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THE ROCK has 4 Diamonds
What are they & why is this relevant? #
All for A Buck
Replica Diamonds
My first year at THE ROCK, I played for the BACK SOX …


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Congrats, I heard you won $61bn in the lottery

Thanks, I guess inflation has some benefits

What are you going to buy?

I’m thinking shares, I don’t like the negative real yields of bonds & cash

but I’m worried about the macro outlook, so I want the latest info

Well let’s
take a look at 2 companies that reported on Thursday night to see what’s on offer

For $61bn, you could buy 100% of Freeport-McMoran, (#FCX ) the world’s 3rd largest copper miner

sounds interesting, I know EVs use lots of copper

Revenue for trailing 12 mths (TTM) was $25bn

Operating income was $9.6bn (GAAP)

and Free Cash Flow (FCF) was $5.6bn

~ 10% FCF yields sound great

Yes, but copper prices are high so maybe earnings aren’t sustainable

Ok, what do management think?

CEO - “The case for copper as a commodity is strong. I've been saying
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I get asked by young #entrepreneurs what is the cost and the output of R&D activities and how long would it take to reach certain milestones? There is considerable variability in the amount of investment in R&D needed to generate a patentable #invention 1/7 🦋
When we started @Metamaterialtec with @timaras we found that #IBM spent about $6 billion on R&D in 2011 and generated 6,146 patents, implying an average R&D cost per patent of $976,000. At same year #Qualcomm, spent $2.3 billion on R&D and generated 1,000 patents, 2/7 🦋
implying an average R&D cost per patent of $2.3 million. #DuPont spent $1.4 billion on R&D and generated 500 patents, implying an average R&D cost per patent of $2.8 million. Even when companies have access to this amount of cash, it takes several years to develop new tech 🦋 3/7
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This week, our #GOPCThread is taking a look at the recently announced recipients of the first-ever Transformational Mixed-Use Development Tax Credits, or #TMUD, which were announced last week by the state

#TMUD provides a tax credit against development costs incurred during the construction of a
project that will be a catalyst for future development in its area. Development includes new construction and/or improvement of vacant buildings…
that will have a major economic impact on the site & the surrounding area. This development must be a combination of retail, office, residential, recreation, structured parking, & other similar uses into one mixed-use development. Projects may be either the entire development...
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What the Child Tax Credit fight says about America - @DrRichBesser & @DAcevedoGarcia - The Hill

#ChildTaxCredit #InvestInKids #CutChildPoverty (1)
On Child Tax Credit expiration:

“no help came this past week because we let the expanded credit expire during an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, and with prices rising on everything from groceries to utility bills.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia (2)
“The expanded credit kept at least 3 million children out of poverty every month between July and November, leading to a 30 percent decline in child poverty rates overall.” - @DrRichBesser @DAcevedoGarcia

#CutChildPoverty (3)
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File Under Not “Substantial Further Progress” Mr. Powell...

Americans on Food Stamps vs Population

2021: 42m vs. 333m
2001: 16m vs. 285m

*2013 high was 47m vs. 36m in 2019.

#USDA US Census, NYT #SNAP data

*Food stamp recipients are nearly 6m above 2019 levels.

% of Americans on SNAP Program

2021: 12.6%
2001: 5.6%

Household Wealth

Stocks % of Total Assets

US: 36%
China: 11%
Japan: 11%
UK: 8%
Australia: 8%
Germany: 7%
Canada: 7%

*China, Australia, Canada: real estate is 62-57% of the pie vs 23% in the US.

*JPM data

via @BearTrapsReport
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Here is some Reality, Al Gore = Treason & Panic ...

Rhyno's special finishing move was the "GORE GORE GORE", Spear ...
It absolutely failed & the snake was caught for Treason ...

Nice try though, D- for "Effort" ...
These corrupt past evil politicians were GRANTED more time to help put out fires. "Their" way of putting in the work to be forgiven. All anyone really sees is the shell of the egg on everything lately & never what lies beneath. Think of it like this, these past evil corrupt
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Running a community-based food org during the pandemic has made me painfully aware of our existence as both part of the solution and part of the problem within the food system, linked to the charitable network. What I'm guided by is our roots in mutual aid(🧵):
A lot of critics will say that being part of the charitable food network take a huge role in capitalist economy, that we avoid advocating for systemic anti-poverty solutions like raising the minimum wage and universal healthcare, that is not true in my case
.@polospantry was born out of a need to stabilize the food resources for outreach groups working with our unhoused communities, it has since expanded during covid, but we focused on mobilizing OTHER mutual aid groups so they can get their programs off the ground quickly
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Some light reading this evening. Some interesting facts:
#SNAP enrollment was associated w/ decreases in
- risk of chronic disease
- risk of cost-related meds among adults w diabetes
- hospitalizations + nursing home placements among older adults
- hypertension
- hypoglycemia
#SNAP capacity in positive outcomes limited in following populations:
- ppl w incomes above eligibility threshold
- undocumented
- In CA, beneficiaries of SSI - low-income older adults, adults with disabilities— not eligible*
*SSI recipients used cash benefits for food expenses, but this value has NOT increased over time.

