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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/21/2020…
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Enabling Organizations rhyme with 21C Complexity | by Simone Cicero | Sep, 2020 | Stories of Platform Design…

#organizations #design #complexity #ecosystem #platform #entrepreneurial
Income inequality: RAND study reveals shocking new numbers…

#income #rand #inequality
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the truth about #pandemics is they are very Darwinian - the result is rising herd immunity, while many still fall off the curve, we’re much stronger than a hundred years ago..

they’ll be likely disappeared by the end of the middle earth phase of human #evolution..
pandemics/epidemics will weaken and disappear because they are human born & human bourne - - #Covid_19 is a human antibody, very likely of predatory type, if not all - - when will they end?
when predatory nucleic vines end..

hopefully by #AC3013
what i emphasized here is that the origin of the {viruses} is human, not environmental - - that is behind the historically weakening numbers of infections/casualties, while the currently held inaccurate conviction of the ‘animal source’ explains nothing of the sort ..
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Cool paper detailing what body sites, cell types, symptoms #COVID-19 has been connected to thus far 👉 But one thing: everyone knows that most persistent #viral (and #bacterial) pathogens are capable of #infecting/driving an equally extensive # of #symptoms, right?
2/ For example, in this interview, Dharam Ablashi (who co-discovered the #virus HHV6) explains how HHV6 has been shown capable of contributing to #cancers, type 1 #diabetes, Hashimoto’s, #MS, HPA-axis dysregulation, ME/CFS, Alzheimer’s,…
3/ ..and that the HHV6 can survive in
#microglia, astrocytes, macrophage, neurons/nerves, #pancreatic islet cells, the lung, gut epithelial cells, the #liver etc etc etc!
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Less than 2 weeks ago, the top cop—and top #Chad—in Riverside County, @SheriffBianco, was telling the Board of Supervisors that "it's not your job to tell me what to do" when it comes to ensuring that the @RSO is held accountable to the public for violence committed by deputies.
In May, Bianco passed himself off simultaneously as an expert on #pandemics and a constitutional scholar when instructing the Board of Supervisors to ignore guidelines from the Riverside County #publichealth officer and California Governor @GavinNewsom.
#LawEnforcement isn't Chad Bianco's only job: he doubles as the county coroner, which it turns out is problematic. Two Fridays ago, he again told the Board of Supervisors that he rejected oversight efforts— even though he knew how a man had been killed in @RSO custody in 2017.
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1. What are You going to do when you learn of the following? #RedpillLiving

The whole year starting with #Kobe has been a false flag hoax!

The #Covid19 was an exaggerated hoax!

#GeorgeFloyd situation was a staged event!

Thousands of children found in underground tunnels!
2. #Adrenochrome is real!

Our food we eat is made for harm!

The medicines we take are intended to addict and not heal us!

The weather is modified!

We have been taught fake history!

Human cloning is real!

#Mindcontrol is real!

These #FalseFlags happen to distract us!
3. The #MainstreamMedia is fake!

Pro Sports are rigged!

There are fake #pandemics everywhere!

The #DeepState is real!

#Humantrafficking is a multi billion dollar a year industry!

911 was NOT what you thought!

The school shootings were staged and many fake!
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Include the true value of nature when rebuilding economies after coronavirus…

#value #rebuild  #nature #coronavirus
Cold War nuke tests changed rainfall: study…

#rain #rainfall  #ClimateChange #ColdWar
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🔴#Crisanti: "#Riaperture senza criterio, colpa non è dei ragazzi"
"È una polemica a senso unico. Io l’ho ignorata fino all'ultimo, ma quando vengono dette delle bugie a fini politici, con sprezzo di tutte le sofferenze e dei morti, rispondo indignato.
🤾‍♂️"Altro che Decreto Rilancio" i Professionisti in rivolta
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#DecretoRilancio: è botta e risposta tra #governo e #professionisti.
🚨La beffa dei #rimborsi e le #aziende chiudono
23 mag | TG4 | Rete 4

#Coronavirus: economia sempre più in ginocchio ed esplode la rabbia degli #imprenditori.
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#PROTOcall Episode 008 starts in half an hour! Topic: How creative visuals can improve COVID coverage. If you haven’t registered yet, do it now at:
Our hosts, journalist @nayantaran and @heyproto Community Manager @ameyann will be assisted by our Content Manager @sayakd who will be behind the scenes. Please reach out to him if you’re having any issues with the #PROTOcall. #CoveringCovid
Our guests:
@Sanna_B_P, whose work has appeared in @BBC, @thewire_in, @NYMag
@AltNewsScience founding editor @Neurophysik
• ex @WHO + @HKUniversity prof @poliohunt
will discuss how journalism can deal with people’s response to misinformation.
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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Tonight I'm going to share highlights from the 2010 "Scenarios for the Future of Technology & Int'l Development" report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation & Global Business Network. Not just the "Lock Step" scenario, but all 4 scenarios. [54 page report]
Following Event 201 (Oct 18 2019), we must concede that the ruling class has been gifted with phenomenal and prophetic intuitions & insights. (They truly are the chosen ones.) Thus it is worthwhile, even mandatory, to study their scenario exercises & simulations.
"We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions... scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively." [p 4]
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Let's talk a little about #coronavirus, #pandemics and #collapse THREAD. 👇👇👇

