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The DUP & ERG claim there's an alternative to the #Protocol: ‘Mutual enforcement’.

Whilst it is a clever name (implying cooperation+ tough action), in reality it is really not viable.
Here's a brief thread.

TLDR: 'taking back control' was so 2016.

The primary intention of this model is to see the #border for the movement of goods shift from the Irish Sea to the Irish land border.

But to keep that border ‘invisible’, it has UK&IRL authorities enforcing the rules of the other jurisdiction.

Leaving all other considerations aside, it has to address the cornerstones of border management👇

We can see that it fails on all of them, i.e. there is no border to speak of.

It claims to work by ‘inverting the usual approach to customs enforcement’. This is indeed true😬

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@mrdiscopop I appreciate some of your unbiased BBC articles about #MichaelJackson but it would be great if you could report on the fallacy that he paid the first accuser off. This is not what actually happened. #mjinnocent #squareone ⬇️
So much of what people wrongly believe about Michael Jackson is based on the lie that he paid them to keep them quiet. Most people do not have the decency to check basic facts. Firstly, if he wanted their silence, he would pay before it got to court. ⬇️
The accusers filed a civil lawsuit before a criminal one because they wanted money not justice. His criminal case would have been compromised had he not settled the civil lawsuit. For this reason, it is no longer possible to have a civil lawsuit before criminal one. ⬇️
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“The danger he poses is related to past dangerousness he has shown in terms of verbal aggression, boasting about assaults, paranoid reactions… This is a national security threat and the White House has a credibility crisis.” @pttrn_ntgrty #The25thFor45

“It cannot be that here and now in 2020 we allow the government of the people, by the people and for the people to perish on this earth. No, it cannot and it must not… WE WILL VOTE.” @JoeBiden in Gettysburg

“The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but President* Trump doesn’t want to talk about that. He doesn’t keep the country safe.” @GenMhayden @RVAT2020

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My @RottenTomatoes @SquareOneMJdoc review:

"When you learn that Civil Trials used to be allowed to go before Criminal Trials, in Santa Barbara, California (since amended), you realize that the cards were already stacked against Michael Jackson right from the very beginning. A... Image
...pocket change settlement from the chart-smashing mega-hit Megastar's Insurance team was the only option, when the Chandlers weren't seeking any kind of meaningful justice.
If the charges were real, the Police would have been the first rational port of call (right before...
...quelling urges to kill). No parent in their right mind would react litigiously like they did in the face of such unspeakable horror.

This was an extortion scheme, plain and simple.

These heinous schemes sadly still persist to this very day. I just wish the press had the...
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I know noone's probably gonna see this, since this is my first tweet ever but I've been a #MichaelJackson fan for about five years now and I know I'm late to the party but I am just so fed up with all these fabricated lies being spread about him, not just online
but even in my personal life, whenever it comes up in conversation that I am a Michael Jackson fan, people immediatly confront me with "but he bleached his skin", "but he was a weirdo" and the most infuriating of them all "but he was a pedophile" and I'm so glad to see that
the tide is finally turning and after watching #SquareOne for the second time today I just had this urge to finally insert myself in the conversation and just be able to get some things off my chest because I am honestly tired of all this BS
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1/11 Dear Ryan Britt @FatherlyHQ I want to say something to you regarding your recent article about @michaeljackson titled 'Can Parents Play Michael Jacksons “Thriller” On Halloween?' As a father myself, I'm appalled at the narrative you decided to go with… assuming that there would be a problem in playing Mr. Jacksons music, following a now debunked film that featured proven liars who fabricated stories to fill their pockets with blood $$ No mention at all, that the one sided hit-piece propaganda film was laced with misstruths
..discrepancies, falsehoods & multiple reshoots using emotionally manipulative filming. Not once, did you question the 'other side of the story,' nor point out that the film was put together by powerful white men in the media who had set about slandering an innocent dead black..
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