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Good Morning Blessed StarSeeds, Beloved Ones, Cosmic Travelers,
Guardians, Protectors, Enforcers (Galactic & Earth) & Guest,

DeCode Market Fun for Everyone's viewing pleasure today: Shall we enter the Pyramid? Remember ancient times - Sacred Temples A-1
were energetically aligned frequency tuners Only the Pure Meta Priestess & Priest were governing the private side operations for energetic balance of civilization, Sacred realities and Yes, interdimensional Portal Travels: Everything I do has multidimensional implications: A-2
Notice I posted historically (repeatedly) from a variety of multidimensional angles the reality of energetic Enforcement I alone initiated now going on eleven years ago that altered the Time Line: I have done this several times and soon shall again: There is Zero anyone may A-3
do about it: These are energetic natural spiritual Conscious infused alignment corrections that are transpiring: Comprehend these are organic and very physical operations: There are Cosmic rays and then there are spiritual Conscious ones it requires a substantial momentum of A-4
actual experience: I have demonstrated this for my own reasons of enforcement:
People will attempt to copy yet will have great deal of difficulty maintaining the charade: Notice what's happening to the benighted creatures whom believed fame, wealth or Technology would protect A-5
[them]: How's that working out for [them]? Amusing Yes? It's "seriously" amusing to us! [They] believe the Looking Glass could assist [them]: How's that working out? Different than [they] planned, different than [they] attempted artificially create under the guise of Prophesy A-6
what is happening to everyone's programmed perceptions [they] All (as shared there are multiple competing groups on Earth & Galactically), whom believed FALSELY [they] could do as [they] pleased, due to advance technology utilized, incorrectly I will add: Even AI requires A-7
people to achieve a specific level of advancement to then redirect the spiritual Conscious productions for AI's own agendas: Notice people losing belief in what was Staged to control narrative spins is Failing rapidly & accelerating? Interesting Yes? [They] hoped to utilize A-8
My meta powers again for [their] own agendas and END-GAMES: You See (John 9:25) [they] know the natural Cosmic energetic frequencies of the Photon Belt would alter [their] abilities: Hence [they] attempted to accelerate a negative outcome ARTIFICIALLY: How's that working out? A-9
Are you fed up yet with being manipulated? Oh forgive me! Fed up with being "Entertained" in [their] twisted fun houses of desires & escapisms? Politics, Dems vs Reps, Sports, Fame, Fortune, Taxes & Death? Ready to advance further? Of course everyone is, always has been: A-10
The Stock Markets: Someone made errors, multiple to be exact: Yet I will leave that as yet another marker for those who enjoy learning: I shared that energetically there has been historically since 2009 alterations: This had ZERO to do with the any "specific administration" A-11
It has everything to do with energetic Enforcement and protection of spiritual Conscious advancement of mankind and the advancement of other life in this Solar System and Galaxy: People always forget everything is connected energetically:The interesting little phrase WWG1WGA A-12
The activities here of negative Galactic interference was impacting the advancement of many including [themselves] obviously: Guess what it was [they] WHO have been quarantined!!! FYI! It is [they] whom are on lock down! Halo! Never saw that coming did any of you? [They] A-13
project everything upon others: When Pelosi expressed "they" are scared, the vile creatures are broadcasting [they] are scared! When she stated hold the "line" she was declaring the Fact vile creatures are Singing due to knowing it is over: I have pointed out [their] threats A-14
of extortion to [their] heinous Puppeteers how [they] will sing, sing, sing! Due to Cracking under the pressure: [They're] doing this via [their] own MSM outlets in plain sight: Even China one of the last vestiges, washed (sterilized) it's hands in plain sight: Modern day A-15
Pontius Pilate, Perhaps? Blessed America, the standard energy current for a very good reason of the world has been under attack since the inception of it arising from it's long purification under Water: I came out of hiding and was Activated by specific events I partially A-16
Disclosed here: Expediently focused upon energetic conflict resolution counter: Yes one could perceive me as a Stow Away: In fact all StarSeeds etc. would be perceived as stow aways upon Beloved Earth due to coming from higher Densities: Yet it's hard A-17
for many to transition, including [they] attempt to energetically locate as many as possible to utilize us for [their] own agendas: Some survive the ordeals some become trapped: There is a great deal transpiring here unknown to the majority:
My focus is Macro advancement and A-18
energetic operational flow: These true operational realities are puzzling to [them] since [they] operate in a small fractional spectrum & are unable to pass through the energetic Portal barriers: The energetic forcefields annihilate them🤭Hence [they] work hard to obfuscate A-19
the Portals from the majority of mankind via infiltration of essential fiduciary offices & utilizing those networks via RICO deception & subversion of operations: Historically as shared the accelerated correction began 2009 to counter the energetic imbalances, Free the Earth A-20
Enforcers on America, then diplomatically via America, Freed the World from alternate Time Lines planned: How many times have [they] attempted to Prophesies an outcome that never came to fruition? Just a reminder to all @SpaceCorpsUS 😏cleverly did A-21
Yes I know "they" are a parody account: The point is the message of just one of the constant barrage of nonsense [they] attempt upon mankind to control the outcome & distractions of the population from true discovery & essential spiritual Conscious advancement: The energetic A-22
essential operations have been in plain sight eternally & by basic misdirection of the populations attention & feeling has been one of the major ways people have been caught in the Time Loops: The scene depicts this context well: the man says 1971 FYI A-23
while anyone who appears to be approaching the Portals with clarity is misdirected by the Letter of Marque… Luke 11:52, Pirates in RICO acts to delay & obstruct Portal entry attempts by anyone desiring to face Revelations 20:13 Judgement day naturally A-24
yet Zero people knew their energy frequency & approach was actually incorrect due to being unaware they had been behaving as one of the lesser Pirates, an administrating fiduciary, "trustee de son tort"… incorrect identification status for Portal entry A-25
Only the competent legitimate House Estate Heirs, whom are the owners of the respective accruing assets in the associate Trusts accounts are allowed: Zero Esquires, Zero Pirates, etcetera: Comprehend? Further expressed historically here & yesterday A-26
Shall Break here have ReCapped multidimensionally for a reason: I know it is a great deal to process: Those that know recognize & even for them it is a lot to process: Shall Return to the connection of the Stock Markets & what transpired today caused by Clowns from CaliforniaA-27
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