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Many dems have fallen for the #opioidcrisis. I know why you would. Unfortunately, few know the real facts & statistics. I know they want you to believe prescription pain pills caused pp to turn to heroin but the facts & stats do not support that. Addiction rates have not gone up.
In fact, they have stayed the same from 2007-2017 re: NIH. I want to speak about this to fellow #resisters b/c I see so many falling for the lies of the CDC & politicians, w/grave & dangerous harm & even death to Americans as a result of this perpetuated ongoing lie & propaganda.
First, they speak of opioids as one collective pot & all the same when there are innumerable differences in what pp are actually ODing on. Heroin is spoke & declared as an equal to vicodin or percocet. Illegal China tainted fentanyl is also declared an equal to a pain pill opioid
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Happy Sunday #resisters! I have been seeing a lot more "stop fighting hate w/ hate" & "be nice to Nazis" (cough-Ellen-cough) type replies/posts lately. Some that go farther even& start disparaging those like ANTIFA as well. There are a few reasons why resisters speaking like this
is anything but helpful. The first reason being the Overton Window. (Click link for short vid and/or article explanation:…) What was once viewed as really extreme (ie. #ConcentrationCamps/#betrayingtheKurds) is now normal. Esp the camps - I haven't heard
a peep about them lately again. Which makes liberal beliefs now SEEM more extreme. (All psychological tricks/manipulation.) When resisters repeat phrases such as "X Dem candidate is so extreme in their views" is also doing nothing more than helping to continually move the Overton
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@ResisterForever Indeed. Twitter can be very influential, for a couple of reasons.

1] Despite the ugliness we often see w/hostility among/between #Resisters & #MAGAts / #Deplorables [& some Resisters], on the whole we are in fact changing the way people talk about certain subjects. EG, #MeToo ▶️
@ResisterForever #MeToo began well before it was talked about on Twitter, but few of us knew about it. Thru Twitter, #MeToo survivors connected w/each other to construct a powerful force of women [& their male allies] that has counteracted the stereotypes about rape & sexual harassment▶️
@ResisterForever the point there's been a backlash. Backlashes aren't all bad, esp if they're weaker than the original force, & they are easily refuted w/their underlying rationalizations for the behaviors we criticize.

Indeed, mvts can't claim to be powerful UNLESS there's a backlash! ▶️
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Once again I encounter that "All American" anti-intellectualism that starts w/the fact I actually use my PhD as a title instead of pretending I don't have that credential at all, assuming that a PhD means nothing. You wouldn't find that attitude in Europe

--at least, nowhere near as predominate as it is in the USA.

Some time ago I developed a policy of refusing to respond to willfully ignorant #MAGAts who won't read any information I provide when I DOCUMENT my POV w/links. It rarely happens w/true #resisters▶️
...but it happened just now

[she provided no resources of her own--I would have read them if she had, at least if she provided me w/same courtesy]

What she sees as "overbearing" is my insistence that I won't waste time w/people who don't at least▶️
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#Resisters - If you have Hulu, you should watch 'Handmaid's Tale'.

This is a fictitious show set in a dystopian future after a civil war destroys most of the United States and a new government is formed based on the most barbaric portions of the bible.…
Most depressing about this isn't the ritual rape, the horrible subjugation of women as property, or even the fall of the United States into a barbaric religious culture creating policies and rules based on the worst parts of the bible.

Most depressing about this show is, aside from the fictitious infertility issue, the rest is happening in very subtle, and some rather overt ways while everyone is guffawing over sharpiegate and ridiculous claims of taliban meetings.

