Just attended an excellent #SiteC webinar put on by the N. American Megadam Resistance Alliance (NAMRA, @resistmegadams) - "Canada's Sinking Site C Dam" with brilliant presentations by @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell. Watch it here: facebook.com/resistmegadams… #bcpoli
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell ..Some highlights from today's international Zoom event on #SiteC: @sarahcox_bc noting the difference between the US & Canada/BC in terms of access to information: the US supplies info immediately; BC govt can take many months, a year, sometimes refuse entirely. #bcpoli #cdnpoli
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell ..@Norm_Farrell showing one astounding graph after another; one showing that every year, Hydro predicts a massive self-justifying surge in electricity demand; demand has been flat since 2005. Technological change reduces electricity use faster than pop'n growth increases it.
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell ..But the most disturbing point of all, perhaps, was in @sarahcox_bc 's comparison of the 3 current major megadam projects in Canada: #MuskratFalls, Keeyask & #SiteC: ALL 3 WERE PUSHED AHEAD ONLY BY GOV'T DISABLING THE ENERGY WATCHDOG IN EACH PROVINCE. #BCUC #bcpoli #BCexln2020
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell ..So much comes down to our very colonial lack of transparency. @sarahcox_bc concluded by saying if BC gov't & BC Hydro had been transparent [but we don't have transparency/anti-corruption legislation here] about #SiteC, the public would have stopped the dam long ago. #bcpoli
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell Why is Horgan's #SiteC Project Assurance Board so famously secretive {a Site C engineer is on it, too - how did that happen)? Why was the @BCUtilitiesCom sidelined by Campbell to ram #SiteC thru & why didn't Horgan restore its powers? Why is oversight never oversight in #bcpoli?
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell @BCUtilitiesCom Horgan & other BC politicians go on about UNDRIP & Reconciliation & decolonization but one way to concretely, effectively decolonize? Pass iron-clad transparency & anti-corruption legislation to erode this colonial-era secrecy. Let's see everything, every govt dealing with corps.
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell @BCUtilitiesCom We can't move toward decolonizing ourselves under a style of govt that's more reminiscent of autocratic colonial governors than a democracy. Yes, democracy is increasingly tattered all over, & many factors have frayed it, but why does the US have far more transparency than we do?
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell @BCUtilitiesCom Corporations ramming projects across Indigenous territory with the blessing of the BC govt & the assistance of a militarized RCMP - that's obviously colonial. Less obviously colonial, but still so, is the extreme lack of transparency that facilitates the above #SiteC #CGL #bcpoli
@resistmegadams @sarahcox_bc @candacebatycki @Norm_Farrell @BCUtilitiesCom ..Here's a really specific transparency demand for you, @jjhorgan @bchydro @sitecproject: give us detailed info about all movement & cracks on Site C's south bank. Then release all documents of the secretive Site C Project Assurance Board from 2019 and 2020 to the public. #bcpoli

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14 Oct
Vaughn Palmer: "Only when @jjHorgan is safely in office will public get straight goods about Site C - NDP show every intention of getting through election without addressing any of legitimate concerns raised by #SiteC opponents." #bcpoli #BCelxn2020
@jjhorgan .. Top energy expert "Robert McCullough suggests arguments for cancellation are stronger today, given the continuing coverup of geotechnical risks at #SiteC.. After 10 mos of study BC Hydro has not addressed a # of seismic & design concerns first reported to mgmt in Dec 2019"
@jjhorgan ...Just to repeat that word: "coverup."

The "continuing coverup of geotechnical risks at #SiteC."

@jjhorgan #bchydro #bcpoli #bcelexn2020
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14 Oct
Despite an allergy to politicianese, I'm going to grit my teeth and watch this. 3,2,1...
Well, @ShachiKurl is doing a good moderating this bag of badgers
@ShachiKurl ..Good lord, did Andrew Wilkinson actually just say that allowing the free market to "create more housing will cause prices to come down"? Oh that has really worked for the past 20 years (pours self another drink) #vanpoli #vvanre #BCLeadersDebate #bcpoli
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13 Oct
BREAKING: A blockbuster report released today by the energy expert who exposed Enron and who has referred to #SiteC as "Enron of the North," Robert McCullough. He's the one who showed @jjhorgan how to cancel #SiteC painlessly in 2017. Read the bits on geology... #bcpoli #Cdnpoli
@jjhorgan You may remember Robert McCullough from a few years ago - he was one of the experts submitting to the BCUC's #SiteC inquiry & also met with Horgan's cabinet to explain why the dam wasn't viable. And at the Site C Summit shortly after Horgan passed the dam:
@jjhorgan That presentation by McCullough methodically took apart Dave Eby's excuses for continuing with #SiteC which were the NDP's manufactured party line at the time. Eby should have known better; McCullough had explained it to cabinet before Horgan's decision
Read 13 tweets
12 Oct
Hi @wcel, @standearth @dogwoodbc @H20Alliance @GeorgiaStraitBC @MySea2Sky @SkeenaWild @WestKootenay @WatershedWatch_

You & Organizing For Change are hosting the Oct 15 environment & climate debate. Please ensure all 3 candidates are asked about #SiteC. #bcpoli #BCElection2020
@wcel @standearth @dogwoodbc @H20Alliance @GeorgiaStraitBC @MySea2Sky @SkeenaWild @WestKootenay @WatershedWatch_ At the prior online climate/environment debate, hosted by @Pembina, Karen Tam Wu didn't ask about #SiteC, nor were any of our many submitted Qs on #SiteC chosen, unsurprising as as Pembina has been uniformly mute on the dam. I am hoping you will do better. #bcpoli #BCElection2020
@wcel @standearth @dogwoodbc @H20Alliance @GeorgiaStraitBC @MySea2Sky @SkeenaWild @WestKootenay @WatershedWatch_ @Pembina ..We can't keep putting all BC's future energy eggs & dollars in one basket, esp when it's the outdated, GHG-emitting, ecosystem-destroying, public money-wasting, LNG-justifying #SiteC dam. Please redress Pembina's overlooking of this issue by choosing a #SiteC question. #bcpoli
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12 Oct
Journalist friends say no prior govt has so often claimed it can't answer Qs/provide info &c "because we're in an election." Contradiction: govt can't answer #SiteC Qs but it can proceed with Peace River diversion for a failing dam under cover of election? #BCelxn2020 #bcpoli
Notice all the things this gov't continues to do under cover of election, while saying it can't do anything because the "govt" is in caretaker mode until Oct 24. How on earth was river diversion allowed to take place at #SiteC when, say, Horgan's Milburn review was incomplete?
This is leaving aside the disturbing fact that Horgan and Energy minister Bruce Ralston have signalled that #SiteC cancellation isn't even on the table as a possible conclusion of the opaque Milburn review (whose structure and terms of reference are totally unclear). #fixisin
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10 Oct
The NDP's rank betrayal on electoral reform is as bad for BC & our climate as its #SiteC flipflop. First Past the Post makes pivoting to address climate change v. difficult because votes don't represent a full breadth of BC views; unlike in PR, only a narrow band of us is heard.
Votes get heavily weighted at the margin of the 2 largest parties, so not only does a very narrow band of voters acquire virtually all the meaningful votes, 2 things happen:
1. both parties grow more alike
2. $$ lobbyists can easily centre huge $$$$ on influencing those voters
..so in effect, First Past the Post actually materially changes - deforms - each party itself as each chases an easily corruptible/swayable narrow margin of voters at their mutual boundary. And people wonder why the NDP is looking more & more like BC Libs & pursuing fossil fuels.
Read 10 tweets

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