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Emily Ramser was one of 12 Outstanding Teaching Humanities award winners in the state of Texas. She received her award at the May 22, 2023 Grapevine-Colleyville ISD board meeting. She told the board why she was resigning moments later.

Keeping reading for more from Emily #txed
Emily Ramser, now former Grapevine-Colleyville ISD award winning teacher, was featured in this NBC News story.…
Emily wrote a long letter to help give context to her story. Portions of that letter are captured over the next series of posts. 1/10 🧵

“I was told at work that this was my fault and what I needed to expect as a public servant”
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Voucher proponents say “allow funding to follow the student instead of the system”.

This is designed to decimate the public ed system, diverting public dollars to private, faith based institutions, in many cases to re-segregate schools, taking us back to the 1950’s
#txlege #txed
Texas Republicans in #txlege who take an anti-voucher stance are supporting the buildings, but not the people in them.

You see it in their legislation and votes, banning books, marginalizing and erasing LGBTQ students and staff, dictating that real history can’t be taught. #txed
If you want to call yourself “pro-public education”, you have to support the people who ARE public education: the staff, teachers, and students.

You have to look at the record of #txlege lawmakers. What are they voting for? It isn't just money and vouchers. It's about people.
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As you see posts for a Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) alternative called Texans For Excellence In Eduction (TEE) being pushed by two State House members, the Tarrant County Judge, and a State Board of Education member... (1 of 5) #txed #txlege ImageImageImageImage
And you look at Texans for Excellence in Education website, which calls out not being "driven by political agendas", and also their Facebook ads currently running, focusing on "students' well being", "the beginning of a new era of representation", and "myths vs facts"... (2) ImageImageImageImage
Keep in mind this organization, Texans for Excellence In Education, that is supposedly not driven by political agendas and is non-partisan, it has released all of these ads, dripping with Christian nationalist talking points to make people fear public schools (3)
#txed #txlege Image
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The Senate committee substitute for Texas HB100 is out. It’s being heard by the Senate at 8:30 this morning.

- Cuts the basic allotment per kid in House version down from $6,250 to $6,210
- Adds in $8,000 voucher for kids who bail on public schools for private
#txlege #txed ImageImage
From data put out by the Texas Comptroller, the basic allotment (at $6,160 since 2019) just keeping up with inflation should be $7,325.

House version of HB100 put it at $6,250 ($1,075 short). The Senate wants to lower it to $6,210 to help fund vouchers. 🤯
#txlege #txed
And the Senate committee hearing is done. Vote on the committee substitute for HB100 was 9-3.
All Republican members of the committee voted for vouchers.
All Democratic members voted against.

If public schools matter to you, quit voting for Republicans.
#txlege #txed
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Chaplains in public schools, replacing counselors (SB763), passed the House yesterday. Every Republican was for it

This is what they voted for. Rocky Malloy was an invited witness in both chambers. He runs Mission Generation and National School Chaplain Association
#txlege (1/2)
(2/2) Chaplains in public schools, replacing counselors (SB763), passed the House yesterday. Every Republican was for it

More from Rocky Malloy, an invited witness in both chambers. He runs Mission Generation and National School Chaplain Association
This is the push
Want to know what it takes to be a public school chaplain, replacing a certified school counselor? Here is Rocky Malloy of the National School Chaplain Association to fill you in.

And he also gives you some idea of what their “job” could include. This was passed by #txlege #txed
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Because private schools are not required to comply w/fed laws that protect students in special education, a Special Education ESA/voucher would enable TX to wash its hands of this responsibility. It may save $ but it will rob vulnerable kids of their right to an education.
Yes, Texas can & we must achieve a free & appropriate education for every student in Special Education. It is every child’s right. Those rights & protections are not a burden, they are a saving grace for Texas families.
Texas falls short honoring the rights of our #txed students in special education primarily because we choose to underfund formula funding for our special education students.
#txlege ImageImage
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Rafael Cruz, father to Ted Cruz, preaches dominionism. He believes the separation of church and state is a one way wall. He’s anti-LGBTQ. believes parents should pull their kids from public schools, was a part of the takeover of North Texas school boards. (1/2)
#txlege #txed
Rafael Cruz, father to Ted Cruz, teamed up with Leigh Wambsganns (runs the Patriot Mobile PAC) and Tim O’Hare (Tarrant County Judge) to take over school boards.

