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The Prime Minister of Britain, @BorisJohnson
“Shall I tell you a terrible truth?”

In this footage of @BorisJohnson from 2013, the then London mayor says that, in politics, you can “make a case for any course of action”.

He also admits that he isn’t really “bumbling”.

He’s “hard as nails”.
“They cover up crime with scandal & covers up malice with incompetence. They want to project an image of being inept, instead of as having a cruel & well-defined plan.” @sarahkendzior

His ‘bumbling’ persona is a carefully constructed disguise

@BorisJohnson is very dangerous
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Finola ONeill shared a link.
I've worked in the #NHS for 20 years. It is already massively #privatised.
The white paper for the new "health reforms" plans to remove competition for contracts so private companies can get them without a competitive process.
And they can sit on the new #NHS #ICS boards that decide who gets the contracts. A #virgin exec already sits on the #Bristol one.
#Virgin took children's health in #Devon, did an awful job, #NHS took it back and were left to pick up the pieces
Have you just watched the #Pandemic?
#Serco Test and Trace, #PPE contracts to cronies. Billions and billions of tax payers money haemorrhaged into private consultants pockets and shareholders.
Drop your BS narrative that private is more effective and accept that the Pandemic has shown this not to be the case.
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1/. Starting today, the most important courtroom drama the UK has ever seen

The PM challenged on grounds of national security following the findings of the #RussiaReport by
@BenPBradshaw @RhonddaBryant @CarolineLucas @LordStras @AlynSmith & @PJWheatcroft
2/. Last July - after much delay - the #RussiaReport was finally published

It’s findings were truly terrifying

It revealed the govt & intelligence agencies had actively avoided looking for evidence that Russia interfered in the Brexit vote

3/. The implications of the #RussiaReport fed into my ongoing investigation into what appears to be a global #DataGrab for population-wide genomic data

I’d already traced the plan back to 2015

Russian interference in the 2016 #Trump election & #Brexit vote made perfect sense!
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For The Many
Speakers include: Diane Abbott MP // Ramona McCartney - People's Assembly // Deepti Gurdasani // Claudia Webbe MP // Dr Jeremy Rossman // Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP // Helen O'Conner - GMB // Richard Burgon MP // Nick Dearden - Global Justice Now
The evidence from Dominic #Cummings has highlighted the how reckless the #government has been since the pandemic began. As Cummings admits, the government he once worked for adopted policies that led to tens of thousands of avoidable #deaths.
This is one of the most shameful periods in modern British political history.
The revelations come at a time when there is growing and justified concern about the spread of new #variants and the rise in new case numbers.
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If @NHSEngland claimed that, NHS England LIED. (Not for the first time...)

The original @PalantirTech contract is here:…

And the story behind how it was awarded is here:…

If @NHSEngland & @NHSX want to talk about #transparency and proper #process, then why haven't they published the data release register for the #COVIDDataStore from which @PalantirTech and others are fed?

We've been asking for it since March 2020; we reiterated & escalated our...
..request in writing in June 2020; colleagues at @useMYdata made an identical request in October 2020:…

and @NHSEngland's Chief Data & Analytics Officer told #CitizensJuries in March, April and May 2021 that she could share the #COVIDDataStore...
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1. Forget all about his faked #WMD evidence which led to over a million people being killed in the 2003 #Iraq war and occupation.
2. Believe in his anti-China, evidence-free, Covid-19 Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theory.
"President #Biden's intelligence service order relating to the Wuhan lab leak theory was issued the same day that Prime Minister Boris# Johnson's former chief adviser, Dominic #Cummings,
gave evidence before a parliamentary committee in which he confirmed a government policy to allow tens of thousands to die from #Covid-19."
Britain's intelligence services are “assisting” #US investigations into whether Covid-19 was “leaked” from a Chinese laboratory,
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1/. It isn’t remotely credible that #Hancock had no idea of the links btw #Palantir & #FacultyAI - who run the NHS #COVID data store - & #CambridgeAnalytica

