BREAKING: SPP back to Level 3.
This means we can expect rolling blackouts at any time.
Oklahoma leaders and @OGandE @OklahomaNatural said this change back to LEVEL 3 would force rolling blackouts.
Prepare now & let me know if your power goes out/location
#okwx #poweroutages
Already hearing from some who have lost power in OKC.
@SPPorg just issued LEVEL 3 emergency meaning any of us could lose power now for rolling blackouts. Don’t wait to make your preparations.
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutages
BREAKING: @OGandE confirms WIDESPREAD controlled power outages for portions of the state. OG&E says the outages will last “approximately 2 hours.”
Again, prepare now if you still have power.
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutage
At 7:01am: 57,332 customers without power statewide.
Assuming this number will jump with next update. Of this total-
OG&E— 33,601
If you still have power, take steps now to prepare for rolling blackouts.
#okwx #Oklahoma #poweroutages #WinterStorm
Frigid temperatures this morning across Oklahoma as @OGandE, @PSOklahoma and so many others start rolling blackouts.
-8 in Tulsa
-6 in OKC
Those are actual temperatures and do not include windchill.
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutages
Update: At 7:27am— 68,481 customers without power statewide.
You can see the breakdown among several of the companies with OG&E and PSO with highest number of customers impacted.
#okwx #WinterStorm #poweroutages
PSO map showing more than 24,000 customers without power now across #Oklahoma.
Numbers for the different companies will continue to fluctuate & likely increase as long as @SPPorg stays Level 3 Emergency
If you still have power, prepare now to be without.
#okwx #poweroutages
TULSA was -13 this morning at the airport per @NWStulsa.
4th coldest temperature EVER recorded in Tulsa.
Also happening now- rolling power outages and more snow on the way. 🥶
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm
Here’s an update about the #texaspoweroutage from @ERCOT_ISO
4.3 million customers remain without power and some have been without for longer than 24 hours.
#txwx #WinterStorm #TexasBlackout
“They didn’t think that it was going to be record cold like this”
Oklahoma @GovStitt tells @NEWS9 @robinmarsh9 when she asks him why Oklahomans didn’t have ANY advance warning about rolling blackouts. Stitt also admits they’ve known since early last week this could happen.
UPDATE as of 10:15 OG&E says they’ve stopped rolling #poweroutages #Oklahoma
Again, as soon as @SPPorg tells them it’s Level 3 emergency, they can start again-WITHOUT warning so stay prepared for outages at any time.
#WinterStorm #poweroutage
PSO corrects information and deletes previous tweet. They now say further outages are NOT needed.
Obviously this is just for THIS MINUTE and could change at any time WITHOUT warning.
#okwx #poweroutage #Oklahoma
Thankful to @NEWS9 and @robinmarsh9 @LacieLowry for their interview w/ Gov. Stitt this morning & for asking the questions so many Oklahomans have right now. Also thanks @StormeJones for posting video clips so we can all see & hear them.
#okwx #WinterStorm #Oklahoma #poweroutage
While the companies have said the panned outages have stopped for now, @PSOklahoma told @Erin_Christy that could change EARLY AFTERNOON.
As in, today, in a few hours.
Not sure why SO MANY have confusing messaging, but you should be ready anytime for outages.
*planned NOT panned. 🤦🏻‍♀️😩
As @GovStitt mentioned yesterday, @POTUS Biden administration officials contacted him about #WinterStorm.
WH @PressSec confirms calls to multiple other states as well including hard hit Texas, where 4M+ are STILL without power.
#okwx #txwx #poweroutage #texaspoweroutage
NEW: SPP says they’ve downgraded to Level 1 stopping the need for rolling outages FOR NOW.
IMPORTANT— SPP says they anticipate due to high load and cold weather, it’s likely the system will fluctuate between EEA levels over next 48 hrs.
Translation-outages could happen anytime.
Guys OKC city leaders including Mayor @davidfholt are holding a presser right now about forecast, roads, airport, etc. with more snow expected later today/tonight.
You can watch live on @koconews livestream. 👇🏼
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm…
An update from @StormeJones about Governor Stitt’s comment “they didn’t think it was going to be record cold like this.”
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutage
A look at roads in #Tulsa courtesy @QueBuenaTulsa
More snow expected later this evening, tonight.
#Okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm
Here’s the latest from @NWStulsa about our snowfall forecast. Winter Storm Warning starts for us at 4pm.
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm
“Gov. Kevin Stitt at a media briefing held virtually on Monday, Feb. 15, after his return from a ski vacation in New Mexico during the winter weather state of emergency he declared Friday, Feb. 12.”
#Oklahoma #okwx #WinterStorm…
BREAKING: Firefighters @TulsaFire on scene large fire at building near 6th and Utica.
Fire captain: “firefighters are standing in a foot of water and they have ice on them.”
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm
BREAKING: @SPPorg Lanny Nickell says we could see more controlled outages necessary later tonight and/or tomorrow due to more snow expected and continued load strain on power supply.
@SPPorg update is live now @koconews
#okwx #Oklahoma #poweroutage #WinterStorm
As we’re still listening to a multi-state press conference from @SPPorg that manages electric grid across 17 states, here’s the warning from @OGandE about possible continued outages.
#Oklahoma #okwx #WinterStorm
SPP Lanny Nickell: "We knew this was coming”
@SPPorg says they notified their member companies last Tuesday, February 9th, that conservative operations were needed. Nickell says this is an unprecedented event, they will be investigating each and every part of what’s happened.
BREAKING: Oklahoma @GovStitt spoke with @POTUS Biden about Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutage.
President Biden is leaving DC to travel to Milwaukee for a town hall tonight about his coronavirus relief plan.
#Oklahoma #okwx #WinterStorm
NEW: Information about the call with @POTUS Biden, Oklahoma @GovStitt and 6 other governors about the #WinterStorm.
#okwx #kswx #lawx #poweroutage
BREAKING: SPP back to Level 2. When/if they have to move to Level 3, their member companies will have to start rolling blackouts and those could happen without warning.
So, be prepared for that to happen tonight and tomorrow. #okwx #poweroutages #WinterStorm #Oklahoma
And here’s the warning to conserve energy from OG&E.
Again, Level 2 now. Rolling blackouts start immediately at Level 3 if/when that happens tonight or tomorrow.
#okwx #Oklahoma #WinterStorm #poweroutages
BREAKING: ONG says they’re responding to a natural gas outage in north Tulsa near 36th Street North and Lansing.
#Oklahoma #okwx #outage #WinterStorm