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Good thread on Antifa connections to George Soros
Now I'm going to put a few more connections together regarding these antifa "protests", who's working with them & George Soros
We all know Moveon . org is another Soros funded group
Recall that Moveon voted to support Bernie Sanders in 2016…
Bernie Sanders who is a self described "Democratic Socialist" just yesterday espoused the SAME RHETORIC AS ANTIFA AND the Democratic Socialists of America
Which Antifa took to heart
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If anyone is interested in join me in getting local groups/organizations together as well as yourselves (also if someone is in one of the local groups that will be a plus) follow my local group page here 👇
@HazSeattle or my Facebook group. Same name HazSeattle #EmpireResists. These are for useful information and events plus more. Now once I get a decent number of you joining thats including my Facebook group; I will be finding place where we all can get together and...
Get to know each other. Have an idea session of whats the best approach to doing an sustained mass march locally. Even if we do it one day a week. I've seen other states do it every weekend. Also we can organize together.. get others involved. Businesses.. things like that
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These shooting break my heart 😪😢 today's shooting is that horrible remind us that its been a growing problem since @realDonaldTrump set foot in the WH. We can have all these gun laws and we need them reformed and better BUT THIS STARTED WITH TRUMP!
His hate, his lies, his division.. his base is fired up. They agree to everything he says. They are targeting anyone against Trump and them. This is a dangerous time AND IF WE DONT GET OUR HEADS OUT OF OUR ASSES AND STOP FIGHTING AMONGST OURSELVES; WE WILL...
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1/ let's be honest. Things are very bad right now. The ICE raids, the activities of their agents, the overt racism on the part of Donald Trump, the existence of concentration camps and children in cages, the constant marketing of the illegal as legal, as well as the marketing of
The legal as illegal, the continued attacks upon the rights of citizens, the seeming impotence of House Dems, the confusion of applicable Constitutional law, the federal courts stacked with Trump appointed Republicans, and the confusion and Discord sown amongst the Left, Liberal
Democrats, the resultant infighting over the vagaries of impeachment, and the overall frustration associated with feeling helpless. This is what we're facing. This is what we have to deal with now. This is right in our faces and it's not going away any time soon.

If any of that
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Happy 5th of July!

My #FridayMotivation is to remind all #Resisters how important STATE elections will be in 2019 & 2020.

In 2019, 4 sates have state legislative elections: LA, MS, VA, & NJ;

Three states have elections for Governor: LA, MS, & KY.

The composition of state governments is vital. In many states, state legislatures will redraw voting districts after the 2020 census. Governor’s will need to sign off on those districts.
State governments also pass legislation that will either protect or restrict our rights. They are our first line of defense against Trumpism. It is vital to GOTV and support Democratic candidates in these states in 2019.
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Have you noticed that a lot of big #Resistance accounts
Pride themselves on not following back?
So this thread is about big Resistance accounts
That DO follow back!😉

Please don't tag them
Because i don't think they would appreciate
Me spilling the beans!
People you may see often on television
Are also #Resisters who follow back as well!😉
Have you all ever noticed
That once a big #Resistor account
Follows you back
They never 💖 any of your replies?
Well here are 4 big resister accounts
that are SUPER generous with their likes
(and also follow back😉)
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Some people have the audacity to lecture and threaten me with a block for criticizing or sharing news stories & opinions that negatively reflect upon any of the billion Democrats now running for President. This tactic promotes ignorance.

[ 1 of 15 ]
Instead of telling fellow #resisters that they're being "divisive" or "doing Trump's job for him" after they provide links to news articles that cast a shade upon a candidate, you should thank them, not block them, because they're helping you make informed decisions.

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If we accept the premise of blind awareness and trust in supporting any candidate just because they have a "D" beside their name, we're no better than the hypocrites on the right-wing.

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Late last week, I received a message from I can only hope was from am MAGA umm.. idiot. He wanted to know why I,a Canadian was getting involved in something that wasn't any of my business- meaning becoming a part of the #Resistance . I had no right to offer my 2 cents in US ...
politics. That your 'commander in brief' was the best thing happen to the country in generations.
Of course in true cowardly fashion- he blocked me so I couldn't respond to him directly. So please- be patient #Resisters while I babble this is going to take a couple minutes-
Yes, I am a PROUD Canadian- for that I'm not going to apologize. I live about half way between Buffalo NY and Toronto. Like almost 90% of the Canadian population- I live within 250 miles of the US Border. I have friends in relatives living the US- and enjoy visiting them.
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I’m worried about some tweets I’m seeing. #Resisters attacking blue candidates or insisting on only support candidates of a certain identity.

I’m not saying discussion about privilege is invalid. But for god’s sake, where do you think this rhetoric comes from? Who benefits?
In 2016, Russia stoked divisions between the left and center flanks of our party. We all took the bait, myself included. In the end, enough people in 3 states voted 3rd party, or stayed home to sink a close race.

