1. #Thread
Sri #Garbharakshambigai #temple is located in a small village called #Thirukarukavur which is located at fertile land of #Thanjavur #TamilNadu
Why should you offer prayers to Garbarakshambigai Amman/Devi? Let's know the meaning of Garbharakshambigai @sattology
2. Garbha+Raksha+Ambigai (Garbha means #WOMB , Raksha means who protects, Ambigai means Devi's name)
Garbharakshambika means “The #Mother Who Protects the Womb”. Sri Garbharakshambigai Temple - For Childless & Pregnant Women. @harshasherni @Itishree001 @Tanvangi17 @VipashaRanjan
3. #Garbarakshambigai Amman is foremost #fertility Devi of #India. She is renowned for her powers to bless couples with #children, safeguard #pregnancies & ensure an easy delivery. Here Devi has the powers to bless every aspect of childbearing. @almightykarthik @sfeksk
4. It is believed that childless people who worship here with Bhakthi & Shraddha are blessed with a pregnancy & pregnant women with safe deliveries. Mahadev Shiva manifested as a Swayambu Lingam. The Lingam appeared with a #Jasmine #creeper entwined around it. @pujari_anup
5. This aspect of Shiva was then called #Mulaivananathar. Mulai means Jasmine & Vananathar means Bhagwan of the Jasmine garden. Mahadev Mulaivanathar grants the boon of good #health . People suffering from skin diseases & other incurable conditions offer prayers here @Nidhi7007
6. & take the punugu sattam prasadam to get relief from their sufferings. Devi Parvati took the form of Garbarakshambigai to grant boon to all childless devotees who wanted the blessings of having children. Temple was built at the place where the @Tejsingh123456 @rightwingchora
7. swayambu Lingam manifested, was called the Garbarakshambigai also as the Mahadev Mulaivananathar Temple. Thousands of childless devotees throng this temple every day to pray for the blessings of conceiving children & pregnant women
@Man_Banarasiya @InfoVedic @BharatTemples_
8. come here to pray for a safe pregnancy & easy delivery.
Who should offer prayers at the Garbarakshambigai?
Childless people trying to conceive
Pregnant women who want a safe pregnancy & easy delivery
Unmarried women also pray here for their marriages
9. Who should offer prayers to Mahadev Mulaivananathar?
People with incurable diseases
People with skin disorders
People who wants good health
@Vaidyvoice @SriRamya21 @desi_thug1 @LostTemple7 @Aravindh_partha @Maha_periyava_
To know more details about this Temple, pls visit our blog from #Sattology

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Sep 27, 2022
A Formal Debate of Shringeri Jagadguru Versus a Missionary!
Long Thread
@sringerimath @davidfrawleyved @SanatanWorrior @sattology @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @AnuSatheesh5 Following is an interesting debate that took place between Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri Sharada piitam, Shrii Shrii Shrii Abhinava Vidyathiirtha Mahaswamigal (1931–1989) & a Christian Missionary, sometime in the year 1973.
The missionary had come to Shringeri to debate
@sringerimath @davidfrawleyved @SanatanWorrior @sattology @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @AnuSatheesh5 with Acharya & establish the "superemacy" of Christianity over the Hindu dharma. After exchanging a few words of formality,
Jagadguru: What is the purpose of your visit?
Missionary: Swamiji, I intend to open a Christian church & an ashram just near your mutt.
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Sep 26, 2022
Theerthamalai Mandir located in Dharmapuri Dist. TamilNadu
Also known as Theerthagireeswar (Theertha+Giri+Eshwar)
Theertha = Holy Water
Giri = Hill
Eshwar = Bhagwan Shiva.
There is a deep connection of this Mandir with #Ramayana
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior @davidfrawleyved @tourismgoi @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @tntourismoffcl @incredibleindia @AnuSatheesh5 @MinOfCultureGoI When Sri Ram killed Ravana – to nullify his Brahma Hatya Pataka Dosha on Him he did Abhisheka to Mahadev Shiva. Unfortunately Sri Hanuman could not reach mandir on time with Ganga water, Thus, Sri Rama shot an arrow on a hill stone creating Rama Theertha & completed the Pooja.
