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This is a thread about how anyone can use publicly accessible sequence databases and free software to discover new things about #genomes, #biology, and life on earth.

#Bioinformatics #Genomics #Evolution #Science #MolecularBiology #DNA #Research #DataScience #LifeSciences Image
Genomes are absolutely loaded with complex information, most of which we still don’t understand.

Complete and near complete genome sequences are now available for many organisms.

However, decoding the information in these genomes remains a slow and difficult process. Image
A large proportion of most published genome sequences consist of DNA that is incompletely understood in terms of its evolutionary origins and functional significance. Image
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An Israeli biotech company, Renewal Bio that recently created mouse embryos using stem cells, has announced plans to make human embryos to harvest tissue for organ transplants and anti-aging procedures.

#Stemcells #biotech #biology #Syntheticbiology #Aging #transplant
The scientist behind the work clarified that:
The synthetic embryos were not "real" embryos and did not have the potential to develop into live animals. But that is partly because they don't have the technology, right now, to do so.
He admits to taking his "ground-breaking" technology to the next level and creating human embryos. The purpose is to harvest tissue to be used in transplant treatments meant to lengthen a person's life and health.
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$NTLA and $REGN report initial data from ph1 study of #ATTR for NTLA-2001. All patients across the two doses showed 92-94% TTR reduction at day 28.
#crispr #genomics #genetherapy #biology #biotech
At both dose levels, $NTLA-2001 was generally well tolerated. 2 patients reported transient infusion reactions, which was the only observed treatment-related adverse event.
$NTLA-2001 is an in-vivo administered #genetherapy.
It is one of the first few in-vivo #GeneTherapy being tested. Congrats to the $NTLA and $REGN teams.
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Pre-print alert 🚨 New story from my lab "The cytidine deaminase APOBEC3G drives cancer mutagenesis and clonal evolution in bladder cancer" This is one of the first projects in my lab, so I am thrilled to see it come to fruition 🐁🧪 🔬 #bladdercancer #biology @OncoAlert
We previously showed that bladder cancer is characterized by extensive and early divergent evolution.
We also showed that the APOBEC3-like mutational signatures were enriched in chemotherapy-resistant urothelial cancers… @NatureGenet
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Alright, gonna try sharing some of my visual strategies + tips for visually communicating science on a more regular basis.

🧵 Let's start off with figure labelling. And let's use this image from a paper I just read as an example:

#science #biology #scicomm #vizscicomm #datacomm Image
First - I love the stippling illustrations. This is a nice technique that offers good contrast between structures.

The labelling, however, is a serious impediment to the eye. Subconsciously, our brains are trying to break this down + are taxed with making sense of this info🧠⚡️ Image
When we visually communicate technical images, we need to be mindful of how the eye travels, what information it's picking apart, and how we can alleviate any strain or taxation that may interfere with - and disrupt - our ability to absorb new information. Image
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Hi #biology #chemistry #naturalproducts #botany #ecology @SEBotany @pharmacognosy educators! If you are looking for some fresh, fun & #free material to supplement college or high school courses—check out some of these resources that I developed & use in my own classes
🧵 Pls RT🙏 Image
The Teach #Ethnobotany YouTube channel holds 300+ videos on everything from ethnobotany, to the science behind medicinal plants, food & health. Check out the playlist featuring original research conference talks from @SEBotany & @SofEthnobiology…

If you're looking for more classic educational lectures (short & long), especially on medical botany, you can check out my playlist of 40+ class lectures. Some of these also include captioning:…

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Labeling bio images for AI just got 10x faster🏎. Today, we’re releasing Biodock Autolabel, and it’s kind of magical. We trained it on thousands of bio images so you can use it without training. (1/6)

@BiodockAI #microscopy #pathology #biology
Labeling objects is one of the most painful parts of training AI, especially in bio. Clicking 40 times or dragging the pen tool to define an ROI for hundreds of objects takes a very long time. And yet precise labels are so important for AI accuracy. (2/6)
Now, with Autolabel (powered by AI), this becomes two clicks (or one drag!). Our model takes your defined box and generates what it thinks is the precise object polygon label. For most biological objects, it just works, and it’s getting more and more accurate over time. (3/6)
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🧵 "A #biologist's perspective of #process and #pattern in #innovation"
by SFI External Professor @HochTwit

Starting in just a few minutes on our YouTube channel.

