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1/ 🎮 @iskra_world
's community economy system is revolutionizing the gaming landscape. It's bringing an innovative approach, fostering cooperation & competition between users, game studios & the platform. Here's how it's reshaping #gaming...…
2/ 👥 Iskra's key feature is its unique Community Economy System. It's designed to stimulate user engagement by sharing platform revenues with users, game studios, and even the platform itself. Image
3/ 🚀 Launchpad is another Iskra's signature service. It offers game studios the chance to debut their games on Iskra, while users get early access to these games and can vote on their favorites.
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The play-to-earn #gaming craze might have faded, but believe it or not, there remains a slew of crypto-infused games out there that let you earn #Bitcoin while you play—and you don’t have to buy any #NFTsales to get started.… Solitaire is one of the most popular games to be injected full of Bitcoin rewards on iOS and Android, with no fewer than three competing takes that let you stack sats (or satoshis, a.k.a. 1/100,000,000 BTC) while stacking digital playing cards: THNDR Games Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, Bling Financial’s Bitcoin Solitaire, and Viker’s Solitaire - Card Game 2023.

All three games are broadly similar, serving up a simple game of digital solitaire that’s chock-full of obnoxious video ads. But all three games also
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0/8 🌐 Blast from the Past:

the birth of #esports: #DreamHack2000

💥"Internet Culture Rewind" series: unpacking iconic moments that shaped our digital world.

Buckle up for a nostalgic ride through gaming history.
#InternetCulture 🎮👇 Image
1/8 🎮 Ah, #DreamHack2000... when LAN parties were the rage & you lugged your beast of a computer to game with friends. Good times! #gaming #esports Image
2/8 🕹️ We played multiplayer classics: #CounterStrike, #Quake, #Warcraft III, #StarCraft... the kind of games that forged friendships and rivalries alike. #nostalgia #gaming Image
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#wirecard "wurden Korvac Payment Services Singapur und Payment Link Singapur zum 1. Januar 2015 in System@Work integriert, die anschließend in Wirecard Singapore umbenannt wurde." Wer oder was war Korvac? Denn:… (2010) 1/x
2/x ich kriege es nicht mehr zusammen #wirecard #korvac… Mein Archiv meint, das sei wichtig. Wegen der Adresse "3 Temasek Avenue,Centennial Tower #03-01,Singapore 039190"
Irgendwas war da, aber es fällt mir nicht mehr ein... Ich bin drüber gestolpert, weil ich gerade schaue, wie Wirecard nach Singapur kam. Das passierte nämlich durch Bauer-Schlichtegroll schon sehr früh, siehe z.B.:… (2004!)
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Gaming is one of the activities people
would continuously engage in.

The blockchain and gaming show a lot of potential.

@rushbhub is setting a base for blockchain Esports games.

Let's find out more 👇👇

🚨PRESALE tomorrow.

#gaming #Blockchain
What is Rushhub?

@rushbhub is the decentralized
marketplace for Esports gamers on
#zkSync that enables gamers to trade
in-game items without an intermediary.

Using the Blockchain technology,

@rushbhub has the following products for gamers and the community.
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@meeintdao is an Asian #web3 social gathering place for professionals, focusing on the growth of #web3 & keen on #web3 social experience.

@meeintdao & @BuidlerDAO jointly initiated 4 large-scale online summits, called the “Web3 Online Summer Summit”

It covers #blockchain topics such as #metaverse, #DeFi, #infrastructure, #gaming, #NFTs and more.🔥

Various #investors, #developers, application layer project third-parties and infrastructure representatives will be present at the event too.

One of the panels is called: “Metaverse, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and the new digital frontier”

The Guests lineup:
@dayuanb - @tencentcloud
@beniaminmincu - @MultiversX
@Nils_Wollny - @holoride
@ThisIsMarkPaul - @itheum
@StatescuRazvan - @GiantsVillage

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GameSwift is a modular powerhouse with diversified pillars between #gaming and #DeFi.

Our business model is designed to weather any turbulence.

Read on to learn about its uniqueness, one of key $GSWIFT utilities, and why it's a foundation for GameSwift's bright future.

A 🧵
Remember how modular blockchain can benefit game developers, studios, and investors? 😉 ⬇️

This time let us dive a bit deeper into the business and revenue model👇

2/8 🧵
Usually, the core income for gaming platforms and utility for their tokens is built around platform fees and staking rewards.

But our business model is way more complex and diversified than that.

Let us explain why👇

3/8 🧵
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1/ 🚀 Exciting news for #Uniswap and Apple users!

Uniswap's iOS mobile wallet is now live on the Apple App Store after previously being delayed due to Apple's approval process.
A thread🧵👇

#DeFi #cryptocurrency #wallet #iOS Image
2/ 📱 Uniswap's iOS Wallet: Initially unveiled in early March, the app faced delays as Apple held up its approval.