And yet, had due diligence been done, Palantir wouldn’t have been embedded at the heart of the NHS
2/. It also isn’t remotely credible (or intelligible) that #Cummings had no knowledge of what #Palantir are doing in the NHS “other than on ICU bed capacity”

It also isn’t credible when he claims he thinks #FacultyAI “do not have personalised data at all”
3/. Two questions by about #Palantir & #FacultyAI

Two garbled, nonsensical answers from @MattHancock & @Dominic2306

It’s a shame it’s taken 16 months before these question have finally been asked

It’s a shame the media still ignore it

But as this👇shows, Palantir are central.
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WHITEHALL ANALYTICA – THE AI SUPERSTATE: Part 2 – Is COVID-19 Fast-Tracking a Eugenics-Inspired Genomics Programme in the NHS?…
This entire premise is deeply questionable.
There is little evidence that the “underlying drivers of disease” are primarily genetic.
Last December, a study in the journal #PLOS One found that genetics usually explains no more than 5-10% of the risk for several common diseases.
The study examined data from nearly 600 earlier studies identifying associations between common variations in the #DNA sequence and more than 200 medical conditions. But its conclusion was stark: more than 95% of diseases or disease risks –
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The implication is startling: that the entire premise for the billions of pounds this #Government is investing in building a new privatised #NHS infrastructure for #AI-driven genomic medicine is #scientifically unfounded.
Behind the #NHS Genomics Plan: An #Eugenics-Inspired #Agenda? The obsession with genetics can be traced directly back to the Prime Minister’s chief advisor, Dominic #Cummings.
Cummings set out his vision for the #NHS in a February 2019 blog,
which – although previously reported on – has not been fully appreciated for its astonishingly direct implications. While focusing on disease risk, the blog flagged-up #Cummings’ hopes that a new #NHS genomics prediction programme would ultimately allow the #UK
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Tweet from 8 months ago👇on how the govt was sharing our private NHS health data for “life science research” (genomics) with private companies

Now, NHS Digital is “refusing to rule out #Palantir being involved in the datastore from the GP data grab"

I call it the #PalantirPlan. Image
2/. The NHS is the most trusted brand in UK

#CambridgeAnalytica is the least trusted

Yet #Palantir - who rptdly taught Cambridge Analytica how to scrape data - run the NHS #COVID data store along with #FacultyAI, a company that worked for LeaveEU/Cummings & also has links to CA
3/. A year ago, Blair’s ex-Chief of staff – someone who knows about political skulduggery – wrote:

“This looks like the beginning of a rolling coup. It starts with the civil service then moves on to the judiciary & the media”

A coup for health data?

A coup for genomic data?
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British Medical Journal #BMJ says UK #government’s #COVID-19 response created “maelstrom of avoidable harm”
On Tuesday, the #BMJ (formerly, British Medical Journal ) accused the British #government of having unleashed “a maelstrom of avoidable harm,”
including the deaths of up to 150,000 people “who died earlier than they might have” as a result of its disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Executive editor Kamran #Abbasi made this damning indictment in a comment on the testimony given last week by Dominic Cummings,
former adviser to Prime Minister Boris #Johnson. His account, Abbasi writes, leads to “the inescapable conclusion… that the disastrous manner in which the #government is run is a major contributor to excess deaths in the UK, although Johnson persists with his denials.”
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NEW: Today #Cummings called secrecy of SAGE ‘a catastrophic mistake’. We know.

It’s why we’ve supported @IndependentSage from the start. And why at 8pm tonight, we launch our @YouTube documentary: the inside story.

(Warning: includes more #Cummings)
Only on May 4, day @IndependentSage launched that govt released SAGE names.

