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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2020…
How to Ship a Vaccine at –80°C, and Other Obstacles in the Covid Fight…

#COVID19 #obstacle #vaccines
Let the Institutional Innovation Begin! (Part I)…

#innovation #institutions
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/18/2020…
Opinion | This Is Why We Couldn’t Control the Pandemic - The New York Times…

#pandemic #control
How breathing in wildfire smoke affects the body…

#breathing #body #wildfire
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Esta semana lanzamos #LaPotenciaDelTalentoNoMirado, el libro que cuenta cómo #Arbusta innova en su modelo de desarrollo de talento. Tomamos esta imagen y esta pregunta para abrir hilo: ¿Se pueden unir estos dos mundos? ¿Los barrios populares y la industria del conocimiento?
Con esta mirada de posibilidad, y con la intuición de que el talento es universal, en 2013 @PaulaCardenau @emifazio y @fedesei fundaron Arbusta, una empresa de #Tecnologia tecnología que emplea #centennials nativos digitales con altas barreras para acceder al mercado de trabajo.
#Arbusta hoy está conformada por 300 personas en Buenos Aires, Medellín, Montevideo y Rosario, de las cuales un 95% son #Millennials y #centennials y un 57 % son mujeres.
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Millennials who got an anti-consumerist and anti-capitalist message from the Brave Little Toaster, it's not an accident!

The film is based on a book series by Thomas M Disch #BraveLittleToaster #movie #Millennials
The main theme in Disch's series is criticism of planned obsolescence, which is what "The Cutting Edge" song in the 1987 film is about (CW: there is Black- and yellowface in this clip)
We joke this film made us into hoarders, but it taught us that things that are old are not inherently worthless #movies #Millennials
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Catch our Director Dr @laveeshbhandari interact with young, budding economists and share about our initiatives on creating a sustainable and inclusive world! @UNCTAD @yahindiadelhi @aashima_arora_ @NikkhilKalia
Register: ImageImageImage
"#Economic #Growth is leading to a fall in #employment for women due to a structural shift in the #economy. Due to technological advancement - demand for agri labourers, most of whom are women working on small family farms is reduced." -@laveeshbhandari (1/11)
"I am not saying it is right. Fall in demand is for all landless labourers, who are generally unskilled and not just women." - @laveeshbhandari (2/11) Read more: @narendramodi @thegwpfcom @JoeAgneya @alindaMjan @anshuman1tiwari @capt_amarinder @smritiirani
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/09/2020…
Collective behavior: How animals work together…

#animals #collective #behavior
Why capitalism is in constant conflict with democracy…

#conflict #democracy #capitalism
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This week @pewresearch released an updated analysis of long-term trends in party identification. It's a great report and a must-read for anyone with an interest in U.S. politics. Let's take a look! (thread) 1/x
The balance of party ID among all U.S. registered voters has been fairly stable. Dems hold 49%-44% edge over GOP in leaned party ID in data running thru 2019. Comparable to other recent moments. But a lot is happening under the hood! 2/x
The gender gap in party ID is now as wide as at any moment in @pewresearch data going back to 1994. Women are 14 pts more likely than men to identify or lean Dem. Avg gap was 9 pts between 1994 and 2014. 3/x
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SHE is the millennial [they] thought we’d all be. Born in the 80s, we remember the days without cellphones & internet, but computers are still second nature. I type over 100 words/min, can analyze massive data in minutes, but I can also write cursive & solve problems by hand.
We knew to be kind & rewind, then to CDs, & before going out, give me 30 minutes to burn a CD on Napster. Can push mow the yard before I hack into your BF’s AIM acct. Grew up with no social media, so we still look you in the eye, give a firm handshake & use our strong
...communication skills. At the same time, give me 20 minutes to find who keeps prank calling you, & I’ll text you the name and address. I can walk you through a very complex calculus problem without a calculator, or I can compute it for you in seconds. Are you starting to...
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In the US alone, $70 trillion will transfer from Boomers to Bitcoin-friendly generations in the coming decades.

In new research, we break down the impact this shift could bring 🧵👇…
2/ Assuming a 5% investment allocation and a 2% inheritance tax, by 2044 Gen X and Millennials could invest an estimated $971 billion into #Bitcoin as they inherit wealth.

