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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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The #HeroesAct, the #coronavirus bill we are voting on today, contains several important priorities I fought for. While the bill could go further, I’m pleased with much of what we secured. 1/12
The bill boosts funds for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (#SNAP) by 15%. In my district, I’ve seen lines at local food banks. Families need this assistance. 2/12
It provides a second round of more substantial economic stimulus payments consisting of $1,200 per family member, and up to $6,000 per household to ease the financial burden that many are experiencing due to #COVID19. 3/12
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Today I want to talk about how #AmericaEats through @USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program...SNAP. A part of our food system so significant that 1 out of 7 Americans is eligible. A program that feeds our country, supports local economies, & can do so much more 🍎🌾🥕🥦1/
Let’s start w/ what SNAP isn’ NOT a handout. It is economic infusion into the hands of community businesses & small farms. Every $1 invested creates $1.70 in economic activity! It’s also our first line of defense against hunger and is proven to lower the poverty rate. 2/
With rising unemployment, already we‘re seeing an increase in need and eligibility. @SpeakerPelosi @senatemajldr @POTUS @SecretarySonny with pragmatic bipartisan action, we can turn this from a problem into an opportunity 3/…
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People of America! I want to talk about two photos that tell the story of food in our country in this moment...two different, painful realities that we are experiencing, and the opportunity we must seize to make sure food is not the problem but the solution 1/
The first is from Idaho. Huge mountains of potatoes without any buyers because so many of the forms in which we eat them - stadiums, cafeterias, restaurants - are shut down for safety an low demand, and so too are the processing plants. 2/
Next, thousands of cars in line for a food San Antonio, but could be anywhere in the country right now. With millions out of work and many visiting food banks for the first time, the system is totally overwhelmed and people are going hungry. 3/
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Welcome to the Pennsylvania member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending March 22, 2020. We are doing things a bit differently this week. All of our content centers on the #COVID19 #coronavirus pandemic.
#MoCTrack 1/28…
First up, we have a recap of HR 6201, the #FamiliesFirst bill that was passed on Wednesday by the Senate and signed into law.
#MoCTrack 2/28…
If you have a chance, check out the #MoCTrack recap of the #FamiliesFirst action in the Senate. There were three attempts to amend the bill (1 good, 2 awful), and it is worth seeing ow our lawmakers voted on those efforts.
#MoCTrack 3/28
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The latest #COVID19 response bill, which Senate Republicans released today, falls well short of what’s needed in multiple areas.
Here is a quick list of glaring gaps that must be addressed as negotiations continue:
#1 The latest proposal omits any measures to expand health coverage or cover #COVID19 treatment for those who are uninsured. We must avoid having millions of uninsured people who can’t afford treatment.
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Senate Republicans are starting to release details about their proposal for a 3rd bill to address the #COVID19 pandemic & the sharp economic downturn that threatens. We are looking carefully at the information. But so far, we’re seeing some very troubling indications. 1/
While the proposal includes a number of provisions focused on businesses, which certainly are seeing sharp declines in demand, with many shutting entirely, the needs of workers & struggling families get short shrift.
Direct stimulus payments ($ to households) can help families make ends meet & bolster demand. Unfortunately, the Sen. GOP package would give the poorest households no help at all & millions of low- & moderate-income households significantly less than those who are better off.
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I just want to make this clear. We are going to have to #shutdownNYC in the coming days, just like they are doing in Spain and France today. @NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo We have two options-Option 1) We can shut down in an orderly, rational way starting tomorrow morning that accounts 1/
For how to take care of our most vulnerable people, the elderly, the sick at home, children who need school meals, those on fixed income who rely on #SNAP & food pantries, first responders, essential workers, healthcare workers and their families. This will be a historic & G-d 2/
Willing Successful civic #calltoactionNYC like we did after 9/11 and Sandy-we can do that because we’ve done it before. Option 2) we wait around and deny the inevitable. That means we shut down amid chaos, overrun hospitals, emergency departments who can’t take any more 3/
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This. 👇 We Dems are doing exactly what the GOP did in 2016 & look where that got them.
Now, we have the benefit of hindsight. We need to unite behind a single candidate who can win the purple/red districts & carry the African American/ Latino/working class/suburban mom votes.
It won't do us any good to win the presidency yet lose the House & fail to flip the Senate bc we all know now what a d*ck McConnell is.
He does the Koch's bidding.
We can't risk 4+ yrs of Trump, the statehouses, & judicial appts that will haunt us for the next 40 yrs. 👻
I like Bernie, Warren, Pete, & Amy. I admire Bloomberg's work w/Moms Demand & Everytown but I truly believe that only @JoeBiden can turn out the Obama coalition + the 'Never-Trumpers' who helped us retake the House in 2016.
In the 41 seats we flipped, Biden helped w/all of them.
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Outrage over @POTUS Trump's violation of norms, principles, and laws has tended to mask actions his Administration is taking that hurts a large swath of his base. Let's stop reacting to all @realDonaldTrump's #bull$hit and start tweeting about issues:
#Healthcare: Trump has tried since election to trash #AffordableCareAct (b/c it's called "Obamacare"), joining Republican states in suing to overturn ACA, doing away with protection for #Pre_existingConditions. Trump budget cuts Medicaid and ACA subsidies by a trillion dollars.
Trump also wants to cut #SNAP once again calling for reductions in the number of adults who can qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The 2021 budget proposes cutting SNAP funding by about $15 billion from last year.…
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This is your daily pension announcement: the Mike Ellis @MikeEllisUCP edition. Mike, as I am sure you know, is the MLA for Calgary-West. He had this missive published in a neighborhood gazette. Some of the facts are correct and some are just plain wrong. #ABLeg #ABEd
He is sticking to the old script that Travis put out months ago. Even Travis has changed his tune. For example @MikeEllisUCP says:

