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On #Honduras trial in SDNY, we're back. US' witness is Professor Dario Euraque- they're running through his c.v. for a while now. While Juan Orlando Hernandez seems to be in denial, last week's testimony summarized at patreon.com/posts/30509242 Below, today's thread
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: #Honduras also has a legislative branch?
Prof Euraque: Yes.
AUSA: What is the role of the president of that body?
Euraque: President of the Congress has enormous power.
AUSA: How is the position filled?
Euraque: The members are elected, then prez picked
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Are you familiar with the concept of personalism in in Honduras politics?
Euraque: Yes, it's about charisma and distributing jobs.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Does this chart fairly and accurately depict the last four presidents of Honduras?
Prof Euraque: Yes.
AUSA: Introduced at Exhibit 501.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Euraque: Zelaya, 2006 to 2009. He was overthrown by the military... Then Micheletti, then Pepe Lobo. Then, and now, Juan Orlando Hernandez. He had been president of the National Congress.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Questioning turns to Rosenthal. AUSA: Which banks was he associated with?
Euraque: Banco Continental.

AUSA turns to extradition treaty and Constitutional amendment of 2012
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Cross examination by Tony Hernandez' lawyer: "Professor Euraque, have you already made up you mind about this case?
A: No.
Q: Were you a high official of the government in opposition to the party currently in power?
A: Yes, from 2006 to 2009.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: So you were involved in politics in Honduras? You took a leave of absence from Trinity College in 2006, to be a minister of Zelaya gov, correct?
Euraque: My college loaned me to the government of Honduras to administer --
Q: You served Zelaya's party, right?
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: How would you characterize the Libre Party - as left wing?
Euraque: As center left in the Latin American tradition.
Q: Is it fair to say that in 2006 to 2009 the Liberal Party controlled the police, etc?
A: Until the coup.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: And the defendant's brother Juan Orlando Hernandez did not become president until 2014, correct? And Tony Hernandez did not have a government position until then either?
A: He [Tony] was elected in 2013.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: And the post coup government fired you and made nasty accusations against you, right? Supported by zero evidence, you believe, correct?
Euraque: Yes.
Q: They charged you with indoctrinating Hondurans in --
A: No. It was about the historical site. I was removed.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: They had you read the charges at your desk with the press photographing you, correct?
Euraque: Some of my staff.
Q: You had to leave Honduras after you were fired?
A: I had to return to my job at Trinity College.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: You defended yourself in speeches at Brandeis and Berkeley, correct?
A: And other places.
Q: The squibs said you were a participant in those political event, correct?
A: Which ones?
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: So you said Tony Hernandez was mis-characterizing a "lost city," in an interview with VICE Magazine?
Euraque: Yes.
Q: You later said, "A collusion of a corrupt judiciary and state"? Am I quoting you correctly?
A: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: And the 2009 coup was by the Liberal Party against a Liberal Party president, correct? Not a National Party coup?
Euraque: Correct.
Q: And later you supported the Libre Party?
A: I don't know what you mean.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: You went Honduras in November 2013 to vote for the Libre Party?
Euraque: My vote is confidential.
Q: Does it refresh you memory that you gave an interview with The Nation, and a podcast still available on the Internet?
A: I don't recall.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: And Xiomara Castro Zelaya was running against Juan Orlando Hernandez, right?
A: Yes.
Q: And who won?
A: J.O.H.
Judge Castel calls a break in the trial, and jury files out. This thread will continue
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive On re-direct, AUSA asks Euraque, isn't it true that Juan Orlando Hernandez was a Congressman further back?
Euraque: Yes.

AUSA: Which party in Honduras are most of your relatives associated with?
Euraque: The National Party.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Why did you say the 2013 elections were marred by fraud?
Euraque: The press in the international hotel in Tegucigalpa, I was there, I heard from them and international observers about fraud --

Tony H's lawyers object.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Euraque: I said that even before the results were in.

