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#CambridgeAnalyica’s Brittany Kaiser has disclosed 800 pages of previously unreleased documents

They show:

1) CA started working for Trump in Sept, 2015

2) AIQ was operating as single legal entity with CA - something that had
been denied

3) “LeaveEU project approved” 3/11/15
The documents appear to reveal illegal coordination btw Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign & pro-Trump super PAC

They also appear to reveal that Nix lied to Parliament & to Congress

The companies in charge of our health data in UK & US, #Palantir & #FacultyAI, are linked to CA!
Designed by #CambridgeAnalytica
& used by #Trump in his 2016 campaign & in LeaveUK’s Brexit campaign, this was a social warfare tool - designed to open cracks in societies & hollow out democracies - turned against our own populations.
#Palantir #FacultyAI
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1/. Ten days ago, @MattHancock launched "#GenomeUK: the future of healthcare", a major new 10-year genomic healthcare strategy

Happening on a Saturday without much fanfare, it didn't get much news coverage beyond the biomedical press

And yet this is big.
2/. The launch of a new decade-long national health strategy should be big news at anytime, but coming amidst the #COVID19 pandemic & with the potential to shift genome research to the heart of No.10's programme for govt, it is of particular significance.
3/. Genome research has HUGE potential social & cost benefits, not just in medicine

In the right hands & with the appropriate checks & balances it is very important but, when it is being rolled out by this govt in conjunction with companies like #Palantir, scrutiny is needed.
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#BREAKING: Amnesty raise concerns over #Palantir’s human rights record
in advance of the direct listing of #PalantirTechnologies, on the New York Stock Exchange tmw.

READ REPORT: Failing to Do Right: The Urgent Need for Palantir to Respect Human Rights…
“We could close our eyes & pretend that contrary to all the evidence, #Palantir is a rights-respecting company or we can call this façade what it is: another company placing profit over people, no matter the human cost.” Michael Kleinman, @amnestyusa on #PalantirTechnologies. ImageImageImageImage
This isn't the first time @amnesty have raised concerns.

In May, they warned: “The shadowy data-mining firm #Palantir, whose technology has powered some of the most nefarious immigration abuses, is now collecting troves of health data about all of us.”…
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Earlier this year, the PM promised of a fully operational “world beating” track & trace app by 1 June

It was one of the govt's much touted 5 conditions to easing lockdown

Four months late, comes an app which appears only to be able to process tests that have been done by Serco.
If this “NHS” test & trace app, run by a private firm, doesn’t accept tests done by the NHS only by an outsourced private firm, this need to be changed

Like testing, an app is crucial

Germany introduced their’ on 15 June & it had 12m downloads in a week.
For months, the govt attempted to downplay the importance of the App.

It went from being “an essential component” in tackling #COVID19 to being “a cherry on the top of Dido’s cake”!

This was @MattHancock on 5 June

He doesn’t seem terribly concerned.
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Pestfix are trying to block the @GoodLawProject finding out about their £109m PPE contract.

In May, @Under_Covid started looking at the #ContractScandal but others doing a fine job without us.

The only contracts we're interested in are the ones between #Palantir & #FacultyAI.
The govt has awarded a £240 million contract for PPE to Unispace Global Health, a firm founded & run by leading members of a hardline, conservative religious sect which preaches that the outside world is morally corrupting.
@WritesBright in @BylineTimes.…
The govt spent £364 million on coveralls, but has delivered just 432,000

"The companies awarded the coverall contracts have interesting backgrounds".

Exclusive report by @WritesBright @BylineTimes #coronavirus #ContractScandal #COVID19 #COVID…
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13 March: In a meeting attended by 18 govt representatives, SAGE recommend lockdown

14 March: PM & @carriesymonds host baby shower

16 March: Lockdown formally advised at a SAGE meeting

23 March: #FacultyAI propose modelling for "targeted #HerdImmunity"

24 March: UK locks down
The reason for this otherwise inexplicable 11 day delay is set out in my THREAD below.

It’s because the govt were - & still are - using a #HerdImmunity strategy.

They know this unscientific strategy
won’t really work, but it is part a bigger plan.

(👆14 not 18 govt advisers) Image
This thread shows how the govt KNEW on 25 February - 3 weeks before they claimed - that NHS ICU beds would be overwhelmed.

Despite this warning, @BorisJohnson kept on with the “business as usual” messaging.


Because they wanted to seed infections.
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#PinkRainbow Clissold Park, London
Some people have suggested that last night’s sky was a sign or a portend of doom.

Personally, I don’t believe in bad omens although I did feel an icy shiver when I found out that this #PinkRainbow had one end in Westminster & the other end in County #BarnardCastle! Image
“Still boiling!”

Watching Matt Hancock’s desperate defence of #DominicCummings, the architect of govt’s #COVID19 strategy.
#BarnardCastle #BarnardCastleGate #borisjohnson #dominiccummnings #Palantir #FacultyAI #RIPtiktok #cambridgeanalytica #coronavirus
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1. Hours before recess, PM quietly announced that Downing St had taken control of the govt’s use of data.

Trump did EXACT same thing in the US last week.

This is not a coincidence!

It is part of a single, coordinated US-UK strategy. #Palantir #COVID
2. Now I know this may sound counter intuitive, but I ask you read to the end of the thread & ideally the thread embedded above☝️

I don't pretend to have a single clear explanation, but I believe I have part of it.

Everything is fact-based.

Only v occasionally do I speculate. Image
3. In May, Amnesty warned: “The shadowy data-mining firm Palantir, whose technology has powered some of the most nefarious immigration abuses, is now collecting troves of health data about all of us.”

Palantir is running US & UK govt's #COVID platforms.…
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