Very GQ new look @chucktodd
@chucktodd Ben is WRONG. You, @MSNBC need to understand exactly what #CriticalRaceTheory actually IS. It is not about denying racism exists. It is not a tactic. #CRT is based on Critical Theory, a Marxist theory that asserts: there is the Oppressor and the Oppressed. Part 1 and
Part 2 #BLM White people are The Oppressor, Black People are The Oppressed. It stresses constant action of The Oppressed confronting The Oppresser. It is Marxist indoctrination quite factually instructing children that bad white people are why good Black People have problems.
It also misunderstands human genome science, claiming it found no gene for race. No but there are sets of genes that characterize different racial groups, impacting health differences (disparities) There are different gene networks. @chucktodd #CRT IS pernicious AND divisive.
By denying any genetic differences between races, they assert that race is just a social construct. Therefore differences and all black problems are due to the evil Oppressors- White People. This is divisive & destructive. It also claims racism & slavery were never taught. FALSE
What I have outlined is exactly correct.I’ve researched the meaning and interpretation of each term. I’ve lived, studied in schools they claim did not teach these things. They DID. Virginia history 4th grade, 1619 told of the first Africans arriving to Jamestown bound in chains.
5/ #CRT completely misconstrues all these things. No one hid these realities. We studied about these facts in school. There are some pernicious politicians manipulating journalists feeding them to write a lot of flat out lies to sway public opinion to their political gain.
6/ What IS true is that RACISM IS a social evil AND IS a social construct. This part can and should and IS being taught in schools. I learned about it but without demonizing White People, which IS part of the curriculum of #CRT White children required to apologize- for what?
7/ There is a similar thread of far left thought trying to assert that sex does not exist - because of Trans? Obviously they know no biology. The Y chromosome is a fact defining the male sex. It is biological. Trans Gender Identity is psychological. It is denial of #DNA #Facts
8/ This is patent nonsense by far left Dems denying scientifically provable biological #DNA #facts @TheDemocrats need to get back in touch with reality. Perhaps they’ve all smoked too much marijuana and lost their judgment and grip on reality. Democrats get grounded!
9/ #CRT Dems have naively embraced without understanding the origins, ideology or exactly what is required in practice. This is exactly what @JamesCarville spoke about when he said @TheDemocrats have a WOKE problem in @voxdotcom Everything I have written here I have researched.
I think @Twitter censors removed my factual statement on teachings of #CRT Part 2 Oppressor/Oppressed For #CRT the Oppressor is White People/ Oppressed BlackPeople. That is Critical Theory, the Marxist political framework, given a neutral name so people wouldn't know its Marxist.

• • •

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16 Jun
#BLM originates from two Marxist leaders (see their @YouTube videos) who took its techniques directly from Marxist praxis of confrontation, disruption & destruction. Because of our concern for #BlackLivesMatter goals we don’t criticize, but embezzlement of #BLM funds hurts them.
Why don’t LGR local grass roots #BLM take control of your future? A tall young man, a protester, held his sign #BlackFuturesMatter I saw his frustration. Tall, maybe 🏀 player, then after basketball 🏀 no job. That’s on my door. Make YOUR FUTURE matter. #BlackLivesMatter
@POTUS @JoeBiden has many plans for education, #blackentrepreneurs and many opportunities. To minimize debt, go to community colleges. @JSargentReynold downtown has many career track programs. Look there, call. HS counselors can advise you. @RPS_Schools Jobs in healthcare, tech
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@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr African Americans have been part of America's story from the beginning. African Americans were called servants in Va records of the early 1620s. Only 1 non Christian was recorded bound for life. Freed servants W/B were common, some owned land, had servants #RVA Free community too
@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr These facts are from well documented historical sources from The Story of Virginia. Bound Away, ~1000 scholarly references, University of Virginia Press. I got it @VirginiaMuseum as it had African origins info for AfrAm Virginians. #RVA @RTDNEWS @FreePressRVA
@marclamonthill @AfricanaCarr @VirginiaMuseum @RTDNEWS @FreePressRVA This research was published 20+years ago. People think they have discovered history when THEY first learn about it. @RTDNEWS #CriticalRaceTheory #BlackLivesMatter People were teaching Va history w pics of bound black people arriving in1619 in 4th grade 60 yrs ago #RVA @nytimes
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14 Jun
Unconscionable for #rvacouncil to say "We're doing things the #RVA way - obviously the wrong way -high crime, defund @RichmondPolice The people are dying. Not from the police but #Crime is skyrocketing, gun violence unprecedented, topping the bad old days of 80s. Shameful.
The only reason crime is down this year is because of the #COVID19 lockdown. Everything has been closed. People indoors. Still lots of shootings. @RichmondPolice @jonburkettcbs6
@RPS_Schools are worst in the state. Gun violence highest. And #rvacouncil says "We do things the Richmond way." So what if we pay @RichmondPolice less than anywhere else in Central Va. So what if schools are dead last. So what if babies are shot in Mom's arms killing both. #RVA
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@rontkim I presume you mean well, but have zero experience actually managing anything in the real world. In a pandemic like this some liability shield is reasonable providing they follow @CDCgov guidance. @nytimes Lack of PPE was a national crisis NOT caused by @NYGovCuomo
Have you forgotten this? That's how dire the situation was. Staff would have taken care of details of transfers. Nursing homes in #RVA & everywhere were worse. Those with lower D levels stricken worse. AfrAm, Hispanic, Asian have dif gene networks 4 D
To count anything you would list deaths where they occurred, such as hospitals, not look up patients' primary residence. They don't report by residence but where death occurred Your "follow the money" argument fails, since it was worse for nursing homes to take them. @newsweek
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19 Feb
@SpeakerPelosi the film of the Oakland attacks were NOT white supremacists. They’re crimes by black criminals attacking AsianAm store owners. ProudBoys leader isHispanic. Neo-nazi broadcasting fr Russia name Nazzaro - #ActiveMeasures Stop paintings every action as hate @MSNBC
You must name a demon to cast it out (Biblical) In science, you must precisely identify problem to solve it. @TheDemocrats refusal to enforce the law in 2020 riots is a big factor that inflamed people, who then listened to Trump lies. If Dems take over, it will happen everywhere.
That’s what most Trump supporters (not those attacking Capitol) but ordinary well groomed middle aged women fear, with cause.Also most rally goers were not white supremacists, or PB.They’re CEOs, business owners, people concerned about crime, lawlessness, safe neighborhoods. #RVA
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17 Feb
@McGuireWoodsLLP wrote many of the zoning laws. This issue McAuliffe is trying to raise to distract from the fact that inner city #RVA has gone to Hades under #StandDownStoney & because of McA's destruction of our #HUBZONE at the @VABiotechPark around #MCV_VCU Others don't know
I AM going to write the history of #RVA the past 50 years -as witness/participant. I AM tired of all the #LIES #TrumpLiedStoneyLied McAuliffe destroyed inner city #RVA & now is trying to create a different narrative since he needs to steal more from Virginia as Gov @RTDOpinions
This is an example of starting a fire so people are so distracted by the blaze & excitement they don't realize how much money you stole while you were robbing them. #RVA @RTDNEWS This story is untrue about #RVA the past 40+ years. @RTDOpinions @NBC12 Black neighbors come/go.
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