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We've been gathering insight this year looking at societal trends of the present and future.

Check our socials every day in December for our #InsightAdventCalendar so you can learn about what is influencing the world around us, helping you identify the opportunities ahead! 🎁
1. The role of social media in #politics has got to the point that if you log onto your favourite social media site and scroll through your newsfeed for two to five minutes, there is a 93% chance you will see at least one political post. (@JCRED_SJU)

@JCRED_SJU 2. The planet could see a greater temperature increase in the next 50 years than it did in the last 6,000 years combined. This could place 1 of every 3 people alive outside the climate niche where humans can thrive. (@propublica)

#ClimateEmergency #InsightAdventCalendar
3. In 50 years’ time, there are likely to be an additional 8.6 million people aged 65 years and over in the UK. (@ONS)

How will social infrastructures cope? How do we think this group will behave compared to the 65+ age group of today?

4. The % of mass protests globally has increased by 11.5% per year, on average, since 2009. Today’s wave of protests is relatively unique in affecting all regions of the world, suggesting a new way in which citizens confront power(@TheEconomist)

#Advocacy #InsightAdventCalendar Image
5.26% of Millennials entered the COVID-19 crisis with low financial resilience, compared with 13% of Baby Boomers. (@TheFCA)

#Millennials are a key group for charities & we need to think about how this crisis will affect their interactions with charities
6. COVID-19 has sped up #ecommerce growth so it is key to get payment right.

In 2019, the average cart abandonment rate was 69%, while 6% of shoppers abandoned purchases because there weren’t enough payment methods. (@Trustly)

7. Contemporary international law governs only political refugees and does not extend to #ClimateRefugees. By 2050, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia will generate 143m more climate refugees. (@WorldBank)

8. In October, 27% of people said they would take part in a charity social event, while only 23% would be comfortable attending a face-to-face charity service.

By contrast, 46% would be comfortable visiting a charity shop. (@nfpSynergy)

#Charity #InsightAdventCalendar
@nfpSynergy 9. As opportunities to fundraise through face to face interactions have declined, there has been a large and sustained increase in cashless giving since March. And six in ten think it's more hygienic to use contactless cards (@Caf)

#Fundraising #Charity #InsightAdventCalendar
@nfpSynergy @Caf 10. GenX use social media for social reasons, but younger generations are behaving differently.

Social media is key to Millennial purchase journeys, while GenZ average 4hr 15mins per day on their smartphones. (@globalwebindex)

11. The move to #CircularEconomy could generate £3.4 trillion in annual economic output by 2030 while helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, protect the health of our ecosystems and enable sustainable recovery post-COVID-19. (@UNEP)

@UNEP 12. The gap in transparency between @DFID_UK and @FCDOGovUK is clear in the chart below. The merger of the two organisations could decrease levels of transparency that DFID has upheld over the years. (@aidtransparency)

#OverseasAid #InsightAdventCalendar Image
13. Purpose is no longer an opt-in for brands, and 66% of all consumers believe their actions can influence a brand’s reaction to an event or its stance on an issue of public concern. (@AccentureUK)

#BrandPurpose #InsightAdventCalendar
14. Without major changes to the way healthcare is provided, meeting the needs of a growing and ageing population would require hospital activity to increase by a projected almost 40% over the next 15 years. (@TheIFS)

#Healthcare #InsightAdventCalendar
@TheIFS 15. Almost two-thirds of surveyed charity representatives identify legacies as a top fundraising priority. Given current trends, it is predicted that legacy and in-memory incomes will double by 2045. (@talkinglegacies)

#LegacyGiving #Fundraising #InsightAdventCalendar Image
16. In 2019, the Oxford Dictionary word of the year was ‘Climate Emergency’. By September 2019, it was more than 100 times as common as it had been the previous year, outlining the changing conversation around #ClimateChange. (@OED)

#ClimateEmergency #InsightAdventCalendar
@OED 17. UK government announced in November its intention to abandon its legally-binding commitment to spend 0.7% GNI on aid in 2021.

An estimated £4.2bn will be cut from the aid budget in 2021, with a clear impact on overseas aid projects. (@bondngo)

#INGO #InsightAdventCalendar
@OED @bondngo 18. By 2030, renewable electricity generation will double to deliver almost 60% of EU electricity demand. Despite this, many will still have a high share of fossil fuels in electricity production. (@EmberClimate).

#RenewableEnergy #InsightAdventCalendar Image
19. Only 54% of young adults feel they are able to speak about their emotions with others, and just under 1 in 7 young adults say they do not feel they have a trusted adult to go to for advice and support. (@mentalhealth)

#MentalHealth #InsightAdventCalendar
@mentalhealth 20. A 2018 Study of US merchants found that PayPal checkout converts at 88.7% – 82% higher than a checkout without PayPal, including other digital wallets and cards. (@Comscore)

Having a @PayPal checkout is now essential for any organisation.

#Payments #InsightAdventCalendar
21. 83% of people globally feel brands should be using their social channels to create a sense of community and support (@wearesocial)

These social posts should be part of a wider attempt to 'do good' rather than an inauthentic attempt at brand purpose

@wearesocial 22. GenZ’s fear of climate change is valid - Nearly 60% of the #GenZ population live in countries with a high vulnerability to climate change but low readiness for responding to it, intensifying climate’s impact on this generation (@EY_UKI)

#ClimateChange #InsightAdventCalendar
@wearesocial @EY_UKI 23. 63% of adults globally say that they play video games. The most used device, by some distance, is smartphones (69%), followed by desktop/laptop (48%) and games console (39%). (@Kantar)

#Gaming #InsightAdventCalendar Image
@wearesocial @EY_UKI @Kantar 83% of charities are willing to innovate in the future in regard to fundraising. (@blackbaud)

It is great that charities are willing to innovate now - Our #InsightAdventCalendar has outlined the opportunities and issues ahead. We look forward to tackling them with you in 2021!
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