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@anneapplebaum @sikorskiradek this did not happen under #Trump whom you accuse of being #Putin's agent which is a lie & you know it

This, #Afganistan, #Belarus border crisis, lifting #NordStream2 sanctions have happened under @joeBiden & with his permission bought with Putin's $
#uspoli #eupoli #CCP @TheAtlantic, @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @CNN etc. lost the idea what it means to be civic. Now, they are simply partisan lap dogs who are paid by their owners to go after whoever is an obstacle on their way to power:
the power which can award lucrative Kazakhstan Uranium contracts to #FrancGiustra in exchange for $millions in donations to #ClintonFoundation.

#Trump being an outsider did not play their game the way all before him did and was re-arranging their #corruption driven money machine
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Keeping the swamp busy..... Deleted within minutes of posting..... Get a job Murt .... Oh YEAH you can't....
Seriously Murt, is the persecution of Timothy who usually can't stop really worth it?
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Do You Wanna See The Durham Report??

3) WHAT IF???

The thousands & thousands of #chidlren sex trafficked AFTER the Clinton Earthquake, Grew Up? What if many of these Haitian Victims made their way to our border(s) recently & tell us their stories? #RedHaiti #AIDS #ClintonCrimeSyndicate
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Our Fight for Liberty and Justice

In February 2019, we received a Final Denial from IRS in re our #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower Submission made to IRS in Aug 2017. We appealed to US Tax Court (March 2019). We met with many
high profile law firms specializing in this space. They all turned us down (our sense, most were afraid to touch this case) and many indicated they believed our chances of having our appeal accepted by the USTC were slim and none (less than 1%). Well, believing deeply in our
well documented evidence, we fought on. As fate would have it, on the afternoon of August 28, 2019 we received Official Notification from the USTC that they accepted our case, (Doyle, Moynihan v IRS). As we reflect on our ongoing fight, we think back to the Sons of Liberty who
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(1/3) While Manhattan DA is involved with bringing some minor tax related charges today, here are Orders from the Judge in our ongoing case in US Tax Court (Doyle, Moynihan v IRS) that are MUCH LARGER IN SCOPE and entree to MAJOR tax scandal that defines the Clinton Foundation:
10-8-20: Judge details how the IRS 'abused its discretion' in its handling of our #ClintonFoundation Whistleblower submission specifically in re to IRS/Criminal Investigation:…
Additionally, on 4-22-21: Judge writes: "there are facts and information,
(3/3) uniquely w/in the knowledge of (IRS) Whistleblower Office that need to be considered in connection w/resolution of petitioner's claim." Our claim states CFdn operated in violation of numerous IRS codes, rules/regs inc 'acting as agent', material misrepresentations and MORE
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Joe M summary of it all. @jack Lost. @georgesoros Lost. #China #CCP Lost. @nancypelosi Lost. @BarackObama Lost. @HillaryClinton Lost. @JoeBiden Lost. #Clintonfoundation Lost. @JohnBrennan Lost. @chuckschumer Lost. #SlaveTrade Lost. #MOSSAD Lost. #Iran Lost. @JackPosobiec Lost. Image
@RaheemKassam Lost. @AlexJones Lost. #Hollywood Lost. #MainstreamMedia Lost. @CNN Lost. @ABC Lost. @MSNBC Lost. @FoxNews Lost. @NBCNews Lost. @IsraeliPM Lost. @Pontifex Lost. @benshapiro Lost. @Oprah Lost. @TheEllenShow Lost. #JohnofGod Lost. #Rosthchild Lost. #Rockefeller Lost.
#Astor Lost. #Illuminati Lost. @CIA Lost. @FBI Lost. #Antifa Lost. #BLM Lost. @AOC Lost. @IlhanMN Lost. @KLoeffler Lost. @JudiciaryGOP Lost. @senatemajldr Lost. @SenateGOP Lost. @SenateDems Lost. @NRSC Lost. @dscc Lost. @SenatePress Lost. #TheBloodlines Lost. #Satan Lost.
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@ChanelRion @LisaMar91564392 @OANN #ClintonFoundation boasted of #DominionVotingSystems on their website.

How many other so called #democracy projects are crooked? LOTS!

Audit them all!

@ChanelRion @LisaMar91564392 @OANN +

Oh, wait ... this IS getting interesting!

#DominionVotingSystems links via Delian to the government of Canada, and to the UN!
@ChanelRion @LisaMar91564392 @OANN +

#DominionSoftware addressed The House Committee on Election Security in 2020, intro'd as representing 1,200 USA jurisdictions.

I wonder what security they provided to #Elections2020, & what liabilities (being partnered with Delian, Canada Govt & UN).…
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#ClintonCrimeFamily #ClintonFoundation #Palantir #CGI
Today, the dataanalytics company Palantir debuts on stock-market! 😁They are in DEEP connection with the Clintons'!
In 2013, Palantir joined Clinton Global Initiative (now shut down!):
CGI was a heavy arm of Clinton Foundation. Following piece, interview with Charles Ortel, reveals quite a bit of the DEEP corruption & crimes:…
Built & structured based on money from c*a (what's new!), Palantir has never really had profits (similar to Crowdstrike!) - how can it go onto the stock-market is an abomination:…
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How many of you knew a Grand Jury was empaneled on the Clinton Foundation relating to Bill Clinton's pardoning of Mark Rich all the way back in 2001?

#TheMoreYouKnow #ThinkQ
cc: @POTUS…
Marc Rich did business with Iran! You can't make this stuff up! @therealroseanne it's in the documents!
Marc Rich paid/donated to both the DNC and the Clinton Foundation to get his pardon thus violating the FEC law(s). This is actually PAY TO PLAY!