They are using churches to spread their agenda to take over all levers of power (2/2)
#txlege #txed
Rafael Cruz was the keynote speaker for the event, but there were other panel discussions. This thread captures some of the 🤯
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Groups are meeting every weekend, plotting the takeover and imposition of their version of religion onto our public schools. On 4/1/2023, it was “Calling the Watchmen of Collin County” with sitting trustees Chad Green of McKinney and Marvin Lowe of Frisco. (1/3)
#txlege #txed
Groups are meeting every weekend, plotting the takeover and imposition of their version of religion onto our public schools. On 4/1/2023, it was “Calling the Watchmen of Collin County” with sitting trustees Chad Green of McKinney and Marvin Lowe of Frisco. (2/3)
#txlege #txed
At the “Calling the Watchmen of Collin County” “education” event on 4/1/2023, Frisco ISD parent Alison Darrell spelled out exactly what the plan is.
- Get your kids out
- Win 2 board seats
- Fire district leadership
#txlege #txed
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Here’s the testimony I didn’t get to give despite waiting 9 hours at the #texascapitol:

I’m Rev. Natalie Webb, pastor of University Baptist Church, Austin. I represent the 6,000+ faith leaders of @pastors4txkids who are AGAINST SB8 (and all other vouched/ESA bills). (1/10)
I trust that you all want what is best for TX kids, ALL TX kids. But the reality is that SB8 leaves most of our TX kids high and dry by diverting funds away from their education, to subsidize the education of a small group of privileged students. (2/10)
SB8 promotes “school choice” for only SOME parents, at the expense of MOST Texas children. 
Kids in rural school districts (like Denver City ISD, where I grew up) who don’t have access to private options, will pay the price. (3/10)
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1/8 I have worked in 2 isds and 1 charter for 30 total years, and served on a private school board for 6 years. I support school choice and the rights of parents. Even so, these are the reasons I think #sb8 needs to be changed from its current form.
2/8 The #txlege needs to change #sb8 so that if they want public dollars to be able to go to private schools, then those receiving schools should then agree to be subjected to the same regulations and measurement that is required of public schools.
3/8 If you believe that requiring regulations/measurement for ESA recipient schools will ruin the private schools and make #sb8 less attractive to both parents and the private schools, then isn't that an indictment of the policies that are required of public schools right now?
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1/ If I was speaking in Austin or attempting to influence a legislator about #SB8 or any related ESA/Voucher bills, here are the things I would make sure that I knew about #sb8 (in current form on 3/21/23) and a few other points I would make:
3/ I would review what the bill offers to parents in Article 1 of the bill:

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1/11 Very contrasting requirements for #txed public schools in Article 1 and the autonomy granted to private schools in Article 2 of the same #SB8. This thread highlights some of those differences:
3/11 Article 1: Districts have to create an Instructional Materials parent parent portal to allow parents to easily access all curriculum adopted or used. Organized and searchable by grade/subject
Article 2: State not permitted to interfere or regulate private school curriculum
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👏 Wow. Just wow. This op-Ed from Amarillo teacher Cecily Riesenberg should be the final word on vouchers and “school choice” in Texas. It won’t be, but it should be. It’s that good. 👏 #txed #txlege…
The analogy in the article above, about country clubs and swimming pools, immediately reminded me of this piece about community pools and desegregation. Vouchers bring strong parallels.
#txed #txlege… Image
Don’t forget, it’s 💰 and ⛪️ driving the voucher push. Not kids. This 👇 is what they are running from, and who they want to hurt. Any damage to rural schools that fit their desired demographic, well, that’s just collateral damage, an acceptable loss. #txed #txlege
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The Texas Voucher Math. A 🧵

Texas Voucher Plan = $8,000 per student
Average Texas Home value = $290,000
Average Property Tax rate = 1.80%
Average Taxes Paid = $5,220
So even with one kid, it’s not really “my taxes”. It’s “our taxes”. A family with 2 or more…
#txlege #txed
The Texas Voucher Math (2/4)
Texas Voucher Plan = $8,000 per student
Average cost of K-8 Private school = $10,000
Average cost of 9-12 Private school = $13,000
So even with a voucher, it doesn’t cover tuition, meaning it’s not for low income families.
#txlege #txed
The Texas Voucher Math (3/4)

Texas Voucher Plan = $8,000 per student
Texas Public School Basic Allotment = $6,160 per student
So the state is acknowledging it is more expensive to educate kids, but won’t fully support public schools with a higher basic allotment
#txlege #txed
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There are four types pushing “school choice”

1. For the Catholic Church and billionaire Evangelical Christians like Betsy DeVos, publicly funded vouchers for private religious schools opens a path to taxpayer support for their religious orgs.

Make money + indoctrination
There are four types pushing “school choice”

2. For billionaires like the Walton family, John Arnold and Charles Koch, school choice grants a path to undermining public education and lowering taxes.

Keep tax money, make more money, indoctrination if it helps them out.
There are four types pushing “school choice”

3. For billionaires like Bill Gates, Reed Hastings and Michael Dell, school choice prepares a path for creating an education technology industry that has the promise of huge future profits.