World investment could make this figure much higher.
3/ Here’s a projection showing the estimated flow of assets as the Baby Boom generation declines and transfers its wealth to Gen X and Millennials.

Almost 70% of the total $70 trillion transfer will occur in the next 10 years.
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[THREAD] Soybean futures, Solidere shares and the #FourthTurning: Lebanon’s crisis from a historical and demographic perspective
1. In #Lebanon these days, it’s easy to get lost in the minutae of daily developments, from what a minister said to eurobond this and capital control that.
2. These events are at the core of people’s daily lives, but how do they fit within the bigger picture, in the larger story being written?
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Hola amigos, hoy no es sábado sabadete pero toca hilo sobre #privacidad y #eticadelosdatos. Hoy, hablaremos del papel FUNDAMENTAL de la Calidad de los Datos en #MachineLearning y, por qué una baja calidad de éstos es causa de sesgos y discriminaciones.
La calidad de los datos juega un papel crítico en Machine Learning porque cada modelo de Machine Learning se entrena y se evalúa utilizando conjuntos de datos, y las características y calidad de estos conjuntos de datos influirán DIRECTAMENTE en el resultado de un modelo.
Una definición de "calidad de los datos" es si los datos utilizados son "adecuados para el propósito". En consecuencia, la calidad de los datos depende en gran medida del propósito de su uso.
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While the expression #FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" is widely used, the "Desire of Missing Out" a.k.a. DOMO is not. Perhaps it is taboo but DOMO is likely more common than most people think. [THREAD 1/]
#Millennial lexicon, i.e., FOMO, has normalized the need to belong (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) or what is known as affiliation motivation (McClelland, Koestner, & Weinberger, 1989) in academic psychology.
Clinical as well as social and personality #psychologists have long recognized the need to belong as a key dimension of human motivation and central to conceptions of personality functioning. 3/
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1. Time to correct a narrative that is being built that the economy has tanked in India and that the government is making knee jerk and ineffective measures.

Firstly, is the market, especially rural economy slowing down majorly? @dmuthuk @contrarianEPS @monikahalan
2. Look for proxy numbers.

Bollywood set record sales of Rs700 crores in the movie box office in September.…
3. "Jobs are gone" crib.

Have not seen any jobless person in my personal network, or around. There is a huge increase in the gig economy and a large chunk of jobs have moved on to the likes of @Uber @olacabs @urbanclap @rapidobikeapp @swiggy_in etc.
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1/9 I have purchased a car very recently. So, I went through the usual motions of a large and involved purchase at the time of my decision. This might also give you an insight into the auto sector slowdown #AutoSector #SlowDown #Economyslowdown #economy
2/9 Clean fuel vehicles are coming: Hydrogen fuel cell, & #ElectricVehicles (#BEV & #PHEV) are coming sooner than we thought. Govt envisions an electric mobility future for us & is taking a lot of steps to push EVs under #FAME2 scheme. To reduce pollution & fuel import bill.
3/9 If I buy a regular petrol/diesel car, it may get obsolete sooner than I imagined. Eg: NCR banned 10yr old #diesel vehicles to improve air quality, push towards electric. All this affects resale value of the #cars. Hence, I considered pushing the life of my current car
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قبل ايام اكملت ١٠اعوام
منذ استقالتي من وظيفتي الواعده
بالشركة الرائعه #أرامكو_السعودية

و اخترت المغامرة في ادغال
#ريادة_الأعمال بحثا عن شئ ما !!

افكر الان في ان (اثرد) لكم تجربتي
واختصر الدروس التي تعلمتها

لكني متردد لأن كتابتها متعبة نفسيا

إن كان سردها سيفيدكم
اعملوا 🔃 او❤️
1️⃣ #ثريد

توقعت بعض الاهتمام بالموضوع
وخصوصا من الاخوان موظفي
#أرامكو 😄👋🏻👷🏻‍♂️

لكن لم اتوقع هذا الاهتمام الكبير #صراحه

سابدأ بكم تغريده الليله
و اسرد خواطري عن الموضوع في #سلسلة
خلال هذا الاسبوع المزحوم😥

و ربما اعطي بعض التفاصيل على #سناب_شات لاحقا

نقول بسم الله

قبل ان اصل للحديث عن استقالتي من وظيفتي في #ارامكو والتي يتمناها الكثير
و هي فعلا شركة مميزه و الخروج منها ليس قرار سهل ابدا

