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#BLM originates from two Marxist leaders (see their @YouTube videos) who took its techniques directly from Marxist praxis of confrontation, disruption & destruction. Because of our concern for #BlackLivesMatter goals we don’t criticize, but embezzlement of #BLM funds hurts them.
Why don’t LGR local grass roots #BLM take control of your future? A tall young man, a protester, held his sign #BlackFuturesMatter I saw his frustration. Tall, maybe 🏀 player, then after basketball 🏀 no job. That’s on my door. Make YOUR FUTURE matter. #BlackLivesMatter
@POTUS @JoeBiden has many plans for education, #blackentrepreneurs and many opportunities. To minimize debt, go to community colleges. @JSargentReynold downtown has many career track programs. Look there, call. HS counselors can advise you. @RPS_Schools Jobs in healthcare, tech
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#BlackFuturesMatter #RVAprotests #RVA Want to SUCEED!? I can tell you how. 1/Study hard in your classes. Learn. Know. #Knowledgeispower 2/Gain skills in high demand. Tech/IT/Cybersecurity/Lab skills -chemistry-biology 2/Develop professional skills, workplace skills. Communication
3/Communication means listening, hearing, thinking & expressing yourself clearly. 4/ Develop good work habits-Show up on time for work, apply yourself. Employers appreciate diligence & punctuality. 5/Demonstrate responsibility on the job and in your lives. 6/ Think #rvaprotest
Employers evaluate you on both job skills and work/professional skills. 7/Learn how to plan your work and your life. Develop a plan & stick with it. 8/ Seek advice from others with experience - mentors & become mentors. 9/Develop self esteem. Respect yourself & others
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Mr. G was incorrect. #rvacouncil I have 2PhDs in chemistry. #FactsMatter “Tear gas” is carelessly used for 3 dispersants. 1. chemical weapons grade synthetic compounds like CS gas are severe & banned 2. Capsaicin, natural product from peppers, pepper spray & 3. Smoke canisters.2/
2/ Protesters in the 1st event werein violation of several parts of the Virginia Administrative Code requiring a permit when more than 10 people areon the ground at Lee Monument as one example.
Protests over GeorgeFloyd’s brutal murder were a worldwide unanimous condemnation
3/In major cities across the US there were massive protests but only in #RVA did they last for three entire weeks. Stoney told police to stand down, further driving businesses and jobs out if the city of Richmond.
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Last night, @JumaaneWilliams and I were able to help de-escalate a tense standoff between the NYPD and a group of non-violent protestors.

But let’s be clear: it never should have escalated to begin with.

A few observations.

The march, like others around the city last night, had been proceeding peacefully for hours around downtown Bklyn. A diverse group of about 1000 young people, crying out for justice for #GeorgeFloyd, to defund the police, to insist that #BlackLivesMatter.

At many points, the march was self-policing. A protestor would throw a bag of garbage into the street; another would put it back on the sidewalk.

A young white man climbed up a sign & started causing a disturbance. A young black woman gently but insistently pulled him down.
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I am exhausted. This is my constant state. Despite my influence and achievements I know that I don't have the privilege to always plainly say what I want to say when I want to. For some folks this is confusing but let me make something very clear 1/7
I am a black woman who holds a leadership position in an organization that primarily serves black and brown people. I recognize the rarity and importance of this position 2/7
Plz don't always look for me to lend my voice to conversations like this as I am constantly processing trauma. I am doing what I can within the scope of influence that I have 3/7
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