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12 Oct, 211 tweets, 195 min read
The Texas House will be debating the proposed map for their 150 legislative districts, #HB1, & at least 70 floor amendments soon.

See the quoted tweet for their starting point.

Here are the pre-filed amendments: capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/Pre…

We'll be live-tweeting on this🧵. #txlege
While we wait for floor debate, take a look at our video primer below for how the latest Texas House plan impacts different regions, partisanship, and control of the lower chamber in the upcoming election cycles. #txlege #redistricting
Right before the session gets really started today, Speaker @DadePhelan administers the oath of office for new #HD10 state Rep. @brianeharrison. This will bring the body to 149 members w/1 vacancy in the pending #HD118 runoff. #txlege
Before the floor debate for the Texas House maps, #HB1, @RafaelAnchia is making parliamentary inquiries making note that the Redistricting Cmte hearing on the proposed Congressional maps, #SB6, for tomorrow AM w/less than 24 hr notice to the public & #txlege members.
Texas House floor debate on the proposal for new lines for the 150 Texas House districts, #HB1 (PLANH2176), is starting now. Watch the live-stream here: tlchouse.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.ph… #txlege #redistricting
Redistricting Chairman @toddahunter (R-Corpus Christi) & author of the proposed Texas House maps, #HB1, layout the bill. #txlege #redistricting
Hunter notes the delay in receiving Census results. Normally states get it by Feb./March. All states got it in mid-August. He notes that many #redistricting cmte hearings during the interim across TX focused on regions & statewide though not as many due to COVID. #txlege #HB1
Hunter: It took several wks for @txlegecouncil to convert it to a usable format, RedAppl. They scheduled add'l hearings but they had to wait due to quorum break. I sent memos to fellow Reps. to meet locally & regionally & encourage members to meet to get info to him. #txlege #HB1
Hunter says on the legal compliance process for this #HB1: to meet the 1-person-1-vote requirement, he used total pop. as primary basis for drawing districts w/ +/-5% margin of ideal pop. of 194,303, an increase of almost 30K since 2010 & acceptable 10% deviation range. #txlege
Hunter (cont.): We don't consider total population in isolation. We also looked at the basis of political performance as a factor but not only factor for drawing maps. The political performance of incumbents was also looked at. #txlege #HB1
Hunter (cont.): We also had to abide by county line rule. When the total population supports doing so, we drew districts entirely in the county. #txlege #HB1
.@mayes_middleton asks if Hunter ever denied meetings with anyone who requested it.

Hunter: I've had many individual meetings, calls, and group meetings w/Rep. & Dem members. #txlege #HB1
Hunter: I've sent out at least 2 memos to all members. Some have submitted individual info, some submitted group info to us. Not everybody agreed. Has been told by the same ppl that it's agreed to, then later it's not. #txlege #HB1
Middleton: Did you take county/regional delegation submissions when possible?

Hunter: I've had several Dem & GOP members say thank you. Many of their input was put in & developed from there. #txlege #HB1
.@James_E_White: Did nearly every Rep. get new territory?

Hunter: we tried to keep everyone within the same geography and keep their incumbent political performance. rural was impacted getting new counties b/c most growth was in urban areas. #txlege #HB1
Missed this on Hunter's approach to floor amendments today on the Texas House proposal, #HB1. #txlege
In answering Qs from Rep. @GeanieWMorrison (R-Victoria), Hunter says the county line rule was broken from some of the amendments he has seen and will raise that when it comes up. #HB1 #txlege
Morrison: Did you give consideration to past district maps when drawing current lines?

Hunter: Yes. But I also have to consider pop. growth in district & nearby districts. Many urban districts don't need to leave county, but non-urban ones need to pick up counties. #HB1 #txlege
.@NicoleCollier95 motions to place all debate on #HB1 today to be reduced to writing and placed in the journal. Important for potential lawsuits. #txlege
Collier (D-Fort Worth) asks how many hearings were held after #HB1 was released.

Hunter: One hearing on Oct. 4. #txlege
Collier: What's your operating definition of a "protected seat"?

Hunter: Idk what you mean. Explain what you mean. #txlege #HB1
Hunter: A majority minority district is where a majority minority pop. is above the 50% mark. I don't necessarily agree on protected districts of other categories.

Collier: what do you mean "other categories"?

Hunter: I don't know. #txlege #HB1
Collier: What is your definition of a coalition district?

Hunter: Combination of minorities get to 50%. References Asian opportunity district in Fort Bend #HD76. When you add up the different minorities, it's a Dem-leaning district. #txlege #HB1
Collier: Are you using CVAP or VAP?

Hunter: I'm talking generally.

C: Did you use those principles (protected minority seats)?

H: Idk what you mean. We took public input & member drawings & input from minority reps. To my understanding, I took it into consideration.
Collier: Have you tried to prevent "cracking"?

Hunter: What's your definition? Efforts were used to prevent that and info was provide. BUT much of the information was given by the members. Some of that input could've done that. I don't have a specific definition. #txlege #HB1
Collier: Have you tried to prevent the "packing" of minority communities?

