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Tory MPs: 1)#traindrivers are not on strike; 2)the voters created their own #TacticalVoting scheme + executed it because they wanted to spell out just how much they want anything but #ToryLiars; 3) we like our #HumanRights...leave them alone; 4) loyalty to a liar will end careers
5) smashing things up/ defunding, then claim to be fixing stuff is not a sustainable strategy and we see what you're doing.#SaveOurNHS
6) your Twitter bubble may love hideous policies like #RwandaDeportation..the country as a whole does not;7)#foodbanks are not a photo opp but a
source of shame; 8) we aren't stupid...unlike your front bench; 9) we know where levelling up money goes and why...10) not mentioning #Brexit doesn't make it less of a sh*tshow.
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1/ Peri-retirement in NHS & Pension Tax 🧵 + free tool- #doesntpaytostay

This is a *super* important thread. Sorry it's complicated, pls read ALL carefully & share/RT. Its vitally important you #knowYOURnumbers so @BMA_Pensions built a free tool to help - you could save >£100k Image
2/ @TheBMA @BMA_Pensions have been saying for years, that its crucially important we RETAIN the senior experienced workforce. There are a number of important levers to do this, including pay, pensions & pension taxation. Image
3/ As the annual & lifetime allowances have been whittled away over the years, the number of senior doctors opting for early retirement has increased as it simply #doesntpaytostay- particularly for those affected by BOTH the annual & lifetime allowances Image
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1/33 Retirement age in the NHS & Pension Tax 🧵 - FACT vs FICTION

This is a *really* important thread. Its complicated, please read ALL carefully & share/RT

The graphic below is meant to describe the same doctor, one is (I believe) completely incorrect. Read on find out which Image
2/33 As @TheBMA @BMA_Pensions & others have said, its crucially important we RETAIN the senior experienced workforce. There are a number of important levers to do this, including pay, pensions & pension taxation. My thoughts on how to do this below Image
3/33 Government are rightly looking at ways to encourage this too... but I thought I would fact check some of the figures they have stated on "late retirement", & make some helpful suggestions for their new website.… Image
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If there’s ANYONE at @educationgovuk @CommonsEd with a heart or a conscience, please understand that forcing millions of unvaccinated children into mitigation-free schools day in day out is a level of #WilfulNegligence I didn’t imagine possible in modern 🇬🇧.

If you’re unsure of what that means for CROWDED, POORLY VENTILATED, INDOOR SPACES, like SCHOOLS…

❗️#ThinkSmoke ❗️

@halfon4harlowMP @peterkyle @KateGreenSU @sajidjavid
@RCPCHPresident @ChildrensComm @NAHTnews @karamballes @10DowningStreet
Whether the motivation is a flawed #DeliberateMassInfection policy to reach “Herd Immunity” or part of a wider plan to crush & crash the #NHS (hastening #NHSPrivatisation ) by letting #COVID “rip” … is wholly unacceptable, unethical & immoral to “experiment” on our young.
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Why are so many willing to let the NHS go under?
I have found a lot of bad assumptions at the heart of those who want to see the NHS fail and a new system take its place. A few tweets to add to the debate..
Some argue that no health system has copied the NHS.
The reality is that most high-income countries have copied the NHS-model and have a very similar model. Few have however, managed to make healthcare provision the sole duty of the state...
Although in 2012, I believe this current government pushed through an amendment to make it NOT the responsibility of the Health Sec.
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When government policy is not evidence based and is not in the interest of the patient...we must speak out.

#YourNHSNeedsYou #FBNHS
@dgurdasani1 @trishgreenhalgh @doctor_oxford @theAliceRoberts @mikegalsworthy @YourNHS2021 @NHSMillion @docrussjackson @PeoplesNHS @NurseSayNO
As panic gripped a rudderless nation, worst-case scenarios were being projected and simulations cast doom over the healthcare service’s ability to cope, the relative unknown fatality of this new infection foraging the globe loomed over our heads.
It was March 2020, and within this culture of fear, speculation became an acceptable basis for decision-making. Fear of needing to ration became rationing itself; protecting the NHS became failing to protect the people, and government policy suddenly became 'clinical guidelines’
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The government's £6bn NHS investment for waiting lists is...

