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Here's a quick story about how things can work out for the good.
In 2019, I was working on prison reform based on concerns constituents shared and communications I had been receiving on Twitter (still working on this). I was also continuing my work on #Redistricting reform....
Then I found the @NPR podcast #CodeSwitch and heard one that illustrated how the two issues intersect in Prison Gerrymandering. I was like, oh nah, this can't continue! So I then brought on a few folks that could help me work on it, and we did, for months....
Once we got to Session, I lobbied legislators on its importance and helped explain it and dispel myths. We had great conversations. And now, ending prison #gerrymandering is in all 5 #redistricting bills being discussed this Session....
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Tested it out with this new KY map. Based on 2016-2019 results, intrigued how it would do in 2020. The #KY04 (R+7 PVI) seems more competitive than the real #KY06 (R+9), with the movement in the Cincinnati and Lexington suburbs. 2/27…
However, I also did a bunch of Democratic gerrymanders after 2012 redistricting to compare with the real Republican ones. Thought I’d review how my designs performed in light of 2016. The contrast shows just how much of a difference partisan control makes (spoiler: a lot). 3/27
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2020 brings critical Presidential and Senate elections.
It's also our last chance to build progressive power in state legislatures ahead of 2021 #redistricting.

We've identified 10 states with the biggest 2020 opps for our model of progressive change.
We're channeling our energy in 2020 toward progressive candidates in these 10 states.

Each of these fits one of our strategic buckets: Blue Flips, Blue Holds, Blue Inroads.

We've focused on states where the state legislature controls redistricting.
In 2020, we're also focusing on states with important U.S. Senate or congressional races, and swing states with crucial Electoral College votes.

Because investing locally in blue voter outreach also helps the top of the ticket.
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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It's time for the #NC #Redistricting round up!🤠

In recent weeks, the NC legislature has redrawn NC’s voting district maps for:

✴️NC House (final)

✴️NC Senate (final)

✴️US House (subject to court challenge)

#NCGA #NCPol #gerrymandering #FairMaps 1/
How did we get here?

Usually, #Redistricting happens every 10 years as part of reapportionment to adjust voting districts due to population changes.

Each state draws its own district lines. In #NC, the state legislature draws the maps & Governor cannot veto. 2/
Since 2011, #NC's voting district maps have been repeatedly struck down for #Gerrymandering, which is intentionally manipulating voting maps to create an advantage for a political party or group.

#FairMaps 3/
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@censusSDC @UNMBBER Our natl. network of #censusSDC & @uscensusbureau had a really productive annual mtg earlier this month. 👋
Great opp'ty to hear how #stategov & univ #datapros are extending Census data -- new uses & broadening the audience.
@censusSDC @UNMBBER @uscensusbureau .@SuzanReagan provides a good roundup of news from our partners @uscensusbureau

Some of the news was (surprise) actu'ly newsworthy. (Attn #2020censusbeat #poptwitter)
@censusSDC @UNMBBER @uscensusbureau @SuzanReagan Highlights from my pt of view 👇
1. After some prodding by those of us in the States, USCB published a database of 2,700 #CompleteCount Cmtes prep'ing for #2020Census. Here…
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The #NCGA House #Redistricting committee met today to discuss the redraw of Wake County that will happen this summer. Here's the original enacted house district plan from 2011. SCOTUS found HD33 and HD38 to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders and ordered new maps in 2017.
Redrawing HD33 and HD38 (in pink) requires changing the shape of their immediate neighbors (in yellow), but it does not require us to redraw anything beyond that (in gray).
But of course the #NCGA went there anyway, and redrew 36, 37, 40, and 41 along with everything else.

That's a no-no under the state constitution, which says that districts may only be drawn once per decade except for by court order. More lawsuits ensued.
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So, there’s a 300 page opinion by a 3 judge panel regarding NC’s partisan gerrymandering. Guess I know what I’m doing after dinner tonight. #ncpol #ncga…
OK, so here we go…tweet storm forthcoming regarding the 300+ opinion that still holds NC partisan gerrymandering as illegal, and that this time, the plaintiff’s have met the Gill burden of having standing as being in a district that is in question:
With standing, the issue of the partisan gerrymandering by NC Republicans is in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Article I, the 1st Amendment, and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment:
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