Follow this thread for select slides and quotations...… Image
"I'm not going to pretend there's a unified theory of #innovation, and I'm going to explain why."

We begin with a tale of #Minitel: the original, now-extinct French "Web"...and then back further to #ARPANet...and then to theoretical precursors.

@HochTwit ImageImageImage
"There is no first-principles definition for #innovation."

"How could a company start with selling books online when people want to see a book in person and look through it? Nonetheless, @amazon survived..."

Before Amazon, on TelNet, later bought by B&N ImageImageImageImage
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Bioinformatics vs Computational Biology
What is the difference? 🤔
#Bioinformatics #computationalbiology #Biology

🧵👇... (1/)
In many cases, the phrases “bioinformatics” and “computational biology” are used interchangeably, particularly in job descriptions or position titles.
Though the two fields are interrelated, bioinformatics and computational biology differ in the kinds of needs they address. (2/)
Bioinformatics is a multidisciplinary field that combines biological knowledge with computer programming and big data.
It is the process by which biological problems posed by the study of biodata are interpreted and analyzed. (3/)
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Part of this #UNSPORTING situation is the need to ask.
This is the inevitable endpoint, right?
Bullying & gaslighting of female athletes, all for the sake of #sports organizations TRYING to be “inclusive” of (largely) privileged white males representing ~0.15% of the population.
Since I am both a former athlete, #sports program designer, and personal coach who also serves as president of a provincial sports organization (governance), my perspective of “big picture” informs me that retaking lost ground requires a coordinated effort.
One-off efforts …
…will make headlines but deep within #sport random boycotts or tweeting something will never be enough. Nothing wrong with these initial measures, but something much more comprehensive is going to be required, involving:
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Fantastic Bioinformatics Courses and Where to Find Them!

Diving into Bioinformatics is absolutely worthy and it could be much easier with these FREE online and open sources

A thread ... 🧵 (1/n)
#Bioinformatics #biology #Biologia #programming #freecourses #learning #RStats Image
(2/n) Introduction to programming for Bioinformatics with Python

Python is fundamental in Bioinformatics analyses. This course will let you learn Python programming for biological data manipulation and scientific research

Level: All levels…
(3/n) Genomics Workshop by The Carpentries

Open source lessons from The Carpentries @thecarpentries on Cloud computing and analysis of sequencing samples using the cloud
Level: Intermediate/Advanced…
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Can you perform Bioinformatics analysis WITHOUT any knowledge in coding?

With Galaxy @galaxyproject yes you can!!

(1/n) ... 🧵
#Bioinformatics #Biology #Genetics #molecularbiology #metagenomics #coding
Galaxy is an open source, web-based platform ( for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. (2/n)
It allows users WITHOUT programming experience to easily specify parameters and run individual tools as well as larger workflows (3/n)
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The other day, I was asking my grandmother about her childhood. That got me thinking - what will MY future grandchildren say when I tell them about my childhood? Thread about how I imagine this will go:

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #LetWomenSpeak #RespectMySex

Future Grandchild (FG): What was life like when you were young?

Me: Well… misogyny was celebrated, stereotypes encouraged & healthy kids embarked on lifelong medical nightmares.

FG: What? Did that actually happen?

Me: Oh, believe me, it did.

#WomenWontWheest #misogyny

FG: How?

Me: There were these men who wore dresses, liked pink and did other stereotypical feminine things. They decided they were ACTUALLY women.

FG: You’re joking!

Me: I’m not!

