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Florida’s Elections Are Being Rigged
by @Matt_Fleming321

All of this is happening as trump’s supporters continue to claim Dems are cheating. Demands for audits in FL led DeSantis to propose legis to create a new “elections crimes” state gov agency.…
Ten years ago, FL’s #redistricting efforts were led by the FL Senate’s then-President & current Brevard County lobbyist, Mike Haridopolis. The maps drawn in 2011, and signed by Gov. Rick Scott led to Republican control of nearly two thirds of the State Legis.
Despite Reps only getting apprx half the votes in close statewide elections.

Voters sued in 2012 & courts ruled the state’s districts had to be redrawn. Mike Haridopolis’ lobbying business partner, Steve Crisafulli, then Speaker in 2015 refused to redraw the districts.
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NEW: Republicans propose new Ohio congressional redistricting map #ohio #redistricting
Better image in this long link:…
BREAKING: Republicans propose new #congressional redistricting map, likely two safe Democratic seats…
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Note that the use of the ensemble to evaluate maps with four or fewer districts risks obscuring the influence that a single district change in either Partisan Fairness or Competitiveness can make to overall letter grades. (1/5)
And, more importantly, this matters to how residents who live in these states will experience these maps. Letter grades, in the cases of extremely low-district states, should be considered secondarily to other metrics provided. (2/5)
It is important, in these instances, for mapmakers to consider other criteria, such as Communities of Interest, Minority Composition, and state-specific criteria, in both line drawing and evaluation. (3/5)
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We have grades out for the Utah legislature's proposed maps. These maps are going to a public hearing on Monday, so folks in Utah should speak up about what they like and don't like in these maps.

#PGP_UT #UTPol #Redistricting #FairMaps Image
First up is the Congressional map. It gets an A overall and in Partisan Fairness, with Cs in Competitiveness and Geography.

It would elect 0 Democrats and has no competitive seats, largely because it splits Salt Lake City across all four districts.… ImageImage
It's important to emphasize that our ensemble is less useful in states with four or fewer districts - it's really important that folks look at other factors, including Communities of Interest, like those gathered by @Representable_ here: Image
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Georgia has released a new State Senate draft plan and we've got a Report Card out.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness and Competitiveness, with a C in Geography.…
We'd expect it to elect 33 R and 23 D, with the current Senate split 34R-22D. It would have only 1 competitive seat.

It has 16 districts with a BVAP over 40% and 1 with an HVAP over 40.
This map gets the same grades as the prior map draft, would elect the same number of Senators from each party, has the same number of competitive seats, and has roughly similar minority composition numbers.

That earlier draft is here:…
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The Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission continues its work, having released several new draft maps for public comment. They will be voting on these maps on December 30, so we encourage Michiganders to speak up about what they like and don't like in these drafts.
Apple gets a B overall, with an A in Partisan Fairness, a C in competitiveness, and an F in Geography.

Birch and Chestnut get As overall and in Partisan Fairness, with Cs in Competitiveness and Geography.
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North Carolina's special session on redistricting continues and we've got report cards out for the latest iterations of the state house and state senate maps, as well as a reminder of our report cards for the Congressional map.

#FairMaps #Redistricting #NCPol #PGP_NC
First, the State House map, HSA-9, also known as HB 976.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, a C in Competitiveness and a B in Geography.

It would elect 70R-50D and has 17 competitive seats.…
It has 12 districts with a BVAP over 40%, 1 with an AVAP over 35%, and one with an NVAP over 40% (NC-47, around Lumberton).
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Ohio is starting its debate of new Congressional maps. Both the House and Senate Republicans released versions today (neither of which were provided in shapefiles) and while we're waiting on a conversion of the Senate version, we wanted to post our Report Card for the House.
It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, and a C in Competitiveness and Geography.

It would elect 12R-3D delegation, though OH-1 (Cincinnati) is very close and could easily elect a Republican some years.…
It splits 13 counties and has four competitive districts, three of which lean Republican.

