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June 13, 2005.

"I ask all of you to wait to hear the truth before you label or condemn me—I'll be acquitted and vindicated when the truth is told." -MJ

More than 60 days of testimony. 3+ month trial. 33 hours of jury deliberations. A total vindication.

#MichaelJacksonInnocent Image

We the Jury in the above-entitled case, find the Defendant [Michael Jackson] NOT GUILTY of Conspiracy as charged in Count One of the Indictment.

DATED: 13 June, 2005

SIGNED: Foreperson #80 Image

We the Jury in the above-entitled case, find the Defendant [Michael Jackson] NOT GUILTY of a Lewd Act Upon a Minor Child as charged in Count Two of the Indictment.

DATED: 13 June, 2005

SIGNED: Foreperson #80 Image
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Part 2 - I can make longer videos filming them if you so wish… #MJInnocent ✊🏾
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About the recent #MichaelJackson write up featured in the @Telegraph, courtesy of @MrGuyKelly, who evidently falls short of journalistic integrity by believing that facts apparently are irrelevant when it comes to telling the truth.
A poster boy for the reason why so many are turning their back on mainstream media to access factual content elsewhere.
Here, we will break down some of the falsehoods he presented behind a paywall & give you the public, the accurate information for free. Ready?
GK: the MJ musical stops "curiously short" of mentioning the allegations against MJ.

FACT: The musical itself is based around the creation of the #DangerousTour & is not an academic study of MJ's entire life.
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Tal día como hoy ( en el año 2003 ) y tras el allanamiento de la policía gracias a la orden solicitada por el fiscal Thomas W. Sneddon, Michael Jackson hizo la siguiente declaración:
" He visto abogados que no me representan y portavoces que no me conocen hablando por mí. Estos personajes siempre parecen surgir con horribles acusaciones al igual que otro proyecto, un álbum, un video que se está lanzando ".
Tom Sneddon " casualmente " elige este día específico para atacar a Neverland con una orden de allanamiento acompañada de 7 miembros del Sherriff del condado de Santa Bárbara.
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@mrdiscopop I appreciate some of your unbiased BBC articles about #MichaelJackson but it would be great if you could report on the fallacy that he paid the first accuser off. This is not what actually happened. #mjinnocent #squareone ⬇️
So much of what people wrongly believe about Michael Jackson is based on the lie that he paid them to keep them quiet. Most people do not have the decency to check basic facts. Firstly, if he wanted their silence, he would pay before it got to court. ⬇️
The accusers filed a civil lawsuit before a criminal one because they wanted money not justice. His criminal case would have been compromised had he not settled the civil lawsuit. For this reason, it is no longer possible to have a civil lawsuit before criminal one. ⬇️
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Certain uneducated trolls are passing this "facts" screen shot around like its a share bag of Haribo, however its riddled with your usual guiltiers hope & dreams aka utter BS!
Robson/Safechuck say that they defended him under oath bc they did not yet understood that what MJ allegedly did was wrong or abuse.

Nowhere did they say in LN that MJs lawyers coached them & there is no way anyone could be coached to answer all those questions when MJ ⤵️
wouldn't/didn't even know what the questions would be.

Which lawyer coached them & how exactly?

Safechuck never claimed that Jackson made him believe that he would go to jail. That is not part of his complaint(s), his declaration or what he said in Leaving Neverland.
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#MJFam #MJInnocent #LeavingNeverland #LiesOfLeavingNeverland
Let us address how certain uneducated guiltiers love to claim that Joy Robson stuck to her story regarding her "family" going to the Grand Canyon in order to not perjure herself. ⤵️
Joy does NOT qualify by law to be charged with perjury, reason being Joy was not a material witness, if she was, then she would have been subpoenaed by the prosecution to insure that she testified ⤵️
Material witnesses are incredibly important to prosecuting the accused & by law they can legally detain that person to ensure they testify & to try ensure a conviction. So many witnesses lie on the witness stand, it was given the nickname of “testilying” ⤵️
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#MJFam #MJInnocent #SquareOneMJ #1993ChandlerCase #Facts
#DianeDimond has made a career out of lying on #MichaelJackson. The 1993 settlement with the Chandlers being one of the main ones.
Here is why #DianeDimond is lying⤵️
#DianeDimond has always claimed that Michael Jackson paid $15,331,250 to Jordan plus a $2million signing bonus, $1.5million for June, $1.5million for Evan & between $3 & $5million ⤵️
for Larry Feldman, depending on what version you go with!

