#AMC #GME #TSLA #STONKS #MOONING #wallstreetbets Good Morning folks Happy Sunday! This morning we have quite a bit to go through as I've been fairly quote with the DD up until this point. But I'll be posting back to back this am. Hopefully you all will have a better understanding
when you leave my feed today. 3 Topics on agenda are "Stepping into the Light", SR-NSCC-806, this statement by Staff at the SEC (that is going around here and on reddit). Without further delay lets get started with "Stepping into the light"
Before I dive into the main point
we're going to go over Dark Pools (aka Alterative Trading Systems) their function and how it operates on the market. We will then discuss how the current “Amicus” brief and legal battle between Citadel v. SEC will help the ATS Step into the Light. “If you can hear me humming…
Step in into the light guys…mmmm…stop all the illegal trades…mmmmmm…sooner or later it’ll ruin you…oh yeah…so come on and step into into light guys….” Clearly I’m having way too much fun with this so let’s get into it. What is a dark pool? It is a private forum so to speak
for trading securities better known as the Alternative Trading System for securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments. Types of dark pools:
-Independent Companies set up to offer a unique differentiated basis for trading
-Broker-owned dark pools where clients of the broker interact, most commonly with other clients of the broker in conditions of anonymity
-Public exchanges set up their own dark pools to allow their clients the benefits of anonymity and non-display of orders while offering an
exchange “infrastructure."
Original intent – was to facilitate block trading by institutional investors who did not wish to impact the markets with their large orders and obtain adverse prices for their trades.

Okay so what…Well how about this on for size dark pools
are heavily used in high-frequency trading, which often leads to a conflict of interest for those operating dark pools due to payment for order flow and priority access. Mhmmm go on…High Frequency traders may obtain the information from placing orders in one dark pool that can
be used on other exchanges or dark pools. Do I have your attention now? Who does that sound like???? Oh, and let’s see how many dark pools are currently in existence? 50…Here is the list of Broker -Dealer Dark pools -: JP Morgan (JPMX), Barclays Capital -LX Liquidity Cross,
BND Paribas – BNP Paribas Internal exchange (BIX), BNY ConvergEx Group (Bank of NY Mellon affiliate), Cantor Fitgerald – Citi Match & Citi Cross, Credit Agricole Cheuvreux, CREDIT SUISSE, DEUTSCHE BANK GLOBAL MARKETS (DBA EUROPE, SUPERX ATS U.S.), Fidelity, Getco, Goldman Sachs,
Knight Capital group, Merill lynch (Instinct-X), Morgan Stanley- MSPOOl, NOMURA NX, UBS (ATS,MTF,PIN), Societe Generale Alpha Y, and Daiwa-Direct.
With all of the above the one company really battling it out for the ages is Citadel and friends. The equivalent to the big bad
bosses at the very end of a video games last level or the heads of the high table in John Wick. No matter how you shape it Citadel and friends has been plagued as the advisory in our stock world. What is happening in this brief…why is it important? This brief was filed by the
Better Markets organization on behalf of the SEC. Better Markets main goal is to focus on the public interest and it is not in it for the fame and glory as some might think. Its purpose is to promote market transparency, market integrity, and protection for all investors small
and large (This includes all of our Ape brothers and Sisters in the fight) from the abuse and fraud committed by market participants that continue to act in bad faith and fail their fiduciary responsibility on behalf of its customers. Why is that important? Better market
lays out the brief discussing the plague that is companies like Citadel that need to be eradicated from the Market as a Market Maker. How so let me tell you Market Makers like Citadel use indefensible tactics within the market by way high frequency trading capabilities.
We all see it every day how the algo’s screw the market regularly. When I say algo’s I mean that MM and Hedge Funds use ultra-high speed computerized trading algorithms (i.e., mathematical computations that help them find out and detect market trends in milliseconds) and our own
sale and buy order information to determine stock trends, analysis, selling, buying, and holding. The algo thinks and reacts for the MM based on the calculation it is programmed to do. What is the plague? Citadel and the like prevent the market from fully serving it’s intended
purpose? The purpose of selling stock on the market is to increase a company’s capital and cash so that the company can continue doing what it’s mission, vision, and purpose. By using these tactics Citadel and other Market Makers like them continue to benefit and profit at the
expense of every American who depends on the market to save for retirement and long-term financial needs. Okay…so what’s the plague...lol! Well, the plague implies that Citadel and other MM use the HFT (High Frequency Trading) to obtain the bet offer a millisecond in front of
retail giving them time to make a guaranteed profit. Basically, MM are no longer helpful to the market as their purpose and intention is to make profit as much as they can instead of acting in good faith with the orders they receive from all investors. In doing so, they are
making mad profits all the while spending millions to continue these practices.
Okay I get that now…please move on to why we’re here. We’ve all being trying to bring these memes stocks into the lite. With so many dark pool orders floating around more than 50 different sites
the brief and the lawsuit seeks to say “Come to Light” stop slipping in the darkness. How, the brief is centered around one focal point an area called the D-Limit Orders. Before I get into what a D-Limit order is I have to tell you how this got started.
So last year the SEC noticed this was an issue and the IEX (Investors Exchange) came up with a model that could help reduce the speed advantages that often harm investors by exposing them to the execution at stale prices when their orders are traded against traders with
more complete and timely information about market prices. Their framework would act like a speedbump and slow down High Frequency Trade so that the IEX could change the NBBO alongside the large market order. Basically, a supercomputer that is made for and operated on behalf of
the everyday people to give us a fighting chance at beating at the HF and Market Makers. PART 2 on the way for "Stepping into the light " met my max tweet limit lol. @threadreaderapp unroll #memes #tothemoon $AMC $GME I will post this on reddit as well.

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