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Excuse me, who's the abuser here, Oprah?
This is from… This was written in Oct 14, 2010. For everyone who doesn't know that Oprah was a snake long before LN. #MJInnocent #MichaelJackson #Oprah #opRAT #snake #LeavingNeverland
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Big Al Scanlan worked at Neverland Ranch, 1990-2005, as Director of Maintenance. He was responsible for overseeing the attractions, the theater, rides and trains. He became a close friend of Michael. #MJFam #MJINNOCENT #MJFamLatino #MJInocente
"Neverland gave Mr. Jackson and his guests a chance to relax, to escape the stress everyday. life gives us. Even if he wasn't there, he would want to hear all about the day that the guests had at Neverland. It was important to him that they had great time"
"I had several long conversations with Mr. Jackson about Neverland. Looking into his eyes and hearing his voice, there is no doubt that the charity work done at #Neverland was one of the most important things in his life."
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VIDEO THREAD👇: All The Most Important Scenes From "Leaving Neverland"

What You're Going To See In This Thread :-

☑ Important Scenes
☑ Lie Caught On Camera
☑ Funny Moments 😂
☑ The F Word
☑ My Thoughts
So folks like 2 days ago I was thinking to myself why people are believeing Wade and James with all their heart. Why longtime Michael Jackson fans are turning on him...
....even though there are plethora of evidence to support his INNOCENCE. What is that thing that's making Wade and James so credible. So I thought to myself if I am really a Michael Jackson's fan I should watch this movie and should not be left with any doubt....
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Okay, here is one of the passages where Reed talks about @IAmBrettBarnes on French TV. I'll make sure to translate the other passage asap! #LeavingNeverland
This is what true journalism looks like. Facts don't lie, people do @tajjackson3 🙏
And here's the second part, @IAmBrettBarnes!
#LeavingNerverland #MJInnocent
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⏬ Suite à la diffusion ce soir sur M6 du documentaire calomnieux #LeavingNeverland à charge contre Michael Jackson, je vous fais un thread qui contiendra TOUTE la vérité sur les 3 affaires: 1993, 2005 et 2019. Rien que la vérité. ⏬ #MJInnocent (Certaines images sont difficiles)
Commençons par rappeler l'enfance de Michael Jackson: il a commencé à performer à l'âge de 5 ans. Il devait aller en studio, aller dans des boites de nuit chanter alors qu'il n'avait même pas 10 ans. Son père lui mettait la pression, qu'aucun enfant ne mérite.
Il n'a clairement pas eu d'enfance. Il se faisait battre, il était obligé de répéter, chanter, danser continuellement sous les menaces de son père et de son label.
C'est de là que l'amour de Michael Jackson pour les enfants est venu.
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Thread: The 1994 Civil Settlement.
#leavingneverland #MJInnocent #FactsDontLiePeopleDo
Michael Jackson and the Chandlers reached an out of court settlement, in January 1994 which only resolved the CIVIL SUIT and to proceed with the criminal case; to preserve a fair criminal trial in court!
Firstly, one cannot settle a criminal case. So people, stop using the vague argument 'he paid his way out of prison'. A criminal proceeding & a trial, only can send a perpetrator to jail, not a civil trial which only results in a monetary restitution.
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I wouldn’t last 5 seconds in Michaels shoes 😔 No human being should ever have to feel like their life isn’t meaningful .. nobody should have to suffer the way Michael Jackson suffered. He said it hurt to be him and still to this day believe him 😓 MJ, your life MATTERED.
You were so strong and resilient for over 30 years .. you hid your pain and continued to do what you LOVED and that was being the VOICE of voiceless children all over the world, you influenced the style & culture of MUSIC, you were an incredible dad, brother, uncle ..
MJ you were & STILL are more than enough and I miss you more than anything in this world. You are LOVED, YOU are INNOCENT and that is why I will always carry you with me.... you’ve got a friend in me❤️ #heavenCanWait #MJinnocent
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#THREAD: the #Epstein case vs the #MichaelJackson case: for those talking about "getting away" with "crimes", let's take a look at how (white) privilege really works. And why nobody talks about Epstein, while #MJ is being subjected to another slanderous mockumentary. (1)
For a good comparison, we'll take a look at the timeline of the #Epstein case versus that of the #MJ case. You'll see the differences in approach, treatment and mediatic consequences by yourself. #JusticeforMJ #ExposeTheLiars (2)…
As per screenshot 1, the parents of #Epstein's alleged victim, a 14-y.o. girl, reported the alleged crime to the police. In 1993, the first allegations against MJ started with an extortion plan and a search for a "highly profitable settlement". (3) More:…
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The pedo-combo Victor Gutierrez/Rodney Allen, with the help of "people" like Diane Dimond, helped concoct fake stories about #MichaelJackson. All those fake news were, obviously, debunked by real evidence during over a 10-year long investigation by Police+FBI. Meet Rodney:
Rodney Allen aka John Templeton, is a Canadian man who, in the mid 90’s, ran a prostitution ring of young, underage boys in Toronto and was eventually arrested and convicted to a life sentence in 2001. More:
Allen, with the cooperation of Diane Dimond, also fabricated a fictional molestation story about MJ and a "Canadian boy". Of course, it was debunked as a complete scam. More:…
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