Hunter: Was there an effort? Yes. BUT we talked w/both parties where both sides submitted plans doing that ("packing"). #txlege #HB1
Hunter: We did #HB1 by a requested deadline but I never had a deadline for any more changes. I'm willing to look at all of this. That's part of being in the House of Representatives. #txlege
There was a 2nd extension of time requested (needs unanimous consent). There was an objection by several people, but only @cvasut (R-Angleton) was named. Onto amendments now. #txlege #HB1
Floor amndmnt 1 by @RafaelAnchia strikes enacting clause of #HB1, the proposal for new Texas House district lines, effectively killing the bill. Says we should start fresh He decries the #redistricting process for this particular bill. #txlege capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/am…
Anchia says #HB1 violates 14th & 15th amndmnts, Sec. 2 of VRA by voter dilution, violates TX constitution b/c of county-line rule & not drawing during a regular session after Census results. #txlege
Anchia: Over 50 civil rights and community orgs called for a fair process. That letter highlighted court reprimands of #txlege in the past for the closed-door process. Says only 3 days (1 biz day) between the release of the map and a hearing for a big state like Texas. #HB1
Anchia (cont.): We didn't get enough time to review the maps.

Also, little is known to the public or the members of the process of drawing the maps. #HB1 #txlege
In talking to @RepWalle (D-Houston), Anchia says #HB1 does not reflect the minority pop. growth in the last decade. He references splitting of Killeen (#HD54 & #HD55 left) & historic urban minority communities in majority Hispanic CVAP district #HD148 being split (right). #txlege
Anchia (cont.): This map has 2 of 3 Latinas along the Texas border being paired (#HD77 has @lina4texas & @COrdazPerez). The map also increased # of anglo districts. #txlege
.@VotePennyShaw who represents #HD148: Would you agree that this dismantling of #HD148 is an example of "retrogression"?

Anchia: #HD148 is a protected district.

Shaw: Could it have been preserved?

Anchia: Yes. And we'll have a map to that effect. #txlege
Anchia tells @ChrisGTurner about a cmte amndmnt splitting Killeen offered w/no warning. Author couldn't answer any Qs about it. They didn't know. When Turner asked about line drawn in b/w the AfAm community. Rep. Davis will have an amndmnt to that. #txlege
Turner and Anchia also talk about @RepRamonRomero, who represents #HD90 in Tarrant County, where Hispanic CVAP was lowered to under the new lines. #txlege #HB1
Hunter opposes because #HB1 will be killed if they adopt this. He mentions there will be more opportunities to ask questions with all the amendments. #txlege
Turner asks why invited testimony wasn't done for #HB1 from groups like @MALDEF.

Hunter said on the day they heard #HB1, there wasn't invited testimony, but that doesn't mean those groups couldn't be heard. Any1 could testify using portal by email, in-person or virtual. #txlege
Turner: We didn't have an agency resource at one of the hearings listed.

Hunter: @TXLegeCouncil is available for all cmte members, even if they don't come to the committee. We encouraged it. There is nothing we did to prevent engaging that resource. #txlege #HB1
Turner: When can I expect an answer to my questions submitted in writing on the day of the hearing?

Hunter: We didn't give a deadline, but you'll get the info sooner rather than later. #txlege #HB1
The 2nd motion to extend Chairman Hunter's time fails 60(?)-81. #txlege #HB1
.@repjmlozano opposes Anchia's amendment to kill #HB1. Uses time to tell civil rights grps who decry lack of time to testify on #HB1: "It's your job. If you didn't, you failed."

Blames Ds for not having redistricting cmte hearings for 2 months b/c of their quorum break. #txlege
Speaker Phelan reminds Lozano to be germane to the amendment #HB1 #txlege
A lot of tangents in Lozano's speech from here. He goes on to talk about claims of #HB1 being racist. Covers everything from Andrew Murr's grandfather losing to LBJ b/c of voter fraud, him getting more votes in Hispanic majority Jim Wells Co. than Clinton & Wendy Davis. #txlege
.@TerryCanales40: Can we have Rep. Lozano's re-election campaign speech be reduced to writing and placed in the journal?

Phelan: A motion was already made to put all comments into writing and placed in the journal. #txlege #HB1
Rep. @jasminefor100 (D-Dallas) speaks in favor of the amendment to kill #HB1.

Middleton: Are you happy w/your district?

Crockett: No. I testified in front of the cmte saying #HD100 is protected by Sec. 2 (currently 44% AfAm) & the bill violates VRA. #txlege
Middleton: is there an add'l AfAm seat created in Dallas County?

Crockett: No. There were 4. #HB1 has less.

Middleton: My understanding there is. We'll discuss this later. #txlege
Anchia closes on floor amendment 1: Sums up earlier problems w/#HB1 re:transparency & process issues & VRA violations. Also, mentions that #HD90 was subject to long litigation in the last redistricting cycle, where courts ruled it was drawn with a discriminatory effect. #txlege
Floor amendment 1 to kill the Texas House proposed map fails 65-82. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 2 by @ChrisGTurner adds legislative intent to comply w/VRA & not retrogress a list of protected House Districts. capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/am… #HB1 #txlege
Turner said courts will perform a review for Latino, Black & Asian voters after #HB1 is law. Last cycle, the map was found intentionally discriminatory. 1 thing mentioned was that #txlege didn't start w/list of protected districts that may not be retrogressed under new maps.
Anchia tries defining "retrogression": Not going backward. Not harming that community to make it harder to elect their candidate of choice. #txlege #HB1
Hunter opposes floor amendment 2 for the following reasons:
1) it's not necessary
2) it's not constructive in #HB1. There are 2-3 definitions of "protective class". There are different criteria. Under #HB1, the political performance factor has not been harmed. #txlege
Hunter says all he's hearing is people are complaining about being moved to a different area even if their political performance hasn't changed, in most cases. #txlege #HB1
Turner: What is your view of districts that are protected under the benchmark plan?

