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On Lady Luck and Investment Strategy.…
Ethereum, The prescient augur of exchange.…
Tides of the Dollar Moon (a poem)…
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#COVID19 | The EU needs a comprehensive recovery plan & unprecedented investment to relaunch & transform our economies🌍⚡🔋📶🚊
Presidents @eucopresident & @vonderleyen put forward a roadmap for recovery with 4️⃣ key areas for action.
More in the thread 👇
#COVID19 | A functioning #singlemarket is essential for the EU's prosperity & resilience.
Green transition 🌍 & digital transformation 📶 will play a central role in relaunching & modernising the 🇪🇺 economy.
#StrongerTogether #EUGreenDeal #DigitalSingleMarket
#COVID19 | The EU needs an unprecedented public & private investment effort, targeted where most needed. The next #MFF & @EIB will be key to invest massively in:
🔹 green & digital transitions ⏩
🔹 #CircularEconomy ♻️
🔹 #CohesionPolicy & #FutureofCAP
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“If we get💰and we keep the supply chains open we can avoid famine. We can stop this if we act now”… Their famine is endemic to the Econobscene not yet to climate /Covid. Investors/pirates pull💰out to put into rich/stable states. Moodys downgrades nations.
W/ climate change & w/o solidarity, regional famines from crop losses will pile up. IMO, this decade will be the last where simple food distribution can still alleviate that -IF surreal profit paradigms don't plow under crops bc conserving veggies looks less efficient, ie cheap.
National political fallouts from famines due to Covid/climate or rather due to the unstopped Econobscene and its pirates will be like a sped-up repetition of the spiral after 2008 crisis: Nationalism, more far-right in govt like Bolsonaro, Modi and Trump.
And 0 climate mitigation
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Wow!! One of the most outstanding books I’ve ever read.

Sand Talk: How #IndigenousThinking can save the World

A great recommendation for these days!!

Thanks Tyson Yunkaporta. Your book is a gem to be discovered: #wisdom #values
A few years ago, I wrote a post about the #philosophy of Good Living or Living Well from Indigenous People…

I talked about #biomimicry, learning from Nature with humility, and then we could also learn from the wisdom of indigenous people
I've decided to start a month-long project where I'll tweet a “wise” tip about "Sand Talk" every day during April. 30/30

#WiseBoomerang #1 This will be the 1st one.
It's about #humility the antonymous of #hubris. #Communication #DialogicalEthics #Connectedness
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Denialists are a steadily shrinking pool and will in time only have each other to bounce around their non-science, anti-factual arguments with. Conversion from Denialism to the #GlobalClimateConsensus is a one-way street and we gain surprising new allies every single day. THREAD
If at this *very* late stage in the game you *still* find yourself asking the same easily Google-able questions while engaged in your latest in a string of climate denial arguments it's unlikely you care what teenager Greta Thunberg thinks about it /1
What you don't know (as you haven't listened to even one of her speeches & so be it) is she doesn't *want* you to listen to her. Her constant refrain is Listen To The Scientists & refers to the IPCC's 2016 Special Report on Climate each & every time /2…
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You can:
1. Hire an expat and listen to them @Advance
2. Sign up to #weeklysparks >
3. Be a customer of your co, find problems to solve. Solve them.
4. Get @hyperanna_AI and see what the data says
4. Read @neweconomymedia
5. Understand the scale of the challenge with @FaethmAI
6. Do the assessment and training with @WYWM_Academy
7. Join a #hackathon run by @servantofchaos
8. Go on a Trade Mission to Israel with @AICC_NSW
9. Go to demo day @SydneyIncubate or @murudau
10. Visit a hub like @stoneandchalk, @HaymarketHQ, @TheStudioAu or @TankStreamLabs
11. Ask @Entirl to share how Ireland rebuilt its economy and visit Estonia.
12. Visit @MaRSDD and see how they turned around > @KJsaysthis
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I was invited to event today to learn about @CircularCities by @98108HI. I think elements of concept are relevant to how Seattle plans future of industrial lands. Presenters: @UW @Starbucks @generalelectric @Parametrix_Inc @Microsoft @CityofSeattle @VirginiaMason
idea of a circular economy may generate new thinking & language matters — so I’m curious how this connects to my current understanding of a green economy.

