@mrdiscopop I appreciate some of your unbiased BBC articles about #MichaelJackson but it would be great if you could report on the fallacy that he paid the first accuser off. This is not what actually happened. #mjinnocent #squareone ⬇️
So much of what people wrongly believe about Michael Jackson is based on the lie that he paid them to keep them quiet. Most people do not have the decency to check basic facts. Firstly, if he wanted their silence, he would pay before it got to court. ⬇️
The accusers filed a civil lawsuit before a criminal one because they wanted money not justice. His criminal case would have been compromised had he not settled the civil lawsuit. For this reason, it is no longer possible to have a civil lawsuit before criminal one. ⬇️
His team fought so that the civil case couldn’t happen before the criminal one but was denied. That particular case is the reason why the law has since changed. ⬇️
For example, in the civil case the accusers would say it happened on X date and they would be proven to be wrong so that they would change their tune for the criminal case. There are many examples of how Michael’s case would have been compromised. ⬇️
Michael’s team had no choice but to settle that case so exactly these things wouldn’t happen. It was actually his insurance company that settled it and it was more akin to negligence and no admission of guilt whatsoever. Really basic facts available for all to see.
If people understand what actually happened in the very first case, all the following accusations including #leavingneverland fall apart like a House of Cards.
Anyone who takes a few minutes of their life to properly look into how the media have treated Michael Jackson over the decades has their mind blown. The absolute and blatant lies printed, in direct contradiction of court documents! It’s unforgivable! #mjinnocent
@maureen_orth is a prime example of the lowest of the low. The absolute garbage can of journalism. Wrote an article in Vanity Fair 10 undeniable facts about Michael Jackson accusations all of which directly contradict legal documents. #mjinnocent
Just to give one example, she says child pornography was found in Michael Jackson’s home. This is so untrue to a point where the judge and even the prosecution released a statement that this is not the case. He would go immediately to prison otherwise! Basic common sense!
She also said that the child correctly drew Michael Jackson‘s penis. Again, this is not the case. How can a journalist lie through their teeth like this and still stay in a job is truly beyond me! You can clearly see what kind of narrative the media wanted to spin!
So @radhikajones , why is @maureen_orth still in work?! What kind of bottom of the barrel, blatant lying in direct contradiction of court documents do you allow to be published?? This isn’t journalism. It’s criminal. #MJinnocent #squareone @tajjackson3
Meanwhile… Wade Robson is on Instagram selling life coaching sessions. This lying worm never misses an opportunity to earn money from Michael Jackson, be it by allying with him or by accusing him to get famous. #leavingneverland #MJInnocent #squareone

• • •

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More from @agy_lena

15 Jan
There is only so much politeness one can dish out when SOME (not all!) involved with long covid relegate us to the gutter. We didn’t start this hostility. We asked to be listened to. We were treated like we don’t matter. Personally, I’ve run out of patience to ask nicely
Repeatedly, certain individuals have treated our disease with contempt. At the same time putting long covid on the pedestal. Long covid patients need help but us? Never mind, you can continue to rot in hell for all eternity. Your illness doesn’t warrant validity or research
So EXCUSE me if I’m fucking furious but I have lost my entire life to a disease which is virtually identical to long covid and apparently my life doesn’t matter! I might as well go and jump off a tall building or go fuck myself because I don’t have long covid! I have long EBV!
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14 Jan
I have just learnt that a long covid group in the UK including drs have said publicly that this is not “just” post viral MECFS. There is a real pathology to be explored. How fucking dare they! I am furious! Who are they and has anyone challenged them? I am beyond insulted!!!
I am really sick to the back of my teeth of people distancing themselves from MECFS. If you don’t have organ damage and you experience PEM, you have ME just like everybody else who got it from varying infections!!!! It’s ignorant, arrogant and damn right nasty to claim otherwise
It is nasty to distance yourself from a disease simply because you don’t want to have a stigmatising label! Because you want to have something that is more important! Long Covid is not more important than people suffering for decades with exactly the same thing! Livid!!!!
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10 Jul 20
1. People with #LongCovid : the reason medicine has nothing to offer you right now and your life is hanging in the balance with zero prognosis is because post viral diseases such as ME/CFS have been ignored, stigmatised and ridiculed as psychosomatic for decades.
2. There has been virtually no biomedical research funding in all this time as we were told it’s in our heads and sent to do CBT to cure our “false illness beliefs” and Graded Exercise Therapy to cure our fear of exercise (erm..yep... except many of us were athletes before M.E.)
3. You know how sick you are right now. You know that you relapse every time you try to do a bit more. Can you see how graded exercise has made many M.E. patients permanently disabled? It may do the same to you. The virus has affected your energy metabolism.
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19 Apr 20
1. I gave my everything to fighting the exercise stigma M.E. patients face since I joined the community. In response I have been gaslighted by MEA who spread lies about me, twisted the story and failed to consider for even a nano second my upset with their actions then blocked me
2. I’ve been called hateful by another.

I will attach links to original posts at the end. I stand by absolutely everything I said and I have nothing to hide. It’s MEA who deleted shared concerns by other patients.
3. If an organisation promotes a profile on their platform, they cannot say they don’t necessarily agree with the profile much like you wouldn’t share a racist and then say their views don’t represent yours (extreme example but illustrates the point).
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16 Apr 20
@MEAssociation can you please clarify why you promote Instagram accounts of peeps who claim exercise was key to their recovery? EXTREMELY dangerous! Exercise intolerance is the most crucial criterion to diagnosis of M.E. Thats why we fight GET to be removed from NICE guidelines.
@MEAssociation a number of people have been very hurt by your endorsement. It is critical for you to send the message that exercise DOES NOT make people with M.E. better. If I saw that as an outsider, I’d assume the rest just didn’t try hard enough to exercise to get better.
I am really upset with @MEAssociation . Of all people, they should know better than promote recovery stories based on exercise. Read more here instagram.com/p/B_FEpEijcsG/… Image
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