Hunter again says he doesn't know what he means. Other people told him there are multiple definitions. #txlege #HB1
Turner: Do you know of Texas. v. United States in 2012 preclearance case?

Hunter: I can't tell you specifics. #txlege #HB1
Turner: Do you know of San Antonio district judge opinion of Perez v. Abbott?

Hunter: I may have info from legal groups.

Turner: It found that packing/cracking was unlawful.
#HB1 #txlege
Hunter says he disagrees w/Turner's assertion that there were mistakes before. Cites SCOTUS ruling 5-4 in Texas' favor for the last redistricting cycle's map. Says he wants to focus on #HB1.

Background: texastribune.org/2018/06/25/us-… #txlege
Anchia: Does "political performance" used to make #HB1 include racially polarized voting?

Hunter: I have to check with legal. I can only assume its plain meaning. #txlege
Anchia says there's a long line of cases that help define that concept of "racially polarized voting".

Hunter disagrees but says he defers to counsel who did review court rulings. #txlege #HB1
Do you believe #HB1 meets county line rule in Cameron County & Henderson County?

Hunter: in my opinion, the entire #HB1 meets and is defendable to the county-line rule. We don't want to abrogate it. #txlege
Floor amndmnt 3 by @RepToniRoseTX effectively puts the Texas House #redistricting map under federal district court review otherwise known as "preclearance", what TX before this cycle was under until that VRA provision was struck down in SCOTUS Shelby v. Holder case. #txlege #HB1
@BrooksLandgraf opposes Amendment 3. Says it's unnecessary, and redistricting is prerogative of #txlege, not the courts. He believes this map, #HB1, is legal.
Floor amendment 3 to put the Texas House redistricting map (#HB1) under federal district court review fails 64-81, presumably along party lines. Will check later. #txlege
Floor amendment 4 by @GeneforTexas (D-Houston) would have @TXsecofstate evaluate the impact of #HB1 to each ethnic/racial minority group and submit it's findings and recommendations before the last day to file for the primary. #txlege
Wu: "This amendment seeks to inform the public if they have been adversely impacted by this map." It will also confirm (or deny) Republicans' claims that there will be no negative impact to racial minorities. #txlege #HB1
.@JaceyJetton (R-Richmond) opposes the study amendment. He acknowledges diversity of TX. Says it's apparent our individualist nature. Argues @TXsecofstate is not equipped to this kind of racial impact study. Said members can do this kind of analysis through RedAppl. #txlege #HB1
Wu in response to Jetton's argument: We need someone not elected and worried about their own maps to do this racial impact study. We don't want to be willfully blind. #redistricting #HB1 #txlege
Floor amndmnt 5 by @RafaelAnchia (PLANH2249) is a demonstration map that he'll withdraw.

Current lines: 33 majority Hispanic CVAP districts
#HB1: 30 majority HCVAP districts
PLANH2249: 43 majority HCVAP districts incl. 3 new districts electing GOP
dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH… #txlege
Anchia said he drew this map w/out consideration incumbents. This is why so many incumbents are paired. Middleton points out this was the same amendment presented in committee and voted down. Anchia defends making this b/c it will be used in litigation. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 6 (PLANH2250) by Collier is a floor substitute that seeks to remedy retrogression, packing in certain districts, and splitting in certain precincts. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Floor amendment 6 to restore Black majority districts fails 63-80. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 7 by Anchia (PLAN2207) changes 57 districts. It affects Harris, Tarrant, South Texas, Panhandle, and West Texas.
Viewer: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Dataset: data.capitol.texas.gov/dataset/planh2…
#HB1 #txlege
There was a record vote on the motion to extend Chairman Hunter's time in opposition to amendment 7. It fails 66-78. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 7 fails by a vote of 64-81. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 8 by @RafaelAnchia (PLANH2224) affects 68 districts. It demonstrates #HD90, #HD31, #H145, #HD148 & one other HD can be maintained as Hispanic majority districts.

Hunter opposes b/c it has 8 incumbent pairings. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Anchia responds by saying that there were no criteria on how many incumbent pairings are acceptable at the outset. In #HB1 as passed by the House cmte, there are at least 2. #txlege #HB1
Floor amndmnt 9 by Collier is sponsored by @ronereynolds (D-Missouri City). It creates a minority coalition district in Brazoria Co. & aims to fix cracking of minority communities in Northern Brazoria & Latino communities in southern Brazoria Co. dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH… #txlege
.@cvasut (R-Angleton) confirms from Reynolds that he didn't discuss this map with the Brazoria County Reps (himself & E. Thompson) before the floor today. He also confirms the cities of Manvel & Anvil are split into 2 districts. Below is how #HB1 as proposed looks like. #txlege
Vasut's response to Qs about alleged cracking of Latino communities in Freeport is that pop. growth, much of it in Northern Brazoria Co., necessitated it. He did say he'd be amenable to an amndmnt to adjust the lines in Southern Brazoria Co. #txlege #HB1
.@RepEdThompson clarifies that this amendment was not discussed w/him and said it seemed like meddling w/his district.

