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SB 7, the biggest grid bill of the session, is scheduled to be up next after the current bill. I'll live tweet about it when it starts. Check out the Texas Energy and Power Newsletter about what to look for in today's debates linked in the tweet below. #txlege #energytwitter 1/ Image
Chairman Hunter says let's talk about #SB7, the lobby annuity bill. Points to the gallery and says its the "owner box" up there and it "should be down here," pointing to the gallery. He says it's about, like the Pink Floyd song, "Money."

And so it begins. Buckle up. #txlege
Hunter says the bottom line of this bill "What's the cost to the taxpayer." He says generators don't want anything but "an open check book."


He says he "put a billion dollar limit in here." Hunter says he keeps asking what will it cost? "They can't tell me."
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In Senate B&C right now: @DrSchwertner is grilling ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas over comments made last night in the House hearing on #SB7 (the firming requirement bill). When asked by @toddahunter if SB 7 was needed, Vegas said it was not. #txlege

Watch:… Image
Vegas said that his comment was in relation to SB 7 as written's ability to accomplish the goal of efficiently allocating reliability costs to generators causing "unreliability."
Now @PUCTX exec dir Thomas Gleeson is asked about his comments made last night, saying that his statement was that "SB 7 was not necessary to keep the lights on."

Gleeson said he agrees with the idea of firming.
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The Texas House #Redistricting Committee is considering proposed maps for the TX Senate & @TXSBOE, #SB4 & #SB7 respectively, at 9AM.

Watch here:

SB4 (PLANS2168) viewer:…
SB7 (PLANE2106) viewer:…
#txlege #txed
Committee Amendment #1 for the proposed Senate Map (#SB4) by @ChrisGTurner is PLANS2171 (left) affecting 6 districts. Compare that w/the Senate engrossed version under consideration (right).
Turner cites SCOTUS ruling in Buffoon Hill case where it says it's a violation of the equal protection clause if w/out sufficient justification, communities are split up on the basis of race. References #SD23. #SB4 #txlege
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Texas Senate is now considering the committee substitute for #SB4, the proposal for a new Senate district lines.

There are 15 floor amendments they'll consider:

Watch the floor debate live here:… #txlege
Huffman says she will only vote in favor of floor amendments that don't expand the overall deviation from the ideal population of the map and that is agreeable to all Senators involved in the district line changes. #txlege
Senate now considering floor amndmnts on cmte substitute for #SB4, the proposed senate map. Huffman floor amndmnt 1 (PLANS2149) makes the cities of Magnolia, Kyle, Mansfield, Seguin & Jourdanton are made whole. She says all Senators involved are agreeable. #txlege #redistricting
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Today at 10AM, the Texas House is meeting for the 1st time in 2 special sessions to consider bills on 2nd reading. At the top of the agenda is the elections bill #SB1. In cmte, they subbed it out w/the text of the House ver. (#HB3). We'll be live-tweeting the debate. #txlege
Here's the text of the House Cmte Substitute of #SB1 (nearly identical to the filed ver. of #HB3 in the first special that led to the House Dems quorum break):…
Phelan just gaveled in. We'll let y'all know when the debate on the elections bill #SB1 begins. #txlege
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A congressional oversight panel is hearing from Texas House Democrats in DC about GOP voting legislation in the state this AM. Also testifying is one of the House Republicans, @travisfortexas. Watch live here: #txlege
Looks like some of the Republicans in the Texas congressional delegation not on the panel are sitting in on the hearing on Texas voting legislation. #txlege
Chairman @RepRaskin opens the hearing referencing the provisions that suppress the vote in different versions of TX voting legislation, incl. the one limiting Sunday voting in #SB7. He also talks about Toth's bill to audit the 2020 election in the biggest 13 counties. #txlege
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The Texas Senate is back from recess. They will soon vote on the elections omnibus bill #SB1 as amended in committee. Here's the text:…

Watch live here:… #txlege
Senate is taking up #SB7 first. This is the bill to give a one-time 13th check to TRS retirees (teachers and other school employees) not financed from the pension fund, which is different from the House. #txlege
The TRS 13th check, #SB7, passed the Senate 22-0. #txlege #txed
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🚨ALERT: Texas Gov. Greg Abbot (R) recently announced he will convene a special session of the state legislature on July 8th.

Wondering how a TX special session works? Here’s what you need to know... 🧵👇 #txlege
In Texas, the governor has the power to call a special session after the regular legislative session ends if he thinks there are still laws that need to be passed.

The governor can convene the legislature at any time, with no notice, but with a few rules:
1. All special sessions last a maximum of 30 days. But Abbott can call as many sessions as he wants. So as soon as one ends, the next can begin.