Thus, many SSI recipients who were otherwise eligible for #SNAP bc of low household income were excluded in CA. (!!!)
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**new research**

Using enrollment histories for 14m #SNAP recipients in CA between 2005-2020, I show:

• Periodic paperwork burdens lower participation, but improve targeting.

• For every one ineligible household screened out, three eligible households also leave.

Most SNAP recipients in CA must verify their eligibility every 6 months. This entails filling out a multi-page form, providing proof of income, identifying household members, reporting how much you spend on certain expenses, and in some cases, completing an interview.

Recipients are six times more likely to leave the program in these reporting months than in non-reporting months.

Almost half of new SNAP recipients in CA don't remain enrolled past their first eligibility screen.

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"Our economy is at a very precarious moment," says @BrianCDeese at the @WhiteHouse lectern. "It's a moment that requires decisive action to beat this pandemic" and for the economic recovery.
Today's executive order will address the growing crisis of hunger in America by asking @USDA to increase pandemic EBT benefits by about 15%, says @BrianCDeese.
Also requesting an increase of emergency #SNAP benefits for as many as 12 million Americans, announces @BrianCDeese.
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So I fought to get my #SNAP benefit reinstated after DeJoy was responsible for hundreds of Philadelphians losing their food stamps because the mail is utterly f*d here. I wrote this ↘️ thread📌about it.
I had to go to all my editors and request that they write a letter saying how much I make a month. Because getting poor people to grovel is part of the process. So the great news is on New Year's Eve day I finally spoke to someone who just let me foward the letters via email.
As of today, my food stamps have been reinstated for January. I lost November and December benefits, but this is good news and I wanted to share it. We aren't supposed to talk about #poverty--my mother taught me to hide it. But 1 in 3 Philadelphians is poor. I am one of them.
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I want to see USPS's DeJoy brought before a House committee and jointly reamed by Katie Porter, AOC and Ayanna Pressley. I am one of hundreds of Philadelphians whose #SNAP renewals didn't get through the Philly mail system on time and got kicked off.
This is food, folks. We all have to re-do our applications (which was hard enough the 1st time because the govt doesn't want poor people to access help). I have already lost Nov and Dec benefits. 28% of Philadelphians live below the poverty level--we are the poorest big city.
I mailed my renewal in mid-October. It arrived last week. The post office is literally a mile from the county assistance office. And all the offices have been closed since the pandemic, so it's not like you can drop stuff off at the office.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY: Guaranteeing Self-Determination for Puerto Rico
Only one party understands that the unequal treatment of Puerto Rico’s residents must end. 1/10 #PuertoRico Image
The people of Puerto Rico deserve self-determination on the issue of status. 2/10 #DemPartyPlatform #PuertoRico Image
#Democrats are committed to helping the island rebuild and recover from the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Irma and Maria and the recent earthquakes. 3/10 #DemPartyPlatform #PuertoRico Image
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These middle of the night incursions on the psyche are so definitive of both COVID & Trump. I read in the dark. As a child I did this, flashlight under the covers. I really ache to return to some level of intellectual & psychological normalcy in a new administration.
The past 5yrs have been devoted to fighting Trump and everything he's wrought on my intersecting communities: queer, disabled, poor, my mixed race family, my Black neighborhood. It has been overwhelming, leaving no space to breathe and take in new intellectual challenges.
Two unfinished books sit waiting completion. But I can't get off this current hamster wheel to think those intellectual and historical thoughts because I am in this moment, this here-and-now, fighting for my life and the lives of others in a pandemic of #COVID & #poverty.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This section is called: Ending Poverty Only one party has a specific plan for ending the scourge of poverty for poor and #WorkingAmericans..the other has a loyalty oath to a corrupt billionaire 1/9
In the wealthiest country on earth, it is a moral abomination that any child could ever go to bed hungry. 2/9 #DemPartyPlatform #EndPoverty #HungerInAmerica
#Democrats will increase funding for food assistance programs, including #SNAP, #WIC, and school meals. We will also remove barriers that keep the formerly incarcerated from accessing food assistance.3/9 #DemPartyPlatform
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#UBI is the strategic solution to protect the ruling classes from Molotov cocktails & global civil unrest. Disclosures on coming "disbanding of existing safety-net programs" are not included in the foundation funded marketing campaigns. ImageImageImageImage
"Cutting a wide array of existing programs — such as the earned income tax credit (#EITC), #child tax credit (#CTC), temporary #assistance to needy families (#TANF), supplemental #nutrition assistance program (#SNAP), & #disability insurance — would cover only 1/5 of the cost..." Image
#UBI will "result in a massive loss of existing transfers to people w/ #disabilities & #families w/ children. This approach would exacerbate the needs of the most vulnerable members of society."