The story of how #Cummings spurred them to action is told for first time. Featuring: @Sir_David_King @globalhlthtwit @SusanMichie @Zubhaque @chrischirp @CarolineLucas & @krishgm
We refuse to let govt off the hook. We refuse to let #Cummings off the hook. It’s why we’ve launched new project #KeepingTheReceipts. Join us at 8.15 for a Twitter Space hosted by @drmeenalviz for a #Cummings deep dive with @GabrielScally @dgurdasani1 @JujuliaGrace & @peterjukes Image
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Rachel Clarke
I feel it’s important to reiterate - for the record - that while
@10DowningStreet fell apart (as per Cummings), the NHS spent Feb & March 2020 transforming itself from top to bottom -
a Herculean effort against horrific odds - to become an emergency pandemic service.
We didn’t dither. We didn’t moan. We didn’t scream “we’re absolutely f****d”.
We just got on with it. Because we had to. Because our patients came first.
And some of us died while giving our all to save others.
And quite frankly, seeing how magnificently the whole #NHS stepped up when it mattered -
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1/. All the claims about our preparations & how everything was in order were basically completely hollow, but we didn’t figure this out until the back end of February”

#Cummings claims he was lied to by Hancock & others about the preparedness for COVID

These were not “mistakes”
2/. “Lots of COBRA meetings are just a bunch of PowerPoints & not very useful”

#Cummings explains why he didn’t bother to attend any of the 5 Crucial COBRA meetings in Feb 2020 & didn’t advise @BorisJohnson to attend either

He sent ‘his friend’ 33-year-old Ben Warner, instead.
3/. #Cummings has referred to Ben Warner a dozen times

Ben isn’t an epidemiologist, virologist or public health expert

His 2014 thesis was “Engineering the properties of magnetic molecules through the interaction with the surface

#Cummings has now mentioned his brother, Marc👇
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Today #DominicCummings will give evidence to parliament. This is what you don’t know. The revelation that he was sitting on SAGE had many consequences. This was one of them
Thank you to @CarolineLucas @krishgm @globalhlthtwit @SusanMichie @Zubhaque & the rest of @IndependentSage.

The full film by @sheridanflynn will launch later today
5 MINS TO GO! Stay with us as we live-tweet on #DominicCummings hearing.

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It's a while since I've done one of these threads, so bear with me.
In advance of tomorrow's #DominicCummings extravaganza, I offer you this...

#Cummings #Boris #HerdImmunity
Alas, poor Boris! I knew him Goveio: a fellow of unfunny jest, of most racist fancys: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it.
Here hung those wibbly lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.
Where be your bigoted gibes now? Your many mistresses? Your gaffes? Your flashes of homophobia, that were wont to set the Tories on a roar?
Not on now, to mock your own downfall? Quite chap-fallen.
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1/. In 2009, I there was a commotion in the small Tuareg compound where I was staying near Aueglhok, northern Mali

3 boys had chased a deadly snake into a nearby rocky outcrop

Men gathered with sticks & takobas (swords) pushing dry grass into holes & crevices around the outcrop ImageImageImageImage
2/. The men positioned themselves around the outcrop, waiting by each hole with their weapons raised

They then lit the grass

Snakes are v sensitive to smoke & before long the horned viper emerged from rocks to be swiftly battered to death

And I learned how to smoke out a snake ImageImageImageImage
3/. I've been smoking out snakes ever since

Like everything in life, the answers we seek are usually in front of our noses all along

But sometimes - if something is being concealed - you have to smoke it out

Which brings me on to #DominicCummings!
#Cummings #CummingsTestimony Image
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With #Cummings’ admission of what has been obvious from the start & is what me & a handful of journalists have been saying all along, it’s surely time for @peston to come clean & tell the nation who in No.10 briefed him on 12/3/20 that #HerdImmunity was the UK’s #COVID19 strategy
2/. But #Cummings’ thread raises more questions than it answers

We KNEW #HerdImmunity was the strategy & the govt didn’t “pivot away” from it

In Feb, @Dominic2306 rprtdly said the strategy was “herd immunity to protect the economy & if that means some pensioners die, too bad."
3/. Every epidemiologist or virologist will tell you #HerdImmunity is an “outcome” never a “strategy”

Without a vaccine it would involve “sacrificing the vulnerable on the altar of the economy in truly vast numbers”

