As 2nd impeachment looms, the Republican Party paved the way to this inevitable end of the Trump presidency by enabling, excusing & abetting an openly racist & authoritarian president who did not hide his contempt for the rule of law or disdain for democracy
Republicans found reasons to excuse Trump after "very fine people" in Charlottesville; "go back" to House D women of color; calling Black Lives Matter "a symbol of hate"; and repeatedly denigrating the intelligence of Black women legislators & journalists.
Rs found nothing to sanction (& often actively supported) as he weaponized the postal service, distorted the Census, obstructed the Mueller inquiry, blocked Congressional oversight, openly extorted the government of Ukraine, pressured prosecutors, dispensed improper pardons.
After the election, 2/3 of House Rs and Republican state Attorneys General backed the lawsuit 2 make him president again by invalidating 20m votes. Rs echoed his spurious claims that the election was stolen in large cities w/big Black populations, even as courts found no evidence
R electeds weren't alone. The conservative media ecosystem slavishly defended Trump. One pundit explained that while elites took Trump "literally not seriously," his common-sense supporters took him "seriously not literally." Another insisted: "There Will Be No Trump Coup."
Even as the behavior of Trump & his supporters became more menacing, Rs kept cheering. @marcorubio praised the TX Trump supporters who tried to run a Biden bus caravan off the road. @GOPLeader extravagantly welcomed Q Anon supporters to R caucus
GOP managed to find no fault even as the coronavirus outbreak produced unimaginable death tolls-beyond a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 a day. Intimidated by Trump, red state GOP governors kept the economy open amid the surging suffering & blocked local Ds from acting
Repubs up and down the ballot echoed Trump's "flight 93" rhetoric-his apocalyptic claim that any Democratic victory would end America as we know it-i.e., an America centered on White Christians. Trump told his voters Democrats were trying to steal "our country" & most Rs echoed
From such sustained subservience, Trump understandably concluded that Rs would not constrain or sanction him no matter how far he went in shredding the Constitution. So he took his term to its inevitable terminus: dispatching a mob led by white nationalists to subvert election
by physically attacking Congress. In many ways, he was proven right: even after the riot, a majority of House Rs voted to throw out the election results w/ the goal of installing him, in defiance of the will of the voters, for four more years.
Trump may face double-digit House R defections on impeachment, but vast majority will again find ways to oppose consequences for him. Senate more a wildcard if @senatemajldr actually votes to convict (we'll see). But even if more break in final days, they need only
look in the mirror to answer how the country has reached this perilous point. As his former DHS analyst Elizabeth Neumann told me, Trump has acted as "an accelerant" on white nationalism, making it socially acceptable to express openly racist & radical anti-government beliefs.
Rs chose to ignore or echo Trump on both fronts. Now they have a coalition that shares his rancid beliefs: more Rs in @PRRIpoll say Whites & Christians face discrimination than say that about Blacks & Hispanics & in another survey majority of Rs agree "the traditional American
way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it." Vast majority of Rs in multiple polls say they believe the election was stolen. Any barriers between party & far right extremists are in tatters (echo of GOP & John Birch Society in early 1960s).
Next stage is unclear. Trump's open incitement of insurrection appears to have finally forced the hand of more center-right Rs who don't share his nihilistic, anti-democratic vision. But their ability to redirect party may be limited if all that's left after Trump
is a coalition tilted more toward his core constituencies of non-college, non-urban and evangelical Whites who welcome his belligerent, confrontational culture war style. Only thing that's clear now is that Trump could never have reached this point alone.
It took the participation & more often the active support of an entire party to carry America to this brink-a moment when the cohesion of the country is under the greatest strain since the Civil War.

