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Several weeks back we issued judicial review proceedings against Michael #Gove for his decision to award an £840,000 contract to associates of his and Dominic #Cummings, without any advertisement or competitive tender process.
Last week we got back a letter from #Gove’s lawyers, refusing to provide any information about #PPE contract how it was awarded (despite being bound by a duty of candour). Instead they refuse to engage at all with the proceedings - and challenge our right to bring them.
We already knew from his trips to and around Durham that #Cummings didn’t think the rules applied to him; does #Gove now feel the same?

Well, they may consider themselves above the law, but we do not.
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I'm sorry to say, but we're now in failed State territory.
You'll be shocked how long is the list of incompetence and negligence just for the past month.

I'll give you the list then propose what needs to be done.

Because this really cannot go on.
People who make decisions that kill, can't be trusted with more decisions

Section 1 #Covid19

1. UKGov killed 63,000 who should be alive-> airport fiasco
2. Replacing #SAGE with #JBC without explanation, undermining science
3. The 2m/1m fiasco, the result of Track & Trace lies.
4. Post #Cummings Social Distancing compliance fiasco. Public transport is a joke.
5. Track & Trace fiasco
6. Track & Trace App fiasco
Treated like fools. The Google/Apple app was the back up plan?
Obviously not, since UKGov is on record promising the complete opposite.
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"Ministers have been accused of playing down the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic after it emerged that more than 1,000 people died every day in the UK for 22 consecutive days – in stark contrast with daily tolls announced by the government."
"According to an analysis of official figures, the darkest day came on 8 April as the country prepared for Easter under lockdown, when a record 1,445 people died from Covid-19 in 24 hours."
"The figures – encompassing deaths in hospitals, care homes and private residences – are far higher than the numbers announced by ministers during that period at the daily Downing Street briefings, as the pandemic peaked faster than forecast."
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Big news – #openDemocracy has just forced the #UK government to end the secrecy over its massive #NHS data deals with private tech firms.
After weeks of legal letters, 13,000 signatures and daily pressure from our reporting – and just hours before we were due to sue –
the government finally caved and released the documents we’d demanded.
Now we all get to see what Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and controversial AI firms Faculty and Palantir are doing with our personal health data.
Even better - our pressure has already forced the government
to introduce new safeguards to stop private firms profiteering from our personal information.
But the work is only just beginning. We’ve got hundreds of pages to scour, far more questions left unanswered.
It’s painstaking work but it gets results Can you donate to keep us going?
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You know what? I have never been a monarchist or an anti-monarchist, really, just an ordinary woman, a 20/21st Elizabethan who used to believe in this country, but the older I get (69 - obv a slow learner) the more I see that the charade of “democracy” in this country is just
a fantasy!
I mean no offense, malice or disrespect to our Queen. She seems to be a dutiful, dedicated person, but the anachronistic institution of monarchy itself is in a hopelessly, mutually-entwined death spiral with a disastrous government bent on the destruction of
the very populace it relies on to survive.
I have lived all my life as a free woman in a democratic, respcted country.
Today, I feel it was all an illusion.
How can it be right that one family, in the 21st century, can be considered above all others? Feted, cosseted &
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A #Brexit List. Wonderfully obscure things you may not know about No Deal Brexit

I was inspired by Mr
@LeetStephenleet who gave me one I didn't know. After this long that's reason enough.

If you're a Brexit believer, don't read. Cognitive dissonance defeats facts every time.
1. We increase animal suffering 7x. One of the best EU contributions (for me) UK made was a massive improvement in animal transport conditions for 7x our population.

When we go that will over time be eroded. But US transport standards are even worse. And we can't influence them!
2. You know almost all our lamb and cattle go to the EU, so No Deal is a Farming nightmare - CAP doesn't close the gap

Millions of contracts to replace. Except different countries eat different cuts. Some can't be replaced. Get ready for the UK lambs testicles and Tripe Mountain
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This is a plea to clever people.

Help. #Brexit. It's all been so long and I can't really remember what it did for us. And I can't find anything that tells me that.

So I jotted some notes below

I thought at least Leavers got something?

I must be stupid. I can't even find that.
Let me see if I have this right. It's super confusing, I need your help

We still plan to leave the EU

Based on a 2016 vote for something

That I think looks nothing like what has been described for December.

eg. unfettered trade seems off the table.

A Million to 1 chance
I'd like to be sure of that. But this historically significant change still, amazingly

Has no documentation on what it will actually be

Yet we're 100% certain we must do it, whatever it is.

One of the things it used to be was about trade, with new partners outside the EU
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This isn't a thread about now.

It's more a cautionary tale from then, our history.

However I hope the topic is interesting. How many famous Nazi mistakes do you know?

The headlines yes, but the weird cultish lies that undermined the Nazi war machine, maybe not? Read on.
1. Distraction is a thing, I state now no intent to obscure the Holocaust with trivia. That was the most horrendous crime of all time.

