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A 2021 #IOS update from #Apple let users opt out of tracking with one click. More than 96% clicked, costing #Facebook $10b in *one year*. The kicker? Even if you opted out, *Apple* *spied* on you, just like Facebook had, to fuel its own targeted ads:… 1/ Blind justice, holding aloft a set of unbalanced scales; in
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
The fact that Apple - a company that has blanketed the world with anti-surveillance billboards - engaged in deceptive, pervasive surveillance reveals the bankruptcy of "letting the market decide" what privacy protections you should have. 3/
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As @POTUS gives his #StateOfTheUnion address tonight, we'd like to share our own #SOTU.  

Here are five ways we'd like to see the promise of democracy become real for us all in 2023:  

[thread incoming🧵] A CLC-branded graphic that ...
1/ Protect & expand the freedom to vote ahead of #Election2024.

This is one of our most fundamental rights, and our democracy is strongest when every voter can participate in it. We're very much still fighting anti-voter laws in court & taking on barriers to #VoterRegistration.
1b/ Meanwhile, in the absence of federal voting legislation, we're very encouraged by the passage of State Voting Rights Acts (aka State VRAs). We hope to see more of them introduced this year.…
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The New York State Court of Appeals has thrown out New York's Congressional and State Senate maps for 2022. Both maps will be drawn by a special master, not the legislature. The decision was likely 4-3.
RIP Hochulmander! We hardly knew ya.
Also: major props to @Redistrict for forecasting the key battles of April back in January. Hochul loses in court, and DeSantis won in his legislature and is a solid favorite in court. Assuming his map holds, the GOP has won the 20’s redistricting cycle.
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For the final night of @RedistrictSF April 13 public meeting, I tried to present slides to all 11 districts. I developed this map with D5, 6, 10 & 11 in mind. My map does not dilute the Black vote in any district. #SanFrancisco has lost 60 percent of its Black pop. since 1970.
My standard deviations were generally within 3 standard deviations except for my D8, matching the inverse of RDTF’s D8. I don’t know why the @RedistrictSF task force required this high bar. one day, they recanted, saying it was impossible. But it wasn’t.
My District 1 keeps much of Richmond, Jordan Park, Laurel Heights and Presidio Heights intact, relying on Fulton, Great Highway and California as major boundaries that people know and can point to easily.
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More on the situation with #Ohio legislative #redistricting maps that were rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court.
Comment from the Ohio Democratic Party Image
Common Cause Ohio’s reaction to the redistricting decision ImageImage
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Expect to see lawsuits filed against the new New York congressional & legislative maps. Democrats completely ignored the anti-gerrymandering Constitutional Amendment passed by voters in 2014 when they drew these maps. The only question is how hackishly partisan will NY courts be.
...and, as expected, the first lawsuit against New York's congressional map has been filed:

