1/. It isn’t remotely credible that #Hancock had no idea of the links btw #Palantir & #FacultyAI - who run the NHS #COVID data store - & #CambridgeAnalytica

And yet, had due diligence been done, Palantir wouldn’t have been embedded at the heart of the NHS
2/. It also isn’t remotely credible (or intelligible) that #Cummings had no knowledge of what #Palantir are doing in the NHS “other than on ICU bed capacity”

It also isn’t credible when he claims he thinks #FacultyAI “do not have personalised data at all”
3/. Two questions by about #Palantir & #FacultyAI

Two garbled, nonsensical answers from @MattHancock & @Dominic2306

It’s a shame it’s taken 16 months before these question have finally been asked

It’s a shame the media still ignore it

But as this👇shows, Palantir are central.
4/. It isn’t surprising that questions aren’t being asked

This chart👆suggests the #PalantirPlan is being ‘overseen’ by intelligence agencies in UK & US

A clue to how high-up & how far-back the plan goes is the appointments of the #PalantirThree at the START of the Trump admin.
5/. Palantir CEO, Peter Thiel, backed Trump in 2016, & #Palantir employees rptdly worked with #CambridgeAnalytica, harvesting Facebook data ahead of the elections

Are their finger prints also all over the #Brexit referendum?

Are these things connected?
6/. “Ask forgiveness, not permission”

That’s the philosophy of these ‘visionaries’ & ‘“super forecasters”

They believe that our fates lie in our genes, not in the stars

Is this an attempt to control that fate?

To break free of regulations, ethics committees & the rule of law?
7/. “We’ve arranged a society based on science & technology, in which nobody understands anything about science & technology. This combustible mixture of ignorance & power, sooner or later, is going to blow up in our faces” (Carl Sagan)

That time is now👇
8/. On 29/6/20, Blair’s ex-Chief of staff – someone who knows about political skulduggery – wrote on Cummings:

“This looks like the beginning of a rolling coup. It starts with the civil service then moves on to the judiciary & the media”

Could it be part of a much bigger coup?

• • •

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10 Jun
“We were guided by the science. We didn't always follow the science" @MattHancock

So @BorisJohnson was lying when he said “we stuck to the science like glue”

Were they following the cod behavioural science of Halpern’s Nudge Unit & the ‘data science’ of #Palantir & #FacultyAI?
2/. On 13/5/20, I broke the #CareHomeScandal

On 2/4/20 the govt had INSTRUCTED hospitals to send people “who may have #COVID19” to care homes WITHOUT TESTING

The govt KNEW about asymptomatic transmission in Jan/Feb 2020

The question is which Minister signed off this directive.
3/. Hancock claims that no one knew about ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD

This is not true

The govt knew asymptomatic transmission of #COVID19 was likely in Jan & had this confirmed in Feb

SAGE minutes on 28 January 2020 state that early indications suggest there was asymptomatic spread.
Read 17 tweets
7 Jun
All roads lead to genomics

Dido Harding’s was chair of Genomics England

Palantir rptdly taught #CambridgeAnalytica to scrape data

Is the #NHSDataGrab really about about population-wide genomic data?

Complete control?

Bell-Curve eugenicist’s wet dream?
“We could close our eyes & pretend that contrary to all the evidence, #Palantir is a rights-respecting company or we can call this façade what it is: another company placing profit over people, no matter the human cost.” Michael Kleinman, @amnestyusa
The #NHSDataGrab has been underway since Oct 2020 (see Tweet👇)

Why was it ignored for the last 8 months?

News editors, journalists & politicians appeared to be unwilling to report it

It’s great that the #PalantirPlan is now getting wide coverage, but are we already too late?
Read 6 tweets
5 Jun
Tweet from 8 months ago👇on how the govt was sharing our private NHS health data for “life science research” (genomics) with private companies

Now, NHS Digital is “refusing to rule out #Palantir being involved in the datastore from the GP data grab"

I call it the #PalantirPlan. Image
2/. The NHS is the most trusted brand in UK

#CambridgeAnalytica is the least trusted

Yet #Palantir - who rptdly taught Cambridge Analytica how to scrape data - run the NHS #COVID data store along with #FacultyAI, a company that worked for LeaveEU/Cummings & also has links to CA
3/. A year ago, Blair’s ex-Chief of staff – someone who knows about political skulduggery – wrote:

“This looks like the beginning of a rolling coup. It starts with the civil service then moves on to the judiciary & the media”

A coup for health data?

A coup for genomic data?
Read 5 tweets
3 Jun
1/. My heart broke a little this morning

“The northern white rhino - which survived 55 million years & saw ice ages, earthquakes, meteor strikes & bore testament to innumerable historical changes - could not survive humans” @VertigoWarrior

This rhino is now functionally extinct Image
2/. It’s because we love this planet so much, that we weep at its destruction

To be honest, my heart breaks a little every day

But it also fills with joy

Our hearts are designed that way

They're built to break & they're built to fill with joy, each day
3/. In 1944, Churchill described Nazi atrocities as "a crime without a name"

Soon after, the term 'genocide' was coined

Is it time to recognise ‘ecocide’ as an intl crime?

Is it time for all of us to start getting ACTIVE to protect our fragile planet?
Read 11 tweets
31 May
1/. On Friday, @amnesty marked its 60th anniversary

Whilst researching our “best bits”, I stumbled on an incredible archive of sketches & performances from the Secret Policeman’s Ball

Naked Dance (1982) with @JohnCleese, Graham Chapman & Tim Brook-Taylor
2/. “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like!”

@montypython’s Last Supper sketch with Ade Edmondson & @JohnCleese (1989) #SecretPolicemansBall
3/. The cast list for the #SecreTPolicemansBall reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of comedy greats

Here John Bird, @JohnCleese & Rowan Atkinson abuse the @LondonPalladium audience in 1982

On stage are Alan Bennett, @PamelaStephensn, @EricIdle, Graham Chapman etc
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29 May
You may know that Hippos kill more humans than any other African animal

You may know they can run at speeds of 25mph

But have you ever seen how fast they can swim?

Footage (via @LembaniTraveler) shows a hippo chasing a boat on Lake Victoria, Zambia
Some of you have spotted the deliberate mistake above👆

It is Lake Kariba, not Lake Victoria!

I got confused because they call the waterfall there “Victoria Falls” after a dead British Queen

It’s original name is Mosi-oa-Tunya, (“smoke that thunders”).
Thanks also to those pointing out that hippos are, in fact, only the 3rd deadliest animal in Africa

The biggest killer is the mosquito

The 2nd biggest is the human

Also hippos don’t “swim” so much as push off the lake bed so you’re safer in deeper water
Read 7 tweets

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