...too little,
...too late,
and raises further concerns about the priorities of this government.…
Firstly, don't be fooled. Investment into waiting lists are unavoidable. The restricted access during the pandemic mean a catch-up initiative was always going to be needed.

The first question: would more decisive leadership have led to less restriction to care and less backlog?
The second: how much have the years of underinvestment in the NHS worsened the problem?

The waiting lists have been growing massively under this government prior to COVID.

[source BBC - chart is over 10 years]
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Summary thread (for me too).

Clinical care for COVID-19 in the UK: shortcomings and lessons to be learned.


My view on what next...
Here, I summarise the threads I have written over the last couple of months.

It will tell part of the story of the UK's national response from a clinical perspective.

I have attached the previous threads only for those who wish more detail.
There are several critical failures in the clinical pandemic response, including:
1. The Herd Immunity Strategy
2. Reducing basic healthcare capacity
3. Bypassing primary care triage for non-clinical Covid triage
4. No Covid follow-up service
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Angry and tearful this morning- need to say my bit.. had to split this video in two as too long. Could’ve probably gone on for longer! #EnoughIsEnough 1/2…
2/3 (had to split into 3)..
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1/While you are distracted by football, today is the the 2nd reading of the #HealthandCareBill which gives huge powers to the Secretary of State to appoint boards of the 42 new Integrated Care Systems, control the services they can provide & who can provide them...
2/..It's the final step in the Tory ten year NHS plan, overseen by United Health's Sir Simon Stevens, to effectively privatise the #NHS . However, this stealth project has been years in the making, as this video from 2018 shows 👇

3/..Sir Simon is retiring with a seat in the House of Lords as his reward. Job done. Chris Whitty & Nadhim Zahawi yesterday gave the game away when they said "the NHS is an emergency service". It isn't yet, of course. However, this is the plan...
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Our #NHS is in danger.


On the 19th June, 2015, ex-Deutsche Bank MD Sajid Javid was the keynote speaker at the opaquely funded free-market think tank IEA’s 60th Anniversary.

He spoke about how "free markets" & sound economics help "everyone".…
The IEA subscribes to a neoliberal worldview & advocates positions based on this ideology, including climate change denial, & total privatisation - in effect abolition - of OUR #NHS.

The dodgy IEA is secretly funded by Big tobacco, & IEA officers have offered "Cash for Access".
Let's have a look at what Javid said to the bankers, hedge-funders & free-market fundamentalists gathered at the IEA, a think tank funded by Libertarian billionaires & disaster capitalists keen to exploit Britain's last remaining publicly funded institutions, especially OUR #NHS.
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The following is an explanation as to why the #coronavirus #covid-19 epidemic is not just a health emergency. It is an opinion that would (if I had any followers) likely cause a divide but it's a serious cause for concern. (Thread)
The current coronavirus pandemic is being politicised not only badly, but to the extent it is damaging the entire lives of the next generation.
Young children have lost not only their learning but their social interaction which could potentially damage them irreparably growing up
Those students due to sit their GCSEs and A-Levels have been told they now won't be and to grade them the government will "come up with something".
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A four year old with suspected pneumonia forced to lie on coats on the floor. This shouldn't ever happen anywhere. #BeAVoter #VoteNHS #GetTheToriesGone
Comparing Tower Hamlets CCG budgets there is an estimated annual underfunding of £270 million by 2023. That is the equivalent of 7500 nurses, or 2200 GPs, or 150 GP surgeries. #SaveOurNHS #NHSCuts
Labour will
✅ Reverse cuts & ensure adequate funding to the NHS, ending & reversing creeping privatisation.
✅ Repeal the Health and Social Care Act
✅ Ensure our NHS is never on the table in any future trade deals.
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1/4 The #Tory government has put #disabled & chronically ill people through hell the past 10 years. The reason? To stop fraudulent benefit claims and reduce cost. The outcome? Thousands of us died and thousands more suffered humiliation, #poverty & devastating health implications
2/4 The kick in the teeth is; the benefit reforms and #DWP errors actually cost more than the original fraud. On top of this, the Tory's removed all funding for vital services that many vulnerable people in society relied upon. #ToriesOut #Tories #Health #Benefits
3/4 Austerity measures were supposed to reduce debt and save the UK from financial crisis, yet National #debt is the highest it's ever been. The #NHS is on it's last breath, and many of us fear we will not survive another 4 years of #Tory lies, neglect and abuse. #VoteLabour
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THREAD: @TheGreenParty have proposed 10 bills for the first 2 years of the new Parliament.