Qualifier: been studying the collapse of civ for 20 years

@growlingsoftly and I will be doing a podcast on this soon, which will be more in-depth and might have some writings on it to come as well.
First off: this situation is unprecedented.
Elements of it are not, but they have not been brought together on this scale and with this intensity.
That said, it was absolutely predictable and if anyone says otherwise, they're lying. Govts and corps think short term, look past.
Secondly, just because disasters are used to expand State power and contract movements doesn't mean the disease is a conspiracy.
It's not beyond govts to use disease for control, obviously, but that doesn't mean it's a hoax nor does that change the flow of a virus once it's out.
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My anger has been simmering for years and now I'm furious. I've written for 8 years about our decimated primary care/public health care system, including lack of preparedness for epidemics. @commonwealthfnd sums it up nicely. #coronavirus 1/x long thread!…
I first wrote about our lack of preparedness in 2012 @Forbes. A good part of the ACA? Funding had been greatly increased for public health. Guess what? That funding was the first to get cut in the arguments over the ACA. 2/x #pandemics #COVID19…
Later in 2012, I wrote about the importance of community health centers and how they have to beg Congress time and time again for funding. Guess what? They still have to beg and funding gets cut year after year. @NACHC
Here is the article @Forbes - 3/x…
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This is a MUST SEE video on the #Coronavirus in Italy. The #ICU intensivist explains the epidemic and treatment- Report From The Front Lines @JAMA_current - YouTube #Covid_19 #COVIDー19 #COVID
This is a good summary but somewhat inconsistent to what we have been hearing on #twitter about #italy. The question about triaging those sick and above 60 yo was NOT answered directly. He said the goal was for everyone to get an ICU bed but was that successful? 1/
There are many pictures of hazmat suits which is somewhat different and more aggressive than the reports we have been hearing about #coronavirus in Lombardy 2/
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This #pandemic preparedness stuff is from FEMA/CERT, disappeared from the web earlier this month but may be useful. Thread below.
Basics on #pandemics (note: this particular one does *not* appear to affect infants as much, thankfullly).
CERT/FEMA's materials suggest two weeks of food/water. I know there's a lot of debate about water; this is what CERT/FEMA has in the material on pandemics, (same recommendations as DHS/etc.). (My note: Wuhan is on week 7 or 8 of lockdown)
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The global south has lessons for the global north on how to respond to a crisis.
1. Don’t panic, cooperate. Be a good neighbor, Co worker, and friend. Carry out random acts of kindness. Make your first response a positive, helpful one. Offer solutions not problems. 1/
2. Practice good digital citizenship. In a time of crisis, real or imagined, panic is the real enemy. Don’t spread rumors, unverified reports, or speculation. Don’t escalate or play out worst case scenarios. Instead, post helpful resources, encouragement, and gratitude. 2/
3. Don’t undermine policies designed to keep people safe. Show support and compassion for leaders who face making incredibly tough decisions without a rule book to guide them (and lots of bureaucracy to tie their hands). 3/
#coronavirus #COVID2019uk #highered
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⚠️Unnerving report from the Center for Health Security on the impact of #coronavirus on our hospitals.

Even if we assume that the case-fatality rate for #COVID19 is 0.5% (as for the 1968 and 1957 #pandemics), we won’t have enough ICU beds.

Here are the projections.

“As a comparison, there are about 46,500 medical ICU beds in the United States and perhaps an equal number of other ICU beds that could be used in a crisis. Even spread out over several months, the mismatch between demand and resources is clear.”
So even if the CFR for #coronavirus is 0.5%, substantially less than the ~3.4% reported, we do NOT have enough ICU beds to treat patients, even if spread out over months.

#COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak

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The Paris cholera #epidemic of 1832 killed at least 18,000 people in 5 months (~80,000 in rest of France). Nobody knew what caused the disease. Politics, cultural anxieties, and social injustice (then as now) all exacerbated the crisis. 1/n
In the nineteenth century, #pandemics spread a bit more slowly than they do today. Cholera "reached" European Russia in 1830, moved across central Europe (Hegel died of it in 1831), then appeared in Britain, France, USA. It may have inspired Poe's "Mask of Red Death." 2/n
The first Paris deaths in the 1832 cholera #epidemic were in late March. Already by mid-April, gravediggers couldn't keep up with the numbers of dead and artillery horses were drafted to pull the hearses. 3/n
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#AWorldatRisk: The world is not prepared for a fast-moving global respiratory #pandemic that could kill up to 80 million people, devastate economies and create social chaos: Global Preparedness Monitoring Board's first report
A global respiratory pathogen #pandemic could:
😷spread across the 🌎 in 36 hours
⚰️killing as many as 80 million people
💵wiping out 5% of the world economy

Once an outbreak has occurred, it is too late to prepare ourselves.

More 👉🏼
Disease outbreaks and epidemic-prone diseases - from influenza to Ebola, are increasingly more difficult to manage in ever-more complex social and political environments and in a 🌎 where modern air travel ✈️ and migration are fueling the spread of disease

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