All about the money
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🤔 1/7

Are charter schools public or private? Texas is arguing that they’re private:… 👀

Highly recommend spending 45 mins or so listening to this episode of @HaveYouHeardPod to get caught up 👇…

At least one charter school network feels the 14th amendment does not apply to them because they are a “private entity.” Interesting…

(Remember this shocking article about charter school 💰 from a week or so ago:…)

Related rhetorical question: with school vouchers on the menu for our state legislative session, do you want public dollars meant for PUBLIC schools to be funneled to private schools? Note that Texas ranks nearly dead last in per-student funding ALREADY, before funneling of
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#BREAKING@ProsperISD School Board President Drew Wilborn arrested today by Dallas Police and charged with Indecency with a Child.
#TxEd #ProsperISD
Wilborn has been a @ProsperISD trustee since 2021.
#ProsperISD #SchoolBoardMonth
Earlier this week, Wilborn and other @ProsperISD trustees extended the contract of Superintendent Holly Ferguson. Both the district and Ferguson are defendants in a lawsuit over sexual abuse of two little girls by a #ProsperISD bus driver.… @TexasScorecard
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I attended a luncheon a few weeks ago with @laralogan as the keynote speaker.

My friend commended her for talking about the massive #data centers in Texas

They are measuring and scoring character traits in @hpisdschools and #txed #txlege…
What are the character traits being scored in Texas? @teainfo

What gets tested gets taught and vice versa

How do you test behavioral skills?

Who decides?…
What are fusion centers?

@DaveLieber wrote about them years ago for @dallasnews…
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A🧵 on why the #KYed ruling last week against #schoolvouchers tax credit scheme matters @NPEaction @Network4pubEd @PV4PS @BadassTeachersA @edvoters

First: a win’s a win. It’s good to see #schoolvouchers stopped anywhere. The push to privatize is so relentless, so well-funded by such a narrow swath of backers, it can feel like swinging in the dark against it.

But more concretely: the KY Court found that #schoolvouchers tax credit shell game was a budget commitment even though it’s not a direct appropriation. Reducing revenue by $10 is the same as spending $10.

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1/8. A video was posted on Facebook by #RRISD1CrimeFamily late yesterday continuing to defame @RoundRockISD's superintendent with the endorsement of @jeremywstory & full support of @DonZimmermanATX & his #HateSlate. #RRISD1family
2/8. This despite all investigations being closed by TCSO & @teainfo w/ no findings of wrongdoing. The only thing that remains is an opinion from an "independent investigator" who is known to be neither independent nor qualified as an investigator.
3/8. It is almost certain that @jeremywstory orchestrated this entire mess in #RRISD w/ help from bad actors across the state, including known xenophobes, high 💵 players from @TexasScorecard, & other PAC-funders looking to privatize #TxEd in the upcoming legislative session.
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1/9. 👇 @antraasa is talking about former Deputy Commissioner of @teainfo, Dr. Jeff Cottrill. In 2021, it was pretty widely known in #TxEd circles that Cottrill wanted to exit the agency & was looking for a superintendent position in Central Texas. #RRISD1family
2/9. If his name looks familiar to @RoundRockISD folks, that's because around 9/2021 Trustee #DanielleWeston had started cc'ing/bcc'ing Deputy Commissioner Cottrill on numerous internal emails (including several protected from disclosure as @tuxedo_jack has previously chronicled)
3/9. In 10/2021 the #RRISD school board received notice from Cottrill that @teainfo was assigning a monitor to our district & attributing this decision to a complaint filed by @RoundRockISD's former staff attorney against former board member & president Chad Chadwell in 2019.
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Ever wonder why there’s this sudden push to ban books and dismantle TX #PublicEd, against most parents’ and teachers’ wishes? It has NOTHING to do with students and EVERYTHING to do with OIL $$. Buckle in… @cltomlinson thread 1/10
“Two billionaire oil and fracking magnates from the region, Tim Dunn and Farris Wilks, have quietly bankrolled some of Texas' most far-right political candidates…” 2/10…
“…the BILLIONAIRES are both especially focused on education issues, and their ultimate goal is to REPLACE PUBLIC EDUCATION with private, Christian schooling” @caseytolan @MattReynardCNN @will_simon16 @edlavaCNN 3/10 Image
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Why school vouchers are just as bad for conservatives as they are for kids #txed #txlege @txstatepta…
"Accountability comes via school boards & Texas Education Agency...Since private schools are not accountable to TEA, there is no oversight. A failing private school can continue to fail kids year after year without anyone ever even knowing it — with no risk of closure" #txlege
Vouchers undermine separation of church & state (since many private schools have religious affiliation) create government bureaucracy & undermine funding for public schools (since the funding follows the kid) where resources can be better allocated at scale" for student success
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@AustinISD is considering granting #Chapter313 tax breaks to @NXP for two new plants. Long thread follows. #txlege #txed 1/
The districts says this “would be considered a net benefit to Austin ISD, especially due to their 'Property Wealthy' status and their standing as the largest single-payer in the State's 'Recapture' system." #txlege #txed

AISD gets this wrong. 2/
The amount paid in recapture has NO EFFECT on net district revenue. It will get only its “entitlement,” which is based on attendance and student characteristics, regardless of amount of recapture. #txlege #txed 3/
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