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@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Laura Silsby = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Bill Clinton = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
@RealJamesWoods @Saltimark Hillary Clinton + Haiti 🇭🇹 = Child Trafficking. ImageImageImageImage
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1/ Did you know the CDC, W.H.O., PEPFAR and Gates Foundation work directly for the UN and are under a legal clause where no one can see their financial records? Did you know thousands in the UN were found to be pedophiles...
...and even impregnated many children in Haiti? Did you know the #ClintonFoundation is implicated in this(#LauraSilsby.) Did you know the UN wants global jurisdiction & that this was the main component in the Paris Agmt? And why our @POTUS refused to sign it?

Did you know the CDC/W.H.O./UN were responsible for inaccurate reporting in China? As well as shipping obviously defective equipment & tests that were either 80% false positives or actually contaminated with COVID around the world? Yet our @POTUS was hated for not using them?
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Remember Monica Petersen?

She investigated The Clinton child trafficking incident in Haiti.. she’s dead now, too... seeing a pattern yet? @ICEgov @HillaryClinton @HaitiJustice @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Laura Silsby?? @FBI @DHSgov @NSAGov @CIA Anybody investigating? @CNN @KMOV
Trafficking Charges for Adviser to Jailed Americans in Haiti… As the 10 Americans imprisoned in Haiti for trying to remove children from the country awaited a decision on their fate, legal woes of man who falsely portrayed himself as a lawyer mounted.
The one-time legal adviser, who calls himself Jorge Puello, now acknowledges that he faces sex trafficking charges in El Salvador under the name Jorge Anibal Torres Puello. American law enforcement officials worked w/ Interpol to search border and immigration records to find him.
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@jkbjournalist Well, maybe someone should investigate Hillary Clinton & Laura Silsby & Haiti. Where are the investigative journalists? @abcnews & @jamesgoldston killed @arobach’s story for 3 years while @BillClinton & @TheDukeOfYork rape children. Fake News Protects Pedophiles!
VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup "We had... @TheDukeOfYork @BillClinton @jamesgoldston @ABCNetwork “We Had It All!” & yet Bill & Prince Andrew still out here raping kids because mainstream media protects the wealthy Pedos!
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1) Birds of a feather... you know the saying...

They CLAIM to fight child trafficking, but do they REALLY? 🙄

In this thread, we are going to take a look at some who are HIGHLY suspect!…
2) We will work backwards through this list as some of these organizations were outed long ago.

The #McCain Institute had a terrible track record! At the very least, "McCain Institute Caught Stealing Millions In Child Trafficking Donations"…
3) It is widely believed that the McCains were involved in trafficking in AZ. Here is Cindy McCain sporting her pedo swirl, as well as the tell tale medical boot that suggests she has an ankle monitor. McStain abandoned his first wife to marry into this major crime family.
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Huge Thread on Child Pedophile Services #OpExposeCPS #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren #FosterCare

#Bush #Clinton #Obama Admin - The School to State Care to Prison to Sex Trafficking pipeline. @Drag0nsVsPed0s #ARIELSARMY @NoLongerIgnored
@POTUS @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump
Thank you for taking a stand against child sex trafficking. You have taken on quite a cesspool from the last 4 admins 2 #SaveTheChildren
Pull Federal funding from states not complying with your executive orders. #ThisIsNotAGame
Kids missing from group homes a common thread in Milwaukee sex trafficking…
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1. In light of today's #NewQ, it's time to update my old #D5 thread from back in Aug. Thanks to @StormIsUponUs, @intheMatrixxx, and @BasedBasterd for connecting dots here. Let's dig in.…
2. #D5 #Directive5 #DirectiveFive is a Sept. 11 era plan to basically institute #MartialLaw in response to some domestic emergency. It involves the activation of a National Incident Management System (NIMS). Sounds eerily like Q post #34, the most famous of all. #Coincidence?
3. We've seen time and again how @POTUS has turned control mechanisms made by the bad guys against them. #D5 was Bush's plan to take control in the wake of his Sept. 11 "War on Terror," now it's about to be used to restore our republic. #BoomerangSuicide #HuntersBecomeTheHunted
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1) #skydreadnought

Cigar shaped UFO's

Turns out- ?

It's U.S. military aircraft
Using anti-gravity technology
(Like we BEEN sayin, as always)

When "alien" disclosure goes public

(For the purpose of
"A common threat" all nations should "ban 2gether to fight")

Just know...
You've been purposely kept ignorant
Stuck in time&knowledge

&the controllers will seem to have "god-like" powers...

They're not


you will be manipulated into submission&acceptance

But that's ALWAYS been
The plan.


There are no "aliens"

Operating in the energetic
"Spirit body" realm that is your true natural state (that you've been trained to deny exists)

That feed off the energy you emit

Lower vibrational frequencies
(That are proven& measurable)
Make them stronger..
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