Diane also confirmed via her source that no payments were made prior to the settlement being signed, therefor all the payments Michael Jackson made (Evan, June, Jordan & Larry) were all listed in the settlement.
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MEGA-THREAD 100 reasons why I believe Leaving Neverland is a fraud and #michaeljackson was the real victim #MJInnocent #MJFAM :

1 Train Station didn’t exist until 94 yet James claimed to be abused there from 88-92. Plus MJ lived in NYC in 94 and only returned to NL in 95.
2 Grand Canyon - Wade was there with his family. He was not left at NL.
3 MJs niece, Brandy, dated Wade during and after the time he claimed to be abused. MJ got them together. But didn’t he want Wade to stay away from women?
4 Subpoena Wade never got. He was more than happy to testify on MJs behalf.
5 Juliens Auctions selling Wades MJs collection which he wanted kept quiet. Burning items in LN was just a stunt.
6 $100m lawsuit but it’s not about money.
7 Wade and James Past testimony.
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1/11 Dear Ryan Britt @FatherlyHQ I want to say something to you regarding your recent article about @michaeljackson titled 'Can Parents Play Michael Jacksons “Thriller” On Halloween?' As a father myself, I'm appalled at the narrative you decided to go with… assuming that there would be a problem in playing Mr. Jacksons music, following a now debunked film that featured proven liars who fabricated stories to fill their pockets with blood $$ No mention at all, that the one sided hit-piece propaganda film was laced with misstruths
..discrepancies, falsehoods & multiple reshoots using emotionally manipulative filming. Not once, did you question the 'other side of the story,' nor point out that the film was put together by powerful white men in the media who had set about slandering an innocent dead black..
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So, more bullshit from Wade Robson and his lawyers. #MJInnocent
'Robson says this employee "was responsible for organizing all of [Robson's] meetings with Jackson during this time." Robson claims the person was "the gatekeeper" and was "privy to all of his patterns with children.'
The employee is no doubt Norma Staikos. No assistant of MJ has ever claimed he was a child molester. The claim that Norma knew what MJ was supposedly up to has no proof behind it whatsoever.
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1/ Time 4 some more #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS videos from urs truly. Trust me, u'll want to see these, no wonder we dont see them anymore, it was like a comedy roadshow. This 1st vid is a look at body language of Wade. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
2/ This vid examines the nervous, sweating, blinkerific behavior of James which I attribute to him being afraid of saying something off-script or upsetting the one watching him like a hawk anytime he speaks, Wade Robson. Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
3/ This vid looks at how scripted & clueless James comes off as wen it comes to telling his story. Especially noticeable in TV interviews, where he feels the need to repeat almost irrelevant details "On tour, taught him" Created under Fair Use & no Copyright Infringement intended
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Both the NAMBLA-site and the disguised pedophilia-site " MJfacts com" contain misleading data /pictures about Michael Jackson and that info should be deleted, the real names behind them detected and the connection with #LeavingNeverland documented. @tajjackson3 @MJonlineteam
Those sites have followed #LeavingNeverland actors Wade & James from the start and have explained their relationship to Michael Jackson in a pedophilic way (child-adult-love-sex-relationship) since Wade started to accuse MJ 2012. Exactly the same way as in #LeavingNeverland.
The disgusting "MJfacts com" -site is dangerous, because they don't directly mention that that site has a pedophilia-favoring mindset and behind that site are real pedophiles. #LeavingNeverland
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THREAD: In Leaving Neverland, clips of 3 jurors are excerpted to imply they acquitted MJ only because of their dislike for the mom.

LN features Cook & Hultman, the two jurors who immediately planned a book (feat. Stacy Brown) and were told sensationalism and scandal sold more.
In reality, Janet Arvizo's lies and misconduct played no role in the jury's decision to acquit, as made clear by the complete juror interviews.

The jurors—including the flip-flop would-be authors—explained they carefully assessed Gavin's claims, testimony & sheriff's interview.
The day after the verdict, Ray Hultman and Eleanor Cook appeared on different anti-MJ networks to conduct interviews.