Despite being 100% compliant with Apple's specifications, Uniswap struggled to get the green light for the full launch. 🚦 #UniswapWallet #AppleAppStore
3/ 🌐 Official Listing: Now, the Uniswap mobile wallet is officially available in most countries, with more to come as Apple approves its release in other regions. 🗺️

#cryptowallet #UniswapRelease
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#Polygon is surging in the gaming blockchain space, becoming second only to Ethereum.

Users have flocked to the platform, with engagement up 53% in March alone, according to @DappRadar

Here's what this means for the future of gaming on the blockchain: 🧵 👇 Image
2/ Polygon, originally known as $Matic Network, is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution.

Because of its cheap gas fees and fast transaction times, it is a popular alternative for decentralized applications like gaming. 🕹️💰
3/ Polygon's daily active unique wallets for gaming surged by 65% in March, exceeding other gaming blockchains such as Wax and Flow, according to DappRadar.📈🔥

Image Source @Cointelegraph Image
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0/ @SuiNetwork is valued at USD 2 BILLION & is close to launching a mainnet able of processing >100'000 TPS 🚀

NO AIRDROP but the $SUI TSUNAMI is still coming and YOU should get ready to surf it in 2023 🌊🏄‍♂️

so time to DYOR 📚🔍

ALPHA-packed GIGA research 🧵 on #Sui (0/47) 💧 Image
1/ contents:

🖥️ Move Language (2-8)
🤝 Consensus Mechanism (9-16)
⛓ Parallel Execution (17-20
💾 Data Storage Fund (21-23)
⛽️ Gas Pricing Mechanism (24-26)
🪙 Tokenomics (27-32)
⚖️ Governance (33)
💼 Team & Funding (34-38)
🌐 Ecosystem (39-44)
🔍 Conclusion (45-47)
2/ 🖥️ Move Language

#Move is a programming language developed by #Sui that provides comprehensive security for smart contracts at several levels:

🛡 Language design
🛡 Virtual machine
🛡 Contract invocation
🛡 Contract execution Image
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#MintPrimer | Tamil Nadu has banned online #gambling, rekindling a campaign against #gaming firms in India that has raged for over a year-and-a-half.

Mint explains the controversy:… Image
#MintPrimer | After much back-and-forth the #TamilNadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Ordinance was passed on 10 April.

The bill seeks to prohibit online gambling, its promotion through advertising, and more.

Read here:… Image
#MintPrimer | Since India’s constitution says that a Supreme Court ruling becomes law of the land, gaming firms argue that the Tamil Nadu ordinance runs against the constitution.

Read here:… Image
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Last month, Polygon became the 2nd most active gaming blockchain - meaning its games get stronger by the day 🎮💥

💎 138,000 wallets connect to gaming dapps EVERY DAY

Follow the 🧵to explore the worlds of the Top Games on @PolygonGaming
🌠 Phantom Galaxies takes you on a thrilling space adventure with a fast-paced mech shooter

This ambitious ARPG has just launched but aims to become an AAA game leading blockchain gaming!

📈@the_phantom_g UAW +205% in the last 7D Image
🌱 Planet Mojo invites you to a rich ecosystem with interconnected games such as battle chess game Mojo Melee with 3D NFTs

Definitely a game to keep an eye on

📈@WeArePlanetMojo UAW +108% in the last 7D Image
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🚀 Eager to know how digital transformation can impact businesses? Let's dive in! 🌟


#ArtificialIntelligence #BigData #AINews #Analytics #DataScience #AI #PyTorch #Python
🤖 With Web3 and AI on the rise, we are experiencing another wave of tech disruption. These cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with customers.
💥 In the coming months, we can expect to witness the emergence of new startups that leverage the power of Web3 and AI. These companies are likely to challenge traditional businesses and potentially make them obsolete.
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1/ Huge news for both the #blockchain and #gaming industries: @avalancheavax is partnering with one of the largest esports organizations in the world, @TSM.

2/This partnership marks a significant milestone for both industries and is a major win for #AVAX as a blockchain technology. #TSM is an absolute titan in the #esports world, with a massive following and a long list of achievements across various esports titles.
3/ For context: LSC is the 3rd most popular professional sports league in the US, behind the NFL and NBA. TSM's audience in 2021 reached approximately 105k peak concurrent viewers on Twitch with a whopping total of 201M hours watched.
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forgot to mention a new episode of CultureScape👾

@Mangold_Lenett @FDRLST explains the dynamics at play & why conservatives don't cover culture or entertainment very well

#podcast @SonnyBunch @HollywoodInToto #mcu #starwars #mandalorian #filmtwitter
I know some people rag on the @FDRLST for their politically charged hot takes on entertainment,

But I've always stated I respect the Federalist
cuz they often alone of all conservative media willing to cover stories about entertainment & culture…
Culture by far most important part most people when relating to national news stories;

Movies, TV, Games, Music, Anime, etc
these are the thing that animate human lives & help us get through our day to day

Yet few in conservative media bother to write or talk about it
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- Digital Art 🎨
- Music 🎶
- Domains 🌐
- Gaming 👾

The intent of this thread is to help newcomers get off on the right foot!