"Over a ten-year average, AIMCo outperformed ATRF at 9.4% vs 7.4%."
That statement is a half truth. #snap #ABLeg
Does it mean anything? Compare that to Travis' latest statement:

"The 10 year comparison is less relevant as ATRF’s portfolio was in a state of transition due to the assumption of all pre-1992 pension liabilities by the government during the first years of that period." #ABLeg
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Predictions are useless but predicting is invaluable (scenario planning)
@profgalloway #2020predictions
#Snap is less corrosive / damaging to teens
#Tesla trades at 3x the value of auto companies, worth more than Ford & GM combined, dramatically overvalued
#SherylSandberg 2nd best paid person who does the most damage (after Zuck)—she's erased from FB like Trotsky from photos
#HBOMax = like going to the Louvre & saying "let's scale this"—biggest brand blunder of 2018
#AWS is worth more than #Amazon—will be spun out
Choice is a bad thing, people want less choice but to be confident in the choices they're making
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $SNAP

Case 110 #Snap Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#SNAP 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: Good recovery off the 2018 lows followed by a break/close above sloping #trendline resistance - leading to cluster support and preventing downward probes. .....

SNAP 2/4
..... Some #resistance seen at 19.80-20.05 (broken TL support) where we expect price to drift lower again. Strong resistance at 26.40/65 - a close above the latter is very #bullish.

SNAP 3/4
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Check out my top🔟favorite @CommunitySols pieces written in 2019; so much great work from a great team🏆
of colleagues and friends…
@CommunitySols #10 Working for Richard Sheridan by Terry Thomas; a remembrance of the late Dick Sheridan upon the publication of the fourth edition of Follow the Money. Sheridan wasn’t only Ohio’s original budget guru, he was also a treasured colleague…
@CommunitySols #9 Undesign the Redline: Remembering Judge Frederick Coleman the 1st African-American bd chair of CCS, I wrote it after visiting an exhibit highlighting the legacy of racial and class inequity in Cleveland, it caused me to reflect on our own history…
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One of my besties from Louisiana, where I used to live, just shared this story with me. We ALL need this story today.

LSU's QB, #JoeBurrow, won the #HeismanTrophy. During his speech, he talked about how where he's from, Athens County, is the poorest part of the state.
Athens Co has double the national poverty rate. Kids go home from school hungry and there's nothing to eat.
Since Burrows' speech LSU fans and others have donated $500k to the Athens County food bank--and now it's spreading to food banks in Baton Rouge.
So while Trump is literally taking food away from poor people by cutting #SNAP, a college kid is raising awareness and getting help for kids with nothing to eat. In the #DemDebate @amyklobuchar said we need to remember our Dem values are morality and decency. This is that.
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Please make it stop!!! The only thing Trump cares about re: ppl who happen to be Jewish is their votes. 😏
He associates himself with white supremacists & models himself after Hitler (well reported he kept a copy of "Mein Kampf",1925 at his bedside), so miss me w/this bs! 😡
Anything someone does to combat Anti-Semitism is a GOOD thing; it's always admirable to fight discrimination/hate speech.
But to say that's why the "Leftists" hate Trump is an old trope used by the right for decades!
1st of all, we on the left don't hate Trump: we DESPISE him.
We on the Left, (using the Royal WE 👑), DESPISE Trump & the GOP w/the white hot hatred of 1000 suns🌞🔥 bc:
1) He/GOP are committing Crimes Against Humanity at the border.
2) They want to destroy the #ACA w/NO plans to REPLACE it!
3) They want to gut SS/Medicare/Medicaid/#SNAP.
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Welcome to the #Pennsylvania Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending 12/08/19.

