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NOW: Watch panelists @jasonfurman, @HilaryHoynes, and Jesse Rothstein, and chair @joshbivens_DC discuss social safety nets, like universal basic income #UBI, unemployment insurance, and more. Tune in #Inequality2019:…
@jasonfurman @HilaryHoynes @joshbivens_DC Macro policies can help with pre-tax wages, especially at the bottom, says @jasonfurman. #Inequality2019…
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Let's unpack Republican @RepBrianFitz #NationalChildHealthDay tweet. Let's look at these @GOP policies and rule changes that will affect the health of our children and grandchildren

Note➡ he constantly refers to himself as The #DefenderOfChildren 🙄


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as Trump begins to roll back the Obama era #CleanWaterAct

This is especially troublesome as our district #PA01 has a tremendous #PFAS contamination problem.

Our kids deserve clean water


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as babies are ripped from their Mother's at our border and children are seperated.

Children have died in custody

@RepBrianFitz voted against providing humanitarian assistance for detained children. HR-3239


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Today we learned about the Trump Admin’s latest proposal to cut #SNAP that would leave millions of people, including struggling families, seniors, & people with disabilities, with less help putting food on the table. Here’s a thread on what all of this means 👇 👇
It mirrors an Admin legislative proposal that would have cut #SNAP benefits on net by $4.5 billion over 5 years. Benefits would increase for a small number of households while nearly 1/5 would face an average benefit cuts of $30 per month.
The proposed rule marks the Admin’s 3rd effort to cut #SNAP through regulations **this year alone**, following 2 proposals that they estimate together would take SNAP away from nearly 4 million people.
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The @USDA released a proposed rule to change the way states determine who qualifies for #SNAP, known as #CalFresh in CA. Today, I led my Democratic colleagues from the California Congressional Delegation in urging @SecretarySonny to rescind the proposal:…
California has relied on categorical eligibility to eliminate the asset test for #CalFresh. This ensures low-income families with substantial housing and childcare costs are still able to put food on their tables.
As members of Congress committed to an effective federal nutrition assistance program, we worked hard to pass a bipartisan #FarmBill that maintained states’ ability to opt into broad-based categorical eligibility.@USDA proposed rule would have harmful effects-it must be rescinded
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Replace "oligarchy" and "authoritarianism" with T-R-U-M-P and people might actually listen.
Cue all the folks who hate Bernie claiming that socialism is bad when at least half their daily lives are *stops to get mail and also remembers I'm on Internet* filled with small s socialism.
#Bernie is his own worst enemy with his incessant buzzwords.
The FACT is, we need Dem Socialism desperately as a modality, but the #GOP has so tainted the word "socialism" that people forget what it really means.

Our MOST socialist prez was #LBJ, who gave us the #VRA, #CRA, #Medicare, #Medicaid, #SNAP, #NEA, ##PBS, #NPR.'s doable.
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So in my city #SSI pays $771 a month.
I was just informed that I don't qualify because although I make below the poverty level in annual income, that income makes me ineligible.

The SSI person was very nice as I coughed through our conversation, but it's over.
How is anyone supposed to live on this amount of money in a big city? It's beyond belief. Who sets these income levels? Where are #disabled people supposed to live? How are they supposed pay for a phone? Even a burner costs $25 a month. What about utilities?
The insanity is, I just qualified for #SNAP because I live below the poverty level, but that "entitlement" as the #SSI person explained, counts against your income limit. The woman was very nice & commiserative, but she closed out my file. My application for #Medicaid is pending.
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This has been the most frustrating day.
I have been working since I was 14.
I am now trying to apply for #disability--#SSDI.
It's a ridiculously arduous process meant to trip people up and keep desperate/sick/#disabled people from accessing help.

We must do better.
Since the #GOPTaxScam, my health insurance premium costs $1,978.10 PER MONTH for an HMO.
The cost of being sick in America.

That is just my premium--not the co-pays, not the cost of oxygen, hospital bed, Rxs.

I'm already bankrupt and soon The Wife will be as well.
My health insurance premium costs $24k a year.
That's more than I make as a writer.
How is this acceptable, America?
If I didn't have a partner, I would be on the street, paralyzed and sick.
Is this what we want for our most vulnerable people?
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#ImGrumpyBecause I am one of 17M Americans with #cancer & 131M with a chronic illness & the #TrumpShutdown means many government workers with chronic illnesses like mine won't be able to pay for their medications, which could seriously compromise their survival.
#ImGrumpyBecause Trump is a billionaire who is playing games with people's lives all because @AnnCoulter said he was weak and Trump fears women.

America deserves a president who cares more about the welfare of the citizenry than his own ego.

#ImGrumpyBecause I live in the poorest big city in America where nearly half the people are living at or below the poverty level and the #TrumpShutdown means in February, those people--mostly kids--will not be able to access #SNAP or benefits necessary to keep them housed & fed.
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Please share this - if you are a Food Stamp recipient, the #GovernmentShutdown is going to impact #SNAP benefits.

You won’t get Food Stamp benefits in February.

If you have a verification pending, you need to submit it by tomorrow, January 15th before noon.
Grocery stores are stocking up for the impact of #GovernmentShutdown on #EBT #SNAP Food Stamp.