It also only has 1 district with a BVAP over 40% (OH-11, Cleveland).
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We have metrics out for the proposed Arkansas State Senate and State House maps!

State Senate:…
State House:…
The State Senate map would likely yield 29 Republican and 6 Democratic seats, with no competitive districts.
4 of the proposed Senate districts have a BVAP of over 50%, while all the remaining districts are under 30%. Looking at total minority voting age population (in AR, this is mostly Black and Hispanic populations), there are several more districts that fall between 30-50% MVAP.
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With the Georgia special session on redistricting starting today, we have Report Cards out for the Republican state house and state senate maps, which were released last night.

#PGP_GA #GAPol #Redistricting #FairMaps
The State House Map gets a B overall and in Partisan Fairness, an F in Competitiveness and a C in Geography.

We'd expect it to elect 98R and 82D, compared to the current map, which elects 101R and 77D (with one vacancy).…
It has 9 competitive seats.

It has 45 seats where Black Georgians make up a majority, 1 where Hispanic Georgians are a majority, and 1 where Asian Georgians make up just under 40% of the population.
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Congressional map uploaded to House committee expected to review House GOP map. #ohio #redistricting Image
House Democrats say they saw this map at 10:42 a.m. and haven't had a chance to review.
See the Ohio House GOP's proposed congressional map here:…

Senate GOP expected to offer another map @ 1.
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We have report cards for the final map iterations from the Peoples Map Commission in Wisconsin. This Commission was assembled by the Governor to advise him on redistricting during this cycle.

#PGP_WI #WIPol #FairMaps #Redistricting Image
First up is the Congressional Map. It gets a B overall and in Partisan Fairness, with an F in Competitiveness and a C in Geography.

We'd expect it to elect a 4-4 delegation. It only has one competitive district, which is below what we'd expect.… Image
It has one district with an MVAP over 50% (WI-4, Milwaukee). Image
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In Georgia, we’ve got draft maps from the state Democratic caucus, but no draft maps from the state Republican caucus, with the special session on redistricting starting tomorrow.
The State Senate draft map gets an A, with an A in partisan fairness and Cs in competitiveness and geographic features. Image
The map includes 3 competitive districts and 16 districts with a BVAP of over 45%. Image
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Though it is still in the process of amendment, we thought it was important to get out a Report Card for NC House Map HBK-14, drafted by Representative Hall.

It gets an F overall and in Partisan Fairness, with a C in Competitiveness and a B in Geography.… Image
We'd expect it to elect a 70R-50D House, with 17 competitive seats. In fact, unlike a lot of the other maps we've seen this cycle, it doesn't appear to be explicitly avoiding the competitive zone. Image
It has 29 districts that lean Democratic and have a BVAP over 30%, one district with an AVAP over 30%, but no districts with an HVAP over 30%, and only one NVAP district over 30%, NC District 24 (Lumberton).

The highest BVAP is 52% in District 5 (Edgecombe, Martin and Bertie). Image
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The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission passed its final maps last night, unanimously. Given that prior cycles had unfortunately ended in partisan accusations, a unanimous vote is a huge success! And, our grades suggest they are good maps too!
First up, AZ's Congressional Map. It gets an A overall and in Partisan Fairness, and Cs in Competitiveness and Geography.

We'd expect it to elect a 5D-4R delegation, though AZ-1, 6 and 8 are all competitive, with AZ-2 and 4 nearly competitive.…
It has two Hispanic majority districts (AZ-3 (Southwest Phoenix) and 7 (South Tucson and the southwestern part of the state)). AZ-2 is home to most of the tribal population in the state.
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The team at the Princeton Gerrymandering Project also has data out for the proposed Alabama Congressional, State Senate, and State House maps.

House:… Image
For the Congressional map, we fined that it is likely to elect a 6R-1D delegation, the same as the current map.

That one D-district, AL-7, is also a black opportunity-to-elect district, though it far exceeds the 50% BVAP threshold required to make it effective. Image
For the State Senate, we believe it would elect 26R-9D senators.