With re-direct over, the next US witness is Alex Ardon.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Have you participated in torture?
Ardon: Yes.
AUSA: Do you know Tony Hernandez? Can you identify him?
Ardon: Yes, and yes (pointed at defense table).
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: During what years did Tony Hernandez help you and your family distribute cocaine?
Ardon: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013...
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Did Tony Hernandez tell you about his stamp on cocaine?
Ardon: Yes. He told me a shipment was coming in with his stamp T.H. on it.

AUSA: Did you ever see Tony Hernandez armed?
Ardon: All the time
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Did Tony Hernandez talk to you about other guns?

Ardon: Yes, an M-60. It is a big gun.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Breaking: AUSA asked Ardon, did you meet El Chapo Guzman?
Ardon: Yes, in 2013 in El Paraiso.
AUSA: Was Tony Hernandez there?
Ardon: Yes.
AUSA: Were payments made?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: El Chapo Guzman said to Tony Hernandez, I am going to give $1 million for your brother Juan Orlando Hernandez.
AUSA: Did you see the money?
Ardon: Yes. It was brought in from the car in plastic bags. We counted it.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Does Government Exhibit 314 fairly and accurately describe the weapon you just described as a bazooka?
Ardon: Yes.

AUSA: How cocaine did you move into the US?
Ardon: I don't understand the question.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: How cocaine did you and your family move into the US?
Ardon: Around some 250 tons.
AUSA: Did your relatives participate?
Ardon: Hugo Ardon, Lionel Leiva...
AUSA: What about brothers in law?
Ardon: Yes... one was at the meeting with El Chapo.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: What did your cocaine stamp look like?

Alex Ardon: "A double A."
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Did Tony Hernandez tell you what he was using his lab for in Lempira?
Ardon: Yes, he told me it was to rebuild kilos, like if they got wet.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: What type of drug trafficking activities did Blanco do with you?
Ardon: I would buy from him.. He would provide me security... We started working together in 2004.
AUSA: When did you stop?
Ardon: When Blanco was arrested.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: What departments of Honduras did Blanco do most of this business in?

With that, Judge Castel declares the lunch break, telling the jurors not to discuss the case. Thread will continue in PM. Stories soon on InnerCityPress.com & patreon.com/posts/30509242
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive We're back, with Alex Ardon still on the stand.
Q: Were you engaged in cocaine trafficking activities with the Valle brothers?
Ardon: Yes.
Q: Did you sell cocaine to Guatemalans? Including Otto Salguero?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Who were some of the Mexicans you and the Salgueros worked with?
Ardon: El Chapo Guzman.
Q: You've mentioned him a few times today. When did you meet him?
Ardon: First in 2007.
Q: How many face to face meetings with Chapo?
Ardon: Six.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: What type of things do you and Chapo do?
Ardon: We provided transportation to him and sold cocaine to him.
Q: Are you familiar with Televisa? Did Chapo use the name of that media network for drug trafficking?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Chapo Guzman used six Televisa trucks... They carried cocaine to Mexico.
Q: When did you learn about Chapo's Televisa trucks?
Ardon: In 2007.
Q: How?
Ardon: Chapo Guzman told me.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Chapo Guzman told me those Televisa trucks could carry 6,000 kilos of cocaine.
Q: What did Chapo say about where that cocaine was going?
Ardon: Into the United States.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did the defendant supply cocaine for those shipments?
Ardon: Yes.
Q: When?
Ardon: In 2011.

Q: How else did you sent cocaine?
Ardon: In cattle trucks.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did you ever use dump trucks?
Ardon: Yes. From 2007 to 2014.
Q: How much cocaine could one of those dump trucks carry?
Ardon: 750 to 780 kilos of cocaine.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Have you ever interfered with an election in Honduras by fraud?
Ardon: Yes.
Q: In what years?
Ardon: 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017.
Q: What did you do to interfere with those elections?
Ardon: I would pay bribes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: How much did you pay in bribes?
Ardon: The largest was $2 million.
Q: Did you pay bribes more than once?
Ardon: Yes. To mayors and members of Congress.
Q: To what party?
Ardon: The National Party of Honduras.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did you every speak with Juan Orlando Hernandez about bribes?

