This Guangdong Provincial Cntr for Disease Control & Prevention study is scary. Thanks @larrybrilliant for tweeting.
My take:
1.) A person came down w/#COVID19 in Guangzhou, testing + May 21, 2021;
2.) By June18 another 167 infections were id'ed, all frm the 1st index case.
3.) Infection was caused by #DeltaVariant #SARSCoV2 so all the infected were quarantined & PCR tested daily.
4.) And "the viral load of the first positive test of Delta infections was ~1000 times higher than" than seen w/2020 Wuhan forms of the virus.
5.) In this early, ASYMPTOMATIC stage of infection the #DeltaVariant cases had "faster viral replication rate and more infectiousness" to others.
6.) These ppl had huge nose swab viral levels: 81% of samples contained >600,000copies/mL, while only 19% of original...
...Wuhan infections caused viral loads that high.
7.) "These data highlight that the Delta variant could be more infectious during the early stage of the infection" when people have no symptoms, no idea they are infected.
8.) And it's FAST. Normal #COVID19 reaches peak...
...viral load in 7 to 10 days. But #DeltaVariant peaks just 3 dys post-infection.
"In this study we characterize a large transmission chain originated from the 1st local infection of the #SARSCoV2 Delta variant in mainland China. A potential higher viral replication rate..."
...rate of the #DeltaVariant is proposed, which leads the viral loads in Delta infections to be ~1000 times higher than the [Wuhan 2020] strains on the day when the testing turns positive...more infectiousness of Delta during the early stage of infection is very likely."
Bottom line:
The #DeltaVariant starts replicating itself immediately after infection, at a rate 1000Xs faster than "normal" #SARSCoV2 and quickly fills the nose and mouth with huge infectious doses -- all w/in <72 hours, and before individuals have any symptoms.
Wear 😷and get 💉

• • •

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8 Jul
If you have been obsessing over the origins of #SARSCoV2 -- including the "lab leak theory" -- you need to read this very important new paper:…
It's written by scientists whose life work is figuring out where viruses come from.
2/ They conclude:
"there is a substantial body of scientific evidence supporting a zoonotic origin for
#SARSCoV2. While the possibility of a laboratory accident cannot be entirely dismissed...this conduit for emergence is highly unlikely relative to the
"...& repeated human-animal contacts that occur routinely in the wildlife trade. Failure to investigate the zoonotic origin thru collaborative & carefully coordinated studies wld leave the world vulnerable to future #pandemics arising frm the same" animal/human interactions.
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25 Jun
European threat assessment of #DeltaVariant #COVID19 :
"Based on the available evidence, the #SARSCoV2 Delta (B.1.617.2) variant of concern (VOC) is 40-60% more transmissible than the Alpha (Β.1.1.7) VOC and..."
"...may be associated with higher risk of hospitalization.
Furthermore...those who have only received the 1st dose of a 2-dose #vaccination course are less well protected against infection w/the #DeltaVariant than against other variants, regardless of the vaccine type."
"However, full vaccination provides nearly equivalent protection against the #DeltaVariant. Based on the est'ed transmission advantage of Delta...
70% of new #SARSCoV2 infections are projected to be due to this variant in the EU/EEA by early August & 90% by the end of August."
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24 Jun
As the incidence of #DeltaVariant #SARSCoV2 rises in the US, India says a worse, "Delta+" strain has emerged that bypasses the @AstraZeneca #vaccine .
Meanwhile, the #COVID19 crisis in India begat a mucormycosis -- "black fungus" -- nightmare.
It reminds me of the early days of AIDS and cryptococcosis pneumonia. Both fungal infections arise when patients' immune systems are weakened.
“It’s a form of flesh-eating fungus that destroys tissues as it grows. If it involves the sinus, they have to be cleared."
3/ "If it involves the eye — the eyeball, lids, muscles around the eye have to be removed, leaving behind the bare, bony socket.”
The drug used for treatment, amphotericin B, is expensive, in short supply, is infused & has lots of side effects.
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22 Jun
Whooo-boy, this preprint by Jesse Bloom is going to roil the waters of #SARSCoV2 origins debates.…
It's complicated, but I will try to walk thru some key points. Bloom -- who was part of a group of scientists that recently demanded better scrutiny of...MORE
2/...the origins of the Dec 2019 Wuhan #SARSCoV2 outbreak, found 13 early viral genomes on Google iCloud that had been deleted -- mysteriously -- from NIH’s Sequence Read Archive. The sequences were collected in Jan2020 by Aisu Fu and Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University.
3/ Bloom interrogates Googled genomes, comparing them to ones in the public record, & concludes they are more bat-like & show no connection to the Wuhan animal market. His Pre-print takes a dark turn. I quote: "Crucially, both putative progenitors are 3 mutations closer.." MORE
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22 Jun
The @TheLancet has created a #COVID19 Commission, with mostly predictable members, chaired by Jeffrey Sachs. It has 12 Taskforces. One studies viral origins debate-- its 1st rpt has no conclusions, but a research wish-list.
2/ There are now so many #COVID19 intl commissions & task forces out there that I doubt anyone can keep track, or read all their reports. Everything is couched in UN-speak -- "might have," "could have", "may in the future."
Jeff Sachs writes:
"The question about origins..."
3/ " not about one govt or another, much less a geopolitical issue or a matter of blaming China & exonerating the US. If there was indeed a laboratory-related release of #SARSCoV2, it may well have occurred in a project funded by the US govt, using methods developed..."
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17 Jun
The African population of 1.3 billion has received <0.6% of the world's #COVID19 #vaccine doses. The African Union has a $2B fund for purchase of vax, but nobody will sell to them because Europe & US & Canada have contracted for the entire global supply.
2/ Despite promises made at #G7 most of the world, especially Africa, won't get #COVID19 #vaccines until 2022-23.
Meanwhile, Africa's economy is collapsing & countries are losing 20 years of development. The @IMF has loaned Europe the equivalent of $2300/person for...
3/...#COVID19 recovery, but promised Africa only $27/person. One top African officials said today to us, "Rich countries are hording vaccines & hording cheap cash. This is not global order, it is hording."
No justice.
No equity.
No survival?
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