15 October 2020 #MAGAanalysis

Head, Heart, Soul, and Might

I was watching FOX when one of its Democratic commentators said something like this. 'As long as Americans are talking about COVID and Healthcare, it's good for us, bad for Trump, and will show up in the coming vote.'
2) He was referring to Amy Coney Barrett's hearings, and praising the Democratic senators for their tactic on those two points. I truly couldn't believe how wrong he was. What's more, I never see anyone take such commentators to task when they make these idiotic comments.
3) Yes, they always have a Republican commentator who vehemently disagrees, making the counterpoint case. But disagreeing with a point is in NO WAY the same thing as taking someone to account for their illogic, itself. It's as if points are all that's in play, not the pointmaker.
4) I pondered this, and meditated on my frustration and irritation. Why do commentators give so much professional courtesy? Trump obviously behaves in the exact opposite manner. He takes down the point AND he takes down the pointmaker. Why don't people follow his lead more?
5) We'll delve this deeply. Up here at the surface level I have a small theory to offer. Illogical point makers are allowed their courtesies because their opponents are afraid of being seen as unkind, too aggressive, not properly considerate. They're afraid to be seen as rude.
6) What they do not do is ground themselves fully in truth. To say to one making an illogical point that he is being illogical is completely true. Oh, here's someone who has NO such fear. @dbongino. There are others. @marklevinshow, @charliekirk11, @RealCandaceO. Honor to them.
7) Here's another surface level theory. The segment slots are too short, and the speakers are not granted the right of their full comments. The show hosts are often too needful of making their own points so that they overtalk their guests. Allow me to offer a cure.
8) Be more like @marklevinshow. He certainly has his own points, but when interviewing he, with 100% respect, asks them as questions. He then shuts up, actually listens, and empowers the guest to express every connected point without interruption. That's such a relief.
9) If I ever decide to become a show host, here's what I will do. I will of course follow @marklevinshow example! But I will also do the following. I will attempt to give my guest his or her points back to ensure that I understand. I'll share, and then ask, do I have that right?
10) No matter how much I may disagree, I will attempt to strengthen my guest's case, so that it's expressed at its very strongest. And last, I will ask, are you done, or is there more you wish to share on that point? And this is where I'm actually heading.
11) You absolutely can disagree with a point, while not disagreeing with the person making that point. Ah, but you can also be very firm in your judgments, and may express them fairly, honestly, strongly, with no need to be rude. Let's go back to the example above.
12) You might respond back, Moe, I think I understand your point. It is...is that right? Okay, thank you. I wish you'd change your mind, though. I'm not trying to get you to join my side. I am saying that you're actually being completely illogical, and I wish you'd correct that.
13) Here are your assumptions as I see them, and if they are, then you are simply engaging on faulty thinking. These would be far better assumptions...and if you accept them, you'll find you draw far better conclusions. I suspect, however, that you can't employ them.
14) Moe, I suspect you're actually employing talking points that were provided to you, and are not making your own honest points. If I'm right, are you able to admit that?

I would then go completely silent.
15) Out of roleplay, I ask: do you see how I rendered a judgment, not only on the point but also on the person, but was never rude for a moment. Only honest, not rude.