Reynolds said this information came very late to him & he wasn't able to discuss it w/Thompson, which he would've like to have done. #txlege #HB1
Floor amndmnt 10 (PLANH2199) by @RepEdThompson was agreed to by Brazoria reps. He said it addresses concerns of coastal communities being split & of Freeport being split. It's acceptable to Hunter. It's adopted by a vote of 93-52. dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH… #HB1 #txlege
Floor amendment 11 (PLANH2218) by @leachfortexas (R-Plano) is a precinct swap b/w #HD67 & #HD71 in Collin Co. It's agreed to by the involved Collin Co. Reps & acceptable to the author. It passes 96-44. #HB1 #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Floor amendment 11 (PLANH2197) by @RepLynnStucky (R-Denton) swapping several precincts & splitting some b/w #HD64 & the new #HD57. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Floor amendment 12 (PLANH2264) by @BeckleyforTX (D-Carrollton) amends Floor Amendment 11 (PLANH2197) changing #HD57, keeping #HD64 as is, and the other Denton County districts (#HD63, #HD65, #HD106). Stucky opposes. It fails 58-84. #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Floor amendment 11 is adopted with a vote of 93-50. #HB1 #txlege
Apologies. Accidentally said Stucky's amendment was 11 when in fact it was 12. Beckley's amendment was amendment 13.
Floor amendment 14 (PLANH2208) by @FrulloForTexas takes parts of Lubbock from #HD84 and gives it to #HD83 (represented by @Burrows4TX). Left is Frullo's amendment. Right is #HB1 (PLANH2176). #txlege
Frullo also has floor amendment 15 (PLANH2279), which amends amendment 14. This makes more changes in Lubbock. Left is the amendment PLANH2279. Right is the current lines, before #HB1. Amendment 15 gets adopted 113-24. #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 14 as amended by 15 (effectively it's only 15) is adopted by a vote of 127-14. This affects only Lubbock County's #HD84 & #HD85. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 16 (PLANH2234) by Rep. @CBellJr (R-Magnolia) makes changes in Montgomery County to #HD18, #HD3, #HD15 & #HD16. Left is the amendment. Right is #HB1 (PLANH2176). #txlege
Amendment 17 (PLAN2281) also by Rep. Cecil Bell amends Amendment 16 only affecting the same 4 districts in Montgomery County. It was adopted by a vote of 136-5. #HB1 #txlege
Amendment 16 as amended by Amendment 17 (effectively 17) affecting Montgomery County is adopted by a vote of 142-4. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 18 by Rep. Yvonne Davis (PLANH2216) changes Bell County districts #HD54 & #HD55 (see left) to create a minority district in HD54. This is the famous "Donut" district in the cmte sub for #HB1 (see right).

Background: reformaustin.org/trib/how-a-dou… #txlege
.@BradBuckleyDVM (R-Killeen) clarifies that Davis did not discuss this amndmnt w/him or other Bell Co. Rep. Hugh Shine. Davis mentions that she has tried in the past & is trying now to ensure minority communities aren't split & are able to elect their candidate of choice. #txlege
.@BrooksLandgraf (R-Odessa) opposes Amendment 18 saying a community of interest Harker Heights would be split & that it would eliminate an incumbent member (likely Buckley in #HD54). #txlege
.@jasminefor100 (D-Dallas) mentions the unusual short time table of redistricting during a special session & having to file floor amendments by Sunday.

@BeckleyforTX (D-Carrollton) points out double standard of when she wasn't told of Denton Co.'s ver. of the map. #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 18, which aimed to make a majority Black district in #HD54, fails by a vote of 63-82.

Here's the viewer that wasn't linked before: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH… #txlege #HB1
Floor amendment 19 (PLANH2245) by Rep. Davis creates a 55.6% minority majority district (#HD7) in East Texas w/city of Tyler & Gregg Co (left). It also affects #HD6 and #HD5. Right is #HB1 (PLANH2176). #HB1 #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
.@ColeHefnerTX (R-Mt. Pleasant) says it violates the County Rule (splitting up Wood Co.) & splits communities in Tyler ISD into diff. districts.

Davis says she's being prospective about minority pop. growth in E. Texas. Amndment fails 64-83. #HB1 #txlege
Floor amendment 20 (PLANH2182) by Rep. Landgraf affects South Texas. Specifically, it gives a very small portion of a Webb Co. precinct in #HD80 (T. King) to #HD42 (Raymond) on the northwest side (see left). Compare that to #HB1 (PLANH2176) on the right. #txlege
Floor Amendment 21 (PLANH2293), amends Amendment 20, It's not immediately clear what's changed. Amndmnt 21 is adopted 140-6. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 20, as amended by 21, affecting #HD42 & #HD80 is adopted 141-5. #txlege
Amndmnt 22 (PLANH2192) by @moodyforelpaso affecting 27 districts to get the max amount of voting participation of El Paso Co. It pairs incumbents from #HD74, which comes in El Paso in #HB1, & #HD80. Instead of cutting in, an El Paso district goes out. dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Fierro asks how did the El Paso delegation map differ from Floor Amendment 22 (PLANH2192).

