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‘UK next? The project in Honduras entails a private city where big corporations will be able to connect and carry out transactions using new technologies such as cryptocurrency – without interference from the government.’ From article.
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#China kauft sich mal wieder Freunde.

Diesmal hat die Regierung von #Honduras mehrere Milliarden dafür bekommen, #Taiwan nicht mehr als eigenständige Nation zu sehen.

Das ist insgesamt gesehen kein wesentlicher Vorgang, es doch sowieso nur 14 von rund 200 Staaten gewesen,
die #Taiwan anerkannt haben. Und keiner der 14 Staaten besitzt Relevanz im geopolitischen Rahmen. Wer das nicht glaubt, sollte die Liste googlen und dann feststellen, dass der Vatikanstaat(!) als Bedeutsamst in der Liste heraus sticht...

Trotzdem hat Honduras' Ausstieg für
China innenpolitisch einen großen Wert, kann man doch erneut der Bevölkerung im Rahmen der "One China" Politik vor machen, dass man die "Elitären Machthaber der chineischen Insel", die "die armen Festland Chinesen daran hindern nach Hause zu kommen" nun Schritt für Schritt
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More from #Taiwan's @MOFA_Taiwan on the decision to sever ties with #Honduras: Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said Honduras' request for assistance from Taiwan included funding hospitals, reservoirs and repayment of Honduras' debt.…
Wu said all three projects totaled US$2.45 billion and it "felt like a request for money rather than hospitals."
Wu pointed out that China's inducements to Honduras have never stopped, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy are aware of the relevant information and have been handling it carefully.
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According to a letter that #Honduras' Foreign Minister sent to #Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, Honduras asked Taiwan to provide an aid package of over US$2 billion. The letter's issuance date was March 7 but Taiwan only received it on March…
The day after #Taiwan received the letter, #Honduras' President @XiomaraCastroZ announced on Twitter that she had instructed the Honduran Foreign Minister to establish diplomatic ties with #China, leaving #Taiwan no time to respond to the request from Honduras.
In the letter, which was mailed to #Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, Honduras wanted #Taiwan to provide the $2 billion USD aid package to help build a hospital that will cost an estimated $90 million USD, and it will be carried out as a special cooperation project.
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Breaking: #Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry held a press conference at 9:30 am to announce the decision to break diplomatic relations with Honduras. The news comes as Honduras prepares to establish ties with #China.…
Update: In response to #Taiwan's Central News Agency, the White House National Security Council said even though Honduras' move is a sovereign decision, it's worth noting that China often makes promises in exchange for diplomatic ties, but they often fail to deliver the promises.
The White House spokesperson said the US will continue to deepen and expand exchanges with Taiwan based on the One China Policy and the US strongly encourages other countries to expand interactions with Taiwan.
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#Taiwan foreign ministry says #Honduras demanded massive amounts of foreign aid to continue the diplomatic relationship.
#Taiwan also says it is severing diplomatic relations with #Honduras, which is poised to establish formal ties with #China.
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Exclusive with @ChiaChun_YEH: A source with knowledge of the conversation between #Honduras and #Taiwan told us that Taiwan was informed about Honduras' possible diplomatic switch to China four weeks ago but Taiwan didn't respond.…
Prior to @XiomaraCastroZ's announcement on Twitter, #China and Honduras have actually met twice, once in Brazil and once in Spain.
According to the source, Honduras has been asking #Taiwan for financial assistance for several projects but Taiwan hasn't responded to their requests. The projects are related to energy grid in Honduras.
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Following @XiomaraCastroZ's explosive announcement of her intention to establish diplomatic ties with #China, @dajungli told me that some incidents in recent months showed concerning signs that #Taiwan's relations with #Honduras may be in jeopardy."…
"Honduras was the only diplomatic ally who didn't mention Taiwan in their speech during the UN general assembly last year."
"Another key factor in Taiwan's diplomatic relationship with Honduras in the United States. The US sent a delegation to Honduras prior to the presidential election in 2021, telling both candidates that they hope Honduras would maintain its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan.
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️… 💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | El presidente @lopezobrador_ informó que al 28 de febrero los puestos de trabajo registrados en @Tu_IMSS alcanzaron los 21,660,469.

👉El salario promedio de los trabajadores inscritos al #IMSS es $15,913 pesos mensuales.
#ConferenciaPresidente | En lo que va de la actual administración, el peso mexicano se ha apreciado 10.1% frente al dolor, lo que convierte en nuestra moneda en la segunda más fuerte después del dólar.