And that brings us near to the depths we must reach.
16) The truth is that Moe is a liar. But, calling someone that is one of the hellacious attacks we have in our culture. There is no way to say the words, "you are a liar," while still being courteous. You can, however call out a lie as such, while preferably not using the term.
17) To complete and express the judgment that some actually is a liar, as I did above, is to bring all conversation to a rightful halt. There is no benefit from speaking to a liar. I'm quite certain that Moe would never be willing to be a guest on my hypothetical show.
18) It is very important to establish the truth. It can be done. We can find the truth. We can know it as such. We can express the truth. We can object to its opposite, lies. We can expose both lies and liars, even statisticians who are even worse than lying liars.
19) To delve that, let's turn back to the Trump/Biden debate that everyone says Trump lost. If it were a courtesy contest - it absolutely was NOT, as both Biden and Wallace were utterly rude - we might easily fault Trump. But Trump believes both B and W to be liars. He's right.
20) I'm not guessing. Trump has stated so, emphatically. Not so much about Wallace as about Biden. He said, "I had to call him out because he was lying." That is what honor looks like. You call out liars precisely over their lies. But Trump did more. He told the truth.
21) I can't quote his words. I can repeat what I analyzed as his strategy, the day after the debate. There is an irreparable split in the Democratic Party. Its left and its middle cannot meet. Harris and Sanders are the Party's left. Biden does not fit there comfortably.
22) He panders to the left, but his heart is with the middle. I disagree with everyone who says he's trying to take America to the left. He's not. He simply has no strength, and is beholden to the Party's left. He rightly knows he cannot win without them. He can't.
23) Hopefully, this will all be a mute point soon. Hopefully his pure corruption is coming out so loudly that he simply cannot be popular anymore and will lose thereby. That would be wonderful, and would bode well for us Swamp haters and poorly for Swamp Dwellers.
24) Yet it must be restated that Trump won the debate, and here's how he did so. He called out the Democratic Party's irreparable split. If I'm right about this - and I am - then it is impossible for Biden to win. So very sadly, I do NOT have the data to make the call, yet. Alas.
25) But the always amazing @KateScopelliti simply commanded me. I made my call for Trump's victory - absolutely based upon the data - on October 15, 2016, she reminds me. She requires that I make my call today for this 2020 election.
26) Knowing me as she obviously does, she knows how painful this is for me. If I'm nothing else, I am a data man. NOT having the data the way I need it, and still making a call, hurts my head, heart, and soul.

Trump will win.

