14 October 2020 #BetweenTheLilnesDotVote Analysis

I'm A Data Sucker, And Well, When My Lines Work...

You just can't blame me. Wait till you see the next chart! No one could fail to share when their lines were as prophetic as mine sometimes are. You have to forgive me, okay?
2) I do NOT forgive Dornsife for their hellacious machinations, completely admitted at their website. But I just can't get over the feeling that this one question is defeating their evil purposes. I'll explain once again, below. Here's the first chart I drew this morning.
3) There is a science that underlies polling data. It is simply a prediction of victory. Who thinks who will win? I have named it the Flynn Doctrine- and General Flynn has completely agreed - who the people think will win, will win.
4) The question driving this one chart is: Who do you think the people in your state will vote for?

I suspect that Dornsife regrets asking this question this time, and through its means, attempts to mess with this chart's data to the degree it can.
5) But the data, while not 100% compelling, still appears to follow fundamental logic. No other chart at their website appears to do so, in my judgement. As I so frequently say, all their other data gave the election to Biden on August 19, their first day open.
6) But there's just something impossible for me to ignore when the question really asks: who will win? This chart is their closest approximation. Look at how the data stacks up for Biden, so far.
7) If Biden is going to win, this is a realistic data path. If it holds I'll end up calling for Biden. Well, "calling" is a strong term. You can't call on data you don't believe in. I do NOT believe in this data. I simply work with it. Still I do say that it is at least logical.
8) If you've been watching my work, I drew the resistance, support and Victory Path? lines on this chart days ago. All three lines appear to still be holding up. As to my own desires, it should be obvious that I want the resistance line to win over the Victory Path line.
9) The fact that the resistance line was hit and fallen away from in today's data, and fallen away from strongly, is the real reason I'm sharing all these charts today. Simply, it looks logical. I'll speak to that again shortly.
10) Here's Trump's chart. Alas. I see I failed to update the date on the charts. Allow me to correct that failure next. I'll post all three charts with the correct date.
Here are the three charts with today's date notated.
12) If Trump's data, on this chart, shows a 5th successful support line test, it will be almost impossible for me to reject the data outright, much as I've tried to do so. I just can't help it. When my lines speak, I believe them. You can forgive me for that, can't you?
13) Here's what I really think. Trump has been massively above Biden from day 1. Biden has never been a viable candidate, at all. This data, while at least conforming so far to logical lines, still holds a false Biden bias. This is 100% in line with all other polling this year.
14) All? Well, there is just one so far that I know of that, like my own data, calls for Trump's victory. Helmut Norpoth. Here's his call.

15) So, what's the deal? Why do all the polls predict Biden when Biden can't seem to get more than 10 people at a rally? Clear and simple, the data industry is corrupted. We've discussed the iceberg model before, where Trump's supporters don't speak to pollers. That's one reason.
16) The reality is far worse, I fear. It is the subversion of polling science to polling propaganda. False Polling. False Polling for the sole purpose of projecting a winning image to a losing candidate. I say Biden's been losing from day 1. The polls indicate the opposite.
17) But why? Why again? There is a war that's being fought. It is a war between Democratic Republican (DR) principles, and Progressive Left (PL) values. The DR allows each soul to win - or lose - at the game of life. The PL allows only for security for all, at any cost.
18) America has faced this battle for 100 years, and has, we must admit, given all over to the PL for the past century. @realDonaldTrump has been the one and only President in favor of DR principles in the last 100 years and more. He is a true Democratic Republican.
19) What is a Democratic Republican? Democracy means the majority rules. That is, the people, NOT the regent. Republican means that representatives represent the people through the vote. It also means that we have rules and structures protecting the minority against the majority.
20) Corruption. In a pure Democracy, NOT a Republic, a corrupt leadership always controls the majority vote. And when I say controls, that is precisely what I mean. Clinton2 believed she had that control. She, and her team, have never surrendered to 2016's outcome.
21) When you look at any poll today, that is what you see. You see a corrupted democracy projecting by the laws of propaganda, it's predetermined winner. This is nothing other than the domination of democracy over republic. Fool the people. Win control.
22) We are NOT a pure democracy. We are also a true republic. That is the great genius of our founders. We are both. We are a Democratic Republic.
23) And in a Democratic Republic, polling SHOULD matter. It doesn't, as we speak. It is merely propaganda. Polling today is nothing other than an arm of the Progressive Left. How did that happen?
24) I think I know. Money. Polling costs money. My own poll has foundered upon the brink of my own ability to pay. No, we're not done, or over. Yes, I fail to have the ability to fund our next steps forward. That is how False Polling wins. It has infinite funding.
25) Please contact me if you wish to fight back. Right now, the only amount I require is about $4,000. I'm not able to fund it that much further, personally. I wish I was. I'm embarrassed to admit I'm not.
26) Where do we stand so far? Our data shows Trump so massively ahead, I simply can't believe my own data. I keep speaking about Sample Bias. Maybe all the people, Democrats, Independents, etc., that respond to my questions, lean towards Trump. Sample bias.
27) There is another scenario. Trump is massively ahead, and my polling data reflects that. Like no other polling out there. Our ONLY objective is to show the truth. It is 100% possible that the data we already have reflects the scientific truth.
28) Tomorrow morning, I'll be working with my team to create a new measure of our own data. Imagining Trump and Biden supporters to be equal, what is their intensity? We have vastly fewer Biden supporters. We will attempt to balance that out, and see where the data then lands.
29) I am not a scholar of vote fraud. I have no scientific basis upon which to speak. I am, however, an honest student of polling. And I say that current polling indicates its collusion with the Democrat Party's leadership, in stealing this election.
30) Truth of Falsehood? That is the basis of all honest science. The Democratic Party's leadership wants to fool you. Don't let them. Demand honesty, and simple, clear, honest logic, in all the polling you see.
Thread ends at #30.