The sessions can end before 30 days if the legislature has completed its work.
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Hi @GregAbbott_TX ! A federal judge just dismissed a case brought by employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who rejected the vaccine mandate of their employer. Will you take action? Call a special session! Ban vaccine passports/mandates!
A lot of people are asking about #SB968 which Abbott signed. That bill is weak and why details matter. Florida’s bill, #SB2006 not only includes businesses, but it also prohibits all schools from requiring vaccines and the enforcement mechanism is strict: $5,000 fine per person.
The Texas bill doesn’t include schools and the enforcement mechanism is weaker: no state funds and the state could possibly* revoke a business license/permit. The bill also doesn’t mention the employer/employee relationship which is why we have the above lawsuit & crisis.
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California's legislature started 2021 with over 100 housing bills. About half are still active. The rest may return next year, or in rare cases, later this year as a gut-and-amend of an unrelated bill. Details in thread & at… PDF at… Please visit for the text versi
Wildfires and earthquake preparedness: the direction we're going in is hardening existing buildings, and tougher codes for new buildings. SB12, SB63, and AB1329 are still active.
Coastal zones: the remaining active bill is #AB500 to encourage housing near coast, especially if affordable and/or near transit.…
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This happened over the weekend and it's bigger than just Texas.

State lawmakers all around the country are waging an unprecedented attack on our freedom to vote.

That's why Congress must pass the #ForThePeopleAct. We must protect our democracy.
#SB7 would criminalize election officials & people who give voter assistance (like caregivers), cut voting hours that Black & brown Texans rely on, create new barriers for disabled voters & more.

Gov. Abbott's special session will do anything but protect "election integrity".
Follow & give to these orgs on the ground advocating for the rights of millions of TX voters ➡️ @TxDisabilities @MOVE_texas @CCauseTexas @TXCivilRights @LWVTexas

And learn more about the #ForThePeopleAct from @CCauseTexas.
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LATE NIGHT THOUGHTS: Texas Republicans rammed through the process without regard for rules or regular process to justify “election integrity,” after the Texas Secretary of State called the 2020 election, “free, fair, safe and secure.” #txlege #JimCrow2_0 #SB7
So what does the Texas Attorney General do in response to that? He exhausted 22,000 staff hours and spent $250k in a desperate attempt to find some evidence of widespread voter fraud. So, do you want to know what the result of this “investigation” was?
After all that effort, hours, and spending of YOUR taxpayer dollars, the Attorney General only identified 16 problem ballots out of ELEVEN MILLION votes casted, all of which were simple human errors. That’s 1 in 700,000.
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#Breaking: It’s official. Texas Democrats have broken a quorum to stop debate on sweeping elections bill. #txlege…
This is just the fourth time that Texas lawmakers have broken quorum to stop debate on a bill.

2003 - redistricting
1979 - split elections
1870 - militia/martial law…

#txlege #SB7
Republicans accept they do not have a quorum. Elections bill is dead until special session. House adjourns until 10am. #txlege
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NOW: The Texas House just started debate on voter suppression bill #SB7. Lawmakers are manipulating the democratic process to pass laws attacking the democratic process itself.

We’ve fought this every step of the way with our partners & #txlege champions. We won’t stop now.
In the last moments of this session, the Texas House pulled yet another procedural trick to force a vote on extreme legislation that will make it harder and scarier to vote — especially for voters of color and voters with disabilities.…
The final version of voter suppression bill #SB7 contains brand new provisions that never had a hearing or budget analysis — provisions that make it easier to overturn elections and perpetuate the #biglie.…
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Texas is poised to pass the worst voter suppression bill in decades. #SB7 would have devastating consequences for Harris County voters by limiting access to the polls.

Here are just some of the changes to voting under SB7:
#SB7 eliminates Drive Thru Voting, which uses the same equipment and process and walk in voting. Harris County piloted DTV in July 2020, meaning that it’s been utilized in 4 elections.

The May 2021 election saw over 6% of voters utilize Drive Thru Voting.
Eliminates extended hours & 24 hour voting. These additional hours were first used in November 2020, and continued via polls open until 10PM in the December 2020 Runoff and May 2021 elections.…
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I’m back in the Texas House today, where lawmakers are scheduled to take up the massive elections and energy bills today.

I just missed the rain, which kicked up as I walked inside. #txlege #sb7 #sb3
House Elections Committee chairman @BriscoeCain stands on the dais with @GoldmanCraig.

The House has been standing at ease for a while. #txlege
@BriscoeCain @GoldmanCraig The Texas House has less than five more hours to take up and pass #SB7, the omnibus elections bill.

Democrats will likely try to kill the legislation using parliamentary procedure. Could they even break quorum?