And now the weird. You'll see the point(s).

The Aryan Campaign Poster Child (literally) was Jewish. Daughter of Jacob and Pauline Levinson...
2. Once Goebbels found out, instead of leaving it be, he created the "conspiracy of Jewsishness" denial.

It sapped Huge time and resources and explained some of the "bad" (for him) campaign decisions made later on. Mistakes an earlier, More ALERT, Goebbels wouldn't have made.
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I finally got up with #Dispatches. #BorisJohnson #DominicCummings #MattHancock have blood on their hands. The blood of thousands who have died because of . the neglectful, arrogant uncaring attitude of this government. A death rate that is almost the highest in the world. 1/2
A death rate that could have been avoided if #BorisJohnson had heeded the advice of experts. Instead, they were told not to send long documents as he wouldn't read them" .
Why not? Is he too lazy? Did #Cummings read them and feed Johnson what he wanted to hear? 2/3
When Italian football fans were banned from going to their own stadium to watch football because Coronavirus rate was high in Italy, they were allowed to come here to watch an away game.Thousands of them, coming through airports unchecked, to attend a game. 3/4
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Per @ShippersUnbound weekly read @BorisJohnson is still struggling physically, PM and #Cummings share a “never apologise” mantra...and yes, it’s STILL all about #brexit by Jan 31. Oh, and the PM was pissed at Dom, contrary to received wisdom /1…
First the @BorisJohnson still being weak from #Coronavirus - which rallied with @JGForsyth saying BJ had “Zoom fatigue”...he’s even “forgetful in meetings” /2
Then the “never apologise” mantra - that unites @BorisJohnson and #Cumming. Remember that brutal judgment on the illegal proroguing of Parliament. No apology then either. /2
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THREAD: Summary of UK’s #COVID19 Crisis
1. Viral pandemics are top of Government’s risk register
2. Despite this, Cygnus report showed we were unprepared
3. We had advanced warning in January
4. PM put his free market ideology ahead of public health (Feb 3rd “Superman” speech)
5. Herd immunity strategy adopted instead of strict early lockdown, which eventually came but far too late
6. PM’s “hand shaking” speech was a public health calamity
7. Sporting events like Cheltenham, Liverpool/Madrid, & Rugby internationals were a public health calamity
8. Test, Trace, Isolate dropped, when it should have been a key measure
9. Failure to protect nursing/care homes. Hospitals told to discharge patients into these vulnerable places
10. Failure to protect NHS & social care staff, & other frontline staff with adequate PPE or no PPE
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1. As we approach the Goverment lowest credibility point in the #Cummings saga, I'd like to pen a few tweets on the Alan Turing of our time.

Historians will look back and acknowledge a man who saved 100,000s yet whose character was deliberately assassinated to protect shysters.
2. Many of you here will know him, but in the outside world, at best, they know the lurid and deliberately exaggerated Press stories. So we have a job to do. Recognise and tell the true heroic story of Prof @neil_ferguson

Let me point some things out.
3. If you don't know Prof Neil, the summary version is that at the start of #COVID19, he was the primary modeller on the NERVTAG group, the science team specialising in transmissible viruses which advised SAGE, the better known UKGov main science advisory group.
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1: So I’m going to do a thread now. Please read as I really would like to put this to bed. This is for those of you who contacted me privately, fellow Tories and Brexiteers and moderate left.
This is how I see this whole affair, bear with me to then it won’t take long! #cummings
2/ the media started with something called pre-suasion. Big headlines to get your attention knowing most people work on shortcuts and won’t really listen to all the details. They started with 2 lies. He’d gone to stay with his dad and went to Durham twice. This incensed people...
3/ they then used social proof. Get a few labour activists on websites like mumsnet & then everyone around is thinks it’s true. MSM put petrol on the original lie. The far left see their opportunity and stir it up, knowing by now that it’s not true by hey what the hell.
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BREAKING #DidoHarding govt's Track & Trace czar is

• a #JockeyClub steward

& formerly
a director at Cheltenham Racecourse &
a director of Racecourse Holdings Trust

(ht @E91_Cowbridge)… Image
BREAKING from the govt that gave us #Brexit, #cummings #death & mindblowing conflicts of interest:

#DidoHarding , leading govt's Track & Trace effort is deeply enmeshed with UK racing industry… Image
First they kill us, then they take control of our data

#DidoHarding , leading govt's Track & Trace effort, is deeply enmeshed with UK racing industry

A JockeyClub Steward &ex-director Cheltenham Racecourse.
They made lethal decision to carry on racing…
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1/ Durham Police official statement about #cummings : "Durham Constabulary have examined the circumstances surrounding the journey to Barnard Castle ... and have concluded that there might have been a minor breach of the Regulations that would have warranted police intervention.
2/ "Durham Constabulary view this as minor because there was no apparent breach of social distancing.
3/ "Had a Durham Constabulary police officer stopped Mr Cummings driving to or from Barnard Castle, the officer would have spoken to him, and, having established the facts, likely advised Mr Cummings to return to the address in Durham ...
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Heard man reports that the govt. strategy for the #Cummings scandal now is to repeatedly insist that 'people want us to move on'

I can't speak for all people, but @BorisJohnson, Cummings, and the rest of your sock puppet cabinet, here's why I absolutely won't be 'moving on'

My healthy 58yo father contracted #Covid19 in March, right when @borisjohnson was boasting about shaking hands and saying we should 'take it on the chin'. He later died from it.