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2) He was referring to Amy Coney Barrett's hearings, and praising the Democratic senators for their tactic on those two points. I truly couldn't believe how wrong he was. What's more, I never see anyone take such commentators to task when they make these idiotic comments.
3) Yes, they always have a Republican commentator who vehemently disagrees, making the counterpoint case. But disagreeing with a point is in NO WAY the same thing as taking someone to account for their illogic, itself. It's as if points are all that's in play, not the pointmaker.
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Humility. We must all admit, we don't know where the election stands right now. I do have formations I will share, today. But the very meaning of these formations is...we do not know where we stand.
2) We've discussed the Iceberg Theory that NO POLL is adequately tracking Trump support. I don't know if I buy that for a single reason. I want to buy it. I want to believe in a looming massive landslide for Trump, in spite of just about every poll out there.
3) Funny thing, the coming charts, which at first glance call for a looming Biden victory, are not nearly so simple as first glance may indicate. Let's go ahead and look at first glance right now.
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Lost Hours In A Chartist's Life

So then! I just spent an hour and a half or a bit more, attempting to chart today's data, that I'll never get back. Wow. The numbers are not speaking today. At least, not to me. You should care about that!
2) Why? Why should you care if the data doesn't speak to me, on a given day like today? False Polling reaches deep into the heartland, my friends. If you're following my work, you know I have a single chart left over at Dornsife that I'm paying attention to.
3) Today's data, place on current charts, was simply too boring to present. It fell within all chart structures, and was a day back up for Biden. So, always living by the everyday-counts rule, I attempted to redraw my charts in Biden's favor, today. And in doing so, chaos ruled.
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The Power Of A Single Question

We've discussed this before. The chart here is the one and only chart, most closely approximating the 2016 Dornsife method.

It is: "Who do you think people in your state will vote for?"
2) It is good to remember that 2016 Dornsife only asked these 3 questions:

1) Will you vote?
2) Who for?
3) Who will win?

To my eye, #3 was always the most important. It also accords with the Flynn Doctrine: Who the people think will win, will win.
3) Throughout this season so far, it's been my contention that the entire Anti-Trump Establishment (ATE) - hey, not a bad acronym, eh? They want to eat him! - has employed a propaganda-driven False Polling based Psyop to project Biden as winner regardless of fact or truth.
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1) If you pop the quote into Google, you'll find all kinds of rejections by the "fact checkers" all saying, basically, they didn't find the quote so he didn't say it. Well, okay, but @RealDrJan1 posted it for a reason, anyway. Hmm.
2) I've been studying Soros since the late 80s. In 86, he published The Alchemy of Finance, in which he introduced his Theory of Reflexivity. In both theory and practice, we're talking pure genius. He was, for many years, my hero.
3) When I discovered his brand new Open Society mission, and its role in the collapse of the USSR, my worship rose higher. Did you know he bought fax machines, and set of fax networks to break the USSR's stranglehold on information? No kidding. It's true.
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