It was clear this “strategy” would ALSO devastate the economy.
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Britain’s #Political #Media Corruption: A Coalition of the Guilty – Byline Times…
From #Leveson to #Brexit, phone-hacking to #CambridgeAnalytica, Peter Jukes sees a consistent theme – parties on the run from the rule of law. And how Dominic #Cummings could end the cycle of corruption

During the current furore over leaks from Number 10,
and the apparent internecine warfare between Boris #Johnson and his former senior advisor Dominic #Cummings, one piece of information emerged which, if true, does a lot to explain the current febrile state of British politics.
According to Caroline Wheeler and Gabriel Pogrund
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From #Leveson to #Brexit, phone-hacking to Cambridge Analytica,
Peter Jukes sees a consistent theme – parties on the run from the rule of law. And how Dominic #Cummings could end the cycle of corruption
During the current furore over leaks from Number 10, and the apparent internecine warfare between Boris Johnson and his former senior advisor Dominic Cummings, one piece of information emerged which, if true, does a lot to explain the current febrile state of British politics.
According to Caroline Wheeler and Gabriel Pogrund in The Sunday Times, #Cummings has feared arrest for the past three years “since details emerged of irregular spending during the #Brexit referendum”. Cummings is not alone in this fear of the rule of law
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“I think what the public wants, is for us to move on from this #BarnardCastle thing” said @BorisJohnson & his entire cabinet

What the public wanted was transparency & accountability

@maitlis deleted this tweet about @adamboultonSKY’s story

The media were largely silenced
By asking why #Cummings hadn’t been sacked by the PM, @maitlis was doing her job

Political journalists NOT asking this question were failing to do theirs

Cummings’ trip to Durham proved to be one of the 2 clear drop points in adherence to lockdown rules.
“Some journalists are sitting on explosive information that should come out in real time.” @joncoopertweets

Shrinking space for journalism is something we witnessed in the UK during the Iraq War

Is it happening again now?

Would journalists be able to comment if it were?
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1/. Let’s not forget, that #DominicCummings - who employed ‘eugenicist’, Andrew Sabisky - was central to the #HerdImmnityScandal which is central to the #PalantirPlan

It puts genomics at the heart of the programme for govt, using the UK as the petri-dish for a ‘brave new world’.
2/. “I feel we’re all paying the price for a girl laughing at his poem in 6th form” @MarinaHyde on Cummings

#DominicCummings imagined the mood of these photos was very James Dean. Instead they reveal his narcissism & complete tone-deafness
3/. Here’s a good #HerdImmunityScandal intro

It’s long, but gripping & it has #Cummings’ grubby fingerprints all over it

#HerdImmunity is an outcome not a strategy. Every scientist will tell you that

This thread starts to unpick WHY the govt knowingly went against the science.
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In this chilling 2013 interview, @BorisJohnson admits he’s not really bumbling

“I’m hard as nails” he says

He also tells us “a terrible truth about politics & human nature”

That you can “make a good case for any course of action.” #HerdImmunity #COVID19
When the subject moves to ethics, @BorisJohnson becomes more guarded

Asked whether he believes one "can derive the ethics from the science" he avoids answering

Perhaps he’s aware that discussions of genomics can easily slip into the subject of eugenics.
I know!

Most of us switch-off at the mention of “genomics”, but it is crucial to understanding how the world is transforming & how “super forecasters” see the need for society to transform too

This thread👇offers a potted summary of just some of what is going on. #GenomeUK
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It is vital for @Peston to reveal who was his senior Downing St source that told him UK strategy was “allowing #COVID19 to spread through the population”

These were the identical words @BorisJohnson used in his #TakeItOnTheChin interview

It is in the public interest we know.
Every virologist will tell you that herd immunity without a vaccine is - by definition - not a preventative measure

The govt knew this

The No.10 press office has never attempted to correct @Peston’s story & yet govt ministers claim that #HerdImmunity was never their “strategy”!
Contrast No.10’s reaction to the @Peston story with their reaction to the @thetimes story that #Cummings had said the govt strategy was #HerdImmunity “& if that means some pensioners die, too bad”

They claimed it was “a defamatory fabrication”

No action for defamation was taken
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