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"A Teachable Moment in the Sky: The Transit of Mercury"…

Used in 'magic' Alchemy...
The Switching of Mercury and Saturn – Gnostic Temple of Inanna...🤔...…
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Jangan hanya berkomentar apa yang orang lakukan terhadap orang lain termasuk terhadap Dirimu, akan lebih baik jika kamu juga memahami apa yang sudah kamu lakukan terhadap orang lain terlebih kepada Dirimu sendiri 👈 #Kehidupan dan #CintaKasih @as_boediono #hening
Hidup itu gambaran keseharian dari kesehatan Tubuh,Jiwa dan Roh. Apapun yang kita berhasil kita tangkap lewat Panca Indera akan langsung tercetak didalam Hati Sanubari dan terekam dalam bentuk Suara Hati atau Intuisi yang akan menjadi jejak perjalanan Manusia @as_boediono #hening
ada ungkapan yang sering diucapkan oleh para pinisepuh “Urip Sakdermo Ngalap Berkah“ atau lebih Populer 👉 Hidup itu sekedar singgah untuk minum 👈 ungkapan itu berpesan soal Waktu dan Kepasrahan Hati sekaligus Ketidakmampuan Manusia berbuat sesuatu #hening @as_boediono
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@intheMatrixxx suspended 12 hrs for showing you facts about the NZ event..
We will not be censored.

We will have 3/27/19 Qposts here continuing the thread from today.

#QAlert 3/27/19 Q3224…📁
"Maximum transparency."

#QAlert 3/27/19 Q3225
DOJ coordination w/ UK re: DECLAS OF FISA?
Think plane tracking.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #FACTSMATTER #PatriotsUnited
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So many people don't know what Q is or even understand how to read it, so I will try to help you all. Q is NOT the news, not some crazy person who has a tin foil hat or conspiracy theorist, Q is TRUTH. It's FACTS presented to anonymous computer geeks who love to look through the
available government documents known as FOIA documents that are based in 100% FACTUAL data. Anons is a term used to describe the people searching and posting supporting DATA on the 'drops' of information known as 'CRUMBS' to those who 'BAKE' these crumbs into 'BREAD' or real time
headline information everyone can use to make up their OWN minds. Nobody who is a REAL anon will fault you or call you names for believing or not believing any of it because all true anons enjoy a debate on the facts and love to hear opinions. Sure, you may experience a shill or
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How do I know this is true? Because a few months after cleaning up what I ingest I had a beautiful, life-changing experience. I am changed. Thanks again @IncarnatedET for putting it all together in a way I could never so clearly communicate. 💞…
Thank you to those you've shared. I've never been an esoteric, hippy-dippy type. I simply got into a holistic/detoxing diet. I wasn't seeking some otherworldly contact, but when my eye was briefly opened, there it was. I could never tell all that was relayed to me, but #WeAreOne
I'll attempt to explain what I was told. It wasn't a physical/visible/audible presence, it was more of a downloading of info, things I never knew I suddenly did. Mind you this was a Sunday morning going about my reg. routine when I was stopped in my tracks with this communication
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There were many heroes at Riverside all are worthy of praise, but Omar Muchiris interview really resonated with me. The way he recounts it with calmness but then you compare the look on his face after the attack, the trauma in his eyes after he faced death!! Very sad...
My highlight of the interview is when Omar said he lost his gun at Riverside and attackers were shooting. He thought it was the end of him so he decided to pray. He quotes the Quran saying that everyone must die in the end to say he had no fear to face the terrorists...
It’s interesting that the same Quran verse used by terrorists to encourage suicide bombers is the same Omar used to get courage at Riverside...“Every soul shall taste death. We try you with good and evil [in this life], and in the end, you shall return to us.” Al-Anbiya 35
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Glad he found his daughter but really? “Islamic fundamentalism”? I thought ALL terrorism has no place in the modern world, why only focus on one religion. What a way to cause division instead of unity!! #riversideattacks
It’s a shame to hear some attack “Islamic fundamentalism” for Riverside instead of terrorism like from @KBonimtetezi, especially considering Muslims died in the attacks were part of the rescue @AbbasGullet. Blame the attackers not the religion and its adherents! #riversideattack
@KBonimtetezi Many Muslims prayed for your family and your daughter and other victims. So your post is very offensive! “Fundamentalism” simply means strict adherence to a religion. Stop using a sensational Western stereotype to Kenya to divide us!! #WeareOne
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Hitler didn't start by killing and gassing people.
He started by criminalizing them, blaming society's problems on their existence, and declaring them "illegal." Then deporting them became normalized. Are parallels starting to dawn on you yet?

She sees it. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
In the 30s and 40s Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels developed videos to portray the Jews as inferior and evil people - as part of his plan to later on justify their extermination (the Holocaust). 🔥

This is the most recent Trump ad:
If you think this is acceptable because they're all just "illegals" then you have another "think" coming.

NOW the Dept of Justice is "De-naturalizing" legally-naturalized citizens and DECLARING them illegal so they can deport them. 🚨…
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