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The #Oklahoma State legislature has passed a law banning all #abortions from the moment of conception.…

Actual bill:…

Key phrases from new law -- MORE
-"Fertilization" means the fusion of a human spermatozoon w/a human ovum
- "Unborn child" means a human fetus or embryo in any stage of gestation frm fertilization until birth
-"Woman" & "women" incl any person whose biological sex is female {and} any person w/a uterus
- "Abortion" means the act of using, prescribing, administering, procuring, or selling of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance, device, or means w/the purpose to terminate the pregnancy of a woman, w/knowledge that the termination by any of those...
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Normalize calling us Native Nations rather than Tribes. Specifically, the term five civilized tribes is adhering to the colonization of who we are (imo). Referring to us as Tribes infers we are inferior to ‘civilized’ people. And capitalize the words. 1)
The most recent economic impact data from 2017 shows the Native Nations contributed 15.5 billion to the state of OK. Our activities supported over 96,000 jobs in the state, 4.6 billion in wages & benefits to OK workers, & 12.9 billlion in state production of good & services 2)
Additionally, Native Nations brought 42.6 million into the state for construction & maintenance & have provided more than 1.5 billion in exclusivity fees, of which 1.3 billion go to support statewide education programs. This is the info that needs to be shared. Mvto 🪶 #Oklahoma
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It's no coincidence that the states eager to keep women from controlling their own reproduction also refuse to care for those women or their children.
Compare the states ready to ban abortion with a map of states that refused to expand #Medicaid.
The maps are overly simplistic in showing states' expansions of #Medicaid, and this thread will explain some of what's complicated.

In essence, many states led by #Republicans didn't want to expand a program that helps pregnant women, kids, and the frail elderly. Voters did.
Let's take those anti-abortion states that "have expanded Medicaid" in alphabetical order.

So, first, Arkansas.

#Arkansas led the way in requiring people on #Medicaid to work. Their unique plan also disenrolled people who didn't meet the work requirement.
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If #okleg is serious about cleaning up this mess, why stop at the Swadley's scandal? Over the last 4 years corruption and cronyism at the capitol has been commonplace. Here's a thread of just SOME of the scandals that have plagued politicians and left taxpayers frustrated. 🧵
Let's start way back in January 2019, just after @GovStitt took office: A State board approves bank charter for Stitt’s company now worth millions.…. (2)
Moving right along: January 2020 - Stitt appointees approve taxpayer funds for his family business:… (3)
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Tomorrow #SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in a case that could limit the scope of its 2020 #McGirt decision.

Using alarming facts & figures, #Oklahoma claims McGirt led to criminal justice chaos. But we looked into it, & their numbers don’t add up.…
In its CERT petition in Castro, OK claimed up to 76,000 past convictions could be impacted according to district attorneys. The governor‘s office confirmed the estimate came from DAs. But when we contacted the DAs, they didn’t know what the governor was talking about.
According to data from the OKDOC, only 68 inmates have been released from prison to the street bc of McGirt. And since courts ruled the decision is not retroactive, even that number is shrinking.
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In #Oklahoma if you have Covid symptoms, test + with both a rapid & PCR test, and are still contagious with #Covid you are not counted as a Covid New Case if you take your test on day 8,9,10,11,12,13,or 14 of your illness. You will be counted as an old cumulative case.
This is due to a new scheme that @HealthyOklahoma uses to count new Covid cases. They also do not count a new Covid case if the results of the lab test are relayed to them more than 7 days after test taken. So if it arrives 8 days after collection date, it is not counted as new.
It’s unknown if @HealthyOklahoma has changed the definition of what a new case is for other infectious diseases like tuberculosis, measles, or whooping cough. With whooping cough you can be contagious for 3 weeks after cough starts. #Oklahoma
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Depuis mercredi, le #Kentucky est le SEUL Etat US sans cliniques proposant aux femmes la possibilité d'1 IVG après l'adoption d'1 nouvelle loi conservatrice. Le droit à l'#avortement y est pour l'heure empêché avant les recours devant la justice fédérale.…
2. Lundi, l'#Oklahoma commence à criminaliser la pratique médicale de l'IVG, avant que la #Floride n'applique début juillet 1 loi d'interdiction de l'IVG après 15 semaines de grossesse. Le Sud conservateur se déchaîne contre le droit à l'… tout le mouvement conservateur US sait qu'1 revirement- total ou partiel- de sa jurisprudence Roe/Casey de légalisation du droit à l'#avortement par la #CourSuprême est à portée, dans quelques semaines, grâce aux 3 juges nommés par #Trump.…
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THRED. “Sara” is a survivor from #Oklahoma. She doesn’t remember when her father began coming to to her bedroom at night. She became pregnant with her first child at age 14. Her father convinced her mother that Sara had been sleeping around and that’s how to became pregnant.
They found an unmarried 37 y/o member of their community to marry Sara before the child was born. This happened legally in #Oklahoma less than 10 years ago. #Oklahoma is one of several states in the #USA that after Judiciary & parental exceptions there is no min age to marry
When Sara was 20 she entered into a homeless shelter with 5 children that she had given birth too during the marriage. Sara had no control over her body or access to family planning. With not even a high school education she found herself in a shelter with her children because
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Ready for the #CFB Analytics Spring Top 40? Here we go. This Power Ranking is derived from a model which utilizes full Coach Staff efficiency metrics, roster talent, & returning production among other metrics. No opinion here, I just regurgitate the numbers. #NoOpinionJustNumbers
40 #Kentucky #BBN #SEC Power Rating: 61.726
Returning Production for the Wildcats may be a problem. At 39.72%, it puts them at 113th in the country. The schedule is manageable tho drawing Ole Miss & Miss State out the West. #CFB
39 #Washington #PurpleReign #Pac12
Power Rating: 62.271
Really like the new coaching staff in Seattle. Should put them in a better position to win. Roster talent purge from the prev regime will have an early effect (last 2 classes were 39th, 86th) but the ship has been righted.
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(1) The Oklahoma State Health Department(OSDH) has come up with a new scheme on how to count New Covid cases. ❗️Here are some examples that may shock you❗️ 👇. @HealthyOklahoma #Oklahoma
(2) On day 1 patient develops shortness of breath. This worsens and by day 8 they go to ER where they are diagnosed with Covid pneumonia, respiratory failure, and placed on a ventilator. On that day,rapid Covid test is +.
❌This case is not counted as a new Covid case per OSDH
(3) Day 1 Fatigue,runny nose. Symptoms continue & Day 4 patient gets Covid test. Pt gets results 2 days later. That test is positive. The lab shares those results with OSDH 2 days after the results come in.
❌This case is not counted as a new Covid case per OSDH
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Last week, I worked alongside the most compassionate, fun, & talented staff providing #abortion care to the people of #Oklahoma, #Texas, and beyond.

