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No war of words, these are real threats, says #IRGC head. “Do you think we will kill a woman in S Africa to avenge our martyred brother? We will target those behind unfair assassination of Gen. #Soleimani. Mr. Trump! Don’t doubt our revenge. It’s really serious,” says Gen. Salami
#Iran #IRGC: “We will take a fair revenge. That’s why we didn’t target ur soldiers in Ain Al Assad. You threaten us with an attack 1000s times greater in magnitude! When we targeted ur base, we anticipating ur response & had prepared 100s missiles to fire”…
With only 6 weeks to #US vote, tensions are rising. Trump's reelection means more escalation. Strained under sanctions, #Iran under hardliners will have few reasons to show restraint, with #Israel drawing closer to its doorstep! Revenge is a matter of honor! Trump is provoking!
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A ver, perdí la inspiración....Veamos!! En mi opinión, la crisis de #Venezuela se comprende mejor desde una visión geopolítica. Verán, la dinámica del sistema político nuestro baila al son de los intereses extranjeros que sostienen al chavismo, y a su "oposición", en el poder.
Yo les recomiendo, si van a leer este hilo, tengan su mente abierta; dejen de chuparse el dedo. La política son relaciones de poder e intereses, a nivel micro y macro; y la nuestra no es la excepción, y si es a nivel geopolítico, más aún.
Me permito recomendarles que dejen de lado el sentimentalismo, y la defensa a ultranza de caudillos de Partido. Si usted no está preparado, y no tiene la madurez política para hacer eso, mejor se retira.
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1)The #IRGC is eyeing Iran’s presidency & Parviz Fattah is emerging as its perfect candidate

As a strong contender for 2021, Fattah has been dominating headlines

But who is Fattah? What's his ideology? What would his presidency mean for #Iran’s domestic/foreign policy?

2)Despite avoiding limelight, Fattah’s got lots of experience:Ahmadinejad’s energy minister (1st term) + heading Khamenei’s ideological-charitable orgs:Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (2015-19)& Mostazafan Foundation(current role).But underpinning all of this are his ties to IRGC
3)Fattah’s a product of the #IRGC. His career began on the frontline of #Iran-Iraq War, but his links extend beyond the battlefield. After leaving gov in 2009, he became dep commander of IRGC’s construction HQ, Khatam al-Anbia & head of its investment arm,Bonyad-e Taavon-e Sepah
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1/ #BREAKING The ground in #Lebanon is rumbling. So much going on that requires surveillance.
Economic collapse, #Hizbullah mischief along #Israel's border, government collapse, & a ticking bomb that was set 15 yrs ago, which could blow up Friday and collapse the whole house. 🇱🇧
2/ #Breaking #Lebanon.
@yonibmen has excellent piece (in Hebrew for now) on the terrorist incursion along #Israel-#Syria border last night.
Little doubt Hizbullah's behind it & seeks to deflect the IDF from attacking Leb. These attacks have history.
3/#Breaking #Lebanon.
Hizb, #Iran & Syria worked to set up a Golan liberation militia to attack #Israel from Syria.
First leader, Samir Kuntar, a vile terrorist who smashed a Jewish baby. Killed on Golan in 2015 in Israeli air strike.
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The subtle inclusion of the assassinated Qassem #Soleimani in an supposedly apolitical mural on the occasion of the commemoration of the "Decade of Dignity" and "Girls' Day" in the latest mural on the #ValiAsr billboard in Teheran is an excellent example ... 1/7
... of a current soft propaganda approach in the vast mural landscape of Tehran. Kevin Schwartz (via @Orientalniustav) and I already wrote in our article @jadaliyya on the #ValiAsr billboard's capacity to diversify the type of regime messaging. 2/7
We have pointed out there the great significance that #Soleimani's martyrdom immediately after his death took on in this new style of propaganda. Since then his picture has appeared in numerous other murals, mostly in a very subtle way. (Though sometimes also in the clouds.) 3/7
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1.What do #Kerry, VJ, Page, HRC, Strzok, #UraniumOne,
Sum Of All Fears, Renegade, #EU, A 🥒 Factory,🤡, [Brennan], + more ALL have in common??