This is where you'll find all the votes and quotes from ALL our PA House members as well as @SenBobCasey and @SenToomey.
#MoCTrack 1/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey The awesome folks at @538Politics help us assess the extent to which our MoCs vote along with the Trump Administration agenda. We track that index in each week’s #MoCTrack Report.
#MoCTrack 2/19
@SenBobCasey @SenToomey @538politics This week, the House voted on the #VotingRightsAct, a measure that would open the door for resumption of DOJ pre-clearance of new election laws in areas with a history of discrimination.
#MoCTrack 3/19…
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⚠ Thread | Republican Party Platform: Socialism for the wealthy. Biblical capitalism for everyone else.
Nearly 700,000 will lose food stamps with USDA work requirement change

🔗 #ImpeachTrump #Resist #Trump #GOPTaxScam
Welfare for the rich? A $1.9 Trillion tax cut giveaway.

Fun fact: In 2018, 60 Fortune 500 companies paid no taxes on a total of $79 billion of profits.

Welfare for the poor? 2 Thessalonians 3:10

#Evangelicals #Republicans #ImpeachTrump #Trump #Resist #Bible #GOPTaxScam
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Today the Trump admin published their harmful final rule that will push #SNAP nutrition help out of the reach of needy families. Once again, Trump admin they’re finding any way they can to take food off the tables of the poorest of our nation’s poor.
This final #SNAP rule will cut off food assistance to almost 700,000 Americans, including thousands of Vermonters. @HungerFreeVT @VermontFoodbank
In March I joined Ag Ranking Member @SenStabenow in a strong BIPARTISAN letter opposing this rule when 1st proposed. More than 100k Americans submitted comments in the FedRegister. But the Admin didn’t listen & doesn’t care what harm they’re causing.…
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Many of you know our situation 👇 but today my mom had to use her Target card🎯,(over it's limit), to get a cash advance of $90 to pay for HER meds.
She's on 4 diff.high BP meds.
She's already cut her meds in 1/2 to save $. 😭
McConnell: sign the bill lowering drug costs!!!
My mom is now 78-year-old yrs old.
She's an RN who worked until she was 75.
She had to quit bc my health continues to decline.
B4 the #ACA, we went through our life savings on my #Healthcare.
We even went to the MAYO clinic (I still owe $9000)
No one should go bankrupt bc health
I was a practicing atty when I was bitten by a #tick.
I worked as a defense atty & then w/abused women & children.
Despite a severe rash, meningitis, & flaccid paralysis, I wasn't treated for 11 mos.
By then, the E. Chaffeensis, Rickettsia, & #Lyme was in my spinal cord & brain.
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NOW: Watch panelists @jasonfurman, @HilaryHoynes, and Jesse Rothstein, and chair @joshbivens_DC discuss social safety nets, like universal basic income #UBI, unemployment insurance, and more. Tune in #Inequality2019:…
@jasonfurman @HilaryHoynes @joshbivens_DC Macro policies can help with pre-tax wages, especially at the bottom, says @jasonfurman. #Inequality2019…
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Let's unpack Republican @RepBrianFitz #NationalChildHealthDay tweet. Let's look at these @GOP policies and rule changes that will affect the health of our children and grandchildren

Note➡ he constantly refers to himself as The #DefenderOfChildren 🙄


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as Trump begins to roll back the Obama era #CleanWaterAct

This is especially troublesome as our district #PA01 has a tremendous #PFAS contamination problem.

Our kids deserve clean water


@RepBrianFitz has remained SILENT as babies are ripped from their Mother's at our border and children are seperated.

Children have died in custody

@RepBrianFitz voted against providing humanitarian assistance for detained children. HR-3239


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Today we learned about the Trump Admin’s latest proposal to cut #SNAP that would leave millions of people, including struggling families, seniors, & people with disabilities, with less help putting food on the table. Here’s a thread on what all of this means 👇 👇
It mirrors an Admin legislative proposal that would have cut #SNAP benefits on net by $4.5 billion over 5 years. Benefits would increase for a small number of households while nearly 1/5 would face an average benefit cuts of $30 per month.
The proposed rule marks the Admin’s 3rd effort to cut #SNAP through regulations **this year alone**, following 2 proposals that they estimate together would take SNAP away from nearly 4 million people.
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The @USDA released a proposed rule to change the way states determine who qualifies for #SNAP, known as #CalFresh in CA. Today, I led my Democratic colleagues from the California Congressional Delegation in urging @SecretarySonny to rescind the proposal:…
California has relied on categorical eligibility to eliminate the asset test for #CalFresh. This ensures low-income families with substantial housing and childcare costs are still able to put food on their tables.
As members of Congress committed to an effective federal nutrition assistance program, we worked hard to pass a bipartisan #FarmBill that maintained states’ ability to opt into broad-based categorical eligibility.@USDA proposed rule would have harmful effects-it must be rescinded
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