You can read the full New York #Redistricting lawsuit here. The lawsuit specifically focuses on the illegal process the legislature used to draw the map & the map's illegal partisan bias.…
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Let's dive into the demographics of #Philadelphia's new council districts a bit more. Keep in mind these numbers are counting state incarcerated people where they live, so they'll be slightly different than the U.S. Census numbers that City Council used for #redistricting.
Overall, there was little change in racial demographics. The 1st district became a little bit more white. It was already a majority white district. Hispanic and Black are down in the proposed map. Asian slightly up.
The 2nd district became slightly more white, from 40% to 41%. Black unchanged at about 39%. Voting age population shows a bigger difference, at 44% VAP White, and 37% VAP Black. Asian and Hispanic unchanged.
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The Ohio Supreme Court ordered the #redistricting commission to redraw legislative maps. What happens next?… via @DispatchAlerts
.@ohiogop chair @Paduch on Republican Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor: "It’s a failure of leadership of the Chief Justice to take 90 days to make this decision and leave only 10 days for the commission to clean it up. She is responsible for this mess."…
Super in the weeds on which House Democrat will be on this commission:
DeWine has to reconstitute the committee (he's talking with lawyers about that) then the House Minority Leader has to pick who is on the commission.
E. Sykes stepped down 12/31 and Dems just picked A. Russo.
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📣In one hour we'll be discussing the impacts of #redistricting on #Latino voters in Florida, who make up 1/4 of the state yet who stand to lose #Representation under newly drawn maps. Follow the discussion
👉LIVESTREAM: @EthnicMediaSvc
@kiraromero @latinojustice
Welcome to today’s briefing on Florida’s redistricting process and what it means for Latino voters, co-hosted by @EthnicMediaSVC, @LatinoJustice and @scsj and moderated by @PilarMarrero.
Read our report on how #redistricting in Southern states is eroding fair and equal #representation for communities of color. 👇…
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#Redistricting watch: Ohio Supreme Court votes 4-3 to strike down GOP-gerrymandered state legislative districts; federal court challenge to congressional districts still pending. Coverage here by Jessie Balmert & Laura Bischoff, includes link to decision.…
#Redistricting: League of Women Voters v Redistricting Comm'n of Ohio (Stewart, J), here: 146 pp of opinions,…
#Redistricting: Ohio Supreme Court orders redistricting commission to reconvene and draw maps to conform to Ohio Constitution. Decision here, 146 pp of opinions ..…
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The Pennsylvania Legislative Redistricting Commission released draft State House and State Senate maps and we've got grades.

Importantly, these maps are now subject to 30 days of public comment, after which adjustments can be made and another vote will be held.
First up is the State House map. It gets a C overall and in Partisan Fairness, with an F in Competitiveness and a B in Geography.

We'd anticipate somewhere in the neighborhood of 102 Democratic leaning seats, a bare majority in the chamber.…
Note that our grading system penalizes a map that gets an F in Competitiveness by lowering the Partisan Fairness score by 1 letter. So this map has a B in Partisan Fairness, but deflated by low competition. It has 17 competitive seats and it would take 25 to get a C.
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NEW: Republicans propose new Ohio congressional redistricting map #ohio #redistricting
Better image in this long link:…
BREAKING: Republicans propose new #congressional redistricting map, likely two safe Democratic seats…
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Note that the use of the ensemble to evaluate maps with four or fewer districts risks obscuring the influence that a single district change in either Partisan Fairness or Competitiveness can make to overall letter grades. (1/5)
And, more importantly, this matters to how residents who live in these states will experience these maps. Letter grades, in the cases of extremely low-district states, should be considered secondarily to other metrics provided. (2/5)
It is important, in these instances, for mapmakers to consider other criteria, such as Communities of Interest, Minority Composition, and state-specific criteria, in both line drawing and evaluation. (3/5)
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We have grades out for the Utah legislature's proposed maps. These maps are going to a public hearing on Monday, so folks in Utah should speak up about what they like and don't like in these maps.

#PGP_UT #UTPol #Redistricting #FairMaps Image
First up is the Congressional map. It gets an A overall and in Partisan Fairness, with Cs in Competitiveness and Geography.

It would elect 0 Democrats and has no competitive seats, largely because it splits Salt Lake City across all four districts.… ImageImage
It's important to emphasize that our ensemble is less useful in states with four or fewer districts - it's really important that folks look at other factors, including Communities of Interest, like those gathered by @Representable_ here: Image
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Georgia has released a new State Senate draft plan and we've got a Report Card out.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness and Competitiveness, with a C in Geography.…
We'd expect it to elect 33 R and 23 D, with the current Senate split 34R-22D. It would have only 1 competitive seat.

It has 16 districts with a BVAP over 40% and 1 with an HVAP over 40.
This map gets the same grades as the prior map draft, would elect the same number of Senators from each party, has the same number of competitive seats, and has roughly similar minority composition numbers.

That earlier draft is here:…
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The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission continues its work, having released several new draft maps for public comment. They will be voting on these maps on December 30, so we encourage Michiganders to speak up about what they like and don't like in these drafts.
Apple gets a B overall, with an A in Partisan Fairness, a C in competitiveness, and an F in Geography.

