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Thought I'd take the opportunity of Oklahoma's attacks on public education getting national headlines to do a #thread on their GOP state superintendent of schools, Ryan Walters. Because hooooo boy the sledgehammer to the separation of church and state is just the beginning. (1/x) Oklahoma state superintende...
Walters took office earlier this year as superintendent, after serving as Secretary of Education under Governor Kevin Stitt (also GOP). He briefly held both roles, and while secretary was ALSO on the payroll of a non-profit funded by school privatizers.…
Walters also secured the no-bid contract with the company that distributed grants to families from federal coronavirus aid... $$$ intended for educational supplies, some of which got spent on TVs and gaming consoles due to lack of safeguards. Whoops.…
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This morning, I said Monday's mediation among #okleg leads & governor seemed "fruitful," as rumors of a "deal" grew.

Ten hours later, leaders have hope, but many Q's remain.

Neither GOP Caucus loves the "compromise" #oklaed funding proposal I'm outlining in this thread 🧵 (1/7)
The #okleg GOP members were pitched a teacher pay plan like the Senate desired ($4K to $6K raises) but off-formula districts would also receive funding.

Staff stipends have been discussed? Unsure on details.

New #oklaed funding in the formula might be $360 million-ish? (2/7)
Here's the big sticking point: a revised form of the "#Oklahoma Student Fund," which aims to balance $ for urban districts & rural districts.

Previously, the Senate said "hell no" to the House's proposal to provide higher per-pupil new funds to rural districts than urban. (3/?)
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We've got House #JCAB! HB 2887 will appropriate $10.6 million to finish the State Veterans Center being built in Sallisaw. (The project came in way above budget owing to a variety of ... "complications," says House A&B Vice Chairman Ryan Martinez.)…
Now they advance HB 2888, which would send $38.6 million to the Water Resources Board for "upgrades to water and wastewater systems, located in Northeast Oklahoma along an inland waterway that supplies water and wastewater to major supply chain locations.”…
Now SB 1177 proposes creating some upfront rebate financing for the "Project Sirius" effort ... which is reportedly for an Enel #solar panel plant near the Port of Inola.

I explained it a bit in this article this morning.…
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Quick thread 🧵 on #okleg budget negotiations @ the #Oklahoma Capitol.

I don't have a story yet to share with it, so I'll start with the @nondocmedia donation page in case you feel like supporting.

Anyway, today has been FULL or private meetings... (1/5)
Gov. Stitt, Speaker McCall & Senate PPT Treat have been meeting @ the gov mansion on #oklaed.

They brought in a mediator to help manage the convo.

I won't say who, but it's widely a respected attorney. I'd have a hard time identifying a better person for the job, frankly. (2/5)
While those legs of the proverbial Capitol stool are meeting across the street, House & Senate A/B chairman Wallace & Thompson met this afternoon at the Capitol.

"The budget is going good, but education is pretty slow," Wallace told me as he headed into the meeting. (3/5)
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#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#Alabama #Ohio #Illinois #Georgia
Thread 1/10 ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#Florida #Ohio #Pennsylvania #NewJersey ImageImageImageImage
#Anonymous #OpGOP
Stills from videos released with states listed of Republican sexual predators as requested by you the people
#PuertoRico #Connecticut #California #SouthCarolina ImageImageImageImage
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Heads up #EnidOK #Oklahoma

On May 1st there will be a peaceful demonstration in Enid, OK regarding the election of white supremacist Judd Blevins to Enid City Council.

More information on how you can join available on @EnidSJCommittee's Facebook Page. Enid Social Justice Committ...
@EnidSJCommittee Read the recent column published in @enidnews:
Blevins' former connection to the now-disbanded, white nationalist group and his lack of forthcoming casts a shadow over his term and it over #EnidOK in general.…
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🧵 Meanwhile, in Oklahoma…

Gazette publisher Bruce Willingham left a voice activated recorder in the McCurtain County official’s (including the Sheriff) meeting because he suspected they were illegally doing county business after the public meeting ended. What he uncovered was……
Read the Sheriff’s response then ponder this…

McCurtain County officials, including the Sheriff, were just caught on tape, discussing a murder plot of journalist & hanging Black people. The same Black people that are subject to the Sheriff’s authority. What could go wrong?…… Image
The publisher of the McCurtain Gazette, Bruce Willingham and his son, also a reporter, were advised to temporarily leave town.
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#SARSCoV2 #VariantProportions - #USA |04/14/23

New @CDCgov #Nowcast estimates:

>> XBB.1.16, XBB.1.9.2 and FD.2 make an entry! <<

Top circulating lineages:
XBB.1.5 (78%)
XBB.1.16 (7.2%)
XBB.1.9.1 (6.5%)
XBB.1.9.2 (2.5%)
FD.2 (1.7%)…
1/n Image
Over all trends are consistent with #15DayTrends (based on sequences uploaded in the public databases)

XBB.1.5 is still at the top; followed by XBB.1.16 & XBB.1.9.1

As expected XBB.1.16, XBB.1.5.15* (FD.2) featured in the CDC nowcast today!

