Dawson praises the utility of surveys like CMPS but points out that work on the ground, in the movements and communities, is essential too. And he expertly incorporates a #JayZ lyric into this commentary. Impressive. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC Q&A: Let's talk about the #squad. Roundtable participants notes that 'even among these women of color, they can speak across many different groups and form these coalitions.' Many voters can see themselves in these members of Congress. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC Prof. Ramirez on the squad and how they've received donations from people outside of their own districts: They may not be directly representing you [geographically or demographically], but you relate to them and the obstacles they are working to overcome. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC 'What about transgender black women, who have really high homicide rates?' @ProfCandis asks how linked fate can help us understand issues & communities that are less visible right now. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC Is linked fate a chronic, always active identity, or is it activated and deactivated in response to historical, political, social factors? Profs. Shaw and Masuoka both emphasize the importance of context and specifics. #PGILinkedFate25
@BrownPhDGirl @frasureyokley @Prof_Masuoka @realMABarreto @USCDornsife @CEBejarano @ProfCandis @PGI_WPSA @montoya_celeste @ArtsLettersND @purduepolsci @FordhamNYC Prof. Dawson with the last word - underscores the previous point, that behaviors around linked fate cannot be understood without first understanding the specific historical and political moment in which each behavior occurs. And that's a wrap. Thanks @PGI_WPSA! #PGILinkedFate25
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