Moody: There's 1 more county in West Texas in the amendment. #txlege #HB1
Hunter opposes the amendment saying 20+ districts in South Texas get underpopulated in this map. It fails 60-85. #txlege #HB1
Amndmnt 23 (PLANH2231) by @moodyforelpaso affects El Paso County w/changes to #HD75, #HD74 & #HD79 (see left; #HB1 is right). There's a partial Fort Bliss restoration. All members impacted agree to the amndmnt. It's acceptable to the author. Adopted unanimously, 145-0. #txlege
Amendment 24 (PLANH2255) by @RafaelAnchia affects all the House Districts in Dallas County. There's also an amendment to the amendment. dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH… #txlege #HB1
Amendment 25 (PLANH2297) by Anchia amends amndmnt 24. There are slight swaps b/w #HD115, #HD105, #HD103, #HD104, #HD111, #HD100, #HD109, #HD110, #HD113 & #HD114. It's not unanimously agreed to by Dallas Co. Dem delegation w/Rep. Davis, who represents HD-111, against. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 25 is acceptable to the author of #HB1, @toddahunter. It passes by a vote of 138-2 w/1 PNV. #txlege
Amendment 24 as amended by 25 (which is effectively 25) is adopted by a unanimous vote of 142-0.

Note: this amndmnt appears not to change the 2 Dallas districts held by Rs, #HD108 & #HD112, from the Hunter map. This is the 2nd Dem amndmnt of the day to get adopted. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 26 (PLANH2235) by @jasminefor100 affecting Dallas County House Districts is withdrawn b/c the House already voted on changes for the county. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amemdment 27 (PLANH2187) by @DanHuberty changing Harris County House Districts. It was agreed to by the entire Harris County delegation, both Ds and Rs. There are amendments to this amendment forthcoming. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 28 (PLANH2302) @RepThierry146 (D-Houston) amends Amendment 27. It affects only #HD146 & #HD131, which swap some areas. It's adopted 145-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amndmnt 29 (PLANH2296) by @LaceyHullTx (R-Houston) amends Amndmnt 27. She worked w/@VotePennyShaw to make changes to #HD138 & #HD148 that maintained acceptable standard deviation in pop. & kept communities of interest together. Adopted 143-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 30 (PLANH2300) by @repmaryann (D-Houston) amends Amendment 27. It affects #HD129 (@dennispaul129) & #HD144. It makes a really minor change. Adopted 142-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 31 (PLANH2283) by @BriscoeCain (R-Deer Park) amends Amendment 27. It affects #HD128, #HD143 (@AnaHdzTx) & #HD144 (@repmaryann). They swap areas b/w the three. Adopted 141-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 32 (PLANH2215) by @RepSchofield (R-Katy) amends Amendment 27. It affects #HD132 & #HD149 (@HubertVo149) swapping parts of 2 precincts. Adopted 144-1 (Beckley voted nay). #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 33 (PLANH2307) by @Jon_RosenthalTX (D-Houston) amends Amendment 27. It affects #HD135, #HD138 (Hull) & #HD149 (Vo) swapping a few whole precincts and some partial precincts. It has agreement of all Reps involved. Adopted 140-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
There's apparently one correction left, so one more "amendment to the amendment". And then it'll all be rolled up in Amendment 27 as amended several times over. But there's more to go before the end of the night per Braddock. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 34 (PLANH2310) by @BriscoeCain amending Amendment 27 resolves the conflicts all the amendments to the amendment that went on had. It was adopted 145-0. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 27 as amended by the 7 previous amendments regarding Harris County districts was adopted unanimously, 144-0.

Huberty said this took longer than the last time Harris County did it. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 35 (PLANH2232) by @TerryCanales40 . The changes are only in Hidalgo County affecting #HD35, #HD36, #HD39, #HD40 & #HD41. It's adopted 145-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 37 (PLANH2308) by Lozano amends Amendment 37 to align with the Canales amendment (PLANH2232) that adjusts Hidalgo Co. It's adopted 85-57. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
.@RepDominguez is on the back mic asking questions about the changes to the populations and the deviations from the ideal population in the RGV. #txlege #HB1
Dominguez clarifies that Lozano didn't discuss this map w/any of the Reps involved in his map. He filed it on the last hr before the filing deadline on Sun. He was motivated by friends from Harlingen, which he used to represent, who want a competitive #HD37 & #HD38. #txlege #HB1
Lozano said his friend let him know their interest due to the retirement in #HD38 & w/potentially Rep. Dominguez running for Congress, which he has not publicly announced. Dominguez said he was drawn out of #HD37 and put into #HD38 w/Lozano's amendment. #txlege #HB1
Dominguez wants Lozano to withdraw the bill so they can discuss it for an hour and figure out a compromise. Lozano is not interested in that and would rather have a vote. He will talk at an extended time. #txlege #HB1
One of the affected members, @EddieLucioIII (who is retiring from #HD38), speaks in opposition to Lozano's amendment 36 as amended by 37. He discusses Cameron County, where one of the seats a removed from it. Harlingen & Brownsville are well represented. #txlege #HB1
.@EddieLucioIII: This will be the last time I address y'all. I want to end this right. I have not seen him [Lozano] in Cameron County in over a decade. This is a disingenuous last-minute attempt to grab a seat. Let RGV delegation handle our districts ourselves. #txlege #HB1
.@RepDominguez speaks in opposition to the Lozano amendment: We [the #RGV delegation] fight for each other all the time and will continue to do so. This amendment is completely a shock to us. This doesn't align with the tradition of the House. #txlege #HB1
Rep. Dominguez to Rep. Lozano re: getting involved w/RGV districts. #txlege #HB1
Lozano's response: my family has paid taxes in Cameron County since the '80s. I grew up there. Talks about his work on UT RGV w/Gov. Perry. #txlege #HB1
Lozano claims there are still 2 districts in Cameron Co. He says this is just trading Harlingen for West Brownsville and some rural areas. It makes #HD37 to be competitive by picking up Willacy County. #txlege #HB1
Lucio III asks who exactly asked for these changes.

