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From me @townhallcom ✍️

Mainstream Media Blames Violent Video Games for the Buffalo Shooting, Science Says Otherwise🕹️🥼… #videogames #gaming #gamers #buffalosupermarket @TheQuartering @GenePark @YellowFlashGuy @loftipixels @Grummz @xpatriciah @stillgray
I report on the how MS media on both sides of the political spectrum blamed games for the Buffalo Mass Shooting,

I talked w/ @CJFerguson1111 a psychologist & expert researcher on the topic of games & psychology to get to the truth of the matter
Hint: Its absolutely 100% baloney🥪
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It's also unique in that it has a variety of unique #gaming features that promise to increase the winning heat level. To begin, the slot's chilli icon functions as a stacked wild that will complete a win.…

By substituting for any other line-paying icon.
The stacking scatter, represented by the $ currency bag, is the only sign that will not be replaced. When 7 or more of this scatter appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.…

You'll be awarded up to 30 free spins.
Furthermore, this slot machine includes all of the standard EGT software bonus features. That means players will have the opportunity to win additional rewards.…

By predicting whether a card is red or black in a 50/50 double-or-nothing gamble game.
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Ein sehr schöner Teil des Lehrens an der #uni ist die Möglichkeit damit zu experimentieren, wie man das kreative Potenzial der Studierenden erschließen kann. Dieses Semester habe ich ein neues Experiment gestartet - ich entwickle mit meinen Studierenden ein #Strategiespiel.
Es hat den Arbeitstitel "The Next Proliferator" und soll veranschaulichen, von welchen Faktoren es abhängt, ob ein Staat sich #Nuklearwaffen aneignen kann oder eben nicht.…
Zunächst haben die Studierenden in der Vorlesungsphase des Kurses eine Einführung in die technischen Aspekte der Nutzung von Nuklearenergie und die wissenschaftliche Debatte über die sogenannte demand-side (warum?) und supply-side (wie?) nuklearer #Proliferation erhalten.
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1/ The #playtoearn ecosystem has spawned phenomena such as scholarships and gaming guilds. While it brims with potential, it is also a very young economy.

@Emfarsis believes that @playtoearn_ needs platforms like @BreederDAO to harness this potential.
2/ In 2020, @pierskicks said that gaming will be a "Trojan Horse" to blockchain adoption. Two years later, we see the continuous impact of #blockchain in #gaming. In Q1 '22 alone, blockchain gaming raised $2.5B. Guilds have played a huge role in this.…
3/ Guilds serve many functions but their core focus is to recruit, onboard, and manage players. Guilds need quality game assets to fulfill overwhelming scholarship demand, but producing desired #NFTs can be time consuming & inefficient, without the right tools.
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1) Many investors claim that there is an upcoming bear and/or bull market.

They’re actually all correct BUT…

No one knows when that’s going to happen or what changes will bring on these conditions.
2) There are so many factors like inflation/economic conditions, political landscape, regulations, investor trust and sentiment, and adoption etc that it’s nearly impossible to predict the effect of these conditions on the markets.
3) What do I do with this info?

A variety of things; there’s always opportunity everywhere you look.

I do passive income plays like nodes, auto-staking, traditional staking, #yieldfarming, #memecoins, #gaming, #P2E, #metaverse, #bluechips with utility, and more.
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🧵 After days of digesting .@punk6529’s insights w/ .@RaoulGMI on .@RealVision, I found it valuable to share a thread with some takeaways… 👇
.@punk6529's big “AHA! moment” emerged since he realized that all modern society runs on database.

#Bitcoin is a deep idea in the social context. It allowed people who don’t know and trust each other, to agree on a set of facts and information that’s not stored in a database...
Furthermore, big data and machine learning, tend to be centralized.

Plus, we have economies of scope, scale, and data, and all of these lead to centralization… 🧐
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10 Predictions For Blockchain, Crypto Assets, DeFi, And NFTs For 2022 onwards! @ValereumPLC @FrontierFinance
1. Bitcoin price reaches $100,000 USD & the crypto asset market grows in breadth and depth
2. Ethereum undergoes upgrade & remains the dominant smart contract platform
3. #Crypto investments become more sustainable
Issuers of #ETPs, #crypto #exchanges, mining companies, & financial institutions are interested in offering #green products & services to their customers
4. #Web3 infrastructure paves the way for the decentralization of the internet
5. #NFTs and #blockchain-based gaming become a source of income
It remains exciting to wait for the dawn of the multi-chain world. Once value transfers are seamless across different crypto-universes, this could spur a new wave of adoption, and the NFT and blockchain-based gaming
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NEAR Protocol (Overhyped or Undervalued?)

