Were My Criticisms of Israel Fair? No! @NickKristof .

The IRA was not committed to destroying England. ETA was not sworn to eradicate Spain.
The destruction of the Jewish State is #Hamas' raison d'etre, akin to the Nazis.
Israel should show restraint?

"MOST? scholars believe Israel also committed war crimes w its attacks on Gaza that were far more lethal to civilians than attacks by Hamas.*
What war crimes? Many Gaza casualties came when 600 Hamas' rockets fell in Gaza.
You play the proportional game? Not enuf Israelis died?
Kristof, in a historically unprecedented military effort, Israel tried to avoid civilians. (Even UNRWA head said it, until they offed his head).

Ask real military ppl, not your "most scholars."

Hamas sought civilian casualties and looked for ways to foil Iron Dome.

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1 Jun
Is #HassanNasrallah, the leader of #Hizbullah, dead?

Rumors abound.
Coincidence? A flash heat wave was felt in #Israel yesterday, as if the fires of hell were stoked with a new source of fuel. 🔥
1/ Thread: The #Nasrallah Obituary Album Image
2/ Nasrallah Obit Album.
Israel will regret that #Nasrallah died NOT at its hand.

And then there were none: The three men who led the 2006 #Lebanon war against #Israel - Qasem #Soleimani, Iyad Mughniyeh, and #HassanNasrallah debriefing Khomeini Jr in #Iran. Image
3/ Nasrallah Obit Album.

There's no doubt that #Nasrallah was Soleimani's main man in #Lebanon.
"Welcome to Hell, Hassan." Image
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26 May
"They Were Only Children." I have never seen worse anti-Israel propaganda disinformation than this @nytimes piece in my 40+ yrs of defending #Israel in media trenches.
Every child's death is a disaster, but the Times presents a blood libel vs Israel.
2/ "At least 66 children under age 18 were killed in #Gaza," the NYT writes with pics of angelic kids. Per bios, most were killed by "Israeli airstrikes."
"At least 2 kids in Gaza "MAY HAVE BEEN KILLED killed when Palestinian militants fired a rocket at Israel that fell short"
3/ Let's deal with #Hamas rockets 1st.
15% of 4,000 rockets fell shot & landed in #Gaza, that's = to 600 deadly bombs. Gaza isn't the densest spot on earth, but so many Hamas bombs falling can't miss Palestinians.
This is what a suicide rocket looks like
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13 May
1/#HamasAttack Reports of Hamas flying drones against Israel. I've been waiting for this. Hamas has been training to use suicide drones & for spying.
Here's 1st of a thread.
1 #Iran-designed Ababil.
2 Quad-drones used for spying. Used by "photographer" during fence rioting
2/ How does #Hamas get its quad-drones? These models were smuggled in through crossing pts from Israel as "toys."
Besides spying, drones like this were used by ISIS to drop grenades on coalition forces.
Hamas had a drone lab in Tunisia w a drone wizard (who met an untimely end).
3/ That's no innocent toy deployed in Iraq!
Don't forget, even balloons have been weaponized by #Hamas.
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13 May
1/ The #HamasAttack on #Israel is reinforced this morning by the noxious 2-pronged NYT attack by @PeterBeinart (Palestinians Deserve to Return Home) & @NickKristof (Your Taxes in Israel).
Both see the Sheikh Jarrah land dispute as part of the original sin.
Proof they're wrong.
2/ This pic was taken in front of #SheikhJarrah in Apr 1918 on Jewish Lag B'Omer holiday. The kids are returning to homes in #Jerusalem's Old City from shrine of Tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik. The large empty area behind them is Sheikh Jarrah.
Jews owned land there, near the tomb.
3/ This pic was taken ~1955 entitled "Threshing floor in Jerusalem, #SheikhJarrah Quarter" (under Jordanian administration). Threshing floor = empty.
BTW: The road that veers to the right goes to Mt Scopus. It's where the Arabs massacred 78 Jews in the Hadassah Hospital Convoy.
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13 May
Palestinian: "Every rocket falling on Tel Aviv has #Soleimani's signature on it."
By @Kredo0. freebeacon.com/national-secur…
2/ The #Hamas-#Iran ties are very strong, but not publicized by the Western press. Hamas head, Ismail Haniyeh, delivered the eulogy at Soleimani’s funeral. Sitting with him was head of Islamic Jihad, Ismail Haniyeh, who was well-known to #Soleimani.
The two had special seating...
3/ Hamas' Haniyeh and PIJ's Nakhala sat RIGHT BEHIND the Supreme Leader @khamenei_ir and Pres @HassanRouhani at the #Soleimani funeral. Only the bodyguards separated them.
BTW in front of Haniyeh is the next likely SLeader, Chief Justice Ebrahim Raisi, crying at the funeral.
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12 May
1/ Thrall -- A little bit of research would have shown you the fire was a tree on the al Aqsa plaza set afire by a Palestinian demonstrator with fireworks used to attack Israeli police.
A little more research about the Western Wall plaza would have brought you to my analysis.
2/ Together with the adjacent Jewish Quarter, which had been demolished by the Jordanians, the neighborhood" was nothing more than decaying slums built on rubble. Reuters itself describes the Mughrabi Quarter as “ramshackle.”
3/ From1948-1967, Jewish access to the Wall was totally banned; but the pre-1948 situation was hardly tolerable for Jewish worshippers. After navigating through a labyrinth of dangerous, narrow alleyways, Jews praying at the Wall found a cramped area of approx 120 sq meters.
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