THREAD 📌Those of us whose lives have been made a living hell by Trump's presidency have a right to ask those of you who voted Trump/Trump proxy (yes, your Stein votes threw the election to Trump in PA, WI & MI), to have the decency to just STFU. Not everything is about you.
And FGS everyone stop applauding GOP who put us here for their belated mea culpas or one tweet you agree with. If you want to applaud, applaud folks who were doing the work of the past 4yrs, not coming in at the end to say they wouldn't make the same awful mistake again.
And if you want "healing," don't demand it of people who have been hurt. Let the folks who skimmed through the past 4yrs painlessly do that work. Some of you don't even know that Betsy DeVos was one of the most effective Cabinet members--destroying thousands of young lives.
This is a tenuous time. People are wounded--and I do not mean Trump folks because I honestly could not conceivably care less about them. I mean people I have been interviewing over 4yrs: BIPOC, women, immigrants, LGBTQ, poor and disabled people, Muslims. SO MUCH SUFFERING.
22k people died this week and that is because 77k people out of 130M just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a brilliant life-long public servant because something something vagina emails speeches and whateverthefck you lied to yourself about in 2016 to "show" Hillary.
We need a reckoning in this country. Some accountability for the way the past 4yrs shook out. We are stuck with THIRTY MORE YEARS of Trump's judiciary because you had a misogynist tantrum in 2016. And TWELVE MILLION MORE people voted for Trump this time. So you didn't learn.
No one was asking you to hide a family of Jews in your attic. No one was asking you to give sanctuary to undocumented people. WE JUST ASKED YOU TO VOTE TO PROTECT US. And you refused. Now you want forgiveness, not accountability. You want a clean slate. To move on. Guiltless.
We never hold powerful men accountable, either. People still invoke Reagan like he was heroic instead of the most racist president in US history who didn't own slaves. All Trump's talking points came from Reagan. He just smiled as he targeted Black people as cheats and thugs.
People turned the Bushes into cute folk heroes instead of holding them accountable. GWB just got his pal Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS for the next 30yrs. And got Collins re-elected. Even Nixon got to play elder statesman, writing a dozen best-sellers. Nixon. Absolved.
There is so much to say. And so little listening. People already want to move on. People keep telling me to let it go, that it's time to unify. I am not making nice with people who wanted me, my family, my neighbors, my city obliterated and who JUST TRIED TO STEAL OUR VOTES.
It's the zenith of gaslighting to tell victims they must forgive abusers instead of holding the abusers accountable. So those of you doing that? Stop. Go work on getting your racist, xenophobic, anti-LGBTQ relatives to apologize. THAT is the work that will begin the healing.
The terrible truth is if Trump hadn't urged his people not to vote by mail, he might have won. As it is, it was ridiculously close, given the past 4yrs + #pandemic. And now those angry MAGAs are Trump's legacy--smearing feces throughout our Capitol like animals. #NeverForget.

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7 Jan
If @LindseyGrahamSC had made these statements in November, none of the disgraceful actions of yesterday would have occured.
"When asked to violate the Constitution, Mike Pence said no." --@LindseyGrahamSC
Graham says that the events of yesterday were heartbreaking as was Trump's support of those actions.
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3 Jan
THREAD📌 I'd really hoped that the #pandemic would make folks more conscious of #disability & recognize how suffocating it is to be isolated from society by illness, but instead non-disabled people just wrote about how hard it was for them to not go where they wanted whenever.
Today is Day 1,611 since the hospital sent me home after I was paralyzed. I can count the times I have been out of the house since, and every single time was to the hospital. For 4yrs I've been trying to get a wheelchair lift and an motorized chair so I can escape this prison.
The US does less than nothing for #disabled people. Being disabled is a daily fight for survival and the most basic care. If I didn't have a loving, committed and non-disabled spouse, I would likely not have survived that first year. Most disabled people are not so fortunate.
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2 Jan
There is some irony here in the Socialist who just wrote about being grateful for getting her food stamps back because she is so poor standing up for Yellen, but the policing of women's work is a full time job for some and it never seems to extend to their poverty.
Last year we heard this story about Shonda Rhimes, who brought ABC prime time back from the dead and added much needed color and also has the longest running show on ABC still in Grey's Anatomy. How dare she ask for money equal to her accomplishments, we heard.
Now it's Yellen. One of the top economists in the world and the only woman to ever head the fed. Claiming she's beholden to Wall Street because she was paid for speeches is a sexist canard. This is her work--she had no idea Biden would even run, let alone win and choose her.
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2 Jan
So I fought to get my #SNAP benefit reinstated after DeJoy was responsible for hundreds of Philadelphians losing their food stamps because the mail is utterly f*d here. I wrote this ↘️ thread📌about it.
I had to go to all my editors and request that they write a letter saying how much I make a month. Because getting poor people to grovel is part of the process. So the great news is on New Year's Eve day I finally spoke to someone who just let me foward the letters via email.
As of today, my food stamps have been reinstated for January. I lost November and December benefits, but this is good news and I wanted to share it. We aren't supposed to talk about #poverty--my mother taught me to hide it. But 1 in 3 Philadelphians is poor. I am one of them.
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29 Dec 20
I want to see USPS's DeJoy brought before a House committee and jointly reamed by Katie Porter, AOC and Ayanna Pressley. I am one of hundreds of Philadelphians whose #SNAP renewals didn't get through the Philly mail system on time and got kicked off.
This is food, folks. We all have to re-do our applications (which was hard enough the 1st time because the govt doesn't want poor people to access help). I have already lost Nov and Dec benefits. 28% of Philadelphians live below the poverty level--we are the poorest big city.
I mailed my renewal in mid-October. It arrived last week. The post office is literally a mile from the county assistance office. And all the offices have been closed since the pandemic, so it's not like you can drop stuff off at the office.
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25 Dec 20
#ChristmasEve Mass from the Vatican was really depressing & strange in the way of 2020. Perhaps it would have been unseemly in a year when so many have died to be too celebratory. But Pope Francis seemed deeply sad. And had restricted the gathering, which is usually thousands.
Pope Francis had limited the number of people to 100 with the number of cardinals at only 30. The effect in the world's largest church was sparse and austere. Francis used one of the small side altars. There were none of the intl readings there usually are each Christmas.
There were only a handful of children. None of the delegations from other countries like usual. Pope Francis's homily was about the metaphor of #Christmas as our rebirth in Christ. It was also about his consistent themes of helping the poor, the sick and the vulnerable.
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