Lozano says it was 6 ppl who recently became aware of upcoming vacancies in Cameron Co. Says he wants to ask them if he can disclose their names b/c of privacy issues. #txlege #HB1
Lucio questions Lozano's RGV cred or even taking credit for UTRGV. #txlege #HB1
Lucio believes no one talked to Lozano about these changes. #txlege #HB1 #RGV
Lucio says Lozano is diluting the voting power of RGV. For what?

Lozano says it's a redistricting year and because of possible vacancies/retirements. #txlege #HB1
Dominguez back again asking Lozano Qs: Has anyone ran against Reps. Longoria, Lucio or Dominguez (or his predecessor) in the general election in the last decade?

Lozano: No. #txlege #HB1
Anchia is asking questions now. Lozano responds that he drafted this amendment and only consulted with his staff. He didn't look at racially polarized voting. The 3 Cameron County districts are all +80% Hispanic districts. #txlege #HB1
Anchia asked why Lozano made these changes.

Lozano: Because it's a redistricting year & I can.

Anchia: "Because you can, you did? ... So it's pure power of a politician from Austin over the objections of the #RGV delegation."

Lozano: Because you can, you did too. #txlege #HB1
Lozano's amendment is acceptable to the author. They're voting on it now. The amendment is adopted by a close vote of 73-69. Verification is requested. Here we go. #txlege #HB1
This is getting closer. Craddick's name was struck. Leach's name was struck. Apparently, Democrats Eddie Morales & Raymond joined most of the Rs to vote for the Lozano #RGV amendment. #txlege
Beckley's name was struck as one of the Nos.

Looks like Republicans Kuempel, Larson, and Price joined Dems to vote against the Lozano amendment. #txlege #HB1
This is taking longer than usual to report back the verification of the vote. #txlege #HB1
Machine malfunctions for a bunch of folks switching votes.

After verification & over the objection of the RGV delegation, Lozano's amendment 36 as amended by 37 making #HD37 & #HD38 more competitive for Rs passes 72-70. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 38 (PLANH2241) by @JaceyJetton moving a small residential neighborhood from #HD76 (new seat) to #HD26, both in Fort Bend County. Acceptable to the author. It's adopted 79-63. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 39 (PLANH2225) by @EddieforTexas (D-Austin) increases #HD51's HVAP above 50%. It affects #HD45, #HD48, #HD49, #HD50 & #HD51. It's agreed to by the Travis Co. delegation. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 40 (PLANH2312) also by Rep. Rodriguez amends Amendment 39. There's a swap b/w #HD46 & #HD50. Adopted 139-3. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 39 as amended by 40 affecting Travis Co. #HD46, #HD48, #HD49, #HD50 & #HD51 is acceptable to the author. It is adopted 145-1. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 41 (PLANH2198) by @ChrisGTurner (D-Arlington) affects all 11 Tarrant Co. House Districts. He submitted this to Hunter wks ago. This best protects & preserves minority-majority districts #HD90 (Ramero), #HD95 (Collier) & #HD101. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
.@repramonromero on the back mic saying that this map by Turner addresses the "retrogression" of #HD90 in #HB1. He also reminds the TX House that HD-90 was the one district SCOTUS ruled was illegally drawn by #txlege.

Background: texastribune.org/2018/06/25/us-…
.@charliegeren opposes the Turner amendment. Says he has an amendment to fix Diamond Hill & putting it back to #HD90. He used to represent Como neighborhood that's no longer in HD-90 in #HB1. Says this amendment is unnecessary since the Tarrant Co. maps are mostly good. #txlege
Just a f/u on that verification vote on the Lozano amndmnt breaking up Cameron Co. to create a more competitive #HD37. The unofficial tally on TLO is below.

6 House Rs crossed over to vote no (Frullo, Kacal, Larson, Huberty, Price & Slaton). #txlege #HB1
Amendment 42 (PLANH2238) by @reptinderholt (R-Arlington) puts part of #HD92 (Cason) into #HD94. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 43 (PLANH2286) by @ChrisGTurner amends Amendment 42. It swaps some precincts w/#HD92 & #HD94. Adopted 142-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 42 as amended by 43 affecting Tarrant County's #HD92, #HD94 & #HD101 is adopted 142-0. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 44 (PLANH2179) by @charliegeren (R- moves precincts b/w #HD97 (Goldman), #HD90 (Romero) & #HD99 (Geren) and is the one he referenced earlier that fixes the Diamond Hill issue. #HB1 #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 45 (PLANH2284) by Geren moves 90 voters from @stephanieklick's district (#HD91) to @RepMattKrause's district (#HD93). Adopted 144-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 46 (PLANH2275) by Geren moves one precinct from #HD99 to #HD97 (Goldman). Adopted 145-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 44 twice amended by 45 & 46 is adopted, 145-0. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 47 (PLANH2193) by @JeffCasonTexas (R-Bedford) makes Krause's open seat (#HD92) into a Dem seat instead of his district and makes his district (#HD93) a safe R seat. Cason said he felt targeted. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
.@VoteGiovanni asks him to explain his map.

