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1) Birds of a feather... you know the saying...

They CLAIM to fight child trafficking, but do they REALLY? 🙄

In this thread, we are going to take a look at some who are HIGHLY suspect!

2) We will work backwards through this list as some of these organizations were outed long ago.

The #McCain Institute had a terrible track record! At the very least, "McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations"

3) It is widely believed that the McCains were involved in trafficking in AZ. Here is Cindy McCain sporting her pedo swirl, as well as the tell tale medical boot that suggests she has an ankle monitor. McStain abandoned his first wife to marry into this major crime family.
4) John Kasich was famously filmed admitting that McStain was "put to death" while Meghan McCain's comment "you can't kill him again" was also captured, verifying that the penalty for his Crimes Against Humanity was indeed, severe.
5) Moving on to the next known criminal enterprise, in Q drop 1830, we were advised: Clinton Foundation Linked to National Human Trafficking Hotline

COUNTLESS organizations used this number, most notably, the Polaris Project which is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative
6) We even discovered an organization that distributed the phone number to hotels and events surrounding the Super Bowl; America's event that has the highest incidents of human trafficking. Distribution of the Clinton controlled # assured that any escapees would get recaptured
7) This brings us to Hillary Clinton's involvement with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and The International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC). For a thorough explanation, we turn to @CoreyDigs
8) Rights4Girls is a project of the Tides Foundation

"Tides has grown into the leading platform for laundering away ties between wealthy donors and the radical causes they fund"

Drummond Pike, architect of this org, has close ties to George Soros

9) Drummond Pike and the Tides Foundation assisted George Soros in his attempt to destroy Rupert Murdoch and Fox news.

10) In 2008, Pike anonymously donated $1 million to ACORN after Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN's founder Wade Rathke, was found to have embezzled $948,607.50 from the group and affiliated charitable organizations. Many articles speak of ACORNs fraud.

11) While Thorn is not listed in the article at the beginning of the thread, understanding that Ashton Kutcher was heavily involved with McCain's trafficking efforts will become important further on. mccaininstitute.org/staff/ashton-k…

12) This brings us to Uber. Look who they list as partners!

The McCain Institute, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Polaris, and Thorn.

13) Connected to this nefarious bunch is Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R). There are some rather troubling facts and connections associated with the founder, Timothy Ballard. The org has locations in UT (Mormons) and CA (high tech)

14) Ballard was CIA and a U.S. Special Agent and undercover operator with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security between 2001-2013.

This overlaps with Hillary Clinton's time as United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
15) By now, most realize that the Clintons have been devastating to Haiti. Corey has many articles about the Clintons and Haiti. coreysdigs.com/haiti/clintons…
16) This article speaks of #LauraSilsby who was arrested for trying to smuggle children out of #Haiti and the Clinton's intervention. It also mentions that there were nine others who were with her, but NOT arrested. Immunity as govt employees perhaps?

17) "As a member of the Internet Crimes against Children Taskforce and the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team, Ballard helped infiltrate and dismantle dozens of trafficking orgs that kidnapped children and forced them into the sex slave industry” Did he? With #HRC so close? 🧐
18) It is notable that they both left in 2013, and it's odd that O.U.R. was founded soon after and the first mission was in Haiti. In addition, in this article, we are now seeing a connection to UT and the Mormons ksl.com/article/438390…
19) The Mormons are a 'department' of the #illuminati. With every day that passes we are seeing more situations that involve this group.
21) Tim Ballard happens to be a Mormon.

22) Glenn Beck also happens to be a Mormon. He now acts as the promotional arm for O.U.R.

23) A note about Billy Graham
24) Another Mormon involved in Human Trafficking is Paul Petersen. He had some interesting connections... patheos.com/blogs/progress…
25) In Feb 2017, Ashton Kutcher gave a dramatic PERFORMANCE (remember, he's an actor) in front of Congress. Keep in mind his association with the criminal McCain Institute, and realize that O.U.R. promotes his drama

26) Another nefarious connection to O.U.R. is Tony Robbins m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
28) Tony has run into some trouble as of late wewitchesthree.com/tony-robbins-n…
30) "Tony Robbins perfectly fits the CIA archetype the Agency uses to influence pop culture: a loner who was plucked from obscurity, no formal education beyond high school, charismatic, beautiful, charming, a bit creepy, and just too good to be true." seanmaclarenbooks.com/the-sexual-mis…
31) Glenn Beck is actually quite involved as he partnered with Ballard for the Nazarene Fund

32) Beck's Mercury One logo sure looks like Saturn...
(Saturn and the Black Cube are worshipped by the Cabal)

33) Mercury One sends future leaders, pastors and others to Israel for training... 😳🧐

34) It seems that Glenn Beck has been involved with the Clinton Foundation. This article discusses varying opinions about the validity of this document

35) This tweet may be extremely relevant here
36) A major sponsor of O.U.R. is Asea Global. This company operates in many areas of high human trafficking such as Thailand. Its corporate headquarters are in UT, home of the MLM companies aseaimpact.com/blog/tag/opera…
37) There are a few things that make me pause. The founder, Verdis Norton, hailed from Kraft Foods, one of the companies known to use fetal cells in their food. redoxsignalingwater.com/company/manage…
39) The description of Asea's products
40) Reminds me of this. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

41) Trouble is, my paranoia is not tempered when we consider the theory of these images; that there is a cache of kids underground in Moab, UT
42) Anyhow.... wrapping up the commentary on the article at the beginning of this thread, the last org Foundation for a Slavery Free World received an award from Obama. We've seen similar before...
#ChildTrafficking #ClintonFoundation #McCainInstitute #AshtonKutcher #Thorn
43) The moral of this thread is you should never take what a charitable organization claims it does at face value. Quite often it does the exact opposite. We've seen time and again that the very limited efforts that are on the up and up are often a cover for extreme evil. 👿
44) Question EVERYTHING. Look for connections to known problematic (or even CONVICTED) people and orgs. If the effort is said to be in the best interest of children, assume there are extreme misdeeds afoot until proven otherwise. Many are INVOLVED in #ChildTrafficking
14a) INTERESTING timeline.... 👀🧐 #EpsteinCoverup #ClintonFoundation #Haiti
14b) State Department Press Release
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