They thought they would get by with this forever. But, the House of Cards came tumbling down!!! #ClintonCrimeFamily
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In Politically Charged Inquiry, #Durham Sought Details About Scrutiny of Clintons

Durham’s team has sought information about the #FBI.’s handling of the #ClintonFoundation investigation, raising questions about the scope of the prosecutor’s review.

The Clinton Foundation has regularly been subjected to baseless, politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false,” the foundation said in a statement

Right-wing news media and prominent Republicans have long promoted a narrative that the F.B.I.’s leadership and the Justice Department under the Obama were biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. They have accused agents and prosecutors of aggressively investigating Trump...

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@BrentWelder @jessicaramos @ninaturner @PatTheBerner
Systemic corruption bother you?
I recently listened to an episode of @JimmyDoreShow in which it highlighted serious concerns you each have with systemic political corruption. As #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers
(2/3) my partner and I join you. We have an ongoing case in US Tax Court (Doyle, Moynihan v IRS). As we often state, our efforts are not right v left but rather right v wrong. The corruption within the #ClintonFoundation is truly systemic. I hope you might visit, read, watch
(3/3) and share our #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers Libraries:

We testified to Congress on these topics in December 2018. A link to that testimony is in the attached Libraries.

Transparency is the best disinfectant.
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(1/4) "About five years before assuming the role of FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb recounted to me the struggle to secure quality in the drugs being purchased from India and sent to Africa through the U.S. PEPFAR program."

(2/4) "As it turned out, Ranbaxy was the tip of the iceberg. With the help of multiple corporate whistleblowers, 20,000 internal FDA documents, and reporting on four continents, I learned that a culture of fraud permeated the generic drug industry."

(3/4) "From 2012-2016, the FDA investigator Peter Baker found fraud and deceitful data practices in 67 of the 86 drug plants he inspected in India and China . . . "

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#SteveBannon et al charged w/wire fraud + money laundering of hundreds of thousands of $$ relating to a campaign that raised ~$25mm:

In Other News: The #ClintonFoundation Could Be Subject to Taxation on $400mm to $2.5Bln. Let's revisit: @CSPAN…

We fully promote strict adherence to #RuleofLaw and #EqualJustice under the law. One standard of law for ALL CONCERNED, whether Mr. Bannon or the Clintons.…
(3/3) Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Libraries:
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Any parent worthy of the name impresses on children NOT to LIE, CHEAT, or STEAL. Time and again, the #ClintonFoundation has failed these tests:

1. How did the CF LIE?

2. How did the CF CHEAT? Their own internal counsel said so:
3. Where is STRONG EVIDENCE that the Clinton Foundation and then Secretary of State HRC engaged in activities consistent w/US Taxpayer funds being stolen? Here: #GlobalFund, #StateDepartment, #Fraud:

and Here: #USAID, #PEPFAR
#ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers #DoyleandMoynihan

For those interested in 'visiting' the Clinton Foundation Whistleblower Libraries, here you go. Please share:
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@TishJames gave the most impassioned and theater quality announcement regarding a complaint against the #NRA. It was dramatic in its presentation and begged for SNL sketch treatment. I know people were salivating over hearing anything about @realDonaldTrump. I have a few ideas.
When will @TishJames address the #ClintonFoundation? When will she address and investigate how contributions to BLM are funneled and re-distributed? When will she address how law enforcement in the State of New York has turned its back on riots, bloodshed and violence?
Did @TishJames deliver this dramatic theater quality recitation of a complaint against the #NRA miraculously coinciding with #BasementJoeBiden’s staff tweets anent a sudden concern over military-grade weapons and NRAesque protestations? Come on, Tish. We’re not that stupid.
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(1/7) Word has it @TishJames NYAG is scheduled to hold press conference today. We don't engage in speculation so will wait to see what is released. We welcome sharing w/media, public + anybody who cares that in re #NYAG, we sent our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Submission
(2/7) to the NYAG Charitable Division in mid-June 2018, all 6000+ pages and 100+ Formal Exhibits of documented evidence presented in Case Format. We followed up with the office there and specifically Ms. Karin Kunstler Goldman every 3-6 months over the next year and a half.
(3/7) We received lip service yet nothing of any substance nor engagement that any sort of serious investigation was ever undertaken despite our repeated overtures/attempts to engage. This was not a surprise. In November and December 2019 we received final word that they would
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Pedos in US government that have gotten little to no media coverage. A THREAD. #pedogate #pizzagate #breaktheprogram #ClintonFoundation #butalsoPLENTYofrepublicans #patriot
Democratic Illinois State Representative, Keith Farnham, has resigned and was charged with possession of child pornography and has been accused of bragging at an online site about sexually molesting a 6-year-old girl. He’s quoted saying 12 years is about as old as he can take...
Democratic spokesperson for the Arkansas Democratic Party, Harold Moody, Jr, was charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. Worked for #ClintonFoundation
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Book 14: Adding to the #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Library:

#NYAG files suit v NRA. Your friendly #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblowers at FBH filed a Whistleblower Submission on the Clinton Fdn w/the NYAG in June 2018. Let's read and let's roll:
Book 15: #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Library:

Our first/only interview since undertaking these efforts in late 2015 was with @Thomas1774Paine. This interview has received rave reviews. We come on around 20-minute mark. Lots of fun. Many bombshells:…
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We have received countless positive reviews on these #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries. They lay the foundation for understanding much of what is going on today/has transpired within #DeepState over the last two decades. I hope people will read, review, and retweet. Thx
Please keep going. Wash, Rinse, RETWEET . . .

Information is everything. The power of knowledge is unbeatable. This is HOW WE WIN.
@stacykarma1 I am forever grateful for the support of the #digitalarmy in sharing our work. Your help in further promoting and retweeting this #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower Libraries thread is GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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