What did I say about Mark Jaccard & Blake Shaffer (son of #SiteC lobbyist Marv Shaffer)? The fact their names are back in the news (& federal Enviro Min. @JonathanWNV keeps dropping Jaccard's name) means BC & Canada are pushing #SiteC... #bcpoli #cdnpoli cbc.ca/news/canada/ca…
@JonathanWNV Mark Jaccard's main argument for #SiteC back in 2017 was that #SiteC would be "dispatchable" power (available anytime) unlike wind/solar. He managed to get himself into every media outlet to repeat this. BC DOESN'T BEGIN TO NEED ANY MORE DISPATCHABLE POWER. He knows this #bcpoli
@JonathanWNV ..Worse, the feds are really showing their hand here by throwing money at UNESCO site Wood Buffalo National Park, which the UN has warned will be impacted (desiccated) by #SiteC. The Park needs water, not money, Minister Wilkinson. Why are you pushing #SiteC on it & BC? #cdnpoli
@JonathanWNV ..And you, @SFU: I got my graduate degree @SFU & expect more. Your Prof Mark Jaccard uses bogus arguments for #SiteC, Prof Marv Shaffer was a paid #SiteC lobbyist & you house Clean Energy Canada which claps like a trained seal for Horgan's CleanBC & won't oppose the dam. #bcpoli
@JonathanWNV @SFU SFU was always thought to be the university that speaks for the public not corporate interest, unlike UBC, yet all the strongest academic work against #SiteC has come out of UBC: UBC Water Governance, Karen Bakker et al.

@SFU churns out shills for a corporate welfare project.
@JonathanWNV @SFU .@Norm_Farrell: "Interesting that profs can collect $$$ salaries from universities but also conduct private consulting businesses where industry pays them unknown sums. There's a built-in potential for conflict of interest affecting opinions then used to influence public policy."
Now to dismiss Jaccard's & Shaffer's idea of an electricity intertie with Alberta. Above all, their tacit & false assumption that #SiteC can be operational & safe. No mention of the out of control & financially disastrous geotech problems. Why? cbc.ca/news/canada/ca… #bcpoli
..2. OF COURSE Alberta would be happy to pay 4 cents a KWh for electricity that costs BC Hydro 12 cents to make. But we don't need #SiteC for that; BC can produce cheaper power via modern renewables; sell that to AB instead. BC has enough dispatchable power already; add wind.
This @cbcnewsbc article is just more obfuscation trying to convince the BC public there's a demand for #SiteC's power - just as BC Hydro has incorrectly & cynically predicted electricity demand increases for over a decade, but it never materializes (& won't, even with EVs).
@cbcnewsbc ...And you, @cbcnewsbc: you've repeatedly said you're too understaffed to cover #SiteC, the largest project in BC history, yet here you are participating in a strategy of dam proponents, private and public, to win the PR war on behalf of corporations at the #SiteC trough. #bcpoli
@cbcnewsbc ..CBC, you have also been giving Minister Wilkinson the opportunity to drop Jaccard's name when you asked him about #SiteC but where have you been for MONTHS of major #SiteC instability & cost revelations? Yet now you're a platform for #SiteC proponents? stopsitec.today/press/
@cbcnewsbc ..I'm suddenly receiving a lot of DMs and emails from people who are reading this thread & supplying me with more points:
"I'd love to see Mark Jaccard's tax returns for the last few years."
@cbcnewsbc And: "Right on re: SFU - It gave us not only Clean Energy Canada and Jaccard, but also Andrew Petter’s silence and acquiescence to the pipeline on Burnaby Mtn"
@cbcnewsbc Having CBC platform the same old #SiteC proponents while there's a near total absence of CBC coverage of Site C's legion problems, is really disappointing, @akurjata @pieglue @CBCStephenQuinn @CBCGloria @bctoday @CBCOnTheCoast @CBCEarlyEdition @j_mcelroy
..As for you, @BCHydro: longtime commentator on BC energy and economics @Norm_Farrell has often pointed out that re: #SiteC, "recognizing the reality of flat demand would cause the loss of many high paying jobs at BC Hydro and their consultants and contractors." #bcpoli
..I consulted informed types this morning on whether this #SiteC electricity transmission "intertie" with Alberta is needed. BC & AB are already intertied in our electrical grid, & the Jaccard/Shaffer op-ed (& the recent AB study) don't say why a new tie would be req'd.. #bcpoli
..The reply regarding this northern BC-AB 'intertie' idea: "Transmission lines have turned into lucrative megaprojects so it's likely the basis for some of the argument for a new intertie. After all SNC has to be involved if there's any federal funding involved." #bcpoli #cdnpoli
Alberta does not need this electricity intertie with BC, especially as they are adding their own electricity capacity in many forms. This seems more like Minister @JonathanWNV & the Liberals doing the bidding of #SNCLavalin to flow yet more public money into private hands.
@JonathanWNV ..There are some clarifications/corrections to this thread re: the need and rationale for a northern BC-AB electricity intertie. It's very complicated and I'm going to try and add it in here soon - but none of it supports a case for #SiteC.
@JonathanWNV If AB *does* need a second high capacity transmission line to AB near dams, the BC/AB/federal govts could nearly as easily build transmission lines from the WAC Bennett/Peace Canyon dams. You don't need #SiteC, which is essentially a big run-of-river project, for such a line.
@JonathanWNV I now have a crew of engineers and experts in electrical installation construction DM'ing me regarding this thread. Thank you all. All agree there's no need for #SiteC here, but are providing valuable extra info on transmission. Going to relay some of it over the next day.