Ray Hultman was interviewed by Diane Dimond and Eleanor Cook was interviewed by Howard Stern. The questions asked of each were loaded & critical of the verdict.
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1/ #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS when Stephanie Safechuck gave a Razzie worthy performance during LN & only showed actual emotion in her joy-filled stories of spending time w/ Michael Jackson, the man, to her, abused her son for years. Oddly she
2/ doesn't show any actual emotion other than a couple reshot scenes of her speaking of MJ negatively. So some LN defenders have tried to justify WR/JS's stoic, emotionless, (& at the same time) amused/chuckling behavior as ranging from embarrassment to
3/ restrained emotions. Never mind that these are 2 different ppl showing the exact same symptoms of emotionless/stoic/smiling/laughing/totally cool talking about their abuse & MJ. If you want to give me one of these guys, sure I'll take one but not both.
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MEGATHREAD: Every single "explanation" by guilters about James Safechuck's train station lie over the last 3 months and why their desperate attempts are even more embarrassing and problematic to their broken agenda.

#MJInnocent #IKnewLeavingNeverlandWasBS #FactsDontLiePeopleDo Image
OVERVIEW: James Safechuck describes graphic sexual abuse in 1988-89 in the upstairs room of the iconic Neverland train station. He even supplied photos of the station to Dan.

As confirmed repeatedly, the train station did not begin development until late-1993, completed in 1994. ImageImageImage
GUILTER: There was a storage building off-site where train cars would be stored. "It's not hard to imagine that building contained a small upstairs space."

FACT:🤦🏻‍♂️This maintenance barn has no indication of an upstairs, just an exhaust vent. Only THE "train station" had upstairs. ImageImage
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DAVID NORDAHL and MICHAEL JACKSON. Friendship & Paintbrush. By Deborah L. Kunesh. A THREAD.…
“All of the time I knew Michael, almost 20 years, I never ever heard him raise his voice at anybody.He was such a good person.” #MJFam
“I’ve never met anybody who was more well-adjusted or more normal. He was just such a normal guy. So intellectual and so bright and so normal. He was just so genuine and so warm and so caring...
He was a fabulous father. I've never met a parent as good or better than Michael. Those kids were an absolute delight! I've never met kids in my life that were like them. I spent a lot of extended time around them. I never heard them cry or beg for anything.
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From the 1980s-2009, @DeWayneWickham (retired) was one of the most respectable and matter-of-fact journalists who covered the MJ saga. He didn't mince words in pointing out the absurdity of Evan Chandler's greed or of Tom Sneddon's vendetta and aggregious conduct.

#MJInnocent ImageImage
Wickham's words in the 90s amid the Chandler scandal applies so well in '19:

"Money—millions of dollars—was his end game. All he wanted...was to cash in...not subject the claims to the scrutiny of criminal court."

"Desperately hope to convict MJ in the court of public opinion."
Depressing times when syndicated networks including @AP and @USATODAY used to have respectible journalists like @DeWayneWickham and @LindaDeutsch but now succumb to the same sensational fodder they used to criticize the tabloids for. Including labeling false accusers "victims."
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CASTLE DOCS: Listed as a "Shade Struct/Electric Room/Storage" (12x20x20). Grouped together w/ Zipper on land records.

DEC. 21, 1990 - Did not exist on any site plan.

AUG. 28, 1991 - Formal permit approved.

DEC. 23, 1991 - Marked as existing (complete).

#MJInnocent #Receipts
Note that Rob Swinson has photo showing construction of castle underway in 01/91 & Zipper was already en-route.

Since castle & zipper were built in previously approved "Play Area" perimeter, it's likely that temp. permits or informal agreements were made prior to 08/91 approval.
The castle (91) falls squarely outside of James' honeymoon era of 1988-89 - where he describes their sexual relationship as growing.

James: "When [I] started puberty at age 12, [MJ] began to prepare [me] for separation.. This [separation] grooming period spanned several months."
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Big Al Scanlan worked at Neverland Ranch, 1990-2005, as Director of Maintenance. He was responsible for overseeing the attractions, the theater, rides and trains. He became a close friend of Michael. #MJFam #MJINNOCENT #MJFamLatino #MJInocente
"Neverland gave Mr. Jackson and his guests a chance to relax, to escape the stress everyday. life gives us. Even if he wasn't there, he would want to hear all about the day that the guests had at Neverland. It was important to him that they had great time"
"I had several long conversations with Mr. Jackson about Neverland. Looking into his eyes and hearing his voice, there is no doubt that the charity work done at #Neverland was one of the most important things in his life."
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