#NFTs #Digitalart #Music #Domains #Gaming #blockchain #crypto #ethereum #Bitcoin Image

🎨💻 Did you know that NFTs are transforming the world of digital art?
💫🚀 With platforms like @superrare_co, @niftygateway, and @AsyncArt leading the way, artists can now sell their digital artworks as unique #NFTart on the blockchain. Image

From establishing proof of authenticity to enabling creators to earn revenue from their work, the possibilities are endless!
🖼️💰 With the rise of #digitalart, NFTs provide a new and innovative way to connect with art collectors and showcase unique creations.
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1/ The rise of #blockchain technology brings about a new era of #gaming with endless possibilities.

Join #YodaLabs, along with industry giants, @DappRadar & @BGameAlliance, as we dive deep into the @0xPolygon #Web3gaming ecosystem.

Ready, set, go ⬇️…
2/ Always Moving Forward

@0xPolygon initially started as an #Ethereum sidechain but is now one of the top ecosystems across multiple verticals.

They've attracted big names into the #Web3 space, like @Starbucks, @Nike & @Meta.

Most notably, @Reddit's collection of 9.6M avatars.
3/ Beyond Blockchain

It's also an effective platform for decentralized #gaming, enabling flawless & lag-free experiences.

Web2 gaming studio partners include @Ubisoft, @atari & @SquareEnix.

@PolygonGaming closes the Web2 & #Web3 gap by combining #blockchain gaming & #NFTs.
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I’ve just read the monthly gaming roundup by @Delphi_Digital so you don't have to.

These numbers speak volumes...
It seems that January has already set the stage for what is coming for web3 gaming in 2023.

Here are my top takeaways from the report👇
1/ Image
A triple-digit growth (!) of the top #gaming tokens in the past 30 days alone foreshadows a bounce back from last year’s lows.

As of Jan 25, the top 10 gaming tokens by market cap have increased in price by at least 50%, with some seeing as much as 200% growth from Jan 1.
And not all of these projects had big announcements during this time, making the growth all the more intriguing.

The sector has also seen a number of token unlocks from $APE, $APT, and $AXS, which, combined with increasing prices, contributed to the overall growth.
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1/7 🔥Excited to welcome @MariusRacasan, Founder & CEO of PopuGames, to our Conference!

Marius has over 8 years of video game development experience and currently leads the development of PopuGames' flagship project, @thecursedland.

Check more details in this 🧵👇
@MultiversX Image
2/7 🫡 With a passion for technology, video games, and creation, @MariusRacasan has established himself as a respected figure in the gaming industry.

#gamedeveloper #BlockchainGaming #blockchaingame
3/7 🎮The Cursed Land is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on #MultiversX, combining Web2 and Web3 items in the same game world.

The game is free to play, with microtransactions and NFTs that allow players to earn rewards.

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Blockchain can revolutionize gaming with transparency, security, and decentralization.

But many overlook the potential issues it can create for gamers and developers.

Let's explore these challenges and view them from their perspectives👇🧵:
1/11: Blockchain technology has created new possibilities for online gaming.

Players could potentially bring objects from other games into other games.

However, this system poses a significant risk for both the player and the developer.
2/11: One of the major problems with this system is that it is unworkable.

The blockchain technology that allows players to bring in objects from other games is new and untested, and the potential for bugs and glitches could create significant problems.
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Played @PlayInkbound's demo which is a turn-based rogue like game with procedurally generated dungeons developed by @ShinyShoeGames.

I thought that this unique style of gameplay was so engaging.

The characters and gameplay are well designed:
1/ The story is incredibly immersive. From the narrative to the vivid and colorful characters you encounter.
2/The game functions around carefully using abilities as they use a resource called Will (blue), and strategically moving around to increase your survivability while conserving this Will which gets reduced as you move.

Moving to a blue pulsating circle rewards you with Will! 👀
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Skill and repetition are two totally different things when it comes to playing video games.

Repetition is just doing the same thing over and over again, but skill is actually learning how to play better.

The difference between skill and repetition in video games 🎮🧵:
1/ Repetition can help improve a player's performance, but it's not the determining factor in attaining mastery in video games.
2/ For example, in MMORPGs and MOBAs, skill is developed through critical thinking, decision making, and teamwork.

Players have to think creatively, work together, and make strategic decisions in order to succeed.…
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How #Zeroknowledge will Change Gaming Forever

New blogpost by @godstar28


#ZKP can be implemented in #gaming in two key ways:

1. Multiplayer gaming architecture
2. Gameplay

1/12 🧵👇
Incorporating ZKP to gaming results in:

- Lowered costs
- Increased privacy protection
- Effective anti-cheat methods
- Enhanced scalability

There are 4 ways online games are hosted today:

- Dedicated Game Server (Client-Server)
- Host-based #P2P
- P2P Hybrid
- #blockchain
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