Alex Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did you have any role in getting Hugo Ardon his position?

Alex Ardon: I met with Pepe Lobo. I bribed him.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Alex Ardon: Pepe Lobo asked me for support to the National Party.
Q: Did he mentioned Juan Orlando Hernandez?
Ardon: Yes, Pepe Lobo said he would become president and Juan Orlando Hernandez would become president of the Congress. He said he needed $2 million.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: I asked Don Pepe Lobo, if they did win the election, to be provided with protection for drug trafficking, and to have a position in his administration - for my brother Hugo.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: After the meeting with Lobo at the heliport, did you make any payments?

Ardon: Yes. $1 million to Lobo in bundles of bills wrapped in plastic.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Who was at the 2009 meeting at the National Party headquarters?
Ardon: Don Pepe Lobo, me and Juan Orlando Hernandez. Lobo said he had received my $1 million.
Q: Did Juan Orlando Hernandez hear that said?
Alex Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Juan Orlando Hernandez told me to tell other mayors to vote the party line so we could have the majority in Congress.
Q: What did Pepe Lobo say about Hugo Ardon?
Alex Ardon: That the position that would be given to Hugo would be the highway director
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: During this 2009 meeting in the National Party HQ, was protection for your drug trafficking discussed?

Ardon: Yes. Pepe Lobo told me if the National Party won I would be protected in drug trafficking such that the prosecutor's office would no investigate me.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Tony Hernandez told me we just needed to wait for Pepe Lobo and Juan Orlando Hernandez to take office...
I told Tony Hernandez I was receiving drugs in three departments...
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did you have a call with Juan Orlando Hernandez?
Ardon: Yes. He told me I should bribe three members of Congress in Copan and get them to vote for him to become president of the Congress.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did you then talk to Juan Orlando Hernandez again?
Ardon: Yes. I told him the three members of Congress were doing to vote for him. He told me the protection I had discussed, for drug trafficking, was going to be provided, for me and my family.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did Juan Orlando Hernandez become president of the Congress in 2010?
Ardon: Yes.