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3 Nov 20
No one can rule out Trump squeezing out another EC win (if less likely than 16). But win or lose, he's exiling GOP from the places shaping 21st century America. Could lose over 90/100 largest US counties & counties that generate fully 70% or more of GDP. Visible in states too
In 2016, Trump won only 4/20 states where immigrants comprise the largest share of the total population; now he’s at varying risk of losing all four: AZ, FL, GA, TX. He won only 7/25 states w/biggest share of col grads; w/PA, NC, GA teetering, he might win only 4 of them today
Trump won just 5/22 states where White Christians (per @PRRIpoll) are below 45% of pop. He could lose 4 of them: AZ, FL, GA, ~TX. This is spilling onto GOP: after today, Ds could hold 35/40 Senate seats in the 20 states w/highest immigrant % & all 28 in the 14 w/most col grads
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3 Nov 20
An E-day thread: For 4 years, Trump has governed as a wartime president for red America, w/blue America, not any foreign adversary as the target. That's provoked an enormous reaction from the diverse, well-educated urban centers & inner suburbs driving eco growth & innovation
Tonight will tell whether it's enough, but the scale of the mobilization from blue America-primarily metro America-is unprecedented. It's measured, for starters, in the record-setting Democratic fund-raising, mostly from small donors in well-educated areas, that's swamped Rs
It's measured in outpouring of celebrity support for Biden: ads from Brad Pitt, @springsteen, Eminem, campaigning by Cardi B, John Legend, Lady Gaga, Common, Spike Lee, Taylor Swift's twitter activism, $-raising reunions by casts of Avengers, Princess Bride, Veep & Happy Days etc
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30 Oct 20
One key to the politics of the 2020s may be the interactive effect as two parties diverge across the fault line of welcome or resisting the changes remaking America.
It’s not hard to imagine that by 2024, Dems will be led by presidential nominee Kamala Harris, who is of Jamaican /Indian descent; vice-presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg, an openly gay man; House Speaker Hakeem Jeffries, who would be the first Black person to hold that post.
Much like Obama did in 2008, such a roster would symbolize a changing America in a way that inspires the coalition of transformation—but terrifies many in the coalition of restoration.
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30 Oct 20
The bottom line on 2020: the emerging America-the places & people most comfortable w/how the country is changing demographically culturally economically-appear poised to reclaim control over the country's direction after a massive mobilization.…
That's reflected in the widening Trump deficits w/college + whites & young people, continuing towering deficits w/women of color (even if he gains somewhat w/men) & likelihood he will lose the 100 largest metros by even more than his 15m deficit in 2016.
Trump still has a slim path of massive non-col & non-urban White turnout in key states, but, win or lose, he's further exiling GOP from the places defining 21st century America: it's highly possible that the counties he wins will account for only ~30% (or less) of GDP.
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1 Oct 20
Trump's belligerent & dangerous behavior obscured how poorly Biden performed for much of #2020debate. On health care he totally misrepresented his own position-making it sound worse than it is. His lead on health fell dramatically in @StanGreenberg focus groups of debate watchers
Sure it was tough w/Trump hectoring, but Biden not only failed to explain his plans to build on #ACA but said his public option is "only for those people who are so poor they qualify for Medicaid they can get that free in most States." No it's not. It's available for everyone
including those who pay too much for employer provided care. His website: "Whether you’re covered through your employer, buying your insurance on your own, or going without coverage altogether, the Biden Plan will give you the choice to purchase a public health insurance option"
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12 Sep 20
These detailed NYT/Siena polls show some cracks for Biden over Trump's "order" offensive. But mostly they underscore why this isn't 1968: Most col+ whites-& even many non-col whites-see an underlying problem w/racism in policing & believe Trump makes situation worse, not better
In the WI poll, 51-42 majority still view #BlackLivesMatter favorably, including 64% of col+ whites & 40% of non-col. Among the WI col+ whites, 61% say Biden would do better at handling protests; 67% say he'd do better on race relations
In the MN poll, some worrisome signs for Biden: many believe he supports cutting police $ & just 1/5 support that. But 54% (including 61% col+ whites, 45% non-col) say Trump encourages violence; 52-41 say racism in policing bigger problem than riots (including 62% col+ whites)
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