It has two potentially competitive seats, both near Huntsville.

It has 8 districts with a BVAP over 50%. Image
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Thread 🧵
1/ Congressman Bill Posey is getting a free pass from @January6thCmte, @TheJusticeDept, and the public in general, but he shouldn't be. His lies about the election, and his attempts to overturn the results are documented at length here.

Enjoy ☕

#OperationAvalanche ImageImage
2/ Bill Posey is the U.S. Representative for all of Brevard County, FL. We are known for being home to the Kennedy Space Center and for having the most capitol rioters. But there's so much more...…
3/ Before Bill Posey was a Congressman, he was a State Senator in Florida, and after the 2000 election debacle here, he was one of the key architects of Florida's election reform laws which opened the state to electronic machine voting.… Image
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#NCGA #Redistricting committee public comment happening now.

1st speaker addresses need to ensure Black and minority voters have opportunity to elect representatives of choice
She directly addresses lawmakers false assertions about the case overturning #NCGA districts for racial gerrymandering “Covington”
Speaker correctly explains that Federal courts have NOT ruled that NC does not have racially polarized voting.
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And here we are again, waiting for the #NCGA #NCjoint redistricting committee to get going on the 2nd (and last?) day of public hearings on #redistricting. Today focuses on the legislative maps. Getting going! #NCPOL
Clair Storm, 1st speaker, notes 90% of growth comes from people of color and in Meck/Wake, but no new minority-majority Cong. districts. Notes they falsely claimed court said there is no racially polarized voting in NC. Proposed maps will disadvantage both Black Cong-persons,
Ms. Kiel speaking remotely cites inclusion of coastal counties in minority opportunity district dilutes the vote, probably violating the Voting Right Act. Racial data must be used to comply with the VRA. Failing leads to lawsuits, achievement of a majority despite voters' wishes.
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Another mountain west state that has an advisory commission, Utah's Independent Redistricting Commission also has selected the maps it will propose to the state legislature and we've got grades!
Public SH2 gets an A overall and in Partisan Fairness, and Cs in Competitiveness and Geography. It, along with the other Congressional proposals, would create a Democratic-leaning district around Salt Lake City. Image
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Every 10 years, after the census, voting districts are redrawn as part of reapportionment & the process is called #redistricting.

#Gerrymandering is intentionally drawing voting districts to create an advantage for a political party or group, and disadvantage another.
Each state draws its own congressional voting district lines. North Carolina draws its State Senate and State House districts at the same time.

In NC, the state legislature draws the voting district maps & the governor cannot veto them.
We have voting districts so that people have a representative to look out for the interests of their particular community.

When politicians manipulate voting districts for their own benefit, they are less responsive to voters & it is harder to hold them accountable.
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I know that those maps are tough to read and actually understand. I am just frustrated as you are. So, here is something else to use to get a better look at the maps. #alpolitics #Alabama #redistricting #SpecialSession2021 #reapportionment
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.@CommonCauseNC has analysis of North Carolina proposed draft voting district maps, including maps showing NC’s Black population.

With NC's history of racial #gerrymandering, looking at #redistricting as an equity issue is vital.

Here is the CMT-9 Draft NC Congressional Map, showing the % Black voting age population:…
CBK-3 Draft NC Congressional Map appears to have two of the districts have a Black voting age population (BVAP) of 37% or higher: district 1 (38.87% BVAP) and district 12 (38.01%).
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The Committee on Reapportionment will be meeting on Tuesday, October 26 at 1 PM in Rm.317 at the Statehouse. Here are the proposed Congressional, State School Board, and the Alabama House and Senate district maps along with accompanying underlying demographic data. #redistricting
Proposed Congressional district map with underlying population demographic information. #alpolitics #Alabama #redistricting #SpecialSession2021 #reapportionment
Proposed State School Board map with underlying population demographic information. #alpolitics #Alabama #redistricting #SpecialSession2021 #reapportionment
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