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.@nytimes Ginia Bellafante wrote an essay to say she didn't need post-surgery #opioids, so she didn't take them. That's not news. #Pain patients are being forced off effective, FDA-approved meds, causing #suicide & unnecessary #disability, & OD rates still climb. That's the news.
CDC, FDA, HHS say no one should be forced off #opioids, yet rising # of doctors have practice-wide bans & @nytimes has 1st pg piece by someone who wasn't affected in the LEAST by any of this? People are DYING from untreated #pain & ODs because restricting Rx meds helps no one.
.@nytimes: Bellafante had a CHOICE. She didn't need #opioids, so she didn't take them. I know people who are DEAD & DISABLED because their doctors dumped them off meds they were taking safely for years on the grounds that the same med might harm someone else. That's unacceptable.
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There was really never an issue re: 'alternatives' aside from insurance reimbursement.
The issue IS about the tens of millions who need access to opiate class meds to function.
Why is it that the convo ALWAYS diverts away from the importance & efficacy of opioids?
2/You start talking about opioids and how effective they are at mediating pain & someone usually starts screaming about addiction.
Truth is, less than 1% of those who don't already have a hx of substance abuse go on to 'become addicted' by getting an RX for pain.
3/You mention that opioids are one of the most effective tools in your pain tool box & someone usually starts in with,
'There are others ways to deal with pain'.
Like we haven't tried them, or don't implement them alongside opiate class meds.
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This is laughable. On 3/19 I reentered Twitter and found Chronic Pain Patients like me and joined the conversation. Ariana Grande sends a list of #CPP's. I of course had to change my profile and then added every single one listed also adding my own story. 'We educate, 5+5+ so on
Then I stay in the lane, only staying on topic of #opioidhysteria. After 5mnths, I am out of the conversation. I followed 720 #CPP's and almost no one followed me back. The thing about #DeepState is that sudden taper and no narcotics is all linked.
So, I start following a certain Political figure and all the lies involved and retweeting. I lose more #CPP followers. Every Single One of the Political I followed, Followed me back. Why? Because they are serious and realize there is a connection back to the Bush Era.
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1/ CHRONIC/INTRACTABLE/'HIGH IMPACT' pain is a disabling condition.
Yet right now, MILLIONS of people with conditions that cause moderate to severe, debilitating, pain are being denied adequate care & needed medicine.
Where is the @ADANational?
@ADANational 2/#untreatedpain causes a myriad of systemic health issues.
For Instance, lack of mobility.
Lack of mobility can lead to heart & body deconditioning, inability to engage in self care routines, bed sores, circulatory issues, blood clots that can lead to stroke.
@ADANational 3/#untreated pain can cause pain induced hypertension that puts an immense strain on the brain and heart.
It can lead to permanent bodily damage and can often be life threatening.
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Here’s my latest update to the list of Twitter #Disability & #ChronicIllness Hashtags.

- previous update 02.24.19 -

Please share it! Thank you. :-)

@ImageAltText Graffiti background. Foreground in white letters on a  red background to the left reads “Twitter Disability and Chronic Illness Hashtags”
There will be a PDF version up for download on my Ko-fi, likely tomorrow morning. The link is at the end.
Hashtags For Personal Narratives.

These hashtags are for sharing your stories & experiences. Also good for crowdsourcing solutions.

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After 15 mins I made it to the edge of my bed.

Now all I have to do is

walk to rest room,
do my thing,
stand back up &
make it back.

With the left upper quadrant of my body on fire.

But 3% of the population may abuse drugs so instead of treating them? Punish us.
No, Celebrex is not helping with the fire or the extra treat of pulsating extra pain from every time my chest muscle has to even.

Which is about 1000 times more often than you think.

Some people are trying to recover Post-surgery with Tylenol.

Tylenol. #OpioidHysteria
My chest is somehow involved when I stand up? Maybe cuz boobs.

to minimize the pain I have to press my hand to the least sore part of my chest while resting my boob on my barely functioning folded left arm.
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People like to always say that the increase in prescribing lead to the so called 'opioid epidemic'.
I say not so fast. 😔
MDs were mandated in the late 90s to begin to treat pain ADEQUATELY as pain was being UNDER TREATED across the board in this country.
Then our nation was hit by an attack that left our nation with a collective trauma that will last for generations.
Our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, went to war; Many to never return home alive.
After years of war, we were still reeling as a nation until around 2008.
Then the the banking debacle & scheming of the financial elite led to Middle Class Americans losing homes, jobs, retirement, and hope along with all the psychic pain of 9/11 still being very present.
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I tweet about the #OpioidEpidemic fairly frequently but I guess not enough. I'm going to do a thread, in no particular order, on some facts. Much mis-information is out there. And I watched a townhall from Liberty University yesterday where the same misinformation was spewed.
Basically, where we are at is this, legit pain patients cannot get an RX and the RX's are down yet O.D.s are up. The following pieces will help explain why. And all are well sourced. So here goes. Starting with a big problem. The data is wrong. Also, govt can't fix this.
CDC Admits Rx Opioid Deaths ‘Significantly Inflated’…
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If Harvard is willing to publish unresearched #chronicpain articles with at least 4 errors, what hope is there for patients?…
There's also no author. And how can something be published in Otober 2018 when it's September? @HarvardHealth who wrote this?

And why? Over-prescribing hasn't been the problem for almost a decade.
Not many state laws make exceptions for chronic pain and when they do, doctors are terrified of prescribing.
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Doctors are no longer a driving part of the #OpioidHysteria. They never really were. Why why why are we still getting these stories instead of what’s really going on? Alt facts much? How very Trumpian. News media needs to take a good look in the mirror & start facing the truth.
Define “overprescribing” please. 91 ppl per day die from overdoses: from what exactly? Which meds? Multiple meds or just Opioids? God I’m fucking tired of this whole bs narrative still going on.
How about the painful stories of vulnerable ppl -disabled-Veterans-elderly- being cut off from #opioids & committing suicide b/c their pain is so bad?? #SuicideDue2Pain #PainKills
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1. These are just a few of the people who were betrayed & murdered by the Gov & Doctors b/c they suffered from #ChronicPain.
2. These people were, & millions more are, disabled & being actively & maliciously denied proper medical care b/c of the #OpioidHysteria
3. that has taken over our Government, Insurers, Doctors & Pharmacies. We are, apparently, the acceptable collateral damage in the
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