Here I'll be discussing some facts & thesis around #NEAR Ecosystem

Contents ↓↓↓
• What is @NEARProtocol?
• NEAR Protocol as ETH 2.0 Killer?
• How Fast is it?
• How is NEAR different?
• NEAR Ecosystem MCAP

Follow 🧵 Image
• What is NEAR Token?
• How to Earn with NEAR
• How many validators are there in NEAR Ecosystem currently?
• Reasons behind NEAR recent bullish movement 📈
• is NEAR Token a good investment?
• Catching up with the latest updates around NEAR Ecosystem.

Now let's dive in 🏊
🔸 What is NEAR Protocol?
NEAR is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses sharding tech to achieve scalability. It adopts the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to secure its network.

NEAR competes with other smart contract-enabled blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, and Polkadot.
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1/ The growth of the @harmonyprotocol ecosystem continues.

With a $300M ecosystem fund, we offer grants to projects building products for the ecosystem.

Recently, we have approved grants for 8 more projects across use-cases and solutions.

More about these projects👇 Image
2/ WheresMyMoney helps users one-click settle balances incurred from expenses shared between friends or DAOs.

The platform supports features such as automatic currency conversion, unbounded group sizes and transaction/debt flattening.


#Payments Image
3/ @MetaBotClub focuses on personal growth and development with a strong emphasis on financial education and mentorship.

The project uses NFTs and blockchain as a way to connect members to education tools, groups, and professionals.


#NFT Image
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1/ Incredibly excited to announce that the incredibly talented team at @Darewise creators of the #AAA #MMORPG @LifeBeyond and expert builders of online worlds is joining the @animocabrands fam a quick🧵👇 as to the reasons #NFT #blockchaingames…
2/ The team behind @Darewise has one of the most storied and experienced AAA development backgrounds having worked on @assassinscreed @fable @TheDivisionGame @Crytek Black & White which will help level-up our collective experiences in #gaming #mmo #nft
3/ Led by @Ben_Charbit @kahncode @Vincemarty the #mmo #openmetaverse they are building @LifeBeyond is both ambitious as it is beautiful built with @UnrealEngine you can learn more about it and join their community over at: #NFTs Image
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#SEGA déclare maintenant que l'avenir du jeu inclut les #NFT 🕹🔥

@SEGA semble avoir essentiellement fait marche arrière sur sa position anti-NFT.

#NFTs #nftcollector #NFTCommunity #NFTcollection #Gaming #P2E
Vous vous souviendrez probablement qu'au début du mois de janvier, les dirigeants de SEGA semblaient éloigner l'entreprise de la mise en œuvre de jetons non fongibles dans leurs jeux, citant la perception négative du public.
Cependant, SEGA a enregistré une marque et un logo spécifiques pour les NFT auprès de l'Office des brevets du Japon.
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Investment Bank Citi Is Bullish on the Metaverse, Predicts $13 Trillion Economy Image
Investment bank Citi said in a Thursday report that the metaverse economy could reach $13 trillion by 2030.
But it will take time and computational efficiency would need to improve massively, says the big bank.
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With more and more blockchain games being announced, it can be hard to keep up with new releases. @MeritCircle_IO allows investors to gain lower-risk exposure to upcoming games through partnerships, and often seed deals.

Here is a thread on the current $MC game partners 🧵

For any investments made by the $MC DAO we recommend checking the latest treasury report here for the amounts invested, and current valuation.

This thread is not an exhaustive list and we may have missed partners and/or investments.…

Ascenders @PlayAscenders

An upcoming open-world, sci-fantasy RPG powered by the #Avalanche blockchain. Players can choose to Build, Fight and Explore in order to collect rare resources and progress their character in the direction of their choice.

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MEGA Thread #OasisProtocol : The privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy.

Here's everything you need to know about $ROSE, tackling the challenges of the contemporary economy that poses economic and privacy concerns.

A thread 🧵👇
1. My recommendation to read first:

I've written about the fundamentals of $ROSE previously in a simple to understand thread below.

2. In this thread, I want to focus on the upcoming events, ecosystem and potential value $ROSE offers to us as investors.

Firstly, with an ecosystem fund this accelerates growth by creating an economic flywheel incentive designed by @a16z that I will explain below.
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Another exciting week of exponential growth for our portfolio companies through our dedicated m² program:
1/ Now you too can connect with other #founders and resources (KOLs, Partnerships, Hiring etc.). Please, join our channel to connect:
2/ 🤝Connections
- Connected @solana gaming portcos @RoTTheGame with @PlayElumia
- Connected Solana #gaming portcos @SpaceFalconIO with @PlayElumia
- Connected portcos @official_pnode with @dojimanetwork
- Setting up call with @CelestiaOrg to identify ways to help portcos
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The Metaverse - ULTIMATE 🧵

#Metaverse, like #Blockchain, is a word that is becoming more popular but is hardly fully defined.

The intersection of self-sovereignty, limitless networks, VR/AR, data, commerce, #tokenomics, and other concepts is still evolving.

Interested? 👀👇🏻 Image
1/The next big step as an interconnected society is here:

7 billion digital minds capable of living almost fully online and contributing to a society influencing virtual economy

Imagine it.