يجب ان اذكر ان رحلة البحث عن هذا (الشئ؟)
بدأت منذ طفولتي..
اذكر مغامرات الاكتشاف والتامل
في جبال واودية #ابها
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It’s the headline that just won’t die: Young Canadians can’t afford to buy a home. #housing #affordability #millennials #basementlife
The news is a retell but @GenSqueeze crunched the numbers to show, again, the gap between what the average home costs in Canada and what a typical 25 to 34-year-old can afford is massive.
The national housing affordability gap is bleak.
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Wonderful to have @LisaB_MD from @GistHealthcare giving the Paul Mason Lectureship for #IMED #GrandRounds today: The Future of #Healthcare
Always so insightful!

Follow thread...
“Our #USEconomy in a nutshell? We are a huge insurance company w a bunch of tanks and planes!”- @LisaB_MD
#physicians need to use their voice for advocacy for our practices and our patients”- @LisaB_MD
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💥 Da ieri siamo online con #JungleEuropa, un #podcast 🎙️per accompagnare, "liana dopo liana" 😉, i lettori di @repubblica, ma, più in generale, tutti gli elettori e cittadini italiani, verso le #elezionieuropee 👉 | @GEDIspa
🎧 Il #podcast lo trovate su #ITunes, #Spotify e sul sito di @repubblica 👌 Perché la #giungla? 🦍 Inutile negarlo: l'#Europa può apparire come un territorio complicato da capire. Ma varcato il primo cono d'ombra si scopre un mondo nuovo e affascinante! ☺️
🌿#JungleEuropa dà priorità alle voci di chi questa #Europa la vive in prima persona: giornalisti e ricercatori della generazione #millennials 🤙 che sono partiti dall'#Italia per realizzare progetti professionali, ma non solo, all'estero 🦋
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Share this post & get 10% off the programme fee.
Pay on or before Friday, 5th of April & get another 10% off. Pay for 3 delegates or team up with 2 or more friends & get a 10% group discount.
Wow! It's raining discounts & freebies🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🧚‍♀️
Talking about freebies, early birds get a chance to win a FREE COPY of Kehinde Salami 's bestseller @officialTEMAB
Take advantage of any or all above offers by calling or chatting with us on 08165285675/08036972256
Programme Title: Understanding Consumer Behaviour & Selling To #Millennials.
Fee: #26,000 (all inclusive)
Date: Thursday, 11th of April, 2019.
Venue: The Learning Hub, Lagos Mainland, Nigeria.
Duration: 9am - 1pm
Please unroll
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@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he got paid $200,000 to get a Republican elected to the House of Reps.…
@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he gave war criminal George W. Bush a Liberty Medal.…
@thehill #BidenSoProgressive that he told #millennials who got screwed over by the neoliberal policies he and Obama implemented to fvck off.…
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If twitter had been around in the 40's and 50's...

Think I am getting the hang of it.....

Waiting to see this posted somewhere...

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They: "Have you watched The Hunger Games?"

Me: "Is that what you call me trying to survive on $100 each month after one emergency after another and my rent which is more than half my salary eat up most of my earnings? No, I haven't watched it. I'm LIVING it."

*Dec 1*

Me: "OMG! I may finally be able to save a little."

*Doggie bites other doggie, must pay other doggie's vet bills*

Me: "I can go on *some* dates..."

*Laptop dies two nights later*

Me: "Okay, I'll at least be able to eat without worrying!"

*insurance fails*

The good news is that I'm A) Not a fussy eater, B) Cook my own food, C) Been a refugee all my life so 100% ready to deal with any crisis, D) Kinda need to lose a few pounds anyway (that last bit was gallows humor). The bad news? I know too many people like me... #Millennials
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1. #Millennials we are reaching the final days for Voter Registration! The policy direction determined by the 2018 midterm elections WILL absolutely impact your life choices and options. The #Healthcare vote matters even if you're young and healthy.
2. Company/employee loyalty has become a nominal factor in career trajectory. Boomers lamented how often GenXers would change jobs, but #Millennials have figured out how to make lateral moves work in their favor.
3. Young workers move on from companies relatively quickly, enhancing their resume and generally increasing earning power with each lateral move. Companies are able to keep their employee costs down - for many industries it's a win-win.
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