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. #MJFam we have more people on our side than we think!! 🙏🏼
Shaderoom‘s comments after posting about the Leaving Neverland Emmy win. People know #LeavingNeverlandIsaFraud !!#MJInnocent
it goes on an on!! Everyone is defending Michael. 🙏🏼 This truly made me feel so much better, we will win this fight!! HEAD HIGH #MJFam
and more and more and more..🙏🏼
#MJinnocent #LeavingNeverlandIsaFraud
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I’ve kept my mouth shut about this, but since #LiesOfLeavingNeverland is trending...
LN is a huge fraud, Robson and Safechuck are proven liars, and I’m sorry for the REAL victims of abuse.
Do your research, people. It MATTERS.
Why the mainstream media isn’t exposing the holes in WR and JS’s stories still blows my mind. There’s multiple inconsistencies and flat out lies. It’s always easier to believe why someone is GUILTY instead of INNOCENT.
Why we immediately assume someone’s guilty based off of a HEADLINE is extremely startling and insane. Fact checking MATTERS.
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I received a few messages in regards to some chit chat about me. I am tweeting this and will leave it up shortly before I deactivate again. I want to just set the record straight on a few things beforehand. I HAVE NOT CHANGED MY OPINION IN REGARDS TO MJ’S INNOCENCE. MJ was setup
and extorted 100%. Before I left I had posted some docs then I found out that MJ’s attorney lied in a motion to the court during the trial. When I posted the truth retracting it and explaining it, I was attacked by MJ fans. I have a different respect for honesty when it comes
to written motions in the court of law. It is illegal for an attorney to lie in those docs. When I first learned this I jumped the gun and I made a tweet about how shocked I was for what I found out. Many people took it the way wrong way and I kept responding that
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So, more bullshit from Wade Robson and his lawyers. #MJInnocent
'Robson says this employee "was responsible for organizing all of [Robson's] meetings with Jackson during this time." Robson claims the person was "the gatekeeper" and was "privy to all of his patterns with children.'
The employee is no doubt Norma Staikos. No assistant of MJ has ever claimed he was a child molester. The claim that Norma knew what MJ was supposedly up to has no proof behind it whatsoever.
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1/ Time 4 some more #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS videos from urs truly. Trust me, u'll want to see these, no wonder we dont see them anymore, it was like a comedy roadshow. This 1st vid is a look at body language of Wade. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
2/ This vid examines the nervous, sweating, blinkerific behavior of James which I attribute to him being afraid of saying something off-script or upsetting the one watching him like a hawk anytime he speaks, Wade Robson. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
3/ This vid looks at how scripted & clueless James comes off as wen it comes to telling his story. Especially noticeable in TV interviews, where he feels the need to repeat almost irrelevant details "On tour, taught him" Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
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Both the NAMBLA-site and the disguised pedophilia-site " MJfacts com" contain misleading data /pictures about Michael Jackson and that info should be deleted, the real names behind them detected and the connection with #LeavingNeverland documented. @tajjackson3 @MJonlineteam
Those sites have followed #LeavingNeverland actors Wade & James from the start and have explained their relationship to Michael Jackson in a pedophilic way (child-adult-love-sex-relationship) since Wade started to accuse MJ 2012. Exactly the same way as in #LeavingNeverland.
The disgusting "MJfacts com" -site is dangerous, because they don't directly mention that that site has a pedophilia-favoring mindset and behind that site are real pedophiles. #LeavingNeverland
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THREAD: In Leaving Neverland, clips of 3 jurors are excerpted to imply they acquitted MJ only because of their dislike for the mom.

LN features Cook & Hultman, the two jurors who immediately planned a book (feat. Stacy Brown) and were told sensationalism and scandal sold more.
In reality, Janet Arvizo's lies and misconduct played no role in the jury's decision to acquit, as made clear by the complete juror interviews.

The jurors—including the flip-flop would-be authors—explained they carefully assessed Gavin's claims, testimony & sheriff's interview.
The day after the verdict, Ray Hultman and Eleanor Cook appeared on different anti-MJ networks to conduct interviews.

Ray Hultman was interviewed by Diane Dimond and Eleanor Cook was interviewed by Howard Stern. The questions asked of each were loaded & critical of the verdict.
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1/ #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS when Stephanie Safechuck gave a Razzie worthy performance during LN & only showed actual emotion in her joy-filled stories of spending time w/ Michael Jackson, the man, to her, abused her son for years. Oddly she
2/ doesn't show any actual emotion other than a couple reshot scenes of her speaking of MJ negatively. So some LN defenders have tried to justify WR/JS's stoic, emotionless, (& at the same time) amused/chuckling behavior as ranging from embarrassment to
3/ restrained emotions. Never mind that these are 2 different ppl showing the exact same symptoms of emotionless/stoic/smiling/laughing/totally cool talking about their abuse & MJ. If you want to give me one of these guys, sure I'll take one but not both.
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Big Al Scanlan worked at Neverland Ranch, 1990-2005, as Director of Maintenance. He was responsible for overseeing the attractions, the theater, rides and trains. He became a close friend of Michael. #MJFam #MJINNOCENT #MJFamLatino #MJInocente
"Neverland gave Mr. Jackson and his guests a chance to relax, to escape the stress everyday. life gives us. Even if he wasn't there, he would want to hear all about the day that the guests had at Neverland. It was important to him that they had great time"
"I had several long conversations with Mr. Jackson about Neverland. Looking into his eyes and hearing his voice, there is no doubt that the charity work done at #Neverland was one of the most important things in his life."
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Okay, here is one of the passages where Reed talks about @IAmBrettBarnes on French TV. I'll make sure to translate the other passage asap! #LeavingNeverland
This is what true journalism looks like. Facts don't lie, people do @tajjackson3 🙏
And here's the second part, @IAmBrettBarnes!
#LeavingNerverland #MJInnocent
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#THREAD: the #Epstein case vs the #MichaelJackson case: for those talking about "getting away" with "crimes", let's take a look at how (white) privilege really works. And why nobody talks about Epstein, while #MJ is being subjected to another slanderous mockumentary. (1)
For a good comparison, we'll take a look at the timeline of the #Epstein case versus that of the #MJ case. You'll see the differences in approach, treatment and mediatic consequences by yourself. #JusticeforMJ #ExposeTheLiars (2)…
As per screenshot 1, the parents of #Epstein's alleged victim, a 14-y.o. girl, reported the alleged crime to the police. In 1993, the first allegations against MJ started with an extortion plan and a search for a "highly profitable settlement". (3) More:…
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The pedo-combo Victor Gutierrez/Rodney Allen, with the help of "people" like Diane Dimond, helped concoct fake stories about #MichaelJackson. All those fake news were, obviously, debunked by real evidence during over a 10-year long investigation by Police+FBI. Meet Rodney:
Rodney Allen aka John Templeton, is a Canadian man who, in the mid 90’s, ran a prostitution ring of young, underage boys in Toronto and was eventually arrested and convicted to a life sentence in 2001. More:
Allen, with the cooperation of Diane Dimond, also fabricated a fictional molestation story about MJ and a "Canadian boy". Of course, it was debunked as a complete scam. More:…
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