XBB.1.16* hotspots per CDC #Nowcast

As expected, hotspots are in regions 2, 3, 4, 9, 10

>> Region 6 estimate looks suspect! <<

3/n Image
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Meet Daniel John Lee of Alaska, a traveling "street preacher" and self-proclaimed "prophet" who came to OU in March to cause a scene.

The guy in the quoted tweet only swung back after Lee swung at him first with his bullhorn.
#Oklahoma #Sooners
Screenshot of an image of Lee holding a sign on OU campus. TMugshot of Daniel John Lee
Daniel John Lee travels across the country to agitate students and film their reactions to post online.

The University of Oklahoma was no different. Lee made a scene that generated outrage, filmed it, cried victim the moment he could, and posted it all. Screenshot of a video of a crowd of students gathered around
Verbally harassing gay and non-Christian students isn't the only thing Lee does.

Racist remarks from Daniel John Lee escalated during a visit to SDSU. For campus safety, university police actually asked him to leave and return with a permit.…
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: We should ban TikTok('s surveillance); and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ A modified vintage editorial cartoon. Uncle Sam peeks out ov
I'm kickstarting the #audiobook for my next novel, an anti-finance finance thriller about #SiliconValley scams called *Red Team Blues*. #Amazon's #Audible refuses to carry my audiobooks because they're #DRM free, but crowdfunding makes them possible: 2/
We should ban TikTok('s surveillance): And Google's, Apple's, and Facebook's surveillance, too.

3/ Image: Cryteria (modified)
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk"; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/
Today (Mar 20), I'm doing a remote talk for the @Ostrom_Workshop's Beyond the Web Speaker Series…

On Weds (Mar 22), I'm doing a remote talk for the @IFTF's "Changing the Register" series:… 2/
Podcasting "Gig Work Is the Opposite of Steampunk": Why today's Luddites should be smashing apps.

3/  Image: Cryteria (modified)
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Oklahoma City and Tulsa will never be able to truly thrive and prosper until the influence of rural Oklahoma is eradicated and eliminated #Oklahoma #SQ820 #OKSQ820
Proving my point, those that are offended have resorted to personal attacks and claim that what I am saying is hate speech. Hate speech is what extremists resort to when when logic and rationality fail, so to say that these critics are projecting is a significant understatement.
Not that I should have to clarify this, but I AM NOT advocating for the elimination of towns and/or people, it’s ideology + influence. But, this is Twitter. Not the sharpest tools in the shed with some responses. Private education in our rural Oklahoma schools at work! #SQ820
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: The Collective Intelligence Institute; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/
This week (Feb 8-17), I'll be in #Australia, touring my book #ChokepointCapitalism* with my co-author, @rgibli. We'll be in #Brisbane today (Feb 8 - in Australia!), and then a remote event for #NZ on Feb 13. Next: #Melbourne, #Sydney & #Canberra. 2/
The Collective Intelligence Institute: Asking more than 'what technology does' and demanding to know who it does it FOR and who it does it TO.

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Monday is Day 327 of the #RussiaUkraine war.

You've found the start of the daily thread, thanks for joining.

A harrowing weekend in which many more civilians were killed by #Russia's terrorism.
Click here and scroll down to catch up on yesterday's news:

Already important news to bring you from #Zaporizhzhia

A Russian rocket has hit critical infrastructure causing a big fire right now.

Power and internet connection are down in many districts.

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaIsATerrorostState
People have been injured in the night attack on #Zaporizhzhia, but no deaths reported.

Houses have been damaged as well as the city's infrastructure.

📷Anatoliy Kurtev, ZP City Council.
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I hope you enjoy some more sunlight, Judd Blevins of Enid, Oklahoma.

#EnidOK #Oklahoma heads up, you have a white supremacist running for office.
Judson Blevins aka "Conway" claimed credit for hanging this white supremacist anti-Lankford banner in 2017.