• • •

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21 Dec
What's really funny is that the person who coined "trickle down" meant it as mockery. Do you know who that is? "Fifty Years of Tax Cuts for Rich Didn’t Trickle Down, Study Says" bloomberg.com/news/articles/… #capitalism
..Will Rogers coined "trickle-down." Yes, that's right, the humourist Will Rogers. He was criticizing Hoover's stimulus package in the 30s Depression because (like so much Covid stimulus) it was going to powerful entities that didn't need it: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trickle-d…
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18 Dec
Given that the Milburn report could potentially be announced tomorrow, it feels like a good time to refocus on #SiteC. We know all the many arguments against this dam, but the thing is, all but one of them are moot.

The site's geology makes the dam unsafe, period.
#bcpoli 1/x
..Yes, other arguments against #SiteC are good:
* violation of Indigenous & treaty rights
* more than double the cost of greener alternatives
* vast loss of agricultural land in midst of food insecurity
* extreme environmental damage
* high hydro rates will slow decarbonization..
* what we now know of the massive GHG climate impact of dams.

But the problem with making any & all of these arguments against #SiteC - & each of them should have disqualified this dam - is that using them almost implies the dam is even safely completable. It's not.
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17 Dec
BREAKING: A former CEO of BC Hydro CEO & a veteran dam engineer say the BC government has failed in its oversight role. "Why #SiteC Construction Should Stop Today" by Marc Eliesen & Ken Farquharson #bcpoli thetyee.ca/Analysis/2020/…
.."Unfortunately, this important government responsibility [dam safety] has rarely been mentioned as #SiteC has careened from one set of problems to another." - former BC Hydro CEO Marc Eliesen #bcpoli
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15 Dec
Quick #SiteC update:
1. It is widely reported that @jjhorgan has the Milburn #SiteC report but hasn't told the public. Release the unredacted report now; it's ours.
2. The current #bcpoli Leg session ends Thursday. It would be classic Horgan to make a statement late Friday..
3. There have been a number of signs that the BC govt, various #SiteC boosters like Marc Jaccard, and Fed Minister of Environment @JonathanWNV are gearing up to produce reasons to pass #SiteC (ignoring its geotechnical instability)... #bcpoli
4. A study recently out of Alberta (odd timing) looks at #SiteC economics & concludes it's only worthwhile to go ahead if it feeds electricity to Alberta under certain conditions (which can't be met). It ignores the fact that greener, cheaper alternatives to #SiteC exist..
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14 Dec
There's something really illogical about the school = mental health link. If going to school with other children is necessary for mental health, why is home schooling legal, for instance? Friend: "The obvious answer is it depends on the kid, but then the argument collapses."
Friend: "Some parents are literally thinking 'Brianna and Brendan and Madison and Kai are going to fall behind'... Behind all the other kids falling behind at the same time."
Then you get denial that kids, who tend to be asymptomatic with Covid, can be serious transmitters because parents are pushed into wishfully believing the best because there’s no plan B for childcare, whether personally or socially. But ICYMI: spiegel.de/international/…
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7 Dec
Sources are passing on a lot of concerning information about #COVID19BC management at #SiteC and in Fort St John. This much smoke usually means fire. I'm just going to pass it along in the hope that we can finally get some official response... 1/x
..1. Word is that workers who put themselves into "self-isolation" at #SiteC are NOT automatically tested. (This is a Q many have asked over the past 9 months - What is self isolation & are all workers tested?) I asked sources why. Same answer every time: "No test = no outbreak."
2. Frontline cleaning and other staff are moving freely between shifts at #SiteC, various Fort St John-area schools, and Peace Villa (which is the LTC attached to the FSJ Hospital, which has had #covid19BC cases). There have been cases & exposures at all 3 places.
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