• • •

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More from @TiffanyAlaniz

15 Feb
I’m listening to emergency Oklahoma Corporation Commission mtg and they’re saying SPP has given an “all clear.”
I went to see if I could find confirmation on @SPPorg website but it’s down. 😬
IMPORTANT-@OGandE has told customers to be prepared for outages.
#okwx #poweroutages
Here’s the tweet from @OGandE that came out while the meeting was happening. Emergency Oklahoma Corporation Commission meeting is now over.
Regarding reports of Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt on a ski trip with his family....👇🏼
#okwx #WinterStorm #Oklahoma
Read 17 tweets
16 Nov 20
NOW: Governor Stitt and Oklahoma Health Commissioner Dr. Lance Frye are set to update us on the state's response to the #coronavirus pandemic. @RickonFox23 is there to ask questions. Watch LIVE on Fox23 or stream it here.
#Oklahoma #COVID19…
As we await Governor Stitt, just saw this. I had missed it last week.
Before anyone asks, no.....this is not a joke.
A group wants to recall every member of the Stillwater City Council including Mayor Will Joyce because of the mask mandate.
Governor Stitt has started says our hospitalizations statewide have gone up 19% in the last week
He says his priority is to protect Oklahomans, keep businesses open safely and get kids back in school after Christmas Break.
#Covid19 #Oklahoma
Read 28 tweets
16 Nov 20
So while we wait Governor Stitt’s news conference & speculate what may or may not happen....there’s this.👇🏼
Broken Arrow city council member Debra Wimpee will present this tomorrow to council.
BA has 23% positive rate
5th most #COVID19 cases in the state
928 active cases
NEW: 9 Oklahoma Medical organizations urge Broken Arrow city leaders to pass a mask mandate amidst surging cases, hospitalizations and critical bed capacity statewide.
#Oklahoma #COVID19
BA City councilwoman Debra Wimpee said I was spreading "fake news" about her presentation to council tonight & that I was "terrorizing" people
My post shared what was on CITY COUNCIL WEBSITE, then removed.
I called Wimpee today to see what was fake
Read 32 tweets
15 Nov 20
3,923 new #coronavirus cases in #Oklahoma today.
To say this is alarming is a massive understatement.
Sunday and Monday are usually our days with the lowest numbers reported.
Hearing from hospital nurses and doctors in Tulsa saying this weekend has been “hell.”
I know, I know. The “media” is “fear mongering” and hospitals are trying to “scare people.”
And yet....the numbers tell the same story we’ve been telling for weeks as medical leaders ACROSS THE STATE warned us of this crisis.
Yesterday I had a half hour conversation (MORE)
with my parents going over the data, sharing what I heard this past week from Dr. Dart @TulsaHealthDept and Dr. Malik @StJohnHealthOK who has treated more than 500 #COVID19 patients. We talked about Thanksgiving & I asked them to please do all of their shopping as pick up (MORE)
Read 12 tweets
14 Nov 20
BREAKING: Oklahoma Statewide ICU bed availability below 5%

This evening’s numbers show just 42 of 937 beds available.
This is the fewest number available of entire pandemic.
@HealthyOklahoma executive order rounds the 4.48% to 5%. (MORE)
#Oklahoma #coronavirus
Total hospitalizations in the state dipped 32 patients from 1,279 on Thursday to 1,247 today.
Still, 7 day average is 1,173, the highest of the pandemic.
#Oklahoma #COVID19 #hospital Image
Here’s a look at the dates with the most patients reported in the hospital.
Today’s 11/13 numbers comes in third highest.
#Oklahoma #coronavirus #pandemic Image
Read 6 tweets
13 Oct 20
BREAKING: Dr. Dart says as of tomorrow 3% of all Tulsa County residents will have tested positive for #COVID19. Today there are 2,328 active #coronavirus cases in #Tulsa County #Oklahoma
Live coverage now @FOX23…
Dr. Dart says total Tulsa Co. numbers now...
19,473 positive cases
17,145 recovered
TODAY- 2,328 active cases
180 deaths in Tulsa Co.
14, 30 and 60 day trends are all increasing.
Dr. Dart says 7 day rolling averages are also increasing.
#Tulsa #COVID19
Dr. Dart says during September the top groups where they saw increase in positive cases....
K-12 schools
healthcare facilities
food service groups
nursing/long term care facilities
For October, he says correctional facilities move into the Top 3.
Read 23 tweets

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