This 👇 is how we will deliver climate justice🌱, a people's vote 🇪🇺, and a transformation of our democracy 🙋‍♀️.

Pledge 1: Climate Justice💚

@TheGreenParty will demand a Green New Deal that will decarbonise energy, housing, and transport, while providing millions of jobs. We would be carbon neutral by 2030, and we would start now. #GE2019
Pledge 2: People's Vote🇪🇺

@TheGreenParty are the party of Remain & Transform, recognising the EU's great potential in helping tackle the climate crisis and improve the lives of workers, low-income families, and refugees. #GE2019
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Ah, le sigh. As a medic and Lib Dem, I've twice been tagged on Facebook to explain @LibDems position on Labour's amendment.

Let's be clear:

***@UKLabour's amendment was anti-@NHS***

The amendment regretted the introduction of the 2012 Health And Social Care Act introduced 1/
by the coalition government aka as the Lansley reforms. The amendment Labour put forward would require reversing 7 years of reorganisation and reverting to management structures, since abandoned.

It would be a waste of time and money. It would do untold harm to patients and 2/
staff. And anybody supporting such a change should be ashamed of themselves. The NHS does not need *more* top-down reorganisation.

Of course, the truth is, Labour don't intend to do any of that. This amendment was, once again, using the NHS as a political football and in that 3/
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If we stay in the EU, we can eat Xmas food at Xmastime. If #ChaosBrexit happens, “This could leave British shoppers having to turn to the likes of turkey, stuffing and pigs-in-blankets as regular fresh food supplies run low.” H/t @MrSandy_P /52
If we stay in the EU, cancer patients can continue to have treatment with certain radioactive isotopes. These are as unstable as a Slytherin Tory cabinet minister and cannot be stockpiled. H/t @Dr_PhilippaW /53
If we stay in the EU, we can spend £100m between now and Hallowe’en – more than 2x what Proctor & Gable will spend in that time says @kacidama – on sexy shit such as the NHS, transport, education, jobs, housing and cool Hallowe’en costumes.
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Some thoughts about the NHS. A thread.

Faced with the imminent installation of either Johnson or Hunt as Tory leader & Prime Minister it is worth thinking about the fact that the more brexity Tory party members are more than prepared to see the sale & destruction of the NHS

They have said they are prepared to flush the NHS down the sewer as long as they get their brexit. Their brexit that in 3 years has gone from "no downside" and "sunlit uplands" through "there will be adequate food" right down to "there will be drinking water available".

Wow. That's some regression.

But let's talk about the NHS.

We know (because he wrote a book about it) that Hunt wants to privatise the NHS. We know (because he finally admitted he deliberately lied) that Johnson will NOT be giving £350 million a week to fund the NHS.

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Excellent speech by @DrRosena on the need, love and support for EU immigrants in the UK #BetterTogether
#PeoplesVoteMarch #PeoplesVote #PutItToThePeople
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THE DECEIT SYNDROME by Dr Paul Hobday is the big #NHS book we are working on at the moment. With a publication date set for 6th March 2019 so watch this space! Thank you.
All proceeds from sales of this book will go back into campaigning to #SAVEOURNHS and supporting whistleblowers. We need to start talking about this book! I’ll be looking for reviewers soon😊
(Date of Publication: 06/03/19)
An ideology has been dictating all our lives for decades, but few have even heard of it. Even fewer could explain it. Most have been brainwashed that it is the only way. Neo-liberalism has taken over the world.
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5th July 2018 will be the 70th birthday of our beloved #NHS.

This THREAD argues that it is in severe danger under this #Toryshambles government, with #Brexit posing an imminent & particularly invidious threat.

To #SaveOurNHS we must work tirelessly together to #StopBrexit.
1/ Today's devolved #NHS is a complex federation of tens of 000s of orgs employing some 1.7m workers. It's combined annual budget is just shy of £150bn. It handles, overwhelmingly successfully, almost a million patients daily.

With each box maybe 000s of orgs, & England only:
2/ Unresolved public health issues & a fast-expanding multi-morbid elderly population, coupled with chronic underfunding & the blowback from the butchery of social care since 2010 means the #NHS is pressured as never before.
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