@LostTemple7 @Vadicwarrior @davidfrawleyved @tourismgoi @Voice_For_India @mariawirth1 @tntourismoffcl @incredibleindia @AnuSatheesh5 @MinOfCultureGoI Rama Theertha is a tiny water fall spring about 9 meters high. The force will be same thru out the year even in hot summer, & no one could identify the source of tiny water fall coming from hill stone. List of Theerthams surrounding the hill mandir:
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Sep 26, 2022
Thiruvannamalai (Annamaliayar) #Mandir was built before 1100 years & #architecture of the mandir has its contribution frm various KINGDOM from Cholas, Pandias, Sambuvarayars Posalas, Vijayanagara, Nayaks, Nagarathargal, Cheftains & Zamindars. The mandir
#LongThread @LostTemple7
possesses more than 1000 statues & 450 stone inscriptions. The mandir has more than 100 sannidhis. Various moorthies, bronze vigrahas, paintings, 1000 pillar mahal & gopurams are the specialties of the mandir. Mandir is very enormous with an area covers around 25 acres.
East Gopuram built by King Krishnadevaraya with a height of 217 ft (11 storeys) is one of the largest Gopuram in India. Mandir also consists of vallala Maharaja Gopuram, kili Gopuram. The main deity of Mandir is Annamalaiyar & Unnamalai Devi.
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Sep 4, 2022
Which is the World’s oldest Tape Recorder? by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya Mahaswami
Once way back in 1940s/50s someone was conducting an interview with Kanchi Mahaperiyava. That gentleman recorded the interview in a Tape recorder.
@KanchiMatham @AnuSatheesh5 @Vadicwarrior
Periyava then posed a question:
“Does anyone know which is the oldest known tape recorder?”
Nobody was able to answer. Then Mahaperiyava asked another question:
“How did #Vishnu #Sahasranamam come to us?”
Everyone said Bhishma Pitamah gave it.
All agreed.
Then #Mahaperiyava posed another query:
“When all were listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam, who took Notes at #Kurukshetra thousands of years back?”
Again silence.
Mahaperiyava started replying to everyone.
“When Bhishma Pitamah was glorifying Lord Krishna with Sahasranama i.e,
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Jul 15, 2022
We know a well established GowShala near my place since 2013. This is the first time they asked for donations to protect our Gow Mathas & Dharma. So I am forwarding this request from Sri. Raman's message to our #Twitter family. @Vadicwarrior @AnuSatheesh5 @UshaNirmala #Thread
We, Raman & Chellamma, resident of Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, with all due respect while mentioning our activities, hereby make an appeal for your continuous blessings, co-operation.
We are running a Ghowshala since 1998, & stepped into 24th year of Ghowseva.
Initially it was started at our home in Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, with 4 cows & a robust bull, due to growing of Ghowmathas, added to space constraint Ghowshala was shifted to a vast area in Pillaypalli village, Pochampally Mandal, Telangana State. This present Ghowshala is
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Jul 10, 2022
Why Is Jal (Water) Offered to Surya Bhagwan (Sun)?
Our body has a great need for colors, as these are vital for the well-being of the different parts of our body system. It may surprise many to know that several parts of the human body have different
@LostTemple7 @AnuSatheesh5 Why Is Jal (Water) Offered to Surya Bhagwan (Sun)?
colors. Our nerves are blue, the heart is red, kidneys & pancreas are brownish, the bones are white, & the brain nerves are in rainbow colors.
The rays of the sun are white, but when passed through a medium, they get broken into their basic hues. When we offer water or jal in the
morning to the rising sun in the prescribed manner, the sheet of water falling on to the ground works as a medium to split the sun’s rays into a spectrum of colors & enters our body to benefit us. If you wish to offer water to the sun, you must do it in the correct & prescribed
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