👉If you guessed #Iran you would be correct.

#QAnon #Clowns #DeepState #RedPilledClassics💊
Let’s take a look...THREAD👇
3.64-years-later-cia-finally-releases-details-of-iranian-coup #Iran #Clowns #Qarmy #RedPilled 💊…
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It’s quite something to see swamp people and fake media talk as if they really care for our troops....
... these are the people who sent our troops into a stupid war in Iraq, post 9/11), and endless wars where they were all too happy for cultural Marxism to put our troops in increasing danger with ridiculous Obama rules of engagement....
... these are the frauds who publicly vented against #Soleimani, but quietly did not want to do anything about him, and his asymmetric warfare against our troops, until Trump took Soleimani out and they revealed why they (UniParty swamp) did nothing prior for over a decade....
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A thread here with some thoughts on the explosions in #Iran in the past week or so, keeping in mind that reporting from within Iran is not terribly reliable. I elaborate in this podcast. 1/15…
It could be a complete coincidence that there’s a surge of explosions and fires over a short period. But given so many have occurred at military & nuclear sites there will be a perception that at least some are connected. 2/15
Continued US-Iran tensions and recent #Israel-Iran tit-for-tat in cyber realm are relevant context. These incidents are not happening in a vacuum as the Israel-Iran ‘shadow war’ moves out into the open. 3/15…
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#Iran issues arrest warrants for Donald #Trump and 35 other named US officials for the murder of Qasem #Soleimani and his companions. Interpol red notices also requested.…
Large sections of the US population would probably like to hand Trump over to Iran, if only because he is such an ugly embarassment.
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THREAD- In a rare move, US federal prosecutors are seeking to withdraw a criminal case against an Iranian banker who was convicted of violating US sanctions. It's potentially a vital development in US-Iran relations. why? 1/…
@realdonaltrymp willingness of a big deal with Iran shows its political weight as one of the last chances to achieve something in foreign policy before election. Prisoner swap raised speculations, but for several reasons, the political atmosphere in Tehran resists a big deal 2/
Trust on Rouhani's foreign policy team to achieve a meaningful deal with the US is in record low. The JCPOA is widely seen as a failure & @JZarif team is argued to be responsible for bad negotiation, thus perceived to be disqualified for the next attempt among IR leadership 3/
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📌The more I dig into things- A central theme emerges... intelligence agencies create, fund, and support terrorism for the NWO shadow goverment. This is our enemy in every country. Good vs Evil. 📌Jamal Khashoggi Story: A journalist murdered or a spook who knew to much?
First you really need to understand Obamas support for Muslim Brotherhood. Obama had strategically outlined the U.S. support for MB in a Presidential Study Directive (PSD-11) a classified 18 page document Pres Trump should declass. #Obama #Khashoggi
It was Obamas policy to help destabilize the Middle East in 2011. Over throw pro-U.S. gov Eygpt, Tunisia and bring down Qaddafi. (he was against NWO central banks)#Benghazi Remember ((they)) call it Arab Spring. Obama allows tons of Visas to radical MB into U.S. #Obama #Benghazi
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The #ValiAsr billboard in Teheran is designed to change its image with frequency. This flexibility allows it to diversify its messaging and to employ a subtle style of soft propaganda in #Iran. K Schwartz @Orientalniustav and I wrote this:⤵️ via @jadaliyya
The #ValiAsr billboard has the capacity to respond to rapidly unfolding events. It lives in the moment and can go one day from venerating the martyrdom of #Soleimani to displaying a call for unity in the face of #corona the next. We discuss this style of #propaganda in our piece. ImageImage
With its capacity to toggle between divergent types of messaging, the #ValiAsr mural mixes thematically controversial images associated with the regime's hard #propaganda with more mundane ones like innocent holiday greeting for the winter solstice (shab-e yalda). See link above. ImageImage
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NEW THREAD as #ISIS insurgency entered the 3rd year in the Eastern #Syria|n desert (W. of #Euphrates). For details:
- (Homs) by @CalibreObscura
- (all E. areas) by @GregoryPWaters
Below schematic map showing main areas of IS attacks
E. #Syria: #NDF in #DeirEzzor announcing multiple losses on front vs #ISIS:
- its commander for S. #Mayadin sector following an "incident". He was from #Latakia province
- 2 fighters killed during IS attack on Palmyra-DeirEzzor road (area of Shula).
E. #Syria: photos showing the "combing operations" vs #ISIS carried out past days in E. #Homs desert, from Shaer gasfield to Sukhnah. Arty strikes were also reported last night in #DeirEzzor desert.
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"Our continued success is contingent upon predictable, adequate, sustained & timely funding" @DeptofDefense SecDef @EsperDoD tells #SASC re FY2021 budget, asking for on-time passage of $705.4 billion budget which "does not keep pace w/inflation"
Per @EsperDoD, the proposed budget contains "significant investments" in #hypersonics #microelectronics #5G autonomous systems &#ArtificialIntelligence
#China #Huawei - "If our @NATO allies incoporate Huawei technology it may very well have a severe impact on our ability to share information...& for the alliance to conduct itself as an alliance" @EsperDoD tells #SASC's @TomCottonAR
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Starting now: @SecPompeo briefs @HouseForeign Cmte on US policy in #iran and #iraq
@SecPompeo @HouseForeign "It shouldn't have been so difficult to get you here," @HouseForeign Chair @RepEliotEngel to @SecPompeo says he's disappointed Secretary of State visit to Capitol Hill is so short and took so long to set up following US airstrike on #Soleimani
@SecPompeo @HouseForeign @RepEliotEngel Ranking member @RepMcCaul says the president acted with enormous restraint as #iran attacked US assets and was entirely within his rights to order the airstrike on #Soleimani
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حکومت جمهوری اسلامی #ایران درحالی به وضع مقررات لازم در رفت وآمد وجلوگیری از شیوع ویروس کرونا توجهی ندارد که حتی ارتش ملی #سوریه در این کشور جنگ زده به این اصول و تست گرفتن از اهالی در رفت آمد از مناطق رژیم و پ‌ک‌ک به مناطق آزاد شده شمال سوریه توجه میکند.
While Iranian regime doesn’t care to restrict movements to stop spreading Coronavirus, even SNA in war torn #Syria is doing its job.
نیروهای ارتش #ترکیه و انقلابیون در کنار هم از عزم خود برای بازپسگیری شهرک سراقب میگویند.
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Flipped Plants Nested Threads: 6->9
1. King & Heir of Saudi Arabia
Flipped Confirmation: November-2017