Cason said it creates a new #HD92 so that he can win this seat.

Gio asks if the delegation supports his amndmnt. Cason says not everyone does.

He mentions that Gio disagreed b/c of communities of interest being split. #txlege #HB1
Cason said he found out he was drawn in a Democratic-leaning district last Thursday by Hunter right before #HB1 draft map was released. This process has been too fast to discuss w/local officials' responses to his map. #txlege #HB1
Gio: is your district compact?

Cason: you can see it.

Gio: how are minorities affected?

Cason: not advised. #txlege #HB1
Gio confirms from Cason that his amendment doesn't change the partisan split of 7-4.

Cason lets slip that he met w/Gio, Cook & Tinderholt on Zoom a week or so ago about whether to support an 8-3 partisan split or a 7-4 split. They agreed w/w/7-4. #txlege #HB1
Gio opposes the amendment as reasons stated earlier.

Biedermann supports the amendment. Says it's to help Cason come back to the #txlege.

Side note: Do other Rs want Cason to run in Krause's safe R open seat as drawn in #HB1? #txlege
.@jasminefor100 says there's a double standard being raised by Rs who are saying cities and communities of interests are being split up is bad in Cason's amendment but not when Ds raised concerns about Killeen and other places. Cason agrees. #txlege #HB1
Cason closes on his amendment saying that serving w/fellow House members has been his highest honor. Sounds like he thinks this might be his last term. #txlege #HB1
Here's the unofficial vote tally on the Cason Amendment. Probably the most lopsided rejection on any amendment to #HB1 so far. #txlege
Looks like we still have a ways to go. #txlege Twitter, y'all still up watching the Texas House redistricting debate? #HB1
Oh God. #Redistricting is neverending. Reminder: The congressional map, #SB6, is being heard in a House cmte 9 hours from now.
Amendment 48 (PLANH2228) by @JaceyJetton (R-Richmond) affects all 10 Bexar County House Districts. There are amendments to the amendment. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 49 (PLANH2276) by Jetton makes adjustments in Bexar County for #HD118 (open seat pending runoff election), #HD119 (@votelizcampos) & #HD120 (@VoteBarbara) based on feedback from the 2 Reps. Adopted 136-7. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 50 (PLANH2306) by @DiegoBernalTX ⬆️Hispanic CVAP % back to +50% in #HD123(?). Also affects #HD122, #HD116, #HD125, #HD124 & #HD117. It's the same as a consensus map he had but now will withdraw b/c this is acceptable. Adopted 145-0. #txlege #HB1 dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Amendment 48, as amended by 49 & 50, is acceptable to the author. It's adopted 84-58. #txlege #HB1
One correction to this tweet. It's not Hispanic CVAP Bernal was talking about but Spanish Surname Voter Registration population (SSVR) getting to above 50% and in 2 districts. See this tweet by @MALCTx:
#txlege #HB1
Is it just me or did the live stream for the Texas House floor debate of #HB1 just end? #txlege
Getting flashbacks to the stream going down during the pandemic response bill, #HB3, back in May.

Is anyone in the Capitol Press Corp at the Texas House right now covering #HB1? @scottbraddock @CFloresNews @cassi_pollock #txlege
They unanimously adopted Amendment 51 (PLANH2237) by @NicoleCollier95 (D-Fort Worth) affecting Tarrant County's #HD90 (Romero), #HD95 & #HD96 (Cook) seen left as amended by Amndmnt 52 (PLANH2314) by @reptinderholt (R-Arlington) affecting #HD94 & #HD95 seen right. #txlege #HB1
Amendment 53 (PLANH2108) by @ErinForYall & @moodyforelpaso, which puts Zwiener back in #HD45, was adopted by voice vote. #txlege dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
Ramos & Ordaz Perez speak against #HB1 decrying the process, claiming racial gerrymandering in the bill & dilution of the voting power of minorities. Also upset that two Latinas from El Paso were paired in the same district as the bill came up. #txlege
Turner speaks against #HB1. Sums up earlier concerns of lack of transparency & other process issues. Says GOP rejected Dem attempts to shield bill from lawsuits over majority-minority districts not being protected & said the courts will have the final say. #txlege
Phelan says @TXLegeCouncil will finish a geography check (specifically Tarrant Co.) and then Chairman @toddahunter will close on #HB1 on 2nd reading.

He also announces that the House will resume session later today at 2pm because of the late night. #txlege
More on that Tarrant Co. geography check that we should get an update to once they're done:
#txlege #HB1
Hunter closes on #HB1: "Move passage".

After 14 hours of debate, the Texas House gives initial approval to the proposed map for its 150 Texas House districts, #HB1, as amended on the floor, by a vote of 83-63. #txlege
Thanks for following. Stroy tk in the AM. See you in 7 hours for the Congressional maps #SB6 being considered in a House Redistricting Cmte hearing. Good night y'all.

Unroll @threadreaderapp. #txlege
Few things left before I tune out.

