1. Beloved Friends!

I Come To You In The Highest Frequency Of Love!  This Is An Excellent Arrival To Your Being, For We Shall Discuss Healing In These Moments.
2. Indeed, Your Calling Out Into The Ethers Of Existence Has Touched The Higher Densities Of Awareness. Indeed, We Will Not Rest Until You Understand Your Power!

As A Human Being, You Are Just That. You Are A Sacred Being In That Earth Suit You Call Home.
3. This False Identity Is In A Tug Of War With Itself As Your Ego. Indeed, Your Parents Could Have Named You 'Ego', But Then That Would Be Their Name Also. So, What Am I Speaking About?
4. You Are Continually Looking 'Out There' For The Answer. You Turn On Your Devices And TVs As Though The Next Bit Of News Will Tell You Something About Your Life. YOU ARE LIFE! There Is Nothing In The Noise Of Repetitive Lies And Misinformation That Speaks Of Your True Being!
5. There Are No Mandates, Masks, Taxes, Marches, Clothing, Makeup Or Celebrity That Has Anything To Do With The Answers You Seek.

Our Beloved Friend, Rumi Tells Us That 'What You Seek Is Seeking You', And 'The Wound Is The Place The Light Enters You.'
6. He Is Not Speaking Of The Human Form Or MSM News. He Is Telling You That The Light Is The Ultimate Healing. That This Light Is Around You And Through You, Yet Many Are Unaware They ARE Light!
7. The Light Is Waiting For Your Awareness. The Light Is Alive And Seeks All That Will Open To This Sacred Power. You Carry The Light, And Your Light Increases As You Live Through Trauma And Challenges And At Last You Give Up And Give In, Only To Find The Light Takes Over!
8. You Were Never Alone! You Only Needed To Remember!

You Believe This World Is Material Because You Use The Five Senses To See, Hear, Touch, Taste And Smell. But When You Add The Gifts Of The Pineal Gland, You Will Understand And Perceive That You Are Pure Spirit.
9. Not To Worry If You Have Not Opened To This. At The Shift, All Will Return To You! Your New Perception Will Make It Seem As Though You Have Lived In A Small, Dark Room! Indeed, Everything Is So Magnificent And Beautiful.
10. Let's Get Back To You! As You Understand That There Is An Energy Field Around You, Understand Also That You Control This With Your Thoughts And Feelings Which Change Your Vibrational Frequency When Emotion Is Added.
11. If You Are Feeling Sick Or Down, Change Your Thoughts To, 'I Am Well. I Am Strong. I Am Brave. I Have All I Need Or Want.' You Understand.

Now! Suppose Your Pet, Your Friend, Your Loved One Is Sick Or Down! You Can Place One Hand On Your Heart And One Hand On Them.
12. This Can Be Done Without Touch, Using Awareness. Close Your Eyes And Bring Them Into Your Field Consciously. Bathe Them In Healing Light. Remember The 'Kingdom Of God Is Within You' So You Have Been Given Power To Use!
13. Speak To The One You Want Healed And In Faith Speak The Words With Intention That They Are Healed. Repeat With Feeling. Believe This!
14. Another Method We Have Shared Is To Touch The Forehead Between The Eyes And Repeat With Healing Intention Three Times. 'KEE AH SHA'. This Means 'Be Healed Now.' Indeed, This Will Bring Results When Feeling Is Added.
15. You Will Be Fine As You Continue On And Learn To Maneuver Your Inner World. The Outer World Will Become Small And Unimportant As You Live As Your Soul!
16. Align That Beautiful Little Pesky Ego With The Magnificence Of Your Origin And Know In Your Heart, That This Is Not Who You Are! Not This Name! Not This Dream!

You Are A Sacred Soul! A Being Of Light That Shines Too Brightly For Human Eyes To See!
17. Returning In The Moment Of NOW, All Is Understood.
Be At Great Peace On Your Journey!

I Love You So!

• • •

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24 Oct

1. Beloved Friends!

We Send Love And Light Over The Planet As You Strive To Center And Find Peace Within.  As The Collective Understands That One Act Affects All Others In A Vibrational Ripple,
2. Also Understand Peace On The Planet Would Be Instant If The Majority Found The Sacred Peace Within. If Only.

Make Your Choices Consciously And Fully And They Become The Highest Choices For You! As You Align With The Higher Self, Only Good Will Come.
3. There Is Simply Action And Reaction. Choose Wisely.

All Beings Are Intertwined In The Eternal Dance Of Life. It Can Feel Seamless And Smooth Until You Trip And Fall. Find The Strength To Get Up Again. You Carry This Strength So That It Is Always There.
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!  I Greet You In The Highest Vibration Of Power And Love!  Indeed, I Am IKAI And You Know My Family Well!
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1. Seekers Of Truth!

There Are Aspects Of Life That All May Find Truth For Their Single False Identity.  There Are Aspects Of Life That One May Call Truth And Another May Call A Lie.  Know This!  And Know It Well!  There Is ONE Absolute Truth!
2. There Are Many Paths To Find It. There Is No Easy Path Simply Because Humans Miss The Obvious That Is Always Before Them!

Exactly What Am I Speaking To You? Since You Arrived On Earth, You Have Had The Consciousness That Knows All.
3. The Connection To Source Energy, The Quantum Field And The Creator God Within. So Why All The Fumbling And Mistakes? You Chose To Arrive As An Infant. Not A Complete Seasoned Adult Leaning On A Tree! No!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

As The Galactic Forces Are Meeting More Frequently, My Father, Elder IKAI Sends Greetings And Light With The Message That You Must Be Strong!  You Must Understand Your Sacred Life Belongs To You!
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Those In Power That You Are Aware Of, Are Backed And Controlled By Dark Forces That Have Followed The Willing Dream To Dream.
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1. Beloved Ones Of My Heart Of Light!

As You Are Being Breathed By Love, As Your Sacred Essence Is Infinite, Let's Become One In Perception In This Sharing!
2. Become Comfortable Within And Without And Come Close. Come Even Closer So I May Hold Your Being As I Wrap You Softly In Love.

I Will Teach You Of The Pleiadian Body Form In Ways You May Not Know Or Remember.
3. In These Moments, Most Of You Know We Are Much Like You In Many Ways. We Look Like You In Body Form And Size But We Are Neither Underweight Or Overweight By Your Standards. We Have A Healthier Look And We Choose Many Aspects Of The Way We Choose To Present Ourselves.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

The Light Surrounding The Planet Is Becoming Brighter And Closer Each Moment!  Be Strong As You Observe Many Aspects On The Planet Becoming Darker!  But Always Remember It Is Darkest Just Before The Light! Image
2. The State Of Your World And The Life Forms That Are Now Struggling To Maintain Physicality Within It Are Living Proof That Change Is At Hand! This Is Great News Throughout The Multiverses.
3. The Unfolding Of The Process Leading To Ascension Is Covering All, Yet Few Will Pay Any Attention Until The Earth Is In Greater Turmoil. Many Long To Look At Their Religion To Serve Them Now, But The Answers Are Not There.
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