@daolectic attended the @Everyrealm course on #Metaverse & NFTs

Get ready for it! 👇🏻 Image
2/When Facebook released its @Meta makeover, the #metaverse soared in popularity (and its aim of building its own metaverse).

@Google trends come in our help📈

In the metaverse and #web3, we are presently aiding various new businesses

However, what is web3 compared to 1 & 2? Image
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Online casino streaming is gaining momentum with more and more #gaming enthusiasts joining the #global army of slot streamers. Some of them have succeeded In creating a truly massive following while others are still in search of their audiences.… Despite what many think, the real charm about broadcasting slot gameplay is not that viewers can win a variety of awesome rewards, although bonus spins and cash prizes are also welcome. The true allure of the concept is a highly interactive and lively… experience it provides for all participants, of course, if streamers are very good at what they do.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the top slot streamers and learn about their backgrounds, roads to success, favorite games, and biggest wins!
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Since it's #InternationalWomensDay, here's a thread of TEN #BlackWomen #Creators in #Anime and #Manga Spaces that you NEED to know about!
First up is: @NeyshaPlays, an exceptionally talented
multidisciplinary Digital Creative. She's a podcaster, writer & pop culture critic and an AMAZING Cosplayer. Is there anything that she can't do?

P.S. The answer to that question is NO. She can do everything!
Next we have: @tudzdotexe! Tudz is a #BlackBritish Youtuber, Podcaster, Streamer and Magical Girl. Get into her content please, because it is AMAZING!

Her #Podcast: @4EyesAcademia

Her #Youtube Channel:…
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But now with the proliferation of the #gaming industry new games are being created for this purpose. One such game is “Let it ride”.

The game is played on a semi circular table with the dealer on the flat side and the players on the circular side.… Each player places three equal bets at the start of the game.Then three cards are dealt face down to each player and three to the dealer. The dealer discards one of his cards and the remaining two cards act as community cards.… The aim of Let it ride is to ascertain how good a poker hand is made from the player’s three cards and the two community cards. After a player sees his cards he has the option of withdrawing one of his bets or letting them all ride.
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Projemiz @ColliderCraft ,

Ben projeye karşı çok yükseğim arkadaşlar, açık konuşmam gerekirse fomo dolu dakikalar geçirebilirsiniz flood içerisinde 😂

Flood başlıyor☕️

#collidercraft @ColliderCraft
1- Öncelikle projenin web sitelerini detaylı bir şekilde incelemenizi öneririm.

Çok büyük gaming projelerinde karşılaşabileceğiniz kalitede yapılmış, buraya bırakıyorum.
2- Proje bir #metaverse , #gaming projesi. Proje içerisindeki çizimleri yapan artistler daha önce @assassinscreed , @MortalKombat ve @InjusticeGame gibi çok büyük oyunlarda bazı karekterlerin sahipleri.

Çizimlerden ve karekterlerden anlaşılacaktır.
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As a term, the word 'Metaverse’ was coined over thirty years ago, but it is only now being brought to mass public awareness, due in no small part to #Facebook’s recent name change.

But what exactly is the #Metaverse, how did we get here, and why does it matter? 👇

Simply speaking, the #Metaverse is an online realm in which you can interact with people or products using your digital identity, better known as your #avatar. In the Metaverse, you will be able to shop, use #streaming services, play games, hang out with friends, and more.

But what's so new about this? The difference that the #Metaverse is bringing lies in how we access this digital realm. Currently, that’s through a #Web2 interface. This means that we have to use multiple access points (usually email addresses) to access different services.

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1/ #ProbablyNothingDigest
The week in #NFTs 🧵Vol. 6

@McDonald’s filled trademark applications which make direct references to virtual restaurants, cafes, concerts, and other virtual services, goods & events
@PropyInc hosting the 1st US real estate NFT auction. A Florida based home with a starting bid of 221 ETH (˜$650,000), allowing real-world property to be bought as an NFT
#Gaming: @zynga to release its 1st mobile NFT & blockchain games in late 2022
@Sothebys Metaverse NFT sales series, the ‘Punk It!’ sale from February 18-23 will include 104 CryptoPunks for auction
@UnitedNations approves initiative led by @TencentGlobal to lead a project exploring the creation of a standard technical & security framework for NFTs
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Casinos and #Gaming in the #USA: The Success of Mainstream and Online Casino Games… In the United States, as well as internationally, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the gambling industry in a major way. Casinos, lottery outlets, and gambling venues had to close, and sporting events for which betting systems were in place… Because of this, there has been a shift from offline to online gambling activities. The closure of many gambling establishments prompted several operators to move to the digital realm. The expansion of online gambling,
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#BlackSpeculative Opening with Yul Anderson and Dr. Reynaldo Anderson
How do we assess mobility, public health, and rapid technological innovation? #BlackSpeculative #BlackHistoryMonth
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