That's my call.
27) In all the data that I have collected, myself, at BetweenTheLines.Vote, the raw numbers and the sheer enthusiasm for Trump is so vast that I can't employ that data confidently, yet. I still fear my sample is biased and can't give it my trust, yet.
28) Later today, my team and I will be developing a new method of parsing our data. What we'll build is the following sample structure. Biden supporters will have 50% of our sampling, Trump supporters the other half. At that point our only differential will be enthusiasm.
29) Perhaps an even better term is INTENSITY. Will you vote? Who for? Who should win? Who will win? Our formula places least value on who you'll vote for, greater value on who should win, and greatest on who WILL win.
30) All of Trump's work is targeted against the task of getting you to vote for him. That is his only objective. It is only there that any debate's outcome is measured. Trump knows this, I promise. And that's why I say he won his debate. More voters for him. Nothing else.
31) How does he do this? First, he gives you the intellectual truth. He speaks to your head, so it more than merely follows, it agrees. Trump understand the human mind's need for proper logic, correct statements of truth. He never fails to deliver this intellectual truth. Never.
32) But Trump is far too greatly a great businessman to stop there. He knows with 100% certainty, that it is the heart that makes decisions, not the mind, the head, and it makes its decisions by emotion, not logic. That is worthy of pause and soulful consideration.
33) If you're a liar, and fail to give the mind logic it can agree with, forcefully, you lose. When the mind sees illogic, it knows lies are being told. People are smart, not dumb, not stupid. You must give them true logic. When you lie to them, they reject you as they should.
34) That's what happened in 2016. Clinton2 lied. She is a lying liar. The USA knew that. We knew it. We voted her into defeat. She will never forgive us for that, or ever admit that we did. Liars have a first target, always. Themselves. They lie so they can believe their lies.
35) Truth speaks to both head and heart. Lies come from a deceitful heart in order to overwhelm the head. When the heart believes a lie emotionally, it is completely able to destroy the head's intellectual need for truth, logically accurate truth.
36) The heart is lower, more important, more needful for action than is the head. The logical truth of Trump's assertion, during the debate, of a Party torn irreparably between its left and middle, satisfies our heads' need for logically accurate truth.
37) Doing so, the truth Trump delivered during the debate speaks more powerfully to our hearts - America's Heart - than it does to our logical minds. Biden is a liar. He lies to his left. He lies to his middle. It is not possible for such a liar to win the vote. Can't happen.
38) I'm not naive. I know that crime pays. I know that politicians are liars, and that it is lying politicians who tend to win the vote. That's why I never voted before Trump signed on. Hear that. Never. Never before. I was an adult non-voter. I did not believe in my franchise.
39) I have shared previously that I have attempted - and failed - to force myself to register as a Republican. I simply can't. My registrations is as an Independent. It is an honorable registration, in spite of the fact that I vote Republican down the line.
40) What's missing is the MAGA Party. I couldn't care less if it were Democratic or Republican leaning. If it weren't for Congress, I wouldn't give a hoot. I believe in Congress. I care about it. House and Senate both, but most of all the Senate.
41) Long before Trump came down his escalator, I rejected Romney for failing to put Obama into the dust over Benghazi. It appears to my eye to be Benghazi that will sink Biden. If that's true, how righteous will that be? Let's talk about that more.
42) The American Military is the single greatest asset on earth. If you're in position to direct our Military's endeavor, you are automatically a multi-millionaire. Your vote, your presence is VALUABLE. You may place it in value for trade. Value. That's the real answer.
43) Value. Contemplate that word, and relative it to Joe Biden's entire career. 48 years in, he's a multi-millionaire. How did that happen? It was 8 years of the Obama/Biden administration that catapulted Biden there. He knew exactly how to take advantage of his position.
44) That is the literal version of Trump's truth. And here's what's coming. The CIA and the FBI will fall. They must die, and they will. Both of them. They must be reformed. Reformation. To be reformed, from the ground up. Let's go there.
45) Hoover, the scumbag who created the FBI, held information over & against every President who served during his term. They were all under his sway and power. All of them. Wilson. Harding. Cooledge. Hoover. FDR. Truman. Eisenhower. Kennedy. Johnson. Nixon. He died in 1972.
46) Trump is 45. Hoover served under 10. That implicates him over 22% of America's Presidents. He had information on all of them. None of them were honest leaders. All of them were corrupt. That was the basis of Hoover's power.
46) A Federal Constabulary was NOT the idea our founders expressed. They did NOT establish a Department Of Justice, either. They feared, with all their hearts, a government that might rival George III's. The risked their lives, their sacred honor, and the fortunes.
47) Try to go there with me. From Wilson to Nixon, all corrupt Presidents, Hoover had them all under his finger. You have to grant, if that's true, that Hoover was America's Beria. He created our secret police. That's what the FBI actually is. A secret police.
47) I am NOT a Hoover hater. His book on topic of Communism is incredible. He fought our real enemy, and did so successfully. But I say to you that the FBI he created is as dirty, as dirty can be...precisely as he created it to be.
48) Secret police. We did this my friends, to ourselves.
49) What is might? It is when head, heart, and soul are in complete alignment. Agreement is the oder of the moment of the day.
50) Might is required to win. You will win when you have it. I say we do.
Thread ends at #50.

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3) Today's data, place on current charts, was simply too boring to present. It fell within all chart structures, and was a day back up for Biden. So, always living by the everyday-counts rule, I attempted to redraw my charts in Biden's favor, today. And in doing so, chaos ruled.
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1) Will you vote?
2) Who for?
3) Who will win?

To my eye, #3 was always the most important. It also accords with the Flynn Doctrine: Who the people think will win, will win.
3) Throughout this season so far, it's been my contention that the entire Anti-Trump Establishment (ATE) - hey, not a bad acronym, eh? They want to eat him! - has employed a propaganda-driven False Polling based Psyop to project Biden as winner regardless of fact or truth.
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2) I've been studying Soros since the late 80s. In 86, he published The Alchemy of Finance, in which he introduced his Theory of Reflexivity. In both theory and practice, we're talking pure genius. He was, for many years, my hero.
3) When I discovered his brand new Open Society mission, and its role in the collapse of the USSR, my worship rose higher. Did you know he bought fax machines, and set of fax networks to break the USSR's stranglehold on information? No kidding. It's true.
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