Esta recuperación del peso no se veía en medio siglo, explicó @lopezobrador_.
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OK - now at #Honduras former president JOH's Curcio hearing. US filing for this says Rosenthals bribed JOH. Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
The US Attorney's Office reached out in October 2022 about unsealing the docket of CW-1.
Did the unsealing ever happen? If so, why still no name?
Now a whispered sidebar discussion, obscured by loud white noise.
JOH is speaking in Spanish, uses word "cross-examinar." Calls the two cooperating witnesses "estas personas."
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Cuando en 1519 el seminarista Jerónimo de Aguilar recibió una carta de Hernán Cortés de inmediato marcho hacia el sur, hacia Chetumal en busca de su compañero, el náufrago de Palos de la Frontera, Gonzalo Guerrero. Sabes qué le respondió cuando lo invitó a unirse con Cortés? HILO
“Aguilar, soy casado, tengo 3 hijos, y tienenme por cacique y capitán cuando hay guerras; ídos vos con Dios, que yo tengo labrada la cara y horadadas las orejas. ¿Qué dirán mí desde que me vean esos españoles ir desta manera?E ya veis mis 3 hijos cuán bonicos son…
“Por vida vuestra que me deis desas cuentas verdes que traéis para ellos, y diré que mis hermanos me las envían de mi tierra”.
Así fue como Guerrero se quedó con los mayas del actual Quintana Roo, preparándose para la invasión que vendría.
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OK - now US v Juan Orlando Hernandez, former president of #Honduras, with trial scheduled for April 24. [ahora US v. JOH, expresidente de #Honduras] Inner City Press is covering the case… and will tweet, thread below Indicted narco-trafficking Juan Orlando Hernandez with UN SG
JOH has been brought in by Marshals, wearing a blue COVID mask. He touches the microphone in front of him and it squawks. He covers it to speak with his lawyer beside him. No sign (yet) of his new lawyer who is authorized under CIPA
All rise!
Judge Castel: Defense?
Ray Colon: For Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado.
Judge: I have this letter from the government that perplexes me. Is the US asking for an adjournment?
Assistant US Attorney Tarlow: We agree with defense that it is appropriate.
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | @HLGatell informó que México lleva 8 semanas con aumento de casos de #COVID19, y explicó que las hospitalizaciones han aumentado con menor intensidad gracias a la vacunación:

Ocupación camas generales: 7%
Ocupación camas con ventilador: 2%
#ConferenciaPresidente | Estrategia Nacional de Vacunación:

👉Todas las edades: 84%
👉18 años y mas: 91%
👉12 a 17 años: 64%
👉5 a 11 años: 60%
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1/25.📜It’s day twelve of #COP27 and here is your daily #LossAndDamage focused thread. The intense negotiations on “funding arrangements" continue today after the release of a new text which contained a set of three options for a decision on a fund to address #LossAndDamage. 🧵
2/25. As summarised by @YebSano of @GreenpeaceSEA during @CANInt press conference these options equate to: “Option 1, we have a fund here. Option 2, we have a fund next year, Option 3, we don't have a fund, let's talk some more.”
3/25. However, it is very important to note — as we did earlier in an extensive thread— that “option number 1” is not in line with the G77 and China’s current proposal for an operating entity (be it a fund or facility) under the financial mechanism of the @UNFCCC.
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1/29. It’s day eleven of #COP27 and it was a busy day in #SharmElSheikh with press conferences by @CANIntl and the G77 and China, the #PeoplesPlenary, a @COP27P event on Cultural Heritage, an HoD meeting on the cover decision and #LossAndDamage side events throughout the day. 🧵
2/29.#LossAndDamage side events kicked of this morning with an event on Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD): “Losing the Irreplaceable: #LossAndDamage, #Culture & Heritage” at the #ResilienceHub.
3/29. During the event, @nusrat_naushin highlighted that in areas where intense saltwater intrusion is happening Non-Economic #LossAndDamage is taking place: “#Women and small children are bearing the brunt. People are losing their hair, women are having gynaecological issues.”
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Tonight at #cop27 I attended an event about global early warning systems for extreme weather forecasting.

After the event I spoke to several senior meteorologists about the unusual atmospheric phenomena over North and Central America during October 2022.
They all (five sources) confirmed the thesis in this data related thread that geo-engineering / weather modification by the US was indeed the cause of this unusual weather event. Very candidly.
And further they suggested that a text on this ought to be proposed to be added to the cover agreement for #cop27

One which mandated a work program to regulate how the “open secret” of large scale weather modification technology ought to be used & improve transparency.
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El martes se cerraron las negociaciones entre abogados de la Administración Biden y la familia demandante en el caso de cancelación del #TPS en #USA sin acuerdo alcanzando. El riesgo del fin del beneficio migratorio y de que haya deportaciones es mayor 🧵
Miles de familias y miembros de la Alianza Nacional TPS esperaban que estas negociaciones resultara una opción favorable a la situación migratoria de los afectados. Sin ningún acuerdo y sin nueva extensión, el #TPS tiene los días contados
Si la Administración Biden no concede una nueva extensión antes del 30 de noviembre próximo y mantiene su postura en la demanda que ha frenado temporalmente la cancelación, todo apuntaría a que no hay interés de mantener el #TPS
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📌 #NoticiasDeReformasLATAM 🧵 #HiloDeLaSemana

Desde #ObservatorioReformas recopilamos las noticias más importantes en materia de reformas y elecciones para esta semana.


El Senado de la República rechazó la iniciativa de reforma electoral que tenía como principal propósito modificar al Consejo Nacional Electoral.