Tomorrow the #txlege adjourns sine die.…
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This bill (#SB7) was drafted in secret, expanded to include voting restrictions, & rushed through the Texas Senate on Saturday under suspension of rules, without time for Texans to read the legislation:…
The @VP identified it as an attack on voting rights Image
President @JoeBiden said this Texas bill “attacks the sacred right to vote” & connected it to a broader “assault on democracy” that “disproportionately targets Black & Brown Americans.…

“It’s wrong & un-American.”-@POTUS Image
🚨🇺🇸🚨“language was also inserted in the bill making it easier to overturn an election, no longer requiring evidence that fraud actually altered an outcome of a race but rather only that enough ballots were illegally cast that could have made a difference”… Image
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So what does SB 7 do? Lets list some of the things democrats think are controversial. It requires counties to scrub their voter rolls of dead people and folks who have moved and gives the SoS oversight to ensure they do it. #OnePersonOneVote
Requires an audit of voting systems to ensure accuracy.

It requires equipment in central counting area not have wifi capability. Both designed to help restore confidence in the system.
This bill specifies that anyone in line at the time the poll closes is entitled to vote, further ensuring and codifying voting rights.
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Texas Senate has gaveled back in for their overnight debate on Senate Bill 7, the omnibus elections bill.

The bill has arguably gotten more national attention than any other legislation this session, the most conservative in recent memory.… #txlege #SB7
Read our story from earlier today on what's in the sweeping elections bill senators will debate tonight. Highlights:

- Impose uniform early voting hours statewide.
- Further empower partisan poll watchers.
- Make it easier to overturn elections.… #txlege
To watch the debate yourself, click here:

To read the elections bill in its entirety, click here:…

To subscribe to the @dallasnews, click here: #txlege #SB7
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🧵Y'all still awake? #txlege is about to discuss the omnibus voting bill #SB7 in a few minutes, and it almost seems like some folks hope you're asleep! Here's what you need to know about the latest version of #SB7 and why it's bad for Texas voters w/disabilities #CripTheVote
Although #SB7 dropped the Dr.'s note to prove a voter's disability to qualify for mail-in ballots, the latest version requires Texans requesting to vote by mail bc of disability to disclose illness/injury/mental or physical disability. That's not an improvement. #CripTheVote
After disclosing personal medical information, #SB7 requires a mail-in ballot requester to give a driver license/social security #/or statement that the individual doesn't have these. That's up to 2 separate declaration requirements for a disabled voter #CripTheVote
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I want to talk to you tonight about the egregious anti-voter bill we’re seeing in Texas. @JoeBiden just called this part of an assault on democracy. And he’s right. This is Jim Crow 2.0, plain and simple. #SB7
This bill has some of the worst anti-voter measures in the country. What they’ve come up with has got my blood boiling. They want to:
❌ Ban drive-thru voting
❌ Cut back early voting hours
❌ Further clamp down on vote-by-mail rules #SB7
They’re jamming it through on the Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend. If they’re intent on jamming this bill through, I’m intent on making sure we fight back with every breath in our bodies. #SB7
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UPDATED: GOP announces deal on sweeping Texas elections bill. Dems say they were excluded.

"We were guaranteed a seat at the table," @TerryCanales40 said. "What we didn’t know is we were only allowed to sit after everyone else had already eaten.”… #txlege
@TerryCanales40 Rep. @NicoleCollier95, D-Fort Worth, said it felt like "the fix is in" on the elections bill.

Republicans were "there to just explain it to me, not negotiate with me," she said.… #txlege #SB7
@TerryCanales40 @NicoleCollier95 But Republicans said they tried to honor their agreements with Democrats.

"Literally dozens of hours have been devoted by all the conferees, not just Republicans, going through line by line," @travisfortexas, R-Nacogdoches, said.… #txlege
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NOW: Senate Republican makes a motion to suspend rules and bring SB 7 conference report to the floor for a vote.
Sen West asks what time the report was filed?
3:36 pm
Rules generally require a 24-hour delay.
Sen. @SenBryanHughes says once he gets permission from the GOP majority to suspend 24-hour waiting period, he plans to bring SB 7 to the floor for debate and a vote "no sooner than 10 pm tonight."
That would give time for him to brief any senators in the Betty King Room about conference committee changes from the bills that passed the House and Senate.
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(1/10) The new #SB7 language is completely unacceptable and only has one real goal: to suppress the votes of minorities and disabled Texans. I agree with @POTUS, this bill is an assault on our democracy. #Txlege
Texas is ranked the hardest state to vote in, according to the “cost-of-voting index.” Instead of trying to solve the inherent problems in our election code, such as the lack of online voter registration and no-excuse absentee ballots, Texas Republicans are focused on limiting...
...Texans’ ability to vote. #SB7 would further restrict how Texans can vote by mail, limit election times, and intimidate voters by increasing penalties for making simple mistakes, to list a few.
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