Judge Castel calls afternoon break. Thread will continue. patreon.com/posts/30577179
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: In 2010, what were the approximate sizes of shipments of cocaine in the defendant's helicopter?
A: 320 kilos of cocaine.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Was there another helicopter?
A: Yes. It is a black helicopter.
Q: How often did you speak with the defendant about these shipments of cocaine? Who else attended?
A: Mario Calix, Melvin Pinto... Hugo and myself
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon (naming names) Daniel Pinto, Hugo Pinto, Orlando Pinto, other Pintos...
Q: Bring up Government Exhibit 105, at the top. Is that Mario Calix?
Ardon: Yes.
Q: And Exhibit 111, is this the "Primo" you mentioned earlier?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: Did anything change in how cocaine was delivered in 2011?
Ardon: It changed from helicopters to boats.
Q: Did Tony Hernandez explain why?
Ardon: Yes. He said with boats we could traffic a larger amount of cocaine, more than with helicopters.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: How much cocaine did the boats carry?
Ardon: The first shipment was 750 kilos.
Q: And what did you do with those 750 kilos?
Ardon: I transported them to Guatemala.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: The largest quantity of cocaine that Tony Hernandez sent by boat was 1,600 kilos of cocaine.
Q: When you moved it by truck, was there security? How provided it?
Ardon: Tony Hernandez and I did.
Q: Who participated?
Ardon: Tony Hernandez' cousin.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: How were the trucks protected?
Ardon: M16s and AR-15s.
Q: You said the security team in El Paraiso also had AK47s and bazookas?
Ardon: Yes, always.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive [Back to Chapo]
Q: In 2011 did you sell cocaine to Chapo Guzman using the Televisa trucks?
Ardon: Yes.
Q: Who else was involved?
Ardon: Tony Hernandez, Noel and Victor Blanco
Q: Were the Valle brothers also involved?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Tony Hernandez told me he was awaiting a cocaine shipment of 1000 kilos.
Q: Did it arrive? Where?
Ardon: To the departamento of Colon
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: How were they armed?
Ardon: With rifles.
Q: And this Primo, how many were with him in the security detail?
Ardon: Three cars, with four people in each.
Q: Did you know where they worked, from how they were dressed?
Ardon: With the police. The national police.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Q: What stamps did you see on the cocaine.
Ardon: The T.H. stamp, and also Nike, and a stick figure, and a star.
AUSA: The T.H. stamp like in Exhibit 305?
Ardon: Yes.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Tony Hernandez told me Franklin Arita had to be killed, that he would call Copan police chief Tigre Bonilla and get it done.
AUSA: And then what happened?
Ardon: He was killed.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: I'd like to focus now on 2012... Did you have any meetings with Chapo Guzman that year?
Ardon: Yes. In Guatemala.
AUSA: Who else was there?
Ardon: Otto, Don Amado, Chapo and I were there...
AUSA: Does Exh 115 show Orellana?
Ardon: Yes
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Orellana is a very powerful drug trafficker in Guatelama.
AUSA: In 2012 with Chapo, did you speak about Orellana?
Ardon: Chapo Guzman said Orellana had stolen one shipment of cocaine from him and would be taking over the Guatemala - Honduras border
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: After Chapo said that, did you make any proposals?
Ardon: I told Chapo that Orellana would not take over the border because I was going to be talking with Pepe Lobo to provide me protection on the border.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: I told Tony Hernandez that Orellana was going to take over the border and that I needed security at that border.
AUSA: And what did Tony Hernandez say?
Ardon: Tony Hernandez told me that in order to get that security, Pepe Lobo was the only one who could
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: Did you talk with Pepe Lobo with Orellana? Did he do anything?
Ardon: He sent two trucks to the border...
AUSA: Did you see the soldiers on the border? How many?
Ardon: Around 120 soldiers.
AUSA: How were they armed?
Ardon: Bazookas and M16s.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: How long did the soldiers stay in Copan?
Ardon: Two months.
AUSA: Did Orellana take over any of your drug territory?
Ardon: No.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Tony Hernandez told me he was no longer going to sell me the cocaine. He would only provide helicopters and security.
AUSA: Did Tony H. say anything about extradition in 2012?
Ardon: He told me he would not be extradited to the US.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: Tony H told me what as long as the National Party remained in power, I would not be extradited to the US.
AUSA: Did Tony H. explain why he was not going to supply you with cocaine anymore?
Ardon: He told me he was going to run, and his brother for President
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: How much did Tony Hernandez charge you to use his helicopters to move cocaine?
Ardon: $50,000 per trip.
AUSA: Who provided the pilots?
Ardon: Tony Hernandez.
AUSA: Did he provide security? How?
Ardon: He provided radar to make sure copters weren't stopped
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: 350 kilos of cocaine was the largest amount that a helicopter could get off the ground while carrying

AUSA: Where there any problems with the drug worker you called El Chino?
Ardon: Yes, Chino got arrested.
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive AUSA: What did Tony Hernandez says about Chino?

Ardon: Tony Hernandez said Chino would have to be killed, because he had all the information about the helicopters...
@unetvhn @HoyMismoTSI @UnivisionNews @SomosAnticorrup @hondurassol @Mundo_PN @InSightCrime @ElMundoSV @MatthewLeeICP @sdnylive Ardon: I told Blanco that Chino had to be murdered.
AUSA: And what happened to him?
Ardon: He was murdered.
AUSA: Where?

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