Long in depth deconstruction of the flip including military anon's.
2. Xi Jinping/China
Flipped Confirmation: June 2019
I realized they flipped thru comms in middle of thread so it starts oddly. Initially I decoded it as July 2019 but further digging revealed the real confirmation was two weeks earlier (also in thread)
3. Queen of England/Royals
Handlers Removed: January-2019
Flipped Confirmation: June-2019
Symbolism comms + actual events afterwards (Queen helping out Brexit) demonstrate that this one is a certainty.
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1-Since my brother's arrest on Sept 23, I wake up every morning & feel a void. I used to talk to him daily & now he's in Iran’s notorious Evin prison. History will write this. My brother is jailed as he refused to disown me. The regime has arrested my brother due to my activities
2-The regime deceitfully uses the charges of “campaigning against the system” and “insulting the supreme leader” to justify my brother’s imprisonment. The same regime that mercilessly killed 176 innocent people aboard Ukrainian Airlines plane while wanting to hit the Americans.
3-We’re talking about the same regime that mercilessly killed more than 1500 people in the streets of Iran during November 2019’s #IranProtests. The same regime that shut down the internet for more than 7 days while massacring these people in the streets.
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A businessman who once was export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE was falsely represented as a Strategic Studies Analyst by #ManotoTV, an #Iranian opposition TV! Few days ago, he was also interviewed by #BBCPersian! He has not written an article in his life! Who is he?!🤔
How on earth someone attends in a meeting against #Iran's Islamic Regime with #FakhrAvar & Saghar Kasraee in 2012! And just three years later, he is being appointed as export manager of #IRGC's Kerman Motor in #UAE?! It is strange! May be this guy is a double agent?!
Real political & strategic studies analysts such as Mahnaz Shirali, Scientology University Professor might boycott #ManotoTV over inviting people like #FarbodTalaee who pretends to be an analyst (in fact is a businessman who cooperated with #IRGC).
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We had a lot of important commentary and analysis this week.