Post by Conway - OK: Banner is dropped! Oklahoma City!  Phot
Judson Blevins also claimed credit for flyering and stickering OU's campus with white supremacist material in March, 2018.
Conway - OK [2018-03-01] Put up close to 60 flyers plus busiPhotos:  3 Identity Evropa flyers posted on top of other fly
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No no no no no, fuck no! 🤬
Okies do not want this!

#Oklahoma #FortSill #NazisInUkraine #NoNazis
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1) Trump won't be able to terminate the US Constitution but a Republican-led effort to rewrite it continues… Trump's "allies are busy pushing an unprecedented rewrite of the foundational document that would fundamentally alter Americans' daily lives."
2) "In 2022, a group with ties to Trump's orbit was able to get four more states to join its efforts."

"@CommonCause is trying both to thwart any new convention pushes alongside repealing old resolutions calling a convention."… Support them!

#NoConCon Image
GOP proposal calls for convention to amend U.S. Constitution "In 2021, it came within 2 votes of passage in the #Montana Senate...This session, Democrats control three fewer Senate seats and several GOP defectors are no longer in office" #NoConCon Image
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5 articles ou sujets de l'actualité états-unienne qui ont retenu mon attention ce lundi 2 janvier 2023 en début d'après midi.
#Actualités #USNews #EtatsUnis
(Publicité pour Colt, c1912, Bibliothèque du Congrès) Image
1. A un peu moins de 2 ans de l'échéance, quels sont les rapports de force au sein de chacun des 2 grands partis pour 2024?
Bilan détaillé de l'AP à lire pour bien commencer l'année politique US…
2. Au Congrès, l'élu républicain de #Californie #McCarthy espère toujours devenir #Speaker. L'étroitesse de sa majorité l'oblige à amadouer l'extrême-droite. Il sera sur un siège éjectable.…
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Another reason why I should leave San Francisco is the fact that I have fought every day for this city and rarely ever is there any support or team work. Whenever I walk through San Francisco I only ever see @bettersoma , @mattdorsey and Mr. J J in the trenches on the frontlines.
People complain every day but don’t ever do anything about it. It makes everything seem pointless. @michelletandler talks about fentanyl. When is she going to talk about our fentanyl emergency petition that has almost 1000 signatures? It takes two seconds to share petition.
I love @GMcDee2 @JacquiBerlinn because they aren’t picking and choosing what is “cool” to support. They support everything that is dedicated to combating fentanyl. They not only do their own fighting but they also support other people fights instead of picking what is “cool.”
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2022 #Midterms Simulation: #ArtoftheGerrymander

A Republican House win will be built on gerrymanders (TX/GA/FL/TN/LA, etc.)

To illustrate the need for fair maps, I'm calculating the results using the 2022 votes, but if every state had a Democratic gerrymander. #ElectionTwitter ImageImageImageImage

I’ll apply the difference in Presidential margin to the House result. Thanks @davesredist @mikemathieu @vest_team + @DKElections @PoliticsWolf

Keen to see how my maps perform over the decade; tried to comply with state law if partisan intent were allowed to stand.
#ArtoftheGerrymander: #Alabama
Trump 62.0% - Biden 36.6%
Real delegation: 6R-1D
Gerrymandered: 5R-2D
Δ Share of D seats: 14% => 28%
Easy Democratic pick-up of a safe new African American seat.… ImageImageImage
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I know everyone (including myself) has been posting about Musk's disgusting tweet, but for the next 10 days we need to...
📣 MICHIGAN Democrats have a real shot at flipping BOTH the state House *and* Senate blue for the first time in forever. Help them finish strong by donating to some or all of these races TODAY:…
📣 You can also help Those Women From Michigan® at the top of the ticket as well!…
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Leaders of the #FiveTribes have gathered to announce their endorsement of @joy4ok for governor. Former Stitt secretary of Native American affairs is emceeing. Cherokee Chief @ChuckHoskin_Jr is up first.

It's no secret that Gov. Kevin Stitt has clashed with and angered tribes ... Image
Hoskin speaks of the importance of #oklaed and the #Cherokee Nation's history of educational priorities. He calls Hofmeister "a dedicated education professional" who understands "the very Cherokee idea of working together." (2/?) Image
Flashing back in time, briefly, I mentioned when former #okleg Republican representative Lisa Billy resigned from the Stitt cabinet in December 2019, less than a year after taking the post and watching him clash with tribal leaders over gaming compacts.…
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#Oklahoma is down 7-0 early. #gameover #FireEverybody ImageImageImageImage
#Oklahoma is still down 7-0. #MeltdownAlert ImageImageImageImage
Fire Brent Venables. #FireEverybody #MeltdownAlert ImageImageImageImage
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