In 2018, we united and won. That is our way to victory in 2020.
Don’t begrudge a candidate’s turn in the sun.

Be aware that most of your favorite candidates are going to lose. That’s democracy. We need to unite around the winner with as little baggage as possible.

The GOP will pile plenty of dirt on the winner, we shouldn’t add to it.
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Who's ready to kick some #ConCon Butt like we did last year!?

In 2018 only 1 #AstroTurf grps passed rslns calling for #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject: 0
#WolfPAC: 0
#BBATaskForce: 0
#USTermLimits: 2

In fact we trounced these grps so hard in 2018 they've come out swinging 2019

They're RABIDLY pushing #ConventionOfStates

#COSProject has already passed 2 (AR UT)

AND 2 being RAMMED thru MS & KS 🚨

2nd pg #NoConConTracker - see 1st pg for more info 👇…
#USTermLimits emboldened by their Victories in 2018 are pushing HARD to get more #ConventionOfStates rslns passed this year

🚨 2 are slated for FINAL VOTE - They're at FINISH LINE in #AZ & #GA


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Just learned about #TeamPillowForts while blocking another account tweeting #disinformation. Turns out there's a 😠nest of accounts that ties back @LouiseMensch and therefore to Rupert Murdoch.

These times are hard enough without fake resisters gaining then abusing our trust.
@LouiseMensch Rupert Murdoch owns Fox Entertainment Group, which includes the Fox News entertainment channel.…
Louise Mensch (2016): "A News Corp spokesman confirmed that Mensch has been working for the company owned by Rupert Murdoch on 'digital projects in the creative/strategic arena.'"…
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👇 Right here #Resisters, is where you/we NEED to tolerate being uncomfortable.
/1 #SafeCommunitiesAct
This is the place where Your #MAPoli State Rep--the ones who've
✅ been nice to you at parades,
✅ or praised you at community forums,
✅ or worked with you on a Thing,
✅ or sought you out as a local organizer
✅ and/or brought you into their campaign
---will tell you

...So many convincing things about The Process. Because,
Yes yes, they're WITH YOU on the *Goal*!
Of COURSE they stand with immigrants and against the racism of Trump's ICE!...

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Running the weekly early this week.

Shameless plug: The featured cards will be launching on kickstarter. They're our pink hats and how we are protesting. Get project updates by clicking the link:…

#Resist #StrongerTogether
This list is LOOOOOOOOOOONG. So keep checking back.

If you want to be added (or removed, no hard feelings), DM me!

I did my best to vet everyone on the list, but vet your own. If you see any hidden MAGAts, let me know.

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Tip for #Resisters
Any of these words or phrases in a bio means you are NOT dealing with a MAGA & can safely follow:
"happily married"
"love my cat/dog/pet/children/fellow humans"
"oxford comma fan"
Also, if you detect any attempts at wit, irony, sarcasm or common sense - even if they are not successful - NOT a MAGA.
Use of puns, including very bad puns - NOT a MAGA, but probably my Dad.
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Will you join me in a BOYCOTT of #Starbucks if Starbucks billionaire
.@HowardSchultz runs for #POTUS as an Independent?

#Resist Spoilers who help Trump.
Plz vote in this Poll So #Starbucks Sees the Percentage of Business Revenue Losses that Starbucks can expect from a #BOYCOTT.

Do the Math
.@HowardSchultz .@Starbucks.
Can you Afford a National Boycott, just to boost a Billionaire ego?
#Resisters #UniteBlue
.@starbucksprtnrs @Starbucks

It looks like Starbucks can expect a 93% DROP In Reoccurring CUSTOMER REVENUES if .@HowardSchultz runs for President.
#Resist Billionaire egos
#VoteBlue2020 #VoteGOPOut

#ReSisters #ReMisters MATTER
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1/ Day 30 of Trump's shutdown: Gov't workers are suffering. Trump's winning by blaming Dems for not negotiating. BuzzFeed nailed Trump for directing Cohen in illegal acts. Then Mueller made his first mistake & now both have egg on their faces. Trump wins. Enough! Resisters Unite!
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