Below👇is the complete roundup.

But we thought to highlight a few very special pieces starting with ...…

"If you understand the Justice Department, the damage has already been done. The reputation and credibility of the Justice Department has been dealt a significant blow."

- Lisa Monaco, former Assistant to the President and worked for Reno and Mueller…
3. Unredacted Ukraine emails newly obtained by Just Security:

"They also expose the extent to which OMB misled, and even lied to, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a congressional investigative body."

- @K8brannen…
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“A fundamental revision of existing legal foundations for military action against Iran that can be undertaken by this and future presidents.”

My take on NEW—and legally flawed—White House report on actions against #Iran and #Soleimani strike.…
2. New White House report conspicuously drops any reference to “imminence” of Soleimani threat.

What's at stake: This means the White House is claiming authority to strike #Iran again with no threat of imminent attack (and with no prior congressional authority).
3. White House report suggests US can hold Iran directly responsible for “support” to militias.

What’s at stake: That's a heck of a low threshold and could boomerang.

Does Trump want US to be held directly responsible for support to Syrian Kurds, for Saudi bombing in #YemenWar?
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I beg my friends in #Syria NOT 2waste your time & demean yourselves begging for #trump aka, #ComradeAgentOrange the #TraitorInChief to help you! It is because of him that no #Syrians are allowed into the US I’m an #American have never voted for a GOP candidate! #BlueTsunami2020
When you beg #tRump for help, you hurt @TheDemocrats! They are the only ones who will drop the travel ban against the Syrian people. trump couldn’t find #Syria on a map! He had #Soleimani killed to deflect from his #Impeachment #BoneSpurs is a coward a laughing stock!
I support the Syrian people but I will not RT anything that includes begging that fat head, #Trump for anything! I’ve done it before for all of you but that ends tonight. Pls do not tag me regarding RT’s to #IMPOTUS I’ve just left 1 Syrian group & I will leave them all if I must
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Who is Alam Al-Hoda?
He is one of the reliable mercenaries of Khamenei Because of the killing of protesting youth in the last 40 years.
#IranRegimeChange #MEK #IranProtests
@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @StateDept @USAdarFarsi @OANN @Reuters @FoxNews @NBCNews @nytimes @AP
He says we must execution who do not cross D flag of #USA.Officially demanded D #UK Ambassador @HMATehran-Rob Macaire must be chopped into pieces
If this filthy element had been captured by forces loyal to #Soleimani,his ear would have been D largest remaining part of his body.
Alam al-Hoda was in 1980, and played a direct role in the suppression, execution and murder of a large number of young people and dissidents also played a major role in the suppression of the January 2018 and November 2019 uprisings in Mashhad.
#MEK #IranProtests #FreeIran2020
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The New Yorker, the #Trump Organisation was a partner with a company, called Azarpassillo, which was a front for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, used to evade sanctions by laundering money into #Iran.
Azarpassillo has another interesting connection; one of its apparent partners in money laundering, the #Mammadov family of #Azerbaijan.…
Ziya Mammadov Arzuman Oglu is an #Azerbaijani politician who served as the Minister of Transportation and he served as the Chairman of #Communist Party Chapter.…

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