Also wondering *if* concepts of indigenous sovereignty or just transition are mentioned today
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A building built in a traditional way has an expected lifespan of 50–100 yrs, but usually after 20–30 yrs it is not economically valuable. Demolition is then the go-to solution. In the circular economy, the value of a building is maintained by extending its ‘functional’ lifespan.
Longevity in buildings can be stimulated through modular, flexible, and durable designs. Such design approaches also ensure a building is capable of being adapted to changing user needs as well as offering easier maintenance and renovations.
Modular design typically reuses 80% of the components in a building’s exterior so that it can stand for 100 years or more, coupling modularity with durability. Altogether, prolonging a building's lifetime could reduce CO2 emissions by 1.0 Gt beyond 2050. #circulareconomy
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Our consumption model is hurting our environment, our physical and mental health. We’re over-using natural resources, exposing children to toxic chemicals in our everyday products, and creating too much waste. This is unsustainable. Thread👇
Humanity lives at credit and consumes resources equal to that of 1.7 planets a year, vs 1.4 a decade ago and 0.8 in 1963. If population and consumption trends continue, this figure will rise to 2 planets by 2030.
#sustainabilitymatters #earth
The problem is about quantity, quality, and behaviors. We produce too much useless and disposable stuff, using enormous resources, cheap materials and labor, that we often barely use and quickly throw away.…
#zerowaste #circulareconomy
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I have lots of new followers so I am going to start at the beginning.
On May 25th 2019 I found a magnetic rock in a gravel pit.
It was really cool and got me thinking that if one little rock was so powerful what about tons of rock?
I was talking about my special little nugget and someone put me on to #leylines. Never heard of them. Found out some cool stuff here.…
I started looking at the Cairns the settlers put all over the place. What were they?
Soon enough I discovered that a #cairn was put at the junction of 2 powerful leylines.
I still didn't understand what a leyline was. I thought it was a stone formation. I got my lead pendulum out and started looking for them around my country property. I found positive
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The 3rd in my treelogy of talks entirely based on pun titles - the most egregious one of all.
Here is the sing-along version of "grading and abetting - does timber strength grading help or hinder the circular economy" at the #TIMBER2019 conference of @wood_technology of @iom3 [1]
The previous talk "From forest to last" (#EvolvingTheForest) was a more general look at the future role of #wood the #bioeconomy & #CircularEconomy - which covered, among other things, the huge potential, but also the gap between renewable & unlimited [2]
& 1st talk was "Would you know a tree if you saw one?" (#napres19) in which we learned that it is hard to define a tree - & how this doesn't matter & also matters a lot.
Let's return to this topic of how words shape our thinking, not always for good [3]
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No sing-along (as such) for today's presentation at #EvolvingTheForest on #wood the #bioeconomy & #CircularEconomy - partly because what matters most is the discussion afterwards. Thanks to @TilhillForestry for the invitation.
However, bonus content... (1/6)
...the gist of the start is similar to this...let's not get too hung up on words

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🎉📣 Unveiling the Finalists of the 2019 UN #SDGAwards! 🔝 21 initiatives show how innovation, creativity & commitment lead to impactful SDG Action. 2000+ applications, the selection was harder than ever!
Support your favs on the People's Choice Award!
Drone-based projects, crowdsourced stories of harassment & indicators on SDG progress ➡#SDGAwards VISUALIZERS are making complex concepts more readily understandable & affecting real change.

🤳Like & RT your favourite for the People's Choice Award!
#SDGAwards STORYTELLERS are using #transmedia, immersive mediums & taking storytelling to the next level to make #inequalities, #migration, access to #water, or #climatechange impacts.

🤳Like & RT your favourite for the People's Choice Award
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Launched today, CityCirc 1.0 is a computational tool developed by Exploration Architecture that makes it easier to design circular economy systems for cities and eco-industrial parks. Inspired by the interconnected and highly resource-efficient characteristics of ecosystems -
This tool allows designers to both plan and visualise how complex systems work. this tool allows designers to both plan and visualise how complex systems work. Users can input technologies / processes / land uses together with their key inputs / outputs and then make connections
so that waste from one part of the system can become an input for another part. This encourages designers to regard all under-utilised resources as opportunities to add something to the system to create more value. Exploration Architecture are now offering this as
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At #greenerUK #CPC18 fringe, ⁦@michaelgove⁩ in conversation with WWF’s ⁦@TanyaMSteele⁩. Needless to say, the room is creaking at the seams!
First time we’re hearing more detail on PM’s promised #environmentbill. Gove: as well as addressing #AirPollution it will tackle waste & resources to move us towards a #CircularEconomy
At the time of #climatechange Act, people were worried its ambitious targets would harm economic growth - quite the opposite has happened, says Gove #cpc18 #greenerUK
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