"CivilSociety" "leaders" are 21st century commodities created/utilized by the rich. ImageImageImage
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The USDA is stopping key flexibility in #SNAP that the WH & Congress gave states back in March to help them manage the applications influx due to #COVID19 — saying states must return to “normal,” even though current circumstances are anything but normal.…
Policymakers gave USDA the tools to respond to the extraordinary circumstances that state #SNAP agencies & millions of low-income households face. #SNAPMatters #BoostSNAPNow…
Now, USDA needs to continue giving states the flexibility to respond to the unprecedented increase in need until #COVID19 is under control & agency operations have returned to something like normal. Now is not the time.
#SNAPMatters #BoostSNAPNow…
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From what I’ve seen from the Republican proposal released last night, one thing is clear – if enacted, it would be an economic catastrophe for America and a disaster for middle-class families and essential workers.
Republicans want to offer struggling workers who have lost their job—through no fault of their own—2/3 less additional UI than @SenateDems. The economic crisis will continue until we get the public health crisis under control. In the meantime, people need real help.
It would be a huge mistake to slash assistance by the amount proposed by Republicans. Working families across this country who currently have no job to return to need these benefits to help them afford their rent, pay for health care during a pandemic and put food on the table.
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A2a: The economic fallout from #COVID19 is severe & causing substantial hardship. Alarming numbers of families, particularly families of color & lower-income families, are having difficulty affording food, paying rent, & buying other necessities. #SolvingCOVIDCrisis Image
A2b: We know there are proven policies that can help people both in the short- & long-term: extending #unemployment benefits, increasing #SNAP benefits, & providing federal aid to states & localities. #SolvingCOVIDcrisis…
A2b: McConnell has called for significantly limiting the next #COVIDrelief package in size & scope instead of providing families & states the relief they need. Reopenings have failed as a strategy to bolster finances, & it can’t justify a federal retreat.

#SolvingCOVIDCrisis Image
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The #COVID19 crisis is only exacerbating food insecurity at home and around the world, which is why we need to be strengthening programs like #SNAP, not undermining it. Taking food off the table won’t help anyone fight this virus. #HandsOffSNAP…
As outlined by @CenterOnBudget, SNAP is one of the most effective mechanisms both to reach low-income households & to provide counter-cyclical help in recessions. That's why @SenateDems are fighting to boost SNAP benefits & increase the maximum allotment.…
One way we can battle food insecurity, today, is by passing my Increasing Access to SNAP Delivery During COVID-19 Act. More must be done to ensure high-risk individuals are able to maintain reliable access to food while also maintaining social distancing guidelines.
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Many have already received their #StimulusChecks but about 12 million Americans risk missing out because they, unlike millions of people who are receiving them automatically, must file a form by Oct. 15 to receive it.… Image
These 12 million Americans include very low-income families with children, people who have been disconnected from work opportunities for a long period, & many low-income adults not raising children in their home.

9 million - roughly 75% - participate in #SNAP or #Medicaid. Image
This group of people eligible for payments are disproportionately people of color because they are likelier to have lower incomes due to historical racism & ongoing bias & discrimination.…
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UPDATE: online grocery purchasing for PA #SNAP recipients is now active at approved retailers. Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth all deserve equal and safe access to food, especially amidst the #COVID19 pandemic, and this is a step in the right direction.
SNAP recipients will begin with access to a few grocers online, and I encourage more retailers to join this initiative and create a more inclusive food market for all Pennsylvanians. No one should have to go hungry to keep themselves and their family safe.…
In May, I wrote to @USDA to ask about what steps they are taking to ensure SNAP participants can receive home food delivery and curbside pickup during #COVID19, and introduced legislation to expand delivery support.…
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