El presidente del Tribunal Superior Electoral presentó los resultados de las Elecciones Generales realizadas el pasado domingo 2 de octubre.

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1. 🇨🇳🇹🇼|👉 El estatus actual de la isla de #Taiwán es el fruto de una larga #GuerraCivil entre el #PartidoComunista y el #PartidoNacionalista o #Kuomintang 🇨🇳⚔🇹🇼 finalizada en 1949.

#CrisisChinaTaiwán2022 #China #GeopolíticaDelLejanoOriente

Hilo 🇨🇳🇹🇼🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
2. 🇨🇳🇹🇼|👉 Las #Relaciones entre la #RepPopularChina y #Taiwán no han sido precisamente amistosas. Teniendo algunas #Escaramuzas entre ambos en la segunda mitad del #SigloXX

#CrisisChinaTaiwán2022 #China #GeopolíticaDelLejanoOriente

Hilo 🇨🇳🇹🇼🇪🇸⬇️⬇️ Image
3. 🇨🇳🇹🇼|👉 #ChiangKaiShek goberno la #RepúblicaChina 🇹🇼 hasta su muerte en 1975. #Taiwán es un #Ejemplo de una #TransicióModelo de una #Dictadura a una #Democracia 🇹🇼🗳 frente a la #RepPopularChina 🇨🇳

#CrisisChinaTaiwán2022 #China #GeopolíticaDelLejanoOriente

Hilo 🇨🇳🇹🇼🇪🇸⬆️⬇️ Image
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Construction workers at the site of the new @usembassyhn in Tegucigalpa are out early this morning for a second day of work stoppage protesting labor abuses by @StateDept contractor @BLHarbert. I’ll post here as I get updates.
#Honduras #Solidarity
@usembassyhn @StateDept @BLHarbert Direct action (+lots of solidarity) on the way to getting the goods this AM for workers building the oversized fortress that will be the new @usembassyhn in Honduras. Workers showed up @ 5am; soon after a (US) manager from @BLHarbert came out to meet them & hear their demands... ImageImageImageImage
@usembassyhn @StateDept @BLHarbert The workers at the new US Embassy in Honduras (apparently all 900 of them) are refusing to start up work again until @BLHarbert signs their list of demands. There is some sort of delay in getting it translated. Took me five minutes to do this very rough translation. ImageTegucigalpa July 7, 2022  T...
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#HONDURAS: Las autoridades hondureñas deben realizar una investigación rigurosa y confiable sobre el asesinato del camarógrafo y presentador televisivo Ricardo Alcides Ávila en el suroeste de Honduras, y deben enjuiciar a los responsables.…
Cerca de las 5 a. m. del 26 de mayo, un sujeto no identificado le disparó a Ávila en la cabeza cuando el periodista se trasladaba en su motocicleta por el poblado de Santa Cruz. Ávila fue llevado a un hospital en la capital, Tegucigalpa, donde falleció el 29 de mayo.
La directora de C-Libre, Amada Ordóñez, rechazó la versión de la Policía, que declaró que Ávila había sido víctima de un robo. Ordóñez precisó que las pertenencias del periodista fueron halladas con él.

“C-Libre ha confirmado que no se trató de un robo común”.
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A brief thread about migration trends in #Mexico, based on Mexican government data updated through April, and through May for asylum seekers.

5 months into 2022, Mexico has already received its 3rd-highest annual total of asylum requests. At this pace 2022 will be 2d after 2021.
New asylum applications in #Mexico have declined for two consecutive months, though.

This is from the latest summary by Mexico's refugee agency @comar_sg, posted today:…
Far fewer people applying for asylum in #Mexico this year are from #Haiti, compared to last year. #Honduras is back in the number-1 position, followed by #Cuba.
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OK -#Honduras Tigre Bonilla is about to be presented in @SDNYLIVE Magistrates Court. Inner City Press is only media here (at least for now, while alerting others) and will live tweet, thread below
Already in Magistrates Court are the two prosecutors from yesterday's JOH arraignment, and agents eith a bag of clothes and possessions, presumably Bonilla's. Still waiting.
The court interpreter is setting up. A defense lawyer who Inner City Press recognizes from another recent trial (for horse drugging) peeks in; unclear if he or another lawyer will represent Bonilla.
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#ElSalvador | Según la “Evaluación Anticorrupción de América Latina 2021-2022” del Centro Cyrus R. Vance para la Justicia Internacional, El Salvador ha obtenido una puntuación de 4.20, ubicándole en la posición 14 de 17.
➡️La evaluación realizada por el Centro Cyrus R. Vance para la Justicia Internacional, considera que #ElSalvador tiene un puntaje de 8.17 en materia de legislación, 2.23 al referirse a autoridades y un 6.99 cuando se refiere a la implementación de de leyes.
➡️Estos punteos derivan de "la segunda edición
de un estudio regional para diecisiete países que
mapea los esfuerzos legales para prevenir y combatir la
corrupción", según dice el informe del Centro Cyrus R. Vance para la Justicia Internacional.
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