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HEPATITIS AGUDA INFANTIL de origen desconocido

¿Realmente la está causando el #Adenovirus F41? 🧐

Hay algunos puntos a considerar. Va mi opinión al respecto🧵👇🏼


Hace un mes (15Abr22) nos enteramos de que Reino Unido 🇬🇧 estaba reportando un incremento inusual en los casos de #hepatitis de origen desconocido en pacientes pediátricos, especialmente en l@s más jóvenes

Después otros países empezaron a reportar lo mismo (tot: 169 casos)

La presentación clínica, es decir, la manera en la que el personal médico identifica la enfermedad👩🏻‍⚕️, es una #HepatitisAguda (el surgimiento rápido de inflamación en el hígado) con una elevación muy pronunciada 📈 en los niveles de proteínas provenientes de ese órgano¹

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1/6 My school is fully captured by the #TransCult. As I’m able to differentiate fact from fiction, I often find myself standing alone against the madness.

#GenderWoo #GenderWooWoo #SexMatters #SexNotGender #WomenWontWheest #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #WomensRights #WeWillBeHeard
2/6 My classmates AND the teachers try to intimidate me but I refuse to be silenced. I take every chance I can to stand against the gender insanity. Case in point? A recent reading survey.

#IStandWithJKRowling #IStandWithAllisonBailey #RespectMySex
3/6 I was given a form to fill out about books & authors.

First question: “Who is your favourite author?”

Of course I put @jk_rowling not just because of her books (outstanding as they are!) but because of her amazing work standing up for the rights of women & girls.
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1/9 🚨 Latest Update from my “Inclusive” School:

This week in SPHE (social, personal and health education) we were discussing puberty and how our bodies develop in adolescence.

#SexMatters #SexNotGender #WeWillBeHeard #IStandWithMaya #IStandWithAllisonBailey #NoThankYou
2/9 The teacher taking the class has been trying to make my life rather difficult since I started asking questions and raising the issue of women’s rights. I suspect he is a men’s rights activist and quite possibly a misogynist too.

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights #SexMatters
3/9 Anyway, during this class he asked, “Can you tell me something that boys have, that girls don’t, that grows in puberty?” “Penises!” yelled a classmate.

#WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #WeAllKnow #BiologyIsNotBigotry #SexIsReal #SaveWomensSports #WomenWontWeesht #Biology
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Para olvidarnos un poco de que #ElonMusk compró #Twitter...

Les quiero contar sobre unas TRAMPAS contra bacterias, virus y hongos que están ESCONDIDAS en varias superficies de nuestro cuerpo

Se llaman PÉPTIDOS ANTIMICROBIANOS🦠 y también son parte del sistema inmunitario

Los péptidos antimicrobianos (AMP, por sus siglas en inglés) se descubrieron en los años 60 gracias a investigaciones hechas en las preciosas pero mortales #ranitas moteadas del género Bombina¹ 🐸


#AntimicrobialPeptides #Biology
Debemos decir que los AMP no son exclusivos del #SerHumano, ni siquiera de los vertebrados, ya que los podemos encontrar desde microorganismos, hasta #plantas 🪴 e invertebrados (como #insectos)🦋

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1/10 Recently a teacher told my class that a baby can be “assigned” the wrong sex at birth… and that is how a man can “actually” be a woman. I rolled my eyes so much it’s a wonder they didn’t roll right out of my head! #SexIsObserved #SexMatters #SexIsReal #SexNotGender
2/10 I said, “No. Sex is observed and recorded, not assigned. If you have a penis you are a male.” It was at this point that a fellow student chipped in. #BiologyIsNotBigotry #Biology #WomenWontWheest #WeWillBeHeard #SexMatters #SexNotGender #SexIsImmutable
3/10 “Being trans is like being told you're right-handed all your life then realising you're actually left-handed,” she said. #NoThankYou #WhatIsAWoman #AdultHumanFemale #KPSS #BiologyIsNotBigotry
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1/11 Recently my entire school was given a form to fill out. It was all about preferred pronouns and inclusive language. 🙄 We’d already had a class where we spoke about “inclusive language” so I knew what they WANTED me to put. #SexMatters #SexNotGender #Biology
2/11 The first question was, “Would you ever use the phrase “hi guys”?” Seriously?!? They're trying to get you to say no because a TIM might take offence even though in Ireland we often use the word guy for boys AND girls. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #SexIsReal #Biology
3/11 The next one, “What pronouns are YOU comfortable with when being addressed by someone else? He/She/They/One/Other.” What the hell? Who ADDRESSES someone using he or she?
#NoToStereotypes #NoToPreferredPronouns #BiologyIsNotBigotry #UseRealPronouns #FreeSpeech #WeWillBeHeard
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So I saw a bit of disagreement last week over the idea of whether #biology is #programmable in any meaningful sense. As someone who works with biology in an industrial context, I wanted to unpack the idea just a little more. 🧵
For some, the claim that 'biology is programmable' is childishly obvious. Others say it's a bad metaphor or that if we don’t have total #predictability that it doesn’t count as programming. I tend to think both are right.
In #biomaterials, and the synthetic biology field in general, we are hacking systems we don’t understand. We are “programming" them (through environmental or genetic changes), but struggle in the predictability domain because we don’t fully grok this alien #technology (aka life).
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Me pidieron hilos sobre inmuno básica así que va lo básico de lo básico...