So no, I won't 'move on'

I missed my father's illness, death, and have been kept away from all my friends and family at a time of immense grief, because I was told repeatedly by my government to stay home, save lives, and protect the NHS

So no, I won't 'move on'

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Thank you for your views. I think I have a different concept of what it means to be elitist. It is not always about how many farmhouses the family owns... quite frankly, good luck to those people with yachts and homes in Sandbanks - I wish them well. They are “rich”; not elitist.
It is not about where someone received their education... good luck to those who went to Public Schools and got to play funny ball’n’stick games while wearing a silk handkerchief on their heads and carrying a stuffed badger under their left arm - I wish them well. They are not
Elitist either; they are “privileged” and this gives them more opportunity for what they choose to do with their lives. Incidentally, I went to a comprehensive and got to Cambridge through hard work and sleeping with the Bursar (That last bit was for comic effect... it was just
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Obviously the government now regard #CumGate as closed and are going to stop answering questions on this. So I want to make 100% sure I understand what they are saying has happened.

#Cummings’ wife fell ill with suspected covid so understandably he felt it best to return to work. Later that day, he grew concerned he & his wife would become so ill they would no longer be able to look after each other or their son, & returned home.
But he wasn’t able have himself and his family tested, as other government bigwigs had done. So Cummings reasoned his wife definitely maybe had covid (despite not having symptoms) and if she definitely maybe had covid, he could definitely maybe have it to.
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An examination of the #Cummings transcript in thread below & some questions that could have been asked- on 26 March @BorisJohnson is tested +ve for #COVID19 raising a possibility that he #Cummings has it, he races home to wife on learning she is ill - thread 1/23
2/22 Despite possibility of his wife Mary having #COVID19 why does Cummings ignore guidance & not self-isolate but return to work? - How many did he infect or put in danger? Were those individuals traced & tested?
3/23 Mary may have had #COVID19 which meant he might also, or he passed it to her- guidance says #StayAtHome if you have #COVID19 symptoms- “extraordinary circumstance” was being a parent who feared he may contract virus but why was that different to any other parent?
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Thread: #cummings talks about “rules”. There is law & guidance. The law, at that time, prohibited leaving the place where you live without reasonable excuse. (Reg 6(1)) Nothing in law on “exceptional circumstances” with children 1/6
The govt guidance says “stay at home” if you have COVID-19 symptoms. A section on “following advice to best of your ability” if you have children applies to detail of what you do whilst in home as is apparent from “we are aware that not all these measures will be possible.” 2/6
I.e. those set out such as shopping online, cleaning. Section continues: “what we have seen so far is that children with COVID-19 appear to be less severely affected. It is nevertheless important to do your best to follow this guidance.” Some reassurance perhaps if not all 3/6
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My verdict.

I sympathise more with a person and also am disgusted about the actions of those who have gone in to hate Territory.

I say this as someone who believes he should have been fired for clear workplace bullying of a friend of mine.

I am still puzzled by /1
Why so many people are so desperate to defend something which despite me feeling more sympathetic to the man has clearly got this wrong.

I get the anger towards him too, I really do, but ultimately is it helping, no? And I do believe him about threats to him and his family/2
As his MP @EmilyThornberry should be doing all she can to stop that, not inciting it on Twitter.

Having worked for an MP, I am aware your job is often about helping people where there is no love lost, but the job of an MP is to represent all your constituents, not those who/3
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Sadly not one journalist asked about need to protect every locality#s #NHS #ITU capacity in #cummingspresser. This is why #NoSecondHome #StayHome is important and will continue to be throughout #summerholiday. A very important issue to keep live as #lockdown releases
@Fox_Claire this is an important issue and I was sorry it wasn't asked. This hasn't got through and will matter for a long time to come.
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What the hell is this drivel?

Christ it just goes and and on. Covid boy was driving around to hospitals.
On and on and on and on. Snivelling drivel.

I don’t care about his wheedling shit. I care that he had such poor judgement as to make all these hopeless decisions in the first place. He’s dangerous.
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***Weekly review thread time***

We’ve had a second delightful week with *many* more new twitter friends - we really should have joined you all long ago :)

A Letter to Humza:

7000+ impressions.
1000+ engagements with over 50% translating into links followed over to the WOS site!

With our RT reach, along with many others directly sharing the link, it proved to be an extremely popular post.
Other talking points this week included the Sarah Smith ‘enjoying’ misspeak!

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