This impacts so many disabled and elderly folks - please alert them.…
Millions of Americans rely on #SNAP / #EBT (Food Stamp) benefits, including CHILDREN. #GovernmentShutdown is dangerously risking the well-being of our most vulnerable.…
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State officials are concerned that the proposed federal PUBLIC CHARGE rule could increase the uninsured rate, which would have a NEGATIVE financial impact and increase health programs’ administrative burden.

Here's how & why YOU must advocate against it before 12/10! THREAD 1/15
@DHSgov has proposed significant changes to public charge determination policies that would affect the immigration status of certain individuals. The concept of determining an immigrant a public charge has been a provision in US immigration policies since the late 1800s. 2/15
Currently, individuals can be prevented from entering the US or denied lawful permanent residence if they are determined to be a “public charge” based on their enrollment in cash assistance programs, like #TANF, #SSI, or if they need long-term care funded by the government. 3/15
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Low-income Ohioans in these 26 counties are not required to work to receive food stamps. They are 97% white.

95% of Ohio's African-American families live outside of these counties, where they must work to receive food stamps. Read more in my latest paper:…
The average unemployment rate in Ohio's eight largest cities is about 12%. Seven of them have unemployment rates higher than almost all 26 counties where work requirements for food stamps are waived. Read more in my latest paper…

#SNAP #Food #Ohio #poverty
TLDR; OH's waiver of work reqs for food stamps at the county level implicitly favors rural white Ohioans, while minorities in cities w/ high unemployment and poverty are not granted such leniency.

OH's proposal to implement work reqs in #medicaid uses the same exemption criteria
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.@NPRWeekend just interviewed @KSPrior, because we can never highlight enough far-right extremist views. Prior actually claimed Trump and @HillaryClinton were equivalent in their treatment of women (!!!) and applauded her students being disenchanted with the electoral system.
.@KSPrior teaches at Jerry Falwell's #racist @LibertyU where last year graduates returned diplomas en masse due to Fallwell Jr's grotesque support of Trump.

Prior is touting #BrettKavanaugh to overturn #RoevWade.
It was an instructive interview for the utter lack of pushback by @NPRWeekend, which replicated the same MSM trend of allowing the alt-right free range spew.

@KSPrior didn't vote for Trump, but she does, clearly, support his choices, like #BrettKavanaugh.
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This is such a good article about poverty.

I remember hitting that bittersweet spot where the food/rent assistance stopped and I was set back for "doing better".

But thankfully, I had made the huge sacrifices to go to college so things got better quickly…
However, if not for section 8 housing, I would never have been able to get out of poverty. One year while I was in college, I supported my daughter on 7k for the whole year. When I get my social security report occasionally, I look at that year and my mind is blown.
I never needed #TANF but #SNAP saved us every month. It was hard. I donated plasma to buy diapers. Or rather, I went in twice weekly and let them stick me 10+ times before telling me to drink more and come back in a couple days, they could never get my veins.
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Selected list of #indictments and #sentencings
Aug 15-22, 2018
1. Ricky Johnston from Las Vegas admitted to receiving over 600 images of toddlers & children engaged in sexually explicit conduct. He was sentenced to 144 months in federal prison.

#childpornography #childsexabuse #RickyJohnston #projectsafechildhood…
2. Operation Darkness Falls results in arrest one of the most prolific dark net drug dealers in the world.
Matthew & Holly Roberts used the darknet marketplace to distribute #fentanyl #oxycodone #heroin #meth & other drugs.

#darknet #silkroad #alphabay…
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I have been battling a new health crisis since my surgery was postponed June 15.

There is no way to adequately articulate--even as a writer--the breadth of hardship inflicted on sick Americans by the Trump presidency & Trump-led #GOP, like lame-duck @SpeakerRyan.
The @CDCgov cites 133M as the number of chronically-ill Americans who have #cancer, like I do, or another illness that impedes their daily lives.

The majority of that 40% of the US population still have to work despite often disabling illness because we cannot afford not to.
I've been writing about #healthcare in America since I was a cub reporter and put on a small story in the mid-80s that turned into a much bigger story: #AIDS.

When you're in your 20s writing about other 20somethings dying, it changes you.

Then I got #breastcancer at 26.
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It's the incomparable @CJ_the_Actor!! 🙌 #UnitedShades #DeafTalent
My mom is scrambling to find her glasses right now so she can watch #UnitedShades...HILARIOUS
The disability community is not a monolith. There are worlds within worlds each w/ unique identities, languages, practices, and cultures.

We are part of every community.

There's no way to cover everything in a single episode of tv but it’s a start. #UnitedShades
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Fairly significant #SNAP scoop coming up on… will be on air to break it live at the top of the 9am hour #CheddarLIVE #CheddarScoops
Snap has downplayed the future of Spectacles on recent earning calls, but sources tell me that not one, but TWO new versions are currently in the works. V2 slated to ship by the fall. Full scoop here:… #CheddarScoops
V2 of Spectacles, which is currently being manufactured, will look like V1 but come in different colors and have performance improvements. Thinks get interesting with V3…
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