Nuestro sistema de defensa es exquisitamente complejo, esta complejidad se desarrolló a lo largo de millones de años y continúa evolucionando


Aclaración inicial: el ser humano moderno tiene por mucho 300mil años de existencia¹ (referencias al final del 🧵), menciono millones de años de evolución porque el sistema inmunitario no apareció con nosotros, sino con nuestros ancestros 🌍


#Evolution #ImmuneSystem
De hecho, la inmunidad adaptativa surgió hace aprox 400 millones de años con los placodermos²

En fin…definamos de manera general 2 conceptos: evolución y genes

La evolución biológica se refiere al cambio constante q presentan las distintas especies a lo largo del tiempo

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Thank you @IWS_Network! It's an honour to be invited to #IWSVoices spotlight.

Certainly important to raise the visibility and amplify voices of #WomenInSTEM globally and 🇨🇦#immigrants 🇨🇦. Kudos for relentlessly growing & nurturing an engaged #Network!
I was born & grew up in #Baguio "City of Pines" (P. insularis), #Philippines summer capital, regional ctr of mineral-rich Cordillera Admin Region. Site of US military Camp John Hay hillstation.
Elevation: 1500 m ⬆️ sea level
Ave temp: 18.3°C
Pop: 370,218
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM Map of the Philippines from...View of Baguio City nestled...Pine trees (Pinus insularis...
Digital-free childhood: our playground was wide expanse of hills & mountns. Roamed freely & safely. Being close to nature ignited curiousity & wonder, igniting my love for #EarthSciences #Botany #Chemistry. 🍃🌿🍀🐜🕷️
#IWSVoices #WomenInSTEM @IWS_Network
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🧵. #Russia colonised #Ukraine in 18th century. Since then, they've been trying to exterminate ukrainian indentity and culture, to assimilate us into being russian. They appropriated a lot of our #culture, #history, achievements and personalities doing this. 1/ #twitterstorians
Foreword. Many of these examples might seem to you as insignificant or unconnected, but they all are evidence to the trend of generations of russians trying to unexist us as a nation, make Ukraine into what they think we are – "Little Russia" 2/
Let's get the obvious one out of the door. #Borsch is and always was Ukrainian. It got into russia with soviet diner menus. Now russians claim it's as intrinsic to russia as it is to us. Bullshit. 3/ A beautiful and tasty combo of Borsch, salo (lard in pieces)
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This afternoon, we’re sharing a tweet thread from David Asai, Senior Director for Science Education at HHMI 🧵 1/8
I’m pleased to share an editorial published in @ScienceMagazine by Bruce Alberts @UCSF, Janet Coffey @MooreFound and me. We think the time has come to redo intro #biology education at colleges & universities. Here’s why. – David Asai 2/8
In the US, nearly 1M college students/year enroll in intro bio courses. For many students, this is the last time they’ll take a science class for the rest of their lives. So, we’ve got one shot to introduce these students to the process of science – that’s a big opportunity. 3/8
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