Birch and Chestnut get As overall and in Partisan Fairness, with Cs in Competitiveness and Geography.
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North Carolina's special session on redistricting continues and we've got report cards out for the latest iterations of the state house and state senate maps, as well as a reminder of our report cards for the Congressional map.

#FairMaps #Redistricting #NCPol #PGP_NC
First, the State House map, HSA-9, also known as HB 976.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, a C in Competitiveness and a B in Geography.

It would elect 70R-50D and has 17 competitive seats.…
It has 12 districts with a BVAP over 40%, 1 with an AVAP over 35%, and one with an NVAP over 40% (NC-47, around Lumberton).
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Ohio is starting its debate of new Congressional maps. Both the House and Senate Republicans released versions today (neither of which were provided in shapefiles) and while we're waiting on a conversion of the Senate version, we wanted to post our Report Card for the House.
It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, and a C in Competitiveness and Geography.

It would elect 12R-3D delegation, though OH-1 (Cincinnati) is very close and could easily elect a Republican some years.…
It splits 13 counties and has four competitive districts, three of which lean Republican.

It also only has 1 district with a BVAP over 40% (OH-11, Cleveland).
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We have metrics out for the proposed Arkansas State Senate and State House maps!

State Senate:…
State House:…
The State Senate map would likely yield 29 Republican and 6 Democratic seats, with no competitive districts.
4 of the proposed Senate districts have a BVAP of over 50%, while all the remaining districts are under 30%. Looking at total minority voting age population (in AR, this is mostly Black and Hispanic populations), there are several more districts that fall between 30-50% MVAP.
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With the Georgia special session on redistricting starting today, we have Report Cards out for the Republican state house and state senate maps, which were released last night.

#PGP_GA #GAPol #Redistricting #FairMaps
The State House Map gets a B overall and in Partisan Fairness, an F in Competitiveness and a C in Geography.

We'd expect it to elect 98R and 82D, compared to the current map, which elects 101R and 77D (with one vacancy).…
It has 9 competitive seats.

It has 45 seats where Black Georgians make up a majority, 1 where Hispanic Georgians are a majority, and 1 where Asian Georgians make up just under 40% of the population.
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Congressional map uploaded to House committee expected to review House GOP map. #ohio #redistricting Image
House Democrats say they saw this map at 10:42 a.m. and haven't had a chance to review.
See the Ohio House GOP's proposed congressional map here:…

Senate GOP expected to offer another map @ 1.
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We have report cards for the final map iterations from the Peoples Map Commission in Wisconsin. This Commission was assembled by the Governor to advise him on redistricting during this cycle.

#PGP_WI #WIPol #FairMaps #Redistricting Image
First up is the Congressional Map. It gets a B overall and in Partisan Fairness, with an F in Competitiveness and a C in Geography.

We'd expect it to elect a 4-4 delegation. It only has one competitive district, which is below what we'd expect.… Image
It has one district with an MVAP over 50% (WI-4, Milwaukee). Image
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In Georgia, we’ve got draft maps from the state Democratic caucus, but no draft maps from the state Republican caucus, with the special session on redistricting starting tomorrow.
The State Senate draft map gets an A, with an A in partisan fairness and Cs in competitiveness and geographic features. Image
The map includes 3 competitive districts and 16 districts with a BVAP of over 45%. Image
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Though it is still in the process of amendment, we thought it was important to get out a Report Card for NC House Map HBK-14, drafted by Representative Hall.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, with a C in Competitiveness and a B in Geography.… Image
We'd expect it to elect a 70R-50D House, with 17 competitive seats. In fact, unlike a lot of the other maps we've seen this cycle, it doesn't appear to be explicitly avoiding the competitive zone. Image
It has 29 districts that lean Democratic and have a BVAP over 30%, one district with an AVAP over 30%, but no districts with an HVAP over 30%, and only one NVAP district over 30%, NC District 24 (Lumberton).

The highest BVAP is 52% in District 5 (Edgecombe, Martin and Bertie). Image
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