We worked *hard*. We stayed late. We laughed. We cried. We took care of each other. This is my message to all of us...
We can't keep going at this pace, y'all.
I'm tired. I'm really, really tired. Aren't you?

The hard truth is, we don't have the capacity for what's about to happen. Take your time off, now. Then take some more. Support your folx to take more time.


We are the experts in caring for our communities.
We live here. We raise our families here.

Solutions for us must be led by us.

Anything less recreates the same systems of oppression we are *all* fighting. The time for urgency has passed, it's time to listen to us.

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(1) The BA.2 variant now makes up 72.2% of all new #Covid cases in the #USA 🇺🇸 according to the CDC Nowcast estimate.
#BA2 #MedTwitter
(2) In Oklahoma’s region, BA.2 makes up 66.7% of all new Covid cases. The Oklahoma Pandemic Center and the Oklahoma Public Health Lab have not detected a single case of BA.2.
#Oklahoma #BA2
(3) Nowcast is a model that estimates more recent proportions of circulating variants and enables timely public health action. CDC is providing weekly Nowcast estimates which will be updated every week on Tuesday.
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(1) Even though Oklahoma has the nations only Oklahoma Pandemic Center(OPCIE) , #Oklahoma is not participating in the SPHERES consortium.
(2) The SPHERES consortium includes over 60 federal, state, county, local public health laboratories, and academic and non-profit leaders in pathogen genomics, bioinformatics, and public health from across the country.
(3) The Oklahoma Pandemic Centers(OPCIE) core mission is genomic testing and it was hoped the OPCIE would help make Oklahoma a global leader in Public Health. It is surprising that the OPCIE and Oklahoma in general is not contributing to this national effort.
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(1) Last Tuesday, the CDC Nowcast estimate was that ~50% of all new Covid cases in #Oklahoma’s region were the BA.2 variant. That amounts to ~900 cases of BA.2 last week. The Oklahoma Pandemic Center & the Oklahoma Public Health Lab have not identified a single case of #BA2.
(2) Other outside labs have identified 2 cases of BA.2 in Oklahoma according to the GISAID public database information on
(3) Nowcast is a model that estimates more recent proportions of circulating variants and enables timely public health action. CDC is providing weekly Nowcast estimates which will be updated every week on Tuesday.…
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(1) The Oklahoma Pandemic Center(OPCIE) was opened in Oct. 2020 and is a first of its kind in the #USA. It’s core mission is variant testing. No variant testing has been done by the OPCIE & #Oklahoma has been ranked last in the US in doing variant testing since April 2021.
(2) The $30 million dollar Oklahoma Pandemic Center was touted as being an exemplar sequencing viral genomes, but Oklahoma has remained a laggard in variant testing, ranking last in the United States every week since April 2021.
(3) No testing or research has been reported as being done by the Oklahoma Pandemic Center(OPCIE). No variant testing results have ever been reported to public databases from the OPCIE. $30 million of CARES act funding was used to build the OPCIE.
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(1)This stinks of minimizing the impact Covid is having on Oklahomans. It fits a long pattern that includes #Oklahoma having the largest Covid death reporting discrepancy in the Nation, a broken Covid alert system map, & inaccurate Nursing home & Veteran Center deaths.
(2) #Oklahomans know that Covid tests take days to process. Then those labs report results to @HealthyOklahoma. If those results make it to @HealthyOklahoma by day 7 after draw date they are counted as new cases. If they arrive by day 8 or later they are not counted as new cases.
(3)#Oklahoma reporting 403 new cases instead of 1,807 new cases is a huge difference. It’s evident that Covid + test results are coming in to @HealthyOklahoma around day 8,9, or 10.Why in the world would you suddenly make a new rule where you don’t count those as new cases? 🤦‍♂️SMH
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(1) BA.2 has become the dominant variant in the #USA 🇺🇸. 54.9% of all new cases in the US are the #BA2 variant. #MedTwitter #COVID19 Data from CDC Nowcast estimate.
(2) In #Oklahoma’s region, 49.5% of all new #Covid cases are #BA2 (CDC Nowcast estimate). Oklahoma has the nations only Pandemic Center(OPCIE, opened Oct 2020) whose core mission is variant testing. The OPCIE and Oklahoma Public Health Lab have not identified any cases of BA2.
(3) The CDC Nowcast is a model that estimates more recent proportions of circulating variants and enables timely public health action. CDC is providing weekly Nowcast estimates which will be updated every week on Tuesday.
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(1) BA.2 “Stealth Omicron”now makes up 29.4% of all new cases in Oklahoma’s region according to the CDC Nowcast estimate. The Oklahoma Pandemic Center and Oklahoma Public Health Lab have not identified a single case of #BA2. #Oklahoma #BA2Variant
(2) Nowcast is a model that estimates more recent proportions of circulating variants and enables timely public health action. CDC is providing weekly Nowcast estimates which will be updated every week on Tuesday.…
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(1) #Oklahoma has performed 18,228 variant tests. Only 14,809 variant test results have been shared with the CDC. There are at least 3,000 variant test results that have not been shared with the CDC. They are missing. ImageImage
(2) The CDC number includes variant test results from the Oklahoma public health lab, academic labs, and commercial lab results. The CDC number should be larger that the public health lab.
(3) It’s unknown how many of the 18,228 variant test results done by the Oklahoma Public Health lab have been shared with the @CDCgov
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🦉👌 I #McDonalds I 1⃣/2⃣5⃣:

🦉: Descubren CARNE HUMANA ALMACENADA en los congeladores de una fábrica de MC´DONALDS de #OklahomaCity y también en otra fábrica que producía carne para MC´DONALDS a escala nacional en #USA. CARNE HUMANA PROCESADA PARA SERVIR EN SUS RESTAURANTES👇.
🦉👌 I #McDonalds I 2⃣/2⃣5⃣:

🦉: Los Inspectores de Salud de #USA han descubierto CARNE HUMANA en el 90 % de las fábricas inspeccionadas que sirven a MC´DONALDS. El #FBI CONFIRMA QUE ENCUENTRA RESTOS DE MUCHAS DIFERENTES PERSONAS EN EL PROVEEDOR DE CARNE DE MC´DONALDS👇.
🦉👌 I #McDonalds I 3⃣/2⃣5⃣:

🦉: La "BABA ROSA" o "PINK SLIME" que mencionan en los videos, es un aditivo alimentario producido a base de desechos y subproductos cárnicos, que se mezclan y someten a tratamientos químicos, para que sean legalmente aptos para el consumo humano👇.
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(1) Oklahoma ranks last in the #USA 🇺🇸 (#50) in doing variant testing this week(CDC data). Oklahoma has ranked last every week since April 2021 and is the only State to sequence less than 1.5% of samples. Oklahoma is the only State with a Pandemic Center. #Oklahoma #Covid19
(2) #Oklahoma has done 16,091 variant tests but the results of only 11,731 have been shared with @CDCgov. These results should be shared with the CDC in real time so the data is helpful and actionable. Some of these variant tests not shared are months old. @CDCDirector
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(1) #Oklahoma has the sixth highest %+ in the #USA at 32%🇺🇸
(2) #Oklahoma ranks #5 in the #USA 🇺🇸 for most #COVID patients in the ICU per capita
(3) #Oklahoma ranks #8 in the #USA for most #COVID patients hospitalized per capita
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The health and safety of Oklahomans has suffered significantly during the pandemic. Oklahoma had the most Covid deaths in the US per capita in 2021, some of the highest Covid case counts in the world, and overwhelmed hospitals requiring military assistance. #Oklahoma #COVID19
Oklahoma ranks #1 in the US for States with the most despair. We figured out these states were in more despair than others by examining the states’ depression rates, suicide rates, opioid prescriptions, poverty rates and hours worked. #Oklahoma…
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Reporters, please get serious.

Q: Why did you refuse to implement a statewide mask mandate knowing that not doing so would kill hundreds of people?
Q: Why did you sign a law to ban public schools from imposing their own mask mandates, knowing that such a law would lead to #Oklahoma children being hospitalized?
Q: Who are your science advisors?
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