1. Here's the dataset for the engrossed version of proposed Texas House map #HB1: data.capitol.texas.gov/dataset/planh2…
2. Here's the vote tally on the 2nd reading vote for #HB1 showing a few crossover Rs: #txlege
And here's the interactive district viewer for the House engrossed version of #HB1: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/House/45/PLANH…
There were 2 3rd reading amndmnts.

1 by @LaceyHullTx for Harris transferring parts of #HD148 (Shaw) to #HD134 (A. Johnson) & #HD138 as well as a part of #HD145 (C. Morales) to #HD134 & a part of #HD127 (Huberty) to #HD142 (Dutton). capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/am….

Adopted. #txlege #HB1
The second 3rd reading amendment was by @TerryWilsonTX (R-Marble Falls) affecting Williamson County's #HD20 (open seat), #HD52 (@jamestalarico), and #HD136 (@BucyForTexas). In #HB1, Wilson is paired w/Biedermann in #HD19. See how it looks below. Adopted w/no record vote. #txlege
At 3:40AM overnight, the Texas House gave final passage to their own chamber's new district lines, #HB1, by a vote of 83-63. It heads to the Senate, where it's expected to pass w/out changes as per tradition. #txlege
Here's the unofficial tally of the final passage vote for #HB1.

3 Ds crossed over to vote yes (@RDBobbyGuerra, @RepLongoria & @SergioMunozJr). 2 Rs crossed over to vote no (@JeffCasonTexas & @RepLyleLarson). Same as the 2nd reading vote.
The Senate works quick and has already referred the proposed Texas House map, #HB1, to the Senate Special #Redistricting committee. #txlege
Here's how @TexasHDC responded to the vote on the proposed Texas House map, #HB1, last night. #txlege

• • •

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12 Oct
The Texas House Appropriations Committee is considering $16B+ ARPA spending bill this AM. Chair @DrGregBonnen says they'll advance today a committee substitute of #SB8 w/the House's own proposal, #HB145, which was heard last week in cmte. #txlege #txbudget
House Appropriations Cmte is also considering smaller ARPA appropriation bills on Article II (HHS), #HB161 & Article III (#txed) #HB160. #txlege #txbudget
The House committee substitute for $16B+ ARPA spending bill #SB8 is adopted unanimously, 25 ayes & 2 absences, by the House Appropriations Committee. #txlege #txbudget
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11 Oct
The Texas House #Redistricting Committee is considering proposed maps for the TX Senate & @TXSBOE, #SB4 & #SB7 respectively, at 9AM.

Watch here: bit.ly/3lx3jjq

SB4 (PLANS2168) viewer: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/Senate/42/PLAN…
SB7 (PLANE2106) viewer: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/SBOE/42/PLANE2…
#txlege #txed
Committee Amendment #1 for the proposed Senate Map (#SB4) by @ChrisGTurner is PLANS2171 (left) affecting 6 districts. Compare that w/the Senate engrossed version under consideration (right).
Viewer: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/Senate/16/PLAN…
Turner cites SCOTUS ruling in Buffoon Hill case where it says it's a violation of the equal protection clause if w/out sufficient justification, communities are split up on the basis of race. References #SD23. #SB4 #txlege
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8 Oct
After being voted out just yesterday, the committee substitute for the Senate's $16.3B ARPA relief spending bill (#SB8) is on the Senate floor right now. The text just became available a couple of hours ago. #txbudget #txlege #txed capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/Tex…
Here are the top-line items of the cmte substitute for #SB8:
#SB8 author @SenJaneNelson said Senate work groups navigated 300 requests that would spend $60B, well over the amount that #txlege can appropriate. #txbudget
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8 Oct
Today, the Texas Senate is expected to consider the committee substitute for #SB6, the proposed map for Texas' 38 congressional districts, and several floor amendments.

We'll be live-tweeting on this 🧵 once it begins. Follow along: tlcsenate.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.ph…
#txlege #redistricting
Here's what #SB6, the proposed Congressional map (PLANC2116), currently looks like as voted out by the Senate #Redistricting Committee.

Viewer: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/Congress/0/PLA… #txlege Image
There were 12 pre-filed amendments for #SB6, the proposed TX Congressional map: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/Congress/44 #txlege #redistricting
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4 Oct
Texas Senate is now considering the committee substitute for #SB4, the proposal for a new Senate district lines.

There are 15 floor amendments they'll consider: dvr.capitol.texas.gov/Senate/36

Watch the floor debate live here: tlcsenate.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.ph… #txlege
Huffman says she will only vote in favor of floor amendments that don't expand the overall deviation from the ideal population of the map and that is agreeable to all Senators involved in the district line changes. #txlege
Senate now considering floor amndmnts on cmte substitute for #SB4, the proposed senate map. Huffman floor amndmnt 1 (PLANS2149) makes the cities of Magnolia, Kyle, Mansfield, Seguin & Jourdanton are made whole. She says all Senators involved are agreeable. #txlege #redistricting
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4 Oct
#Redistricting cmte hearings today.

Senate will be voting on #SB6, proposed congressional maps, & amendments. Stream: tlcsenate.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.ph…

House will be hearing #HB1, proposed state House maps, cmte amendments & surprisingly voting it out today. Live-tweeting here. #txlege
Redistricting Chair @toddahunter said the plan (PLANH2101) creates a new AfAm majority district & 2 new Hispanic majority districts (38 total).

Hunter also claims the new House maps were drawn w/out using CVAP (estimated citizenship voting age population). #txlege #HB1
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