#SaebErekat played a big role in a presentation I made to the @CNN Board of Directors in Atlanta in 2002.
I had finished a month-long content analysis of CNN's coverage of the Palestinians' terror war against Israel's civilians and Israel's Operation Defensive Shield.
2/ I went thru many pages of transcripts. CNN's ME/West Bank correspondents were horribly biased.
CNN's Atlanta crew was stellar, starting w @BillHemmer. He challenged #SaebErakat's fake news.
The Board was impressed that the Atlanta crew was also challenging CNN's reporters.
3/ Let's go to the transcripts. Hemmer & Erekat, Apr 14, 2002.
HEMMER: You brought up Jenin, & you used the word massacre there. Earlier this wk, you said 500 Palestinians were killed there. Do you still stand behind those numbers in the refugee camp?..."
4/ CNN transcript. Hemmer: "Where are you getting the evidence that shows 500 people were killed there? Israelis say the number of dead is less than 100, closer to 70. If their numbers are right & your initial numbers are wrong, will you come back here & retract what you said?"
5/ CNN transcript. #SaebErekat: "Absolutely. Absolutely, Bill, and I hope that the numbers will be nothing.
The number that we have been told to us thru out the West Bank incursions, 500... I'll be more than happy to come & say yes, we were mistaken. The numbers were wrong."
6/Erekat's claim of a Jenin massacre spread like a poisonous virus in the world. It was even the subject of a movie.

Erekat's "absolute" retraction never came. He took his lies with him to the grave. ImageImage

• • •

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9 Nov
The Palestinian tycoon who is suing Britain over 1917 Balfour declaration | Ahram Online english.ahram.org.eg/News/389526.as…

Munib al-Masri's law suit is insane, particularly so when you see his palace in Nablus. "We live in a big prison."
2/ Pictures of Nablus (Shchem). That's Masri's palace that overlooks the overcrowded Balata refugee camp with ~30,000. Balata's area is probably smaller than Masri's estate.
Masri's worried about the Balfour Declaration when he should be worried about "Après moi, le déluge."
3/ Masri & his Nablus palace.
The alleys of Balata refugee camp nearby.
Who lives in "a prison?"
Who should be suing whom, Munib?
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7 Nov
1/ #PresidentElect #Biden scares some Friends of #Israel bc of a big flare-up when Israel announced settlement bldg when VP Biden arrived on March 9, 2010.
Biden condemned the news, realized it wasn't an Israeli policy shift & made up w Bibi.
But the White House wouldn't have it Image
2/ Read my analysis of crisis from 10 yrs.

Inside the White House, Rahm Emanuel's axiom ruled: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste, & what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you didn’t think you could do before."
3/ SecState Hillary Clinton blasted #Netanyahu on the phone for 43 minutes.
Pres advisor Axelrod on TV: Israel' move was “very destructive … an affront … an insult. … What it did was it made more difficult a very difficult process.”
NYT's Roger Cohen weighed in w WH message. Image
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26 Oct
Analysis | What do ordinary Arabs think about normalizing relations with Israel?

POINT OF ORDER! This article and poll were produced by the #Qatar/Moslem Brotherhood propaganda center in Doha, headed by a man suspected of being a Hizbullah spy.
2/ How could the Washington Post publish this?

#Qatar is opposed to the normalization of Arab states and Israel.
Qatar gives aid and refuge to #Hamas.
Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood live in Qatar.
Pic: MB head Yusuf al-Qaradawi w Sheikha of Qatar and serial rapist Tariq Ramadan
3/ #Qatar is in a diplomatic war with much of the Arab world.
In 2017, responding to Qatar's support for terrorism and sponsorship of its Al Jazeera propaganda arm, Saudis, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt broke diplomatic relations & launched a boycott.
Guess the nations the writer attacks.
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3 Oct
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did to #Jerusalem 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.
Picture I found in the @OttomanArchive. Looting Jerusalem residents and forced conscription.
1/ Image
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did to #Jerusalem 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.

Picture I found in Australian Army archives - picture of the hanging of Jews and Arabs photographed by a German officer in Jerusalem Image
Look what the Ottomans/Turks did elsewhere in the Holy Land 105 yrs ago. Why they lost it and have no claim on it today.
The Jaffa district was ruled by Turkey's governor, Hassan Bey. I found these pics of the "Tyrant of Jaffa" in the US Lib or Congress. Image
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29 Sep
Catch the name of the man funding #IlhanOmar's voter fraud operation - Bassam Sabri. He's a Palestinian thug, slumlord, who was sentenced to 3 yrs in Federal Penitentiary for bribing an elected official.
I have several threads on Sabri, info i gleaned from Federal Elections Commission.
A partial example of how Basri's clan maxxed out in contributions in the 2017-2018 cycle. There's much more in the FEC records, including $ from Basri's Anglo secretary.
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23 Sep
#Sudan talks with #UAE, US could lead to normalization with #Israel - report jpost.com/middle-east/su…

Thread: Why Sudan's reorientation potentially ranks up there with Egypt kicking out the Soviets in the 1970s.
2/ #Sudan, like #Egypt will not be a liberal democracy in our lifetime. Last yr, the military overthrew dictator & war criminal Omar Al Bashir after widespread protests vs his 30-year rule. Beset by flooding, the country needs relief, but is restricted by terrorism sanctions. Image
3/ How bad was Sudan? Osama bin Laden lived there 1991-1996. Al Qaeda terrorists rec'd Sudanese passports & bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Not enough? Al Bashir got in bed with Iran.
Pic: Iran Navy transport ship Kharg in Port Sudan 2012. Suspected of carrying arms. Image
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