#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #NOK welcome to sundays looking forward statements. We have so much going on right now but we must not lose site of the goal, the battle remains outside against the HF and MM and we need all hands on deck. This week is a big week and we have a busy schedule
Monday morning will come in like a wrecking ball in a good way. I’m hoping it’ll work in our favor as I suspect HF and MM will try to deal with other areas of the market. Tuesday is AMCs shareholder meeting bigs ups to the team their at AMC & @CEOAdam I know your team
Is working tirelessly to help us all even when folks don’t realize it. Two days later we have the SEC (@SEC_News) closed door meeting to discuss different topics but I surmise and I’m hoping it’s about our rules followed by the House financial committee meeting witnesses on deck:
Honorable Gary Gensler (I’m low key hella juiced about hearing what he has to say) 😁, head of the DTC Michael Bodson, and Robert Cook head of FINRA. We have more things to worry about then beef between apes. I’m hopeful that by Friday may 7th we will be under full protection
Of the rules. You guys have no idea how good this week will be. Now check it... I know many of you are angry about the manipulation and I get it but when you have figured out the game you can rest easier and not stress. I no longer let it bother me because I have figured out how
to play the financial game. I started to use that manipulation to my benefit instead of letting it over power and overrule me and my emotions. In doing so I have been able to see that the road ahead looks brighter and brighter with each passing day.
It allows me to not lose sight of the forest for the trees. We are going through a process that will not be easy and I understand that so many of you are banking on this to make it I want to give you some ease of mind. Be patient our time is on the
Horizon. Trust that whatever stake each of us has is big in each persons eyes. I’m not boastful or vocal about mine because I wasn’t raised that way. But I can say trust that investors big and small are on the frontline with all of us. We have to continue to do our part. Lets
Work harder not smarter. We have to change and adapt our strategies to match the game. I’ll go further into detail later but I want to advise folks buying options don’t get those ugly weekly options that don’t get you anywhere but are cheap. You are getting played weekly b/c
They are selling it to you high and buying it back on the lower side. The change is about 0.02 to 0.01. So I say wait till they have their fire sales. HF and MM are pattern holders you figure out the patterns and place your orders then and not a minute before. If you are buying
2 ⬆️ ur Position. I’d recommend avoiding pre-market prices and also avoiding AH. I’ve had luck buying between7:30-9:30am pst. Because that is when the price is lower. Market concept buy low and sell high. We see the manipulation but if you’ve been in this long enough you learn
How to navigate and practice patience and you start reading to find information to put your mind at ease. With so much going on look to the financial leaders aka Buffett to provide the financial wisdom. Read and ask questions and learn skepticism. I can remain calm because I
Already know and have tried to tell each of you as long as you hold you will be fine. But you can make or break yourself rushing into options too quickly without months of practicing strategies and learning how the game is played. Don’t fall into the trap of the bickering and
confusion... cancel out the outside noise of the HF telling you to sell. We are at the hardest part of this the biggest bosses in video games often are the hardest to beat and take a team to defeat them together. Have a happy Sunday as soon as my videos upload I will post them on
here. Love you guys!!! Be easy we are almost there hang in there and don’t lose hope. In fact let’s gear up! #Wallstreetbets #AMCtothemoon #GMEtothemoon #moon #weready #memes #stonks #market #squeeze #calm @threadreaderapp unroll.

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26 Apr
#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD alright part 3 here we go. Now were we left off in part two was discussing about TSLA and how we need their sales to match their forecasts. Why is this important from an accounting perspective and internally the company is looking at having strong
quarters as we emerge from the pandemic. I know a big part of that is the micro chips and supply chains when it comes to materials both importing and exporting them and it doesn't help that a lot of it has been hampered due to the pandemic. So tomorrow I'll listen in on the call
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #OCGN #NAKD Alright Part 2 of the recap....so before I talk status lets talk timing. Now I know every week we have folks that have done a great job at hyping us apes up and letting us know that timing is really important. This has been a long process for all of
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#AMC #GME #NAKD #OCGN #TSLA alright good evening everyone and Happy Sunday to you all. While I'm buried up under the rule recap for both the YouTube channel and here, I wanted to answer a couple questions for you guys as I've seen a lot of comments come my way. So tonight's recap
we will go over your comments and questions going into the week. Before I get started can I just say you guys have truly outdone yourself. I have been in awe all week at the massive amounts of love here on my feed. I sit just at 4,787 followers and counting. I want to first
thank each of you as I wouldn't be here without you.
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#AMC #GME #Stonks #Market #TSLA #wallstreetbets #mooning #squeeze #OCGN Alright, good morning everyone I hope and trust you all have had a wonderful morning thus far. Lets get into this new SR-DTC-2021-007 rule shall we. Today's Recap is about "Going Digital"
So this whole rule in a nutshell is that DTCC is going to an automated system called ClaimConnect for the following reasons:
1. Manual adjustments are not subject to the DTC's risk Management Controls, which can unexpectedly put the receiving party at risk.
2. It lacks a unique
identifier or way to track the adjustment.
3. no automated notification process, so you can see where and what's happening to the adjustments as they are being made or accepted by either party.
4. No platform exists where you can see the work being detailed out.
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS #OCGN good morning everyone, I hope and trust you have had a wonderful morning despite what is going on in the market. Below is your ortex data and a few words of wisdom as we go through this valley today.
Hold if you can only buy more if you can afford to. Don't jump one ship to get to the other one just to have to come back. Reason is that you create an undue tax burden by selling short just to take whatever gains you get to apply it to the next stock. I'm sorry but nothing
short of a squeeze will get me to sell either my GME or AMC. I'm not going to dump one for the other as I like options and I always have. I'm definitely not going to pay Short term capital gains at my ordinary tax rate. Nope, as my nephew say's it's never going to happen. I'm
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#AMC #GME #wallstreetbets #AMCSqueeze #GMEtothemoon #MEMES #stonks let’s talk about this rule that is being changed and why.... so the SR-NSCC-2021-006 (not 806) 🤪 time to put my glasses on. 🤓 The purpose of rule change is to I quote “remove a service that allows issuers of
Securities, either themselves or through an issuer-designated administrator, to track and limit the number of beneficial owners for an individual Security (“Security Holder Tracking Service”),” so what is going on???? Let’s walk down memory lane... in 2008 the DTCC built this
tracking system to allow companies that were closely held to track and limit the number of shares sent out to investors in regards to ownership. The system knew